Black Out: A Tale of Foam


Believe it or not, I’ve been a wicked little brat most of my adult life. Usually I do something silly and immature without really thinking of the implications of my actions. I guess I’ll probably never truly grow up.

While all of my stories have yet to be told, I do plan on telling them. I think that some of the audience may have guessed that most of my stories have a hint of the reality to them. Voyeur was a complete fiction. Free Hugs and Caught in the Act were virtually true to life. A Night at Roxxy’s was a fiction, too, but born out of a fantasy dreamed out with a friend I care for deeply. And Sensual Touch happened verbatim – just with a few name changes.

This past weekend, I was blessed with an epiphany. And while the stories leading up to this day have yet to be told (although I promise that they will be), you will need to know that Rachel and Carolyn have now met and we have all become intimately close. Carolyn has her own home, but Rachel lives with Gaye – her mother – and me. Armed with that knowledge, I hope you enjoy this tale.


Years ago, I discovered the Foam Party. I traveled to Cancun, Mexico with friends and we all ended up in a dimly lit club. I didn’t really know what to expect, but imagine a dance floor furnished with what appears to be a swimming pool. When the fun of the night begins, imagine foamy, soapy goop dripping from the ceiling on top of everyone bumping and grinding to the beat of the music. Imagine clothing dripping wet. Imagine half naked women and men. Imagine some more daring women that shed their clothes with abandon. Imagine lewd behavior unbecoming of a Celly.

While I’ve been to a few of these foam parties in Toronto and elsewhere, I had never been to one in my home town. When a local event was announced on one of the local radio stations, Rachel brought it to my budding attention. Since Rachel and Carolyn have also become acquainted, we all decided to go on Saturday night.

The weekend prior, the three of us went out and bought matching bikinis at a local shop in the bustling mall. We decided we wanted to complete the look as we couldn’t really just wander down the main downtown street wearing just bikinis. We spent a fortune on oilskin black trench coats. After polishing off three bottles of zinfandel Saturday afternoon and spending way too much time in the hot tub, Carolyn, Rachel, and myself piled into my Corvette Stingray and headed downtown. Walking arm in arm, the three of us found our way through the madding crowds and to the club. The night was still young, but we knew the crowds would fill the club early in the evening.

The club is built in an old cinema that closed years ago. All of the downtown cinemas have become nightclubs in some form. It seems to be the way of the times. So be it. More foam parties for me! I’ll rent the video instead. The marquee blinked its neon goddess message to the three of us and we approached the burly bouncer at the entrance of the club. Can you believe he had the gall to demand identification proving we were the rightful drinking age of 19? Or was that flattery? I’ll prefer to think it was the latter. And since we were women, we didn’t have to pay the cover charge to get inside. There are a multitude of benefits to being a woman.

I hadn’t entered the building since my teenage years. I think I recall birthday parties and fun get togethers with friends during my adolescence that brought me to the old theatre. The long hall from the marquee area is still adorned with beautiful artwork of a dying era. The red carpets were still rolled down the staircase to the front door. Two glass and crystal chandeliers hung from the high vaulted ceilings decorated with sconces in plaster and frescoes in ivory. The lobby, while no longer a concession, took the same shape as the cinema lobby from the way back when. The wall that once separated the concession area from the seats had been removed and the concession stand was now a 360 degree bar up on a pedestal. Six gorgeous women in beachwear and shades, all with pink hair, manned the bar with an awe inspiring booze cabinet. Few other patrons wandered the bar at 7pm as the night was still young so we were met with happy, inviting expressions on each of the barmaid’s faces. Surely after the advances of far too many eager and horny men later in the night, their expressions would likely be less than affectionate. There were plenty of raised tables scattered around the room with comfy padded barstools that were easy on the butt.

Sadly the balcony had been removed in recent years. All of the seats in the theatre had also been removed. And while there was always a somewhat steep incline in the room, the dance floor was now flat as a pancake. Steps descended to the floor into the midst of the swimming pool shell that would be the arena of our mischief in the hours to come.

All around the perimeter of the room, gogo cages hung from the wall. Little doors behind the cages obviously leaded off to tunnels for the dancing staff. I couldn’t wait to see the gogo girls later.

Most of the lighting was yet to be turned on, but later in the night it became clear the owner had spent a tokat escort king’s ransom on the dazzling light display in the club. I knew the club had been operating for many years, but sadly I had never given it a try. All three of us agreed to come more often.

Rachel, Carolyn, and I parked ourselves at one of the tables. We ordered our drinks of choice and as the next hour or two passed, the three of us became increasingly drunk. I will confess I’ve been fighting a cold probably because I’ve been pushing myself way too hard in recent weeks, but I stifled that ailment lubricating myself with the liberating tastes of wine and spirits. I wasn’t going to let a case of the sniffles keep me from having a fabulous time.

As we sat at the table and engaged in small talk, the three of us gawked around the room and enjoyed our mutual desires for voyeurism. We all love to watch women, especially young women, and Carolyn and I are 35 Rachel has yet to reach 3-0. We’re still very young at heart, but I guess we are ‘dirty ole women’. Giggles.

A man in an Armani suit was at the bar chatting with the bartenders and suddenly looked over at us. A flash of recollection passed over me as he glanced in our direction. When a big smile crept onto his face, he headed in our direction.

Man – “Well, hello there. Bet you don’t remember me, do you?”

Celeste – “You look so familiar. I’m sorry you will have to refresh my memory.”

Man – “The name is Andre. We went to high school together.”

Celeste – “I knew I remembered you Andre. It’s been so long I’ve had a chance to forget. It’s so nice to see you again. You were the one guy in my dramatic arts class! Now I remember!”

Andre – “That’s me! I was the lucky man in a class of 30 sixteen year olds.”

Celeste – “As I recall, you didn’t need any luck with the ladies, Andre. And I bet owning a place like this, you have no trouble even to this day.”

Andre – “I’m taken. So don’t get your hopes up, Celly.”

Andre flashed his wedding band and pointed over at the bar where a beautiful blonde chatted with one of the bartenders. I unwittingly licked my lips as I soaked in Andre’s better half’s beauty.

Celeste – “Somehow I’m very happy for you, Andre. And for your wife.”

Andre – “Thanks Celly. Why haven’t you come to the club before now? I wish you had graced the dance floor before today.”

Celeste – “You know how life goes, Andre. Oh I’ve been rude. Andre, meet my friends Rachel and Carolyn.”

Andre – “Thank you for coming tonight and spicing up the atmosphere, ladies. All of your drinks are on me tonight. Ok? Do you know about Black Out?”

Celeste – “Ummm no. Enlighten us.”

Andre – “As the night picks up, the lights on the dance floor will suddenly get turned off periodically. I’m afraid things can get a little naughty down there in the pits of hell. Hope you don’t mind getting touched. If I was still single, I’d be all over you three. The dj will signal it with the words Black Out. Be ready.”

Celeste – “Sounds fun. I think we came to the right party.”

We all engaged in a little chitchat for a few minutes and Andre returned to his wife at the bar. They disappeared into a back office minutes later and we didn’t see either of them for the rest of the night. As the club started to fill up with young women and men and the dance floor started to fill, the disk jockey decided to pump up the volume. The panoramic display of lights started to fill the fifty foot ceilings of the club. Rachel, Carolyn, and I decided to give up our perches and knew it was now time to take our coats to the cloakroom and liven up the dance floor. As the trench coats were shed, I have reason to believe a lot of wanton stares poured over the three of us. I especially tried to ignore the leering as we wandered down to the dance floor.

For another hour, the dance floor started to fill up. All three of us danced away and personal space soon meant nothing down in the chaos of the dance. Women and men would join us and move through the crowds, but I always made sure I was within touching distance of Carolyn and Rachel. When the dance floor was filled nearly to capacity, the dj announced that the foam would now drip.

I had waited for this moment all night long. Looking up into the ceiling, I watched as the water and the foam started to pour out and drip down on top of us. Laughing and squeals of pleasure filled the room as we all got entirely drenched and covered in water and soap. Throwing my now straight hair back over my shoulders as it dripped soapy residue, the three of us pulled up much closer for comfort grinding our now soaking wet bodies into one another. I felt the warmth between my thighs growing despite the cool temperatures in the room and in the water that now filled up to our knees in the pool shaped dance floor. The foam coated our bodies as we pressed our naughty bits into each other.

I was entirely horny, as I usually am, and did not really care to hide it any longer. Pulling both of my friends close, we kissed openly on the dance floor as we spun around bobbing and weaving through the crowd. tokat escort bayan I didn’t care we had an audience.

Before long as warned, the dj spouted out the words we had been anticipating. Black out. The main lights of the club clicked off, only the sounds of the sound system, the lights in the gogo cages filled with scantily clad vixens, and the phosphorescent rims around the bar remained to light our way.

I felt the crowd press together in a rush of movement. And suddenly I felt a hand on my breast. Somebody gave my now aroused breast a hearty squeeze! I yelped out a squeal of approval.

As the lights came back on, the crowd dispersed and I was left to wonder who the mystery man or woman was. I glared over at Rachel and Carolyn and winked. But I soon found out it wasn’t either of them. Who in the hell was it?

I looked around at the people around me and nobody stood out. The group closest to us seemed to consist of three couplings of men and women. So I was lost in my conjecture and I just dropped it and went back to grinding my wet body into Rachel and Carolyn.

Minutes later, the dj called it out and again and I felt the sudden movement all around me. I was almost anticipating contact again, and the dj was getting playful and this time the lack of spotlights went on for a full minute. Not only did someone grab my breasts, but their hands reached under my bikini top to touch the bare skin underneath. Well before the end of the minute, he or she retreated and I returned the skimpy top to its rightful place. Again, I looked around for the culprit but still didn’t have a suspect. Ah who cares, I thought, and let them have their fun. I know who I’m going home with. Besides, whoever it was knew what to do with their hands.

Another painstaking five minutes passed. I told Rachel and Carolyn what had happened and they feigned pouts that they had yet to be groped by a mystery stranger. But sure enough, the dj clicked off the lights again and I pulled back from Rachel and Carolyn knowing someone was coming for me. I sure wasn’t ready for what was going to happen.

I felt the stranger in the dark come close to me taking me into their arms. Their hands reached down and tightly grasped onto my bum as they pulled themselves into my back. Suddenly I felt the undeniably provocative feeling of ample breasts pressing into my back. The mystery groper was a woman! Eureka!

I felt her hands take hold of my cheeks giving them a desirable massage. Suddenly, I felt a slap on one cheek. Then a slap on the other. She leaned in, kissed me on the nape of my neck, and fled just before the lights came back on. I looked around in earnest with what surely must have looked like scorn in my eyes. I scanned the dance floor to find the woman. Any woman that appeared to be somewhat alone or isolated was on the other side of the floor. Where did she go? She could be anyone!

So I went back to Carolyn and Rachel with a little flush in my cheeks and positively flattered with the attention I’d been getting. They admitted they had been touched too during the blackouts, but not by the same person. They told me to enjoy it or get out of the pool. Well, I wasn’t going anywhere.

I counted the meandering minutes hoping for another taste of blindness. Soon enough, it came. Again, I pulled back from Rachel and Carolyn and waited for my stalker. Sure enough, I first felt her warm breath on my neck as she faced me for the first time. Embracing me in her arms, she pressed her breasts into mine. Her hands reached again for my bum and lowered my bikini bottoms. I could hear her giggle as she gave me a few good swats on my wet skin. I moaned as I leaned into her neck and purred like a kitten.

Poking her nose up against mine, she leaned in and gave me a soft kiss. I felt her hand come up to my cleavage as she deposited something there for safekeeping. She vanished yet again just before the lights returned to the room. Again, there was no sign of her. Was she a phantom? Sheesh. Nobody moves that quick.

Remembering the deposit, I reached into my top. I took out a business card. It was a club card for the one and only lesbian club in town. Of course, I had been there many times. Perhaps my mysterious stranger had met me there at some point in recent years. Who is she? Grrr…..I hate the suspense.

I told Rachel and Carolyn I needed a cigarette. I was getting way too horny. Soon enough, I probably would have dragged the both of them home for a night of rumpy pumpy if I didn’t get a little break from these sensations. They decided to keep dancing. Neither of them smoke. And in Canada you can’t smoke anywhere it seems. So I got out of the pool and grabbed the robe I had stashed. Donning it, I walked down to the front doors and the bouncer flashed me a little wave. I lit my smoke.

Suckling away at my nicotine goddess, my mind raced about the identity of the woman inside. I desperately wanted to know the woman, but somehow I knew she wanted to remain a figment of my imagination. As I watched the gathering crowds out front of the club, I felt a tapping on my shoulder.

I turned escort tokat around to face a woman. She was young, maybe 25 years old, with a cute dimpled face. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail and it was died pink like the bartenders inside. I assumed she was one of the bartenders on her night off. Her eyes were a deep green which drew me into them as I watched her own thoughts dancing behind those mesmerizing eyes. She was a few inches shorter than me, maybe 5’6″, and of a similar build to my own. My eyes tarried a bit uncomfortably long on her ample breasts in that skimpy bikini top of hers. Her sarong draped over her mid section and her thighs and I begged for the oversized safety pin to pop its clasp. Her skin was delightfully tanned to a deep auburn. I noted a little tattoo of a cloud and an angel on her midriff, and a little piercing in her navel that looked like a coupling of hearts.

I guess my mind took a few moments to take her into my concentration. She lifted a cigarette to her rosy lips begging for a light from my zippo. Without a word, I flicked my lighter and lit her cigarette.

Woman – “Having fun tonight?”

Celeste – “More than usual. What a great club! Come here often?”

Woman – “Often enough. I love to dance.”

Celeste – “I do too. I don’t do it nearly enough any more. I think I’ll have to come back for more.”

Woman – “I hope you do. My name is Angela. What’s yours?”

Celeste – “My name is Celeste. You can call me Celly, though.”

Angela – “Celly it is then. Come here with a boyfriend?”

Celeste – “Noperoo but my friends Rachel and Carolyn are dancing queens in there right now. They sent the smoker to the outer realms for a bit. They might be carrying on quite a bit right about now. I probably should get back to them.”

Angela – “Oh so they are a little…friendly?”

Celeste – “I guess we all are. Three peas in a pod, really.”

Angela – “Sounds like a cozy pod. Maybe you should go down the way to the lesbian club too. You might like it there.”

Angela winked and put out her cigarette. The two women went back inside. Just as they approached the crowds in the area around the bar, Angela spoke with a commanding tone over the bold shoulders of a couple football players from the nearby university team.

Angela – “You might want to flip the card, Celly.”

With that, Angela vanished into the crowd. I realized in the blink of that second who Angela was. Frig! I’m so fricken dense! I desperately pushed my way through the crowd but Angela was nowhere to be found. A little downtrodden and lost, I wandered to the edge of the stage to peer through the crowd. Angela was nowhere to be found. I fumbled into my top to remove the card. Flipping it over, I found Angela’s name written in pink ink. Underneath there was a cell phone number for her.

Opening my purse, I took out my cell phone and called the number. I could hear the familiar ringtone of a phone right behind me. I turned around to face Angela. She approached me and took me into her arms.

Celeste – “Want to get out of here? I think my friends would understand if I left with you.”

Angela – “They’d be welcome too if you want.”

Celeste – “Naughty girl. Maybe later. I think I want you all to myself for a while.”

Angela – “Yes I guess I deserve that. I was quite a tease wasn’t I?”

Celeste – “You most certainly were. You probably deserve what I always like to get when I’m a bad girl.”

Angela – “Is that what I think it is?”

Celeste – “You’re very intuitive. And I’ve never wanted to spank another woman more than I do right now. To be honest, I’ve never even thought twice about it. But for you I’ll make an exception.”

Angela – “Lead the way, Macduff.”

Celeste – “Uno momento, signorita. I better tell the girls I’m going.”

I went down to Rachel and Carolyn and they both grinned as I pointed up at the beautiful young woman that just picked me up. I told them to give me an hour alone with her then to sneak in and surprise the both of us. They readily agreed to the sneaky plan and I left the keys to the Vette with them. Angela and I darted off to the cloakroom. We took off down to her car and drove back to my home.

Not a word was spoken in that drive. I imagine her mind was racing as fast as mine. I imagine she was playing out her little fantasy as much as I was inventing it in my own depraved, naughty mind. As I directed her to the house, I looked out the window at the passing scenes of the city without making eye contact. When we finally arrived, I came around and led her up to the door. Letting us both inside, I took her by the hand to the bedroom without hesitation or waiting.

When we arrived in the bedroom, I put a finger to her mouth. Taking her arms to her side, I held them in place and told her to stay put. I wandered over to the nightstand beside my waterbed opening up the drawers with a newfound interest. I had never been inspired like this before. Angela needed me to spank her. In all my years, I had never contemplated taking this role and the feeling of dominance, although slight, was washing over me in the heat of the moment. As I fumbled through my arsenal of toys, I realized that for the first time in my life I was seeking out things I wanted to use on another woman. For the first time, I was planning out how this moment of temptation would play out. I was the director of the charade. How intoxicating!

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