Believe It Or Not


Believe It Or Not

Believe It Or not
By: Londebaaz Chohan

I can recall the time of my being curious days. Sexual hormones being produced at their peak, cock developing in all directions; specially in length and its healthy looks, balls feeling heavier with the gooey slush and rubbing with the thighs; every girl looking so pretty for sex and every young boy seemingly the fittest for my cock to fit in his ass. Masturbation was the ultimate fun. Being blessed with much larger than just an average sized dick; I was not at all shy or hesitant in the showers to strip naked and show my beautiful uncut cock dangling between my heavy hefty thighs for all to see and enjoy. At school I could sense those boys who had their mouths full of water wishing to hold, feel the length and strength of my sexy horse back and even lick suck my total genitalia for mutual fun. Slowly the boys getting their courage and then plenty of them to enjoy the honor to be sucking, licking and slowly even some daring to swallow the cum when it got out of my balls through the cock hole and then it becoming an equally enticing and exciting pleasure for discrete get together to enjoy the mutual oral sex. I had only fucked twice so far and both of them were the girls who gave me their pussies only to feel and enjoy my naked cock in them. No anal sex was practiced so far.

One late night surfing the internet and visiting those porn and other adult sites; I saw an ad by someone, announcing to arrange a get together for the enthusiasts of jerking off in a group. The ad specified that NO anal would be allowed. Oral and other sexual activity would not be barred but allowed to the consensual partners only and within the limits. It provided only the email address, the tentative name of the hotel, date and time with a donation of $ 10.00 to cover the room charges and for the purchase of the lube tubes. It did mention that the hotel shall be asked to place a cold water dispenser with disposable drinking cups and a larger supply of towels. The ad invited all who wanted to join in but for the first 20 guys only due to the restriction by the hotel to keep a lid on it. The ad also said that after the entry was closed and the final arrangements were made all shall be informed about the exact time and room number to come to via the provided e-mail addresses.

The idea was so sexy that it made me hard in a jiffy and after watching some porn videos; I jerked off before going to bed, finally. For the whole next week, the thought was keeping me awake and compelling to do something about it. I was a senior in high school and could have easily arranged it with some of my confidant boys but there was always a possibility of the news leaking out because of the fact that the get together was not going to be a secret and the blabber mouthing could not be stifled. The idea was very exciting, even invigorating to meet some new guys of different ages and those who may not be strictly gays or bi; but even those who were only curious or wondered, how it would be like to suck or stroke another man’s cock. These men do not necessarily want to kiss each other but surely do not mind to take a cock in their mouths, also stroke it and make it cum hard and even swallow without being called a faggot or being a faggot for sure.

After full week of thinking over; finally, the exhilaration took me over and I sent the email at the given address sending my name and asked to be added to the list of attendees. I was not surprised to receive the message back of confirmation and also informing me that the exact time, hotel name and room number shall be sent to me soon. The next day the new message with the needed information about the hotel, day, date and time was received with a reminder that the $ 10.00 donation shall be payable when entering the room. The keenness gave me a hard on; although I was a bit edgy, particularly as the day came closer and after the last message telling me to make sure to knock the door twice until it was opened and also to strip soon after entering the room and stay naked until ready to leave. Honestly, I had thought many a times to give up the idea but the huge hard on since morning was compelling me to decide either to jerk off alone or go to have a fun time and beat off with some other men and I decided to go. By the time I was in the elevator; I was sweating like a dog in heat.

After knocking; the door promptly opened to let me in and this man showed me where to strip. This must be the largest room in the hotel with 2 king size beds, 1 sofa for the 2 to seat comfortably and couple of chairs against the other wall. There was also a stack of 8 folding chairs for people to use. As I got naked and walked to the other side of the room; I could see there were already 6 guys, stroking their cocks as they watched a porn on the TV screen. I really was very nervous and would have not looked on any of them particularly but the one very young Indian looking guy of my age; stretched on the bed with a big bamboo like growth emerging from the middle of his body. We exchanged a smile and I slid close to him as we said Hi and he whispered his name, ‘Harpeet Singh’. I also whispered my name for his ears only as I took a position next to him, our shoulders almost rubbing as I began stroking my cock and he licked his lips for me to see openly.

Unwillingly as I looked around; it was surprising to note that I was the only one who was totally shaved. I thought, ‘Hary’ would say something but there was a complete silence in the room while everybody just looked at the TV to watch the porn and stroked his meat pole. I grabbed the lube placed on the bedside table and started to polish my still semi erect cock. I was absolutely not interested in the gay porn flick on the TV and kept sneaking the peeks at the guys in the room, while getting hard myself to show it proudly to all.

Only 10 minutes or less go by when ‘Hary’; the Indian guy sitting next to me on the bed, shifted his position, a little bit for the 4th time and then he spoke aloud asking me to move my knee to aside, because he wanted to see if I had shaved my thighs and balls too. I did as he said and suddenly felt a surge in my erection. Watching him look at my balls was a big turn on for me and my erection was getting even firmer. Suddenly all were watching us two on the bed and waiting for something next to happen when another younger looking guy got up from the chair, walked closer to me on the bed; extended his hand saying, he only wanted to touch and feel my balls. Without even waiting for my consent, he was groping them in his palm.

It did not take any time for everyone to reach and start feeling my genitalia and just thinking nothing better to do; I reached and took hold of the massive erection of the Indian guy. He groaned louder than I had ever done and asked anyone closer to the lube to put some lube on his shaft and I began stroking him while others moaned around me.

I had seen, held and felt the larger erections but this Indian guy in my hand was really huge but rather thin like his overall physique. Soon a guy, who must not be more than 5 inches at the most but may be thicker than a horse cock, announced that he wanted more action, while another man also started searching my cock and balls a bit deeper but the Indian guy on the bed did not let anyone to take hold of my balls from his palm. I could also feel his cock swelling and getting super hard in my hand. Soon he let go my balls and also made me leave alone his shaft for his hand and he began stroking it with a renewed effort and erupted full force all over me, drenching my body like I had never done so far. ‘Keep shooting man’, someone suggested and soon as he finished, the guy with smaller but extremely thicker cock erupted all over me to cover my legs, chest and even the face and lips. He did not hesitate to push me over and spurted some on my curvy ass buns.

I truly did not like what had happened to me so far but it did not feel gross or repulsive. I thought, I had come to watch guys and show my extra-long cock erupting to hit the ceiling and not this but still exhilarating, I kept shut. There were at least 2 guys attempting to snatch, pull, separate my ass crack and I think; I was also feeling a cock head in between my crack when the guy who had opened the door and was standing couple of steps apart, yelled, “No anal please” and came closer to remove the guys away from ganging up on me. “I was not going to fuck him but only going to check, if he shaved around his hole as well”, I heard loud and clear with a laughter and by then I had turned around to be on my back once again with my tremendous log in my hand.

It was exactly then the man who had arranged this play, told everyone to hold on, saying to use me as their pivot. Not giving a shit to it, I kept shut while the Indian Singh guy stayed closer to me and soon couple of guys were on their knees on the bed in a circle above me jerking their cocks.

Immediately, 2 guys gave me their cocks for stroking them as I heard the door being knocked and new men coming in, getting naked and joining the play. Soon one of the guys, I was stroking started to breath very heavy, announcing that he was ready to put out the fire and repeated for me to finish him and he added his cum to what was already on me. Soon the other guy also took his cock in his own hand and started to jerk himself while moving down on my body. I did not have to wonder for very long; why he moved lower, as he sprayed my cock and balls with his warm, thick liquid fire and then them both got off the bed. I raised my head and saw couple of guys putting their clothes on and getting ready to leave. There were 2 pairs on the other bed in 69 position sucking each other adorably. My cock was still up and hard as hell but nobody had touched it. The Indian guy was sitting with his back to the headboard; looked at me and smiled with a tiny nod and used his other hand to hold my thick meat dong while keeping busy on his own with the other hand. Soon he reached for the cum puddles on my chest and belly to play in it with his finger; licking the finger often and also sharing the taste of mix cum with me. Right then all the four guys on the other bed released their life juices for each other with quite loud growling and slurping and soon they all dressed and left the room.

The strong aroma of varied sperm had taken over the room as my hands took hold of my own cock. Nobody else got on the bed and the Indian guy asked me to move up and stretch like him with my back against the headboard and now instead of reaching my body with his fingers; he straddled over my chest and almost sat on my chest offering me his long cock for sucking which had almost stretched to its full length once again. I noticed he was really very young. The small growth of dark black hair around the base of his cock and on his balls were as smooth as his skin. Now his manhood was staring right at my face. As he moved up and back; giving me the pleasure of sucking his cock, suddenly there was a commotion and the guy who planned the play and another complained that all the cum on my body was now pasted on his ass globes and they wanted him to dismount and take an ass up position on the bed for the cum to be licked off him.

We were enjoying our own play and neither he was readily interested to pull his cock out of my mouth nor I was willing to let him come out of my mouth. They did not wait and jumped on the bed, pushing him such that his cheeks glistening with the cum sheen was raised in the air while he went deep pass the tonsils in my throat. Lucky for me that I had practiced plenty to breathe through my nose and not panic or go berserk when someone’s cock chocked my oxygen supply. While we enjoyed our own party, the guys above made the best of their party. Indian guy moaned very loud as they licked his full rounded ass cheeks and perhaps some more. I was truly in heaven as they both took turn for licking the remaining cum off my body; sucking my cock and also licking my balls turn by turn.

Truly I was very much enjoying the Indian cock in my mouth; the Indian guy was on his second go and I was never a quick shooter anyway, meaning that nobody was in any hurry. Indian guy took his sweet time to feed me his brew while it was his taste in my mouth which made me spill my juices for the two men above and we stayed such until everybody was totally licked dry and the guys licking his ass and sucking my cock shifted on to the other bed in the 69 position.

Now once again, I and the Indian guy were left alone to sex with each other and seeing two guys in 69 position; giving it their best was more than enough of an inspiration for us also to take the same position. ‘Hary Singh’ made sure to go down on his back pulling me over him; sucking my cock in his mouth. I had a good chance to inspect Hary’s uncut cock; which was beautiful, fit but not fat making him love kiss couple of times before concentrating on his pair of strikingly stunning balls well hung still with much of a load in them. We went cock sucking, balls licking and even stealing a chance to lick and ass rimming each other while nobody noticed and stopped us from playing anal. The big mound of Hary’s ass prevented me to look up and I only knew that someone had spilled his nuts on my back when I felt the warmth of manly cum thumping on my back and two of the guys yelled, how wonderful and awesome it looked and soon I felt another load drop on my back which made some guys cheer up once again for the scene. Seeing me busy with the cock and balls of the Indian guy, now someone had started to play with my ass, making me very nervous, even panic a bit because I did not want to give up on the cock in my custody. I do not know if it was lucky or unlucky for me that someone yelled not to be anal and suddenly the Indian guy moved from under me, got up and started to get dressed to leave. O’ fuck; it was him, at my ass getting interested to do more in there. I would have not refused him if he also agreed to let me inside him as well for reciprocation.

Soon the pair on the other bed got done swallowing each other’s essence and one of the guy jumped quickly on my bed to lick my back clean of the double load left there by two adult guys. As another two guys started getting dressed to leave; one guy came over me, made me sit on my ass holding my head in his hands and began giving me a hard skull fucking. Now there were only 5 guys left in the room including the guy who arranged this great play but I could not tell who remarked that men had made me a true fucking mess for being the pivot guy to which the organizing gentleman quickly remarked that yeah but it really looked great for him to be a team player; making me feel proud of myself. Soon the guy fucking my face; showered me with his sperm and made him spill even in my hair.

Quickly 3 of the guys got up and started dressing and exchanging the needed information for the future rendezvous and left closing the door behind them. Seeing the party dwindling, the remaining guy also left leaving me and the party planner guy alone. I had my extremely hard erection aching for a relief; as I sat on the bed relaxed while holding my cock for the last leisurely jerk off when the host came to me and appreciated me for being a true hit of the evening and asked my permission to help me because he said; he also was not served well and needed relief before quitting. He suggested that we take a shower as he locked the door. In the shower, he informed me that I saved the cute Indian teen boy, by coming in, all shaved smooth. He said, “Before I showed up, everybody was eyeing him to be the pivot guy for taking all the loads on him”. We washed each other very well, him particularly washing the cum out of my hair. The host told me his name was ‘Sergio’ and I told him mine. After cleaning each other as we came out of the shower, Sergio pulled out two towels that he had put in a lower drawer before anybody came and he told me that it always happened that men used up all the towels even if they were more than the needed. He said, he had hosted many such parties and always learnt something new.

Sergio made me sit on the edge; requesting that he must feel my smooth shaved balls as he reached down for fondling my sack. I began stroking his cock. It hardly took a minute and Sergio began leaking from the cock hole, soon dumping his man seed all over me and then his attention came off my balls as he licked me clean of his own juices while he giggled and moaned loud for the best tasting cum he was consuming. Looking in my eyes; Sergio asked if it was ok with me to fuck him, smiling and telling me that now the party was over and we can make our new rule. I was caught slightly off guard but honestly I was not clear in my mind while I agreed to fuck Sergio, as he once again reached for my package, making sure; I was fully hard and ready. Handing me the lube after taking some on his finger; he took doggie position in front of me, bringing his hand behind to spread the lube on his nice and tight looking mature hole. He asked me to use a liberal amount of the lube on my fucking cock because in all these years he was still unable to lose much of the elasticity of his rectal ring and commented for the thick girth of my cock and did not want to finish the fun evening with hurting ass.

My big hard rod; thick hard long fucking cock was throbbing with excitement and a totally new experience of fucking the pretty ass for enjoyment. Making my cock all wet with lube; I grabbed his hips, positioning the blunt thick cock head against the dripping wet fuck hole. Sergio shivered under me; even his ass lips trembled sending some delicate pleasure to his cock which moved a little upwards hanging upside down between his thighs. Bending forward, I reached beneath him from above; clasping him like my bitch and pulled him closer to my groin. Sergio’s body was trembling but very slightly and deftly to make my eyes close and savor the joy of his fluttering ass and hard shallow breaths under my control.

The large but silky soft rounded mound of his ass felt so wonderful against my hard groin, anxious sex desiring cock with its blunt head poised at the tight wet passage. I opened my eyes wide, suddenly desiring much more. Sergio quickly looked back over his shoulder, darting his tongue between the lips; making my cock stir naked with lust and a loud moan dissolving in the room. A very sudden back push by Sergio and I almost shrieked feeling the hot and wet musculature wrapped all around my hard cock. Oh my God!! I was already inside Sergio’s ass. His slightly swollen ass lips were tight at my thick muscle rod, when I heard him; if I needed a sucking. Ahhhhhh!!! Fuck, Fuck; I could not resist loud shouting because, without waiting a moment to listening my answer; I felt myself sinking deeper inside Sergio’s ass, thanks to the forceful Hoover like vacuum suction by his anal canal, pulling me in his anal cavity.

The cock, my pride and why not? Sergio was now fucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. His ass taking my full shaft deep where positively no cock would have ever ventured. So far I had only fucked in the 2 pussies only but had seen lots of girls and school boys going slack jawed at the sight of my huge girth and length even when soft. The girls I had the pleasure to fuck; both had their eyes rolled up as I plowed deeper in them with their mouths open and face gone blank, almost passing out with a mix of pain and rough pleasure of my penetration in them. Always wondering if I could ever find a woman as a life partner who could take me in her to satisfy me, exhaust me, satisfy me but not hurt or in pain as Sergio; wheezing, hurting as if his ass was being damaged, torn, slaughtered, killed.

Oh! What the fuck was I doing. Ass fucking; no never, I always had wanted to keep my cock pussy pure. O’ Lord!! Have mercy: I had never even thought of being unfaithful to the pussy which shall be mine and mine only but at least never for an ass and that too of a man. I jammed extremely hard into Sergio for the one last thrusting to hate fuck him and quickly pulled out of him and letting him cry out with the pain of his sheath being pulled out; enveloped on my rod, his ass quickly going all empty from being over full for the bliss of it.

With a sigh, I groped my larger cock tightly, fast moving to his face; forcing his mouth onto my hard cock, holding him there by his hair and making him lick my piss slit, also working on the softer underside of my cock head before letting him swallow me to the balls. I could feel his throat working my shaft length, choking, gasping and making my cock to swell still more to stretch fill and open Sergio’s throat wider, more accommodative. Feeling suddenly not doing anything to be called unfaithful to my pussies; I started pumping my cock in and out of Sergio’s mouth making him swallow me to the hilt. I was looking down at Sergio, making him hold my cock inside his throat until I saw fit to pull out; his hair still in my tight grip, listening for gasps and his growing sense for air and choking all under my control; making my dick grow even harder and longer.

Everything so damn perfect; Sergio’s throat stretched ready for the cum flood, his mouth, tongue and lips all in synch did not have to wait much longer. My stamina was exhausting, my volcano was about ready to burst, my cock and balls all at the go to feed Sergio; I had a strongest ever convulsing, flexing in my cock filling his mouth with my personal brew. Great Sergio at ready for quick swallowing over and over for at least 7 or 8 squirts of my life juice until I was overly sensitive to stay in his mouth and he knew to let me pull out but not let me go before licking me clean with his drawn out tongue like a puppy lapping his bowl all around.

As we dressed, Sergio slipped me a piece of paper with his phone number on it; if I needed him in future to take his ass or just keeping my cock pussy pure and only get his oral service if and when desired. Mother fucking faggot; did not even bother to ask if I would be interested for another get together of merry men needing a pivot boy.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Feb. 27/ 2019

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