Being Grandma’s Carer


Being Grandma’s Carer
Being the carer for Grandma
I was on holiday for the school break for 6 weeks and had no idea what to do for the long summer days. It was only the second day into the holidays when my grandma had taken a fall and badly bruised her hip and fractured her right arm. Me and my parents took the 2 hour drive over to her place, which was remote to say the least, to see what we could do. It soon became apparent grandma could not do anything hardly for herself, she was not the best before her accident but this certainly put a stop to normal every day activities.
We stayed for a few days but my mum and dad had to return to work, so it seemed the only option was to put grandma into a care home until such time as she was able to get about again. Obviously she was not keen on this idea as she had been an independent woman all her life, so was extremely tearful and emotional. Although I had only just become a teenager I did feel sorry for her, as I had always been her favourite, and offered to care for her if this would help. At first my mother said this was not an option as grandma could not dress or clean herself and she would not want a young man doing this for her. Grandma quickly piped up that if it meant her not going in a rest home she would love the thought of me looking after her. After mum and dad went to the supermarket and stocked up on the essentials they were off home promising to be back for the weekend.
Everything was going well for the first few hours when the inevitable happened, grandma wanted to go to the toilet. At first she did not want to say anything but desperation finally got the better of her and admitted she wanted to pee. I helped her limp to the toilet, not even thinking about the undressing part until we reached the bathroom. Once at the door I began to turn away when she said she would need a hand getting her panties down. Fortunately she was wearing a skirt so I managed to reach underneath and feel for the elastic of her panties on either side and remove them with relative ease and minimal embarrassment. I was impressed at how pretty her panties were and not at all like the granny panties you see in catalogues or in the granny section of the lingerie department. I left her to complete her toilet functions, fortunately she managed to wipe herself with her good hand. She called me to help her stand up from the toilet, once stood up I reached for her panties to help her back on with them. She said it would probably be best to leave them off for now. For some unknown reason I didn’t drop them but took her hand and helped her back to her chair. Once I had sat her back down she jokingly asked me if I was going to keep her panties as a souvenir. I apologised and offered to return them to the bathroom straight away. She said no hurry and just leave them on the sofa where I sat and could move them later. We continued to watch the TV but my eyes kept looking down at the panties out of fascination. It wasn’t long before grandma had fallen asleep, which seemed to be an afternoon ritual. I tried to resist but curiosity overtook me and I picked up the pink lacy panties she had been wearing. It was almost instinctive I lifted them to me nose and took a deep breath through my nose savouring my first smell of pussy. Being in first year as a teen I was always getting a hardon but never as big or as quick as this time. I took my second breath of grandma’s wonderful scent which turned into licking the gusset and then sucking on them. I was so turned on I had not realised grandma had woken up and was looking at me in horror. She managed to say the word “what….” But before the second word could come out I dropped them and started to apologise, this coupled with the shock of being caught started me to sob and tears ran down my face. Fortunately for me this diffused the whole situation.
Grandma said it was OK and quite natural but it had shocked her, and wasn’t mad at me. I still continued to apologise and weep. She called me over to her so she could hug me. As always a hug from grandma made everything good again. We stayed like this for half an hour or more until my legs began to get pins and needles. I returned back to the sofa where my nemesis was still there waiting for me. Grandma looked over and smiled at me.
Before I knew it it was time for our evening meal. Although I was only th1rteen I had become an OK cook so prepared some decent food for us, being careful not to make anything which needed cutting up. We ate this in the living room and watched the soaps until 8pm. After the soaps had finished grandma wanted to get changed into her nighty for bed. We agreed if she faced away from me in her bedroom I could stand behind her and remove her clothing and place her nighty above her head and keep most of her modesty intact. This worked well until we both noticed that wherever she stood the three mirrors on her dressing table would allow me to see her from the front also. I promised I wouldn’t look, but she just smiled and said not to make promises I couldn’t keep. She was of course correct I did look and she again caught me. It was at said this was silly and turned around and gave me a full frontal view. She said if I was going to be her carer for the next week it would be impossible not to see her naked. Other than my mother this was the first time I had seen a woman naked. She had much bigger boobs than my mother and was shocked to see her pussy was completely bald. She told me to have a really good look and hopefully could get over this. She looked down and saw I had an erection straining at my jogging pants. She smiled and said it was a long time since she had managed to do that to a man. We went back into the living room and watched a bit more tv until bedtime. I helped grandma out of her seat and into bed, via the bathroom one more time. As she sat on the side of her bed she informed me she slept in the nude and would I lift off the nighty for her. I happily did this and as she slowly lifted one leg up onto the bed I got a great view of her open pussy. Finally she was laid as comfortable as possible, as I left her room she said I may enjoy taking her panties to bed with me.
I didn’t need asking twice and was naked in a flash once inside the spare bedroom. I sucked and wanked for what seemed forever, probably 5 minutes, then had the great idea of wearing them. This took me over the edge and blew a huge load some landing on my face and chest. It was in this state I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face. The next thing I knew I heard grandma calling out my name repeatedly. Not thinking about what I was wearing I jumped out of bed and ran into her room asking what was wrong, thinking it was her injuries, she told me she needed to get up for a pee. It was at this moment we both realised I was wearing her panties. She just grinned and said nothing. While she finished I ran back to my room and put on my jogging pants and returned to help her back to bed. She asked why I had got changed as she liked seeing me in her panties. I told her I was still wearing them so she instructed me to remove my jogging pants. I took them off and again was hard, I helped her back to bed and was just about to turn around to leave when she patted the bed at the side of her and asked me to join her. I slowly walked around to the other side and climbed into bed next to her. With her good arm she put it around me and asked me to cuddle into her, which I gladly did. My erection was pressing into her until she said “ I think we need to do something about that”. She reached down and grabbed my erection and wanked me until I came all over her legs. Again I apologised and offered to get a cloth but was told to leave it exactly as it was. She lifted her hand up and licked off the cum which had fallen onto her hand. She said it had been too long since she had tasted it. We both fell asleep…..

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