BLACK AFRICAN PRINCE OWNS WHITE family part 2Asif, having used and abused the rich white house wife Michelle he departed for a shower, passing through the front room, he passed Cal who was hidden front sight from his beloved mother.Asif pushed Cal against the wall and leaned in and snarled at Cal “that is one hot pussy there boy, your mumma fucks nigga cock good. You like to see her on my cock boy?”Cal gulped and shock his head no, but Asif laughed and grabbed a good hold of the young white boys cock, “ahh, i make you hard yes? Sissy boy or is it you are hard watching mummy taking my rod?”Cal panicked, “neither, i wasn’t looking i swear” Asif held Cals small white cock through his jeans, “you lie, so i will have good use for you next term sissy boy” Asif snarled at the scared young boy.As Asif went to go for his shower Cal mumbled” mum, it was watching my mum that got me hard not you, my mum”Asif laughed and left the room, Cal peered through to the kitchen, there Michelle was laid forward on her knees, her blouse and bra were bundled on the table, he panties were screwed up and discarded on the floor. Cal took a big breath and walked into the kitchen, shocked Michelle tried to cover up her tits and fanny from her young sons gaze.Cal had tears in his eyes before him was a complete black cock loving whore who happened to be his mother.Cal spoke softly so Asif could not hear. “mum, im so sorry this has happened, lets call the police and get him arrested,”“NOOOO” michellle screamed “we must not let anyone know what has happened here, the shame it would bring on the family is too much, he leaves tomorrow so that will be the end of the matter” “mum, he is here for a further 36 hrs that’s a very long time to hide also what about Velma, she is home this afternoon.”Michelle had forgotten about Velma her daughter, she had been out of town and was returning home having been away on a course for three weeks.Michelle told cal to go out for the day and stay clear of Asif. She would call Velma to explain for her not to return.Velma was Michelle and Toms first c***d she was a high school teacher 25yrs old, extremely brainy. Very much with her glasses short dark hair and looks and brains she resembled the cartoon character Velma from the Scooby Doo show.Having showered Asif went to the room he shared with Cal and chilled out on the xbox. No matter how hard Michelle tried she could not contact Velma and the time was getting close to her return. Michelle still soiled from the **** handed to her by Asif needed to clean up before her husband returned. Whilst in the shower Asif heard the running water, he walked to the bathroom and pushed open the door.Asif stood admiring the curvy forms of the middle aged white MILF he had ****d some half hour earlier. Through the clear glass he liked what he saw. “ clean up good woman, your time with me is not complete, i will require you again before i leave” Asif turned and returned to the room and continued on the xbox.Michelle was stunned by the arrogant boy, but one thing was certain, her nipples betrayed her as they went rock hard when he spoke to her.Michelle retired to her room to dry off, she must of dozed because the next thing she remembered was hearing the shower again, Asif also heard the shower and thought his white bitch was taking another shower to get very clean for him. Asif sniggered and made his way to the bathroom.Hearing the shower, Asif crept up to the doorway of the bathroom and peeked in on Michelle, only to find the unsuspecting young Daughter. Velma had returned and quickly moved to clean herself up after a long journey.In the clear glass shower stall, Asif observed the white beauty in all her magnificent glory. his cock was now fully extended, pulsing as he idly stroked it. He initially intended to wait till Michelle had came out of the bathroom but he couldn’t wait.The chance meeting of yet another one of the family that he believed was now his property, after seeing her looking so damned sexy in the shower. Asif’s cock twitched for he had never fucked in the shower before. He heard Velma humming in the shower, then smiled at the thought of how he’d make her Scream not sing in the shower. And how he’d make her sing when he rammed his black cock up her tight white ass.Bending over to soap her long trim legs, Velma was unaware what a display she presented to the nearby intruder. The sudden opening of the shower stall had Velma startled and turned to the noise. She gasped in absolute fear, her arms covering her Nice sized tits as she starred at the blackest Boy she’d ever seen, a naked black boy in the same shower stall with her. “Oh, God …Oh, Godddddd ….. Oh, God, pleaseeeeeeee!” Velma sobbed. Asif snarled “sshhh you cracker bitch” and raised his hand to strike her, Velma shook in fear as she gazed down at `Asif’s adiosbet yeni giriş monstrous black cock, Cowering, Velma stepped back into the far corner of the stall as the her mothers r****t approached her. Unknown to Velma, Asif had used her mother and brother now he intended to use the brainy school teacher.”Oh, please ….please don’t **** me …..pleaseeeeee, I beg you!” Velma pleaded, looking up into the black boys face, Asif had a wide grin on it. “.I’ll report this .you’ll go to jail ……please leave and I promise I won’t call the police!” Velma begged. Asif laughed at the pleading big titted teacher “your daddy lost control of his possessions last night and as you are one of those! you are mine to do with as i please, if you choose to report this, then everyone in your school, will be smiling when you walk by, wondering if you screamed and fought as my big black cock `ruins’ your innocent cunt! They’re gonna picture your long white legs wrapped around a big black ass! Think any hubby in the future will ever make love to you once it gets out you were niggered bitch!”Velma pleaded and sobbed “Please ..please leave …..please don’t **** me!” she continued to sobbed. Asif grinned “Tell you what teacher bitch, come here and jerk me off with your beautiful hands. If you get me off, maybe I’ll be too exhausted and not stick my big blackcock in ya! Think about it, the choice is all yours, baby!” im quite tired as your mummy and brother will confess to later on, yep thats right bitch ive already done those two so now its only right you get my cock as well.Velma desperately looked toward the shower door in hopes of escaping. But she knew she would not be able to reach it without this black bastard intercepting her. `Oh, God, I can’t do this ….but if I don’t he’ll surely **** me. Maybe he’ll be satisfied if I bring him off that way!’ Velma prayed to herself, knowing that what he said about the reaction of her co-workers and future husband was true. `I’ll never be able to face my friends at work again if they know I was ****d by a black man and I’ll never be able to let any future husband know!’ she thought. She realized she was in quite a predicament. She shuddered at the idea of putting her hands on that filthy black nigger cock but it was better than being ****d by it.Shaking with fear, Velmal nervously took a step toward Asif, pleading “Oh, please ….please don’t make me do this ……I’ve never touched black penis before, please don’t make me i’m begging you!” “Surely you’ve wanked honky cock bitch, “But ..but, that’s so different ….” velma pleaded. She had indeed given past boyfriends or dates a quick wank as not to allow them into her knickers. “Use the bar of soap in your hand and scrub my nigga cock slag!” ordered Asif. Breathing hard, Velma closed her eyes tightly shut, telling herself she was merely with an ex boyfriend, but as she tried to picture one the thoughts kept going back to the very young black boy ordering her about in the shower. She lathered her hands with the bar of soap and reached out. She shivered in disgust as she made contact with the throbbing black stalk. Her left hand slid down the monster cock, all to Asif’s delight as he observed the sparkle of a diamond ring when her hand slid down his massive black cock. Velma wept as she brought her other hand forward and used the bar of soap to lather up this young bucks nigga black cock.After Asif’s cock was fully lathered with soap, he ordered “Use both hands, white trash bitch, and get on your knees. Her eyes tightly shut to block out the horrible scene, Velma felt the soothing hot water now showering down onto her back. Her fingers could not encircle this thick black muscle which she was stroking faster and faster, thanks to the soapy film. Velma prayed silently to herself `Oh, God, let me satisfy him this way and make him go away. Please don’t let this black man **** me!’Having entered the bathroom, Asif had left the door open thinking he was repaying Michelle a visit. With the commotion coming from the bathroom, Michelle had in fact moved to the area outside the bathroom, shocked and stunned she stood transfixed listening and watching her baby daughter go through the same abuse she had recently received.Seeing this beautiful young white bitch shuddering in disgust as she pumped the black cock was such a joy to the lustful r****t. Coupled with her sparkling diamond, the symbol of her love for a boyfriend / future husband, sliding up and down his black cock had Asif ready to bust his load. Suddenly, Velma felt the obvious difference in the long nigga cock that she continued to stroke, feeling it begin to pulse and twitch madly. With the hot shower continuing to spray on her back, Velma shuddered as her large double EE tits and stomach were suddenly being showered adiosbet giriş by an even hotter liquid. She shuddered in disgust at what she had just done, jerking this black boy off till he shot his hot filthy goo onto her body. Velma began crying in total humiliation.Velma dropped and let go of the now dwindling massive black cock. Opening her eyes, she looked down to the see the slimy filth spunk slithering down her body. Her large breasts and pink nipples covered in the filth. She groaned as the hot slime oozed its way down to her dark hairy forest and down her thighs. It appeared as if the monstrous cock had unleashed a quart of cum onto her body. Shivering in disgust, she turned to face the shower and let it cleanse her body of the slimy nigga filth. All her reactions to her humiliating experience were being enjoyed by her Asif her attacker.As Velma stumbled in her attempt to stand, Asif grasped her by her trim hips and pushed her towards the wall. Velma’s outstretched hands braced herself against the shower stall, otherwise her head would have crashed into it. “Oh, please ….please, don’t **** me!” she pleaded. Then she felt the massive black cock at the entrance of her ass “Oh, no, nooooo ….please no, I’ve never let anyone do that to me, please no!”Asif couldn’t believe his good fortune, a sweet white virgin ass all for his to take. Grasping Velma’s trim white hips, he lunged forward with all of his might. “Aeeiiiiiiieeeeeeeee ……nooooooooooo ….argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh ……ohhhhhhhhhhh!” came the white womans high pitched scream as her once virgin ass was torn apart. With only four inches making its way in the initial plunge, Asif reared back and slammed forward again. “Arrrgggggghhhhhhhhh …..ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Velma screamed as the foot long cock tore through and buried itself deep into her bowels.Velma thought she was about to die from the pain. She groaned in shame and agony as the long black cock began to fuck her without mercy. Never had she imagined anything could be so painful as this r****t sodomizing her. She moaned as the black hands on her waist moved forward and began to finger her now moist slit.Asif really had this beautiful bitch going now. He flicked her throbbing clit and began to finger fuck her moist hole. All the while he continued to fuck her with long deep strokes. “Oh .ohhh …ohhh …ohhhhh …ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Velma moaned from the unwanted stimulation. Asif couldn’t believe his good fortune in nailing this bitch’s cherry white ass. Her dumb boyfriend / future husband didn’t know what he was missing. This lovely bitch would always remember who got to her sweet ass first. “Oh, baby, gonna cum in your sweet white ass!” the black African Prince groaned. Then, the torrent of hot cum flooded her bowels. Velma groaned and her body convulsed from the stimulation of her clit and the hot flooding in her ass. Velma sighed, never having experienced an orgasm such as this. Asif slowly withdrew his spent cock, the white slut collapsed to the floor of the shower stall, the pain from being split apart just too much for her.As the **** of Velma ass concluded, Michelle, instead of rushing to her daughters aid had spent the last 20 minute observing the **** whilst pulling and pinching her own nipples, rubbing her own clip. As the nigga prince unloaded in her daughters ass Michelle flooded her own juices from her once faithful cunt.Turning off the shower, Asif reached outside to grab a towel. He dried himself and then helped Velma up to wipe her down. Velma could barely move due to the brutal shagging she had received. Asif pulled Velma by the hair and marched her to the bedroom. Michelle taking a hiding place in her own room just in time, Turning to face the bed itself, Asif torments the white bitch ” That’s where you and I are gonna make us a little bastard black baby!” Velma cried and sobbed “Please, please ….please don’t **** me! I can’t have a baby from you! Pleaseeeeee!”A moment later, Velma was tossed onto her bed pleading her black tormentor for mercy. Begging not to **** her, for the fear of him impregnating her with his potent black cock. Velma was so afraid that she would be torn in two by the size of his cock, as her boyfriend’s penis was a mere toy compared to his hefty black one. “Oh please, no please ….I could get pregnant! Please don’t **** me, you’re far too big for me!” she pleaded.Velma was surprised when this young boy moved his body on her downward. Her legs were being spread wide apart when suddenly the head of this boy delved down to nuzzle her dark fleece. Velma groaned in shame. Never had she experienced such a sexual act, never had she had her cunt eaten and now, although her boyfriend had tried several times. Each time her boyfriend had attempted to put his face there, she had gotten upset adiosbet güvenilirmi with him and the last time ended up in a bitter fight. “Ohhhhhhhh ……ohhhhhhhhhh!” Velma swooned when Asif’s tongue flicked out to tease her sensitive clit. Never did she believe such an act could bring her so much pleasure, as she wound her fingers into the black kinky hair and arched her hips up into his face.Asif couldn’t believe how he got this naive little teacher bitch so wound up as he tongued her clit and delved into her moist slit. “Oh, noooooo, no, don’t let me cum ….nooooooo! Oh, God, ..noooooooo, arghhhhhhhhh!” Velma screamed as her body shook in convulsions. Meanwhile, Asif continued to lap up the sweet honey that was leaking from this white slags cunt.Hovering over the dazed young teacher, Asif placed his oozing black cockhead at the entrance to her moist slit. Worming his cock forward, he got her slick cuntlips spread wide to allow part of his cockhead to slip forward. Velma was dazed from the overpowering orgasm and was oblivious of what was immediately taking place. Asif realized this and watched her face react in agony when he grasped her hips and slammed his nigga cock home. “Owwwwwww ….ohhhh, stop …..ohhhhh, it hurtsssss …..oh, please ..ohhhhhh, you’re tearing me!” Velma screeched, her eyes now wide open in absolute terror.Michelle had returned to the landing and peered into Velmas room, there on the bed both naked bodies glistened, the strong African Prince, pumping his big black cock into her daughter. Michelle’s thoughts were not of my poor darling daughter but one of fucking lucky bitch i wish he was fucking me, as Asif ****d her darling daughter, Michelle felt envy.Velma used her hands to push at the nigga’s broad shoulders and her feet pushed at his thighs. But she was no match for this brutal r****t. As the long strokes allowed the slicing cock to inch its way into her womb, the rubbing of her sensitive clit now had her hands clutching at the broad shoulders and her trim white legs moving over the pumping black ass. “Oh, God, ohhhhhhh ….I’m cummmmming ..!” Velma groaned loudly, hunching up as her body shook in orgasm.Asif slowed up his strokes as Velmal came back down to earth. With his wet tongue, he licked at her tender pink lips, intent on bringing her back to reality. Then Asif began to taunt her “What would Mummy and daddy say if they could see you now, baby? Cumming on a black cock! Gonna tell the police I ****d you, Mummy, daddy? Your friends at work will wonder if you enjoyed being fucked by a nigger! Tell’em how a nigger `ruined’ you, sweet thing! Gonna cum in you, bitch! Gonna knock you up good!” The taunting and the increasing speed of the fuck brought Velma out of her stupor. “Please, please no …don’t cum in me! You’ll get me pregnant!” she pleaded.The humping was wild and the bed creaked as never before. Asif was riding this little filly to the finish line. Michelle looked into the room again wanking herself into her own orgasim, “Oh, baby, you sweet little bitch! Gonna fuck a baby in your little white tummy! Gonna knock you up good! Ahhhhh …..here it cummmmmsss ….ohhhhhh!”Asif groaned as his cock unleashed a quart of his hot thick jism. Michelle thought to herself (yes, yes breed the bitch, knock her up knock her up)as she watched his body convulsed as the innocent teacher clung to him tightly, her trim ankles locking on one another to squeeze his quivering ass closer.Exhausted, Asif leaned in and whispered, “you are a better fuck than your mummy bitch” Michelle heard this and with a tinge of envy promised herself, if this boy prince ****s her again she would show him exactly who was the better fuck.Asif arose and left Velma sprawled out on her bed with his thick cum drooling from her ****d slit. As he passed michelle on the landing `God, I sure hoped I knocked the innocent little bitch up!’ he laughed at the poor teachers mum,. he knew she and the other family members would be too ashamed to report the **** to the police. He thought back to this eventful day `Man, that innocent little bitch was some fuck! Her tight cunt was like a vice. Bet her boyfriend never make her cum so hard!’An hour later, Velma groaned from the pain emitting from between her brutally stretched legs. She groaned as she realized this was not a nightmare but that she had actually been ****d. With one hand she felt down between her legs, groaning in despair as she felt the copious amount of slimy goo oozing from her ****d cunt. she struggled to get up, her thigh muscles aching from being so widely spread, to make her way to the bathroom. She prayed it was not too late to douche out the filthy goo.As she went to shower down her soiled body, the shower stall brought back the horrid memories of what had taken place earlier. She shivered as she looked at the shower stall. She cringed as she observed globs of cum on the floor of the shower stall, obviously cum that had dripped down her body from the prior debasement. She couldn’t believe the amount of cum her black r****t had shot on and in her throughout the night.

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