Blizzard Of Ahhhs by loyalsock


Blizzard Of Ahhhs by loyalsockSarah walked into the locker room. She had just finished working outwith the nautilus machines. She noticed no other women were in theroom, which was normal for this time of night. “Well, at least I’llhave the shower to myself, maybe I’ll even do what I was planning forthe apartment in here,” she thought. She pulled off her white sportsbra and lightly massaged her sweaty nipples. Her hands then slid downher body until they reached the waistband of her spandex shorts. Sheslipped her right hand into the shorts and started rubbing her sparsepubic mound. She was so wet that all of her fingers were soaked evenbefore penetrating her pussy. Sarah grabbed onto a towel rack withher other hand and began sticking finger after finger into her cunt.Every once in a while she opened her eyes to see if anyone was comingin. “The hell with it,” she grunted and quickly stripped off hershorts and cum-soaked g-string, pulling them over her white Reeboksneakers. She looked down at her cunt and realized how swollen andstretched her pussy lips had become, the lips have become sosensitive that she could only come close to touching her clit or shewould involuntarily squeeze her legs together from the pleasureoverload.She straddled the changing bench, briefly thinking of the hundreds ofpussies that had been sitting there before hers, and wondering if anyother hot women have jerked off here. She braced herself with herleft hand behind her on the bench, all the while, her otherexcessively lubricated fingers smearing her fragrant juices all overher pussy. She was breathing very heavily and fast, and it began tomake her light headed. Her face felt beat red. In the passion of themoment she slowly poked her middle and ring fingers into her anus.There was an instant of pain as her ass accepted the fingers, thefeeling of satisfaction as the rubbery hole expanded to allow herindex finger in. She kept rubbing her clit with her wrist whilerocking her three fingers into her ass, feeling every inch of theinner walls.She began her orgasm, biting down on her lower lip. Sarah had neverfelt such an overall intense feeling and never wanted it to end. Shealso felt like this orgasm would release an entire puddle of cum, butnever imagined this much. She pulled her fingers from her buttholeand helped open her pussy lips to guide the juices out onto theslippery wood bench below her bucking hips. Her vaginal muscles wereconvulsing every second and pushing more cunt juice out each time. Itmust have been ten convulsions before she could breath again.She slowly sat in her sticky puddle, finally relieving the weight offher left arm, which was shaking from the intensity. She placed herleft hand flat into the puddle to get it wet, lifted it up and staredat the juice rolling down her fingers, down her wrist. She rolledforward until her tits touched the bench, tucking her elbows underher and then pulled her knees up to her shoulders, trying to ballherself up enough to relax. The locker room reeked of pussy, whichbegan to turn her on again. She reached behind her, while her headrested on the bench, and placed her index finger about an inch intoher asshole. She squirmed the finger around for about 20 seconds tohelp her bring her down from this climax. She smelled that finger,and was surprised that it smelled more like pussy than her asshole.She must have put a lot of cunt juice in her ass, she thought.Sarah look to the sides of the bench and admired the two littlepuddles on the tile floor that formed from the geyser between herslick legs. She slowly untied her sneakers and took them off with hersocks. She placed her pretty painted toes in the cunt puddles andsmeared the cum on the locker room’s tile floor. Sarah’s asshole wasstarting to feel sore. She decided a shower would help it. She wasstill in a daze, so when she stopped in front of the mirror with allof her makeup and toiletries, she stared at her frazzled body.Between the sweat and the cum, she look like she already had theshower. Her long black hair had become wet and stuck to her shouldersand her tits were red from rubbing. Still smelling her pussy in theair, she looked through her make up to find some lip balm for herpussy lips because they were sticking out and needed a different kindof lubrication. All she could find was a bright red lipstick so shefirst used it on her lips to see if it would soothe her overworkedpussy. She puckered and decided to try it on her vagina.She placed her slender right foot on the sink, opening her vulvawide. She eyed up pussy lips from about a foot away, wishing she waslimber enough to apply the lipstick directly from her mouth. She slidthe lipstick up and down on her cunt lips. For the first time in awhile, she didn’t smell her cunt, but rather the sweet strawberrysmell from the lipstick. Her lips stood out tremendously with thebright red and she placed her foot back on the tile with her feetspread a little more than shoulder width apart. Since Sarah only hada little strip of thin pussy hair, it was easy to see a lot of hercunt even from standing up. Out of curiosity, she placed the back ofher hand under her cunt and pressed up hard, u*********sly making akissing noise, and pulled it out… just as she thought, it lookedjust like a women had kissed her hand.”Well, time to wash this sex off me,” she said quietly. She slowlywalked her tan, naked body over to the mass shower stall. There wereeight shower heads and a small closed door that said “Water Shut-Off- Do Not Touch.” She took a deep breath of exhaustion and turned thehot water valve… nothing came out. She tried two other showersbefore turning to the water shut-off door. She quickly smelled herfingers again, thinking of the small orgasm she planned for theshower and then opened the door.Sarah was so startled that she tried to slam the little door, but astrong female hand grabbed the edge of it before it slammed shut andthe women opened the door back up. “What the hell are you doing inthere?” Sarah said in a weak voice, “you scared the hell out of me.”The woman just grinned and stepped out of the doorway. She wascompletely naked except for a gold necklace around her waist and abutterfly tattoo where her cunt hair should be. She was absolutelygorgeous, which silenced Sarah while both of them stared at eachother’s bodies for about ten seconds. The woman was a tall, youngblond with poofy, unkempt hair. She had large tits and a very slenderwaist. Her legs and feet looked like they had baby oil on them.The woman finally broke the silence, “Mmm… Smells familiar inhere.” Sarah couldn’t believe the arrogance of her to comment of somethingas personal as her pussy smell. She was also extremely embarrassed.”What are you talking about?” was Sarah’s only comeback. “It smells like a hot, sticky, wet cunt in here.” the woman saidgrinning… “Mind if I smell your fingers? I have a feeling I canlocate the source.”For a brief instant, Sarah wanted to reach out and let her smell thehand that had a cunt-kiss mark on it, but then she came to her sensesand said, “I haven’t done any thing like that. Masturbating, I mean.”The woman slowly walked to the entrance of the shower and looked atthe bench, still wet from the wild thrashing Sarah’s pussy receivedearlier. “Mmm… Hmmm… Sure bitch. I guess cunt juice just dripsfrom your lips when you get changed.” Sarah was getting reallyconfused by this woman, she thought they were having a civil, albeitperverted, conversation until this bitch comment.”Screw you, whore.” Sarah muttered, still not able to take control ofthis situation because of her embarrassment at being caught. “Whore? Try Tia, besides you don’t know what a whore is! You thinkyou can just come in here stinking up our room without facing anyconsequences?””O.k., Tia,” Sarah said sarcastically, “I’ll leave you to yourbeautiful room. Just let me get changed.”Tia responded, “You will be changing, but not until Lisa and I takecare of something.””Who?” and with that question, Sarah was grabbed around the chest byan amazingly strong girl that came from the water shut-off door. Herarms were thin looking but she was impossible to get away from. Sarahcould tell this Lisa was naked, too. Sarah couldn’t believe what washappening. Thoughts of a prison **** scene she had seen in a pornoflashed into her mind.Lisa whispered in her ear, “Don’t fight it, Sarah, it will only makethings worse.” Then Lisa pushed her cunt into Sarah’s ass, makingSarah temporarily lose balance. Another women rushed out in front ofSarah, equally as fit and beautiful as Tia and placed her hand onSarah’s mouth, while Tia grabbed a cloth and tied it around Sarah’smouth so she never had time to scream.Sarah tried kicking, but a kick with her slippery naked legs was justabout useless with three women pushing her around. Sarah resigned tothe fact that she was going to be ****d on the shower floor by thesestrange perverted women.”Look, she even put on lipstick for the event.” Tia said as she ranher open hand down Sarah’s neck until it stopped at her belly button.Moving her finger in circles around Sarah’s navel she said, “Girl,we’ve been watching you jerk-off in here. You think you knowpleasure? You don’t. You think you’ve tasted girl-cum? You haven’t.You think we’re gonna **** you? You bet. But its gonna be the besttime of your life.”With that, Lisa slipped her arms under Sarah’s arms and lifted her upto her tip-toes, suspended by her armpits. The other girl squatted,and then backed herself between Sarah’s legs, touching Sarah’s pussywith the small of her back. The girl stood up while grabbing Sarah’sthighs and as they were about to walk into the small doorway. Tiapointed at the girls muscular back and said, “How about that, Leah,Sarah’s cunt is giving away kisses for free,” talking about thelipstick left over from the pressing against Sarah’s exposed pussy.Leah said, “Grab her lipstick, Tia, I’m gonna give her some kisses ofmy own. Real wet ones.” Tia laughed and grabbed all of Sarah’s stuffout of the locker room, making sure to straddle Sarah’s sticky puddleon the bench so she could dip her butterfly in it. “Mmm… Impressivepuddle,” Tia whispered to herself.Leah and Lisa carried Sarah into the dark water control-room. Sarahthought it was just an access panel, but apparently it lead to a longcement tunnel with a couple of light bulbs lighting the way. Sarahheard Tia lock the door behind them and push something in front. Tiasaid, “Now to turn the water back on. It would have been a shame ifyou washed that sweet smell off of your body, Sarah dear.”They continued down the narrow corridor for about a minute. “Sarah,you’re gonna be able to scream all you want now.” and with that Tiatook off her gag. Sarah was about to yell but realized they arenowhere near anyone, especially since it was getting late.They walked into a large, brightly lit room with sheets all over thefloor and clothes s**ttered about the corners. This must have been anold aerobics room, because the two of the walls were all mirrors. Tialocked the door behind them with a combination lock and said, “dropher.” With that, they did. Sarah expected to hit the hard floor witha bang but, the floor absorbed her fall, it apparently had gym matsunderneath them. Sarah looked around and didn’t know what to do. Shewas stuck here as the girls ignored her for the moment.They walked over to some clothes and began putting various things on.Sarah knew there was no point in trying to talk her way out of thisbizarre fuck room. She noticed a few dildos lying in the corners,probably still wet from excessive use, Sarah thought.Sarah then noticed a twenty-five inch TV mounted near the ceiling,she couldn’t believe what was playing on it. It was her! jerking offlike no tomorrow on the locker room bench. It didn’t even have thehidden camera crappy image quality, it looked like a professionalporno and she could even hear her heavy breathing and sloppysquishing from before. There were at least two cameras that took thisfilm, and it would even zoom in so Sarah could see her hand pumpingin and out of her expanded anus, and at twenty-five inches nothingwas left to the imagination.”Nothing like some good porn, huh Sarah?” Leah joked. “How could wenot want you after that display?” And some display it was, as Sarahwatched herself cum on TV. “Thirsty?” Lisa asked, now wearing aFrench maid outfit, complete with black stockings and avcilar escort black highheels. “Heh, yea I guess.” Sarah said, not letting her eyes off theTV except for the brief moment to admire Lisa’s great legs and ass inthat black frilly maid outfit.”Here, try a shot of this, and here’s the beer chaser.” Sarah thoughtwhat the hell, drunk is better, so she did the ice cold shot.Amazingly, it didn’t taste that bad. She didn’t even need the chaser.She looked at the girls and all three were staring at her andsmiling.”What was that?” Sarah asked. “Let’s just say there is a little ofall of us in that.” Leah said as she took the shot glass and smelledit, then placed it under Sarah’s nose. She sniffed and realized itwas girl cum and immediately took a gulp of beer.”Perverts” Sarah muttered. “We still have another shot in the fridge,if the mood should strike you, Sarah” Tia mentioned as she caught theglass that Lisa threw over to her. Tia provocatively licked theinside of the shot glass clean.Tia was now wearing something, and she looked extremely hot in it. Itwas just a white one-piece mini-skirt that could barely hold her titsin. She had a pair of black high heels that showed her paintedtoenails.Sarah glanced over at Leah. Leah was wearing a one-piece bay-watchtype red swimsuit and no shoes. Sarah could see Leah’s pubic moundpushing at the crotch of the suit and it already had a small wetspot. Leah’s nipples were obviously hard. Then Sarah reminded herselfof her nudeness and crossed her arms in front of her hard nipples.Leah said, “Sarah, you know cooperation is the only way out of here,so please don’t pretend to be modest. Now let us see those tits anddon’t be afraid to show off any other parts of your body.”Sarah moved her arms and chugged most of the beer. “Fine, I’ll fuckthese three until they can’t take anymore” she thought. “Is this whatyou want?” said Sarah and she walked up to Tia and French kissed.While Sarah tasted Tia’s tongue, she reached up her skirt and slidher thumb into Tia’s pussy. Tia was amazingly wet and responded byhiking up her skirt and caressing her own ass. Sarah grabbed Tia’stit with her other hand and played with the nipple. Tia was obviouslyavoiding touching Sarah with her hands. Tia pulled her head away andsaid, “That’s all the mouth work you will get from us. You are herefor our pleasure, we are not here for yours.”Sarah began to pull her thumb from Tia, and Lisa grabbed her hand andslowly pushed it back in. “Don’t stop now, honey.” Lisa then put herhands on Sarah’s strong shoulders and pushed her down onto her kneesso she was looking at her thumb slowly pumping in and out of Tia’scunt.Sarah knew what to do. She licked Tia’s butterfly. Rolling her tongueall around, making the skin wet. She could smell that smell that wasin the shot glass and this time it turned Sarah on. Sarah wanted moreof that taste and knew where to get it. In the meantime, Leah pulledTia’s skirt off, over her head. As Sarah was lapping away at thecunt, Leah kept helping Tia lean back until Tia was in a full backbend with her hands touching the ground behind her. Sarah rested herknees on Tia’s toes, to help Tia from losing balance in her highheels.This position pushed out Tia’s cunt so much that Sarah could accessdeep within her vagina with her long probing tongue. Sarah switchedthe thumb to the adjacent hole and pushed it up Tia’s ass as far aspossible. Tia let out a little shriek. Sarah could see Leah kneelingin her French maid outfit with her hands interlocked behind her neckwith her eyes closed, apparently enjoying a tongue bath from Tia’sarched back head. Tia was certainly flexible. With all slobberinggobbling noise in the background, Sarah saw the bay-watch babe, Lisakneel with her back facing Leah. Then Lisa leaned back until her headwas arched back under the French maid’s ass just like Tia’s but fromthe other side. Leah placed her hands on Sarah’s shoulders as sheleaned forward, allowing better access for Lisa to tongue kiss herbutthole as Tia ate her pussy.Lisa was rubbing her cunt through her thin swimsuit, pushing thematerial into the cunt hole a couple of inches. Sarah began to fingerherself while eating flexible Tia and then she heard Leah say “Don’teven think about touching that sweet cunt of yours. We will satisfyyou once you have earned it.Sarah removed her finger from her pussy and placed her other thumb inTia’s ass. While Sarah was paying attention to pumping Tia’s cuteasshole, Tia convulsed and shrieked again. This caught Sarah and theothers off guard and Sarah got a squirt of cum right up her nose,making the taste very strong, but she knew to stay with the squirtingpussy. Leah moved her juicy pussy away from Tia’s face because Tiawas no longer in a state that could operate her delicate tongue. Thetwo girls moved to support Tia as she convulsed once again. With fourhands holding up Tia’s back, Tia was free to grab Sarah’s head andgrind her pussy on Sarah’s mouth and nose. Tia held Sarah’s head sothat Sarah’s nose poked right into her hole and her mouth waspuckered against Tia’s asshole. Tia convulsed again making strangenoises. Once again some cum shot up Sarah’s nose, but most of it madeit into her mouth. Sarah sucked and sucked, every second getting afresh dose of cum.Tia muttered “now” and with that, Leah the French maid placed both ofher hands around Tia’s neck as if she was choking her. Tia continuedconvulsing with a powerful orgasm as her face turned red from thelack of circulation from Leah’s tight grip. Sarah had never eatenpussy before and her head was swimming with exhilaration as sheslurped at this bald bucking pussy. Sarah’s cunt was throbbing forsatisfaction during this ordeal, but she listened to Leah’s commandsand just pulled her legs together to keep the itching burning wetnessfrom being touched by herself.Tia’s final convulsion was accompanied by a choking breath and thenshe went limp. Before Sarah could even swallow the cum in her mouth,Lisa assured her that Tia was fine, “She’s just passed out. After afull-blown cumming like this, she’ll be asleep for a while.” Theylaid Tia down on the floor, her face was covered in cunt juice andsweat and the redness was fading. Leah left and came back with someused little cotton panties and small vibrator. “Tia goes wild forthis…” Leah said as she switched on the smooth metal vibrator andslid it all the way into Tia’s slowly oozing pussy. Then Leah andLisa put the panties on Tia. As they did the vibrator popped out,with a thin stream of cum attached to it. “These panties hold it inwhile she sleeps.”The three girls left Tia lying in the middle of the room with a quiethum and the panties slowly getting wetter.”Did either of you get off?” Sarah asked.”Not entirely, that’s just a warm-up honey.” Lisa responded. Sarahnoticed Lisa’s swimsuit was still tucked into her pussy.”Speaking of warm-up, I feel empty Sarah, you mind filling my ass upwith some ben-wa balls.” Leah handed Sarah a string of about a dozenstainless steel 3/4 inch balls and bent over so her face was lookingup at Sarah between her own legs. Sarah enjoyed this view, withLeah’s high heels and thigh-high black nylons leading up to herpuckered anus and puffy wet slit.”This will help.” said Lisa as she dripped something clear downLeah’s ass crack and rubbed it around until Leah’s whole ass and cuntwere soaked. Leah’s asshole was almost begging to have somethingshoved in it.One by one Sarah pushed another ball into Leah’s asshole. Each ballmet some resistance until halfway in and then it seemed to get suckedin. Sarah was shocked at Leah’s capacity, but with four balls left,it seemed to get tight. “Hold on a sec” and Lisa stood up wiggled herhips with the four balls dangling down. Sarah could hear the ballsmetallic clanging and grinding inside Lisa. Lisa’s ass cheekstightened for about five seconds and then she bent over again readyfor the rest. Sarah pushed the rest in so that only a six inch blackpull string with a metal ‘o’ was hanging out.”Thanks.” Lisa said as she stood up. She kept tightening her asschecks ever few seconds to pleasure herself. “That’s so nice, I thinkI’ll leave them in.”Lisa wiped the excess pussy oil off Leah’s cunt and rubbed it onSarah’s chin. “Now we need to milk our French maid over here.”Leah smiled and slipped out of her maid outfit. Lisa quickly strippedout of her swimsuit. “Here, you can wear this Sarah, but let mepersonalize it first.” As if the cum stain on the crotch of the suitwasn’t personal enough, Lisa began stuffing the crotch back into herpussy. Lisa didn’t stop there, as she wriggled her hips back andforth and kept stuffing her cunt with the swim suit. Sarah couldn’tbelieve her eyes when the whole suit was gone and Lisa just keptgyrating and squeezing her ass together. “O.k., it’s ready for you.”And with that, Lisa flipped her right leg up with the help of herhand and rested her heel on Sarah’s shoulders, waiting for Sarah topull it out. Sarah complied. She reached into Lisa with her first twofingers and snagged a shoulder strap. Sarah looked into Lisa’s eyesand pulled the suit out slowly, shocked by the capacity of Lisa’s wetcunt. Lisa bit her bottom lip as the suit slid out and made someoooing and oohing noises. The suit looked like it was tie-dyed incum. Sarah put it on, totally turned on by this perverted act. Sarahpulled the crotch tight into her pussy to try satiating some of herdesires, but only got hornier.”What do you mean, milk?” Sarah asked as she thought about Leah’searlier comment.”That shot you did, it’s not easy to get that much cunt juice withoutthe right tools. And we call that milking.” Lisa explained. “This iswhat you need.” Lisa handed Sarah a weird looking dildo. It was abouteight inches long and was hollow. The inside of the dildo was about ahalf-inch in diameter. The end of it had about two inches of fleshcolored nubs and two small wires running down the rest of the cleartube to a small dial. The other end had a small plastic screw onbeaker that was labeled up to eight ounces. “We created this. Thiscan make you see stars, and can store the tasty tricklings for later.It can get a two-ounce shot out of any woman.Sarah glanced back over to Tia, still smiling and sleeping on thefloor. Sarah figured there must have been a lot of juice from Tiathat she slurped up. Tia’s cunt still was leaking, with a very tinypuddle running under her ass.Meanwhile Leah had climbed into a leg spreader, a nautilus machinethat built up your groin muscles. It also had arm wrests that andhand grips that let you push your arms together in front of you. Leahwas incredibly hot, sitting there with her legs spread shamelesslyopen and the rip cord of the ben-wa balls hanging over the edge. Shebegan working out. She was in tremendous shape and her sweaty boobswould perk up with every arm stroke.Lisa and Sarah walked over to Leah who was catching her breath. “It’sall in the timing, how much cum you get. So don’t waste time.” andthen Lisa upped the weight by forty pounds. “This should keep Leahfrom pinching you with her legs… she can be quite an a****l whenbeing milked.”Leah just had a determined look on her face as Sarah switched thedial on the milker to a number 4 out of 10 and inserted it slowlyinto Leah’s cunt. Leah grunted and I saw her groin muscles flexagainst the machine.Sarah held the dildo in one hand and slowly turned up the dial withthe other. Leah’s grunting and sweating increased with each notch.Sarah would push the dildo in really deep and twist it against thewalls of her pussy and then pull it out a few inches before repeatingthe process. Lisa said, “O.k. her toe’s are curling up really tight.She’s about ready to cum, and hard.” The beaker already had about anounce of pussy juice in it.”Oh God… Unf. I’m going to fucking blow!” as Leah broke her silencewith that, Lisa grabbed the ripcord and pulled the first few of theballs out. Leah’s ass was so tight, Lisa needed two hands to get agood grip. “Oh my God!” Sarah finally cranked the dial up to 10 andLisa pulled the rest of the balls out, splattering more cum all overSarah’s swim suit. Leah let loose and screamed as she tried to pushthe leg spreader together, and she almost did pinch Sarah as shewatched the beaker filling with the thick clear juice in pulses. Leahalmost pushed the dildo right through Sarah’s hand, but Sarah shovedit back in, making sure to get every drop.Leah flung şirinevler escort her head back in exhaustion as her ass cheeks keptinvoluntarily squeezing together. As Sarah removed the dildo, anglingit down to avoid spilling, she realized what a disaster area Leah’sgroin looked like. Her asshole was still open about a half inch indiameter as a couple drops of cum oozed out. Her cunt was blazing redand the cunt lips were huge and flopping around the still open hole.Sarah could see Leah’s bumpy pink cunt lining on the inside. Sarahcouldn’t help herself as she leaned forward and licked the gapingcunt. Sarah tried to nurse the pussy back into it’s original tightshape with long slow licks and gentle kisses, avoiding her clitbecause of it’s over sensitized state.Sarah handed Lisa the beaker and said, “How did we do, Lisa?””Un-fucking-believable, you got more than eight ounces out of her.I’m gonna enjoy cumming with you.” Leah got up and layed down behindTia and spooned her, slipping her hand down Tia’s sopping panties anddrifted off to sleep.Lisa went over to the refrigerator and began storing the cum. In themeantime Sarah watched the TV. It was still her. They must havecreated a loop with the tape. It was a close up of when she smearedthe cum on the tile floor with her toes. Sarah felt embarrassed aboutthat part at first, but then realized that’s probably normal forthese three sluts. Sarah wiggled her toes as she watched the toes onTV sliding around on the floor. She knew the lipstick was coming upand really wanted to see it, but instead focused her attention backto Lisa.”So what’s your favorite fuck toy?” asked Sarah.”Besides these two?” pointing at the sleeping beauties and smiling.”The bigger, the better I suppose. Sometimes I wonder if giving birthwould even hurt my pussy. I can handle a lot.””I’d like to see that.” Sarah said, starting to rub her swollen pussythrough the swim suit.Lisa grabbed her hand. “If you need to rub a clit, rub mine. You’llget yours,” and she placed Sarah’s hand on her bald pussy. Sarah felt flush with desire as she slowly rubbed Lisa’s cunt andpulled her closer. Sarah licked Lisa’s ear and whispered, “So howmuch can we fit in your pussy?” as she slowly slid her four fingertips and thumb into her cunt, which accepted about half her hand.”Let’s go to the stir-ups and play.” Lisa whispered back. Lisa lookedover to a table in a far corner that looked like a gynecologicaltable with stir-ups to hold patient’s feet and a padded support tohold the legs at the calves.Sarah removed her hand and followed Lisa’s apple shaped ass over tothe table. Sneaking a few licks on her fingers.Not wasting any time, Lisa climbed right up on the table and put herfeet in the stirrups. It looked quite comfortable, if you don’t mindyour pussy and asshole in clear view of everyone. There was even abackrest for Lisa so she was almost sitting up.Sarah pulled up the nearby cloth bar chair. It was about three feetoff the ground and had a backrest. Sarah sat with her face about afoot above and two feet away from Lisa’s awaiting cunt.”Use this for lubrication…” and Lisa handed Sarah a beaker withabout 5 ounces of cum and labeled: “Tia/Leah Mix” and dated aboutthree days ago. Sarah took a whiff and poured half of it in hermouth. She then spit a steady stream out all over Lisa’s pussy. Sarah balled up her fist and poured some more juice on it. As the cumwas trickling between her fingers and down her thin wrist, Sarahannounced, “Ready?”Lisa squealed, “Go for it.”Sarah had a small fist, but it was quite a view to see her place theknuckles on Lisa’s bald slit and push the fist in halfway, thenagain, all the way in. The warmth on Sarah’s hand was incredible.Lisa’s eyes rolled back in her head as she almost passed out inpleasure.Sarah twisted her fist 180 degrees and then opened her fingers insideLisa. Her fingernails must have brushed Lisa’s g-spot, because Lisaquickly grabbed the handles on the side of the table and pushedtowards Sarah. Sarah played with the upper wall of Lisa’s cunt withher middle finger, zeroing in on the g-spot. Sarah flicked the g-spotsending shivers up Lisa’s spine. It was obvious Lisa was about tocum. Sarah balled up her fist again and pumped it in and out like awell-oiled piston. Sarah’s hand was moving in and out so easily, shehad to keep reminding herself that it was an entire fist in Lisa, notjust a couple fingers. Sarah started wildly licking Lisa’s swollenclit. Lisa’s toes curled up in the stirrups and she began her orgasm.Lisa lifted her ass of off the table, trying to suck more of Sarah’shand into the cunt. Each outward stroke of the fist pulled dropletsof cum out, most of which splattered on Sarah’s face. Lisa squealedin glee, not like Leah’s grunts of pleasure but more like a giddyschoolgirl. Lisa put her hands on her face and rubbed them all overher head as she tossed her head back and forth. With loud, shortbreathed laughs, Lisa pulled her blond hair in front of her facepushed her cunt at Sarah’s face. In the well lubricated pumping, thesloshing noise was incredible. As Lisa was coming down from herorgasm, she grabbed Sarah’s wrist and held it in her cunt with outmoving it.Sarah glanced over at Tia and Leah. They were awake now and watchingthis whole display. Tia was sitting on the floor with her legs spreadwide apart and Leah was right between her legs with her legs spread,too. Tia was rubbing up and down on Leah’s inner thighs with herslender hands.Lisa was taking deep breaths while still holding Sarah’s wrist. Lisaslipped her dainty feet out of the stirrups and sat on the edge ofthe table. “O.k. you can pull out now.” Sarah very slowly pulled heropen hand out of Lisa. It was glistening with cum. Lisa crossed herlegs and leaned forward as if to kiss her own knee. She had spent allher energy.Sarah walked over to the other two. Tia stood up and kissed Sarah onthe lips. “Sarah, we haven’t fucked like this, ever. You are free togo.” She walked over to the door and opened the lock.”What about my cunt?” Sarah asked. She was so horny she could havebrought herself off in about ten seconds.”Sorry dear, we’re too damn tired. But thanks for the good times.”Tia rudely pushed Sarah’s ass out the door and shut it.”God damn you bitches! I am so fucking horny I’m feel like I’m gonnapass out, and you won’t help? Argh!” Sarah screamed. She pounded herfist on the door and walked down the long hallway. Sarah opened thecloset door only to see the room full of showering women.Embarrassed, Sarah walked out of the door to the surprise of theother women.Sarah heard the comments, “damn lady you must be lost”, “what thehell are you doing in there” and “the pool is over there honey” butwas in such a daze from being horny that she just walked up to theonly unused shower head and leaned against the wall to catch herbreath. All the women were staring at her. Most of them wereattractive. And Sarah just stood there with her cum soaked swimsuiton. Sarah thought about jerking off right in front of them, but thenrealized that some of these women knew her from aerobics class. Sarahturned on the shower, adjusted the temperature towards the cold end.She was watching the women continue their showers, unashamed of herglances. All these happy women with suds running all over theirclean, fit bodies was driving Sarah nuts. Sarah pulled off the soakedswimsuit and let it fall to the floor at her feet. Sarah felt likeher pussy was beaming out a message to all that she was horny. And itwas, in a way. It was extremely puffy and red, and Sarah’s lack ofmodesty let everyone look at it. She washed her hair with herneighbors shampoo and conditioner. Then used a bar of soap to washthe slick film of girl cum that was all over her. Rubbing her soapyhands all over herself and watching the other women was causing herpussy to throb in anticipation. Sarah didn’t even want to jerk offanymore. She needed other women to satisfy her, the way she fuckedTia, Leah and Lisa. Sarah turned around and bent over to clean herlower legs and feet. Putting her asshole in clear view of everyone inthe room. She secretly hoped someone would just start shoving fingersin her ass and pussy. Sarah spent a couple minutes in this position,not caring what the other women thought. She slowly washed everydetail of her pretty feet, between each toe more than once. No onefucked her, just some whispering in the background and a couple ofsnickers.”Excuse me, Sarah?” a women’s voice said from the entrance of theshower. Sarah looked up and saw it was Tia. Tia was completelyshowered and dressed into a business suit with a short skirt, blacknylons, and high heels. Her hair was up in a bun and she had glasseson. She looked completely out of place with all these naked women.”Are you Sarah?” Sarah nodded, “You will be happy to know, we foundyour stolen clothes and purse and they are safely in my officeupstairs right now.”Sarah, confused, played along, “Great, thanks.””Here, you can dry off with this.” Tia threw a towel over. “I have arobe and slippers you can wear up to my office.”Sarah dried off and slipped on the short silk robe and smallslippers. Tia smelled like beautiful perfume now and Sarah was hornyas ever, but reassured herself that some form of satisfaction wascoming. Sarah followed Tia up some stairs until they reached a longhallway with glass on one side and offices on the other. Everyone wasdressed in suits and professional dresses.Sarah was embarrassed with her flat wet hair and skimpy robe that wasprobably giving a good show to the men behind her. Tia’s show wasalmost as revealing. Her skirt had a slit up the back that went rightup her ass. It was obvious Tia had thigh high nylons with no pantieson and her walk displayed her ass perfectly. They finally got to theend of the hall to Tia’s office. It was a big office that looked outonto a small aerobics room. Sarah saw Lisa and Leah stretching in theaerobics room. They both had on spandex outfits that looked like aone-piece swimsuit with different color shorts. They had no shoes onand were doing splits and toe touches, oblivious to Sarah and Tia inthe office.”They can’t see us. It’s a one way mirror.” Tia sat at her glassdesk, which you could see right through to her legs. Sarah sat at theopposite side not caring about her cunt showing a little. Sarah sawTia slowly slip off her high heels through the desk. Tia slid hersilky stocking foot up Sarah’s calf as she talked. “You looked prettyhorny in that shower. I’ve felt that way before. It’s like your pussyis aching to be licked, rubbed and prodded, and you don’t give a shitwho does it.” Tia took off her blazer, revealing a white silk blousestruggling to hold her breasts. “I hope you don’t think we were rude,but we wanted to fuck you correctly. I have a little something foryou before we go out there and see how intense we can make yourorgasms.”Tia slipped her foot between Sarah’s legs. Sarah was starting tobreathe heavily. Tia’s toes played with Sarah’s short pubic hairs asSarah took off the robe and slippers. Tia started rubbing Sarah’sclit with her big toe as she hiked down one of her nylons to hercalf. Sarah broke the contact of Tia’s foot only for a second whileshe pulled of the nylon. Tia’s toenails were painted bright red andshined brightly until the first three of them slipped into the foldsof Sarah’s cunt. Sarah bucked in excitement, throwing back her headand holding onto the sides of her head with her hands. Tia wasextremely talented with her little toes. She would put her big toe onone side of the pussy and the third toe on the other side to propopen Sarah’s cunt lips while penetrating and massaging with thesecond toe. Sarah couldn’t stand the intensity she had building up.Sarah began cumming all over Tia’s beautiful foot. Tia jammed herfirst three toes into her pussy again and wriggled them when Sarahwould untighten her pussy every few seconds. Sarah couldn’t even see.She was hyperventilating and convulsing in the chair. She grabbedTia’s foot, pushed back the chair and dropped to her knees with herthighs tightly squeezing together. Sarah closed her eyes and lickedher cum off of Tia’s foot. Running her tounge between every toe.Sarah could feel the cum squirting between her legs onto her own heelwhich was pressed into her cunt.Sarah looked up at the professional looking Tia who was smiling andsaying. “Not bad for starters. Let’s see what Leah taksim escort and Lisa are uptoo.” Before I take you out there, I need to spruce you up a bit. Tiaturned Sarah’s chair around so she could watch the trim flesh try tobecome one in the room next door. Tia brushed and primped Sarah’sdark hair and properly perfumed Sarah as she watched the two lesbiansin the aerobics room. Tia even put some makeup on Sarah’s face and alittle deodorant under her smooth arms. Lisa and Leah had their pussies grinding together through theirspandex leotards. They looked like a black widow spider with onlytheir four hands and four bare feet touching the hardwood floor.Their legs were staggered so that maximum contact could beaccomplished. Sarah noticed Leah had pulled her shoulder straps offher and was essential topless with her tits bouncing with each grind.Tia slid her stocking back on and strapped her high heels on andsaid, “They are so beautiful.” Their long hair would brush the woodfloor once in a while.Tia was just as beautiful as she moved around Sarah. Her businesssuit was such a contrast to the raw passion that was constantlyinside her. Tia grabbed a short pair of scissors and trimmed what shecould from Sarah’s pubic mound. Sarah was still busy watching thegirls as they changed positions.Lisa put on a pair of fingerless leather gloves as she removed herleotard. Leah boosted her up so that she could grab a pull up bar inthe middle of the room. Lisa wrapped her long tan legs around Leah’shead while hanging by her hands. Leah placed a hand on each ass cheekand began munching away. The grunts and giggles from Leah and Lisawere loud enough to be heard through the mirror.Tia squirted some shaving cream on Sarah’s pussy hair and slowlyrubbed it around. Tia carefully began shaving, dipping the razor in acup of water nearby after every stroke. It only took a few shaves tomake Sarah completely bald down there. Tia wiped the remaining creamfrom Sarah’s cunt with a hand towel and gave it a slow, hard kiss ofapproval.”Now for the finishing touch.” Tia took out Sarah’s strawberrysmelling lipstick and slowly applied it to Sarah’s puffy pussy lips.It looked much more attractive without any hair around it. It looklike a woman’s closed mouth, except for the little pink clit pokingthrough the bright red lips.Sarah noticed Lisa and Leah were now in a tight embrace, Leah’s rightleg wrapped around Lisa. They were tongue kissing and both completelynaked standing in the middle of the room.Sarah was so satisfied after Tia’s wild toe fuck that she couldn’tbelieve how horny she was again. Her heart beat faster. She stood upand felt pretty. Sarah couldn’t wait to show Lisa and Leah her body,this time, not all sweaty and cum soaked.Once Tia was straightened herself out, she guided Sarah into theroom. Leah looked up at Sarah, broke their kiss and licked her brightred lips. Lisa turned around, still hugging Leah and said, “Well, yousure did clean up nice. I guess Tia treated you well.”Sarah was so turned on by the fact that these three gorgeous womenwere planning to satisfy every possible inch of her body.Tia’s high heels clicked as she walked over and pulled over a specialchair apparently designed to hold a woman in the most accessiblepositions possible. It looked more like a work out machine. It had ashiny metal frame around it that had bungee ropes hanging down holdup the tiny seat portion of the contraption. The seat was blackplastic with leather that looked like it was formed to a perfectwoman’s ass. The seat had for cords hold it up. The seat was designedto hold most of her ass, but was cut out to allow full access to thevagina and asshole. There were two arm wrests suspended by cords thatheld most of her forearms, with a hand grip to hold onto. There weretwo padded five-inch tubes hanging down which were to hold under herknees. Her ankles would be held by Velcro straps attached to cords onpulleys that had weights attach to pull them very wide apart. Sarahthought they were way to wide to accommodate her.”Climb in. We don’t have much time.” Tia said. Confused by thecomment about time, Sarah sat in the cold but comfortable leatherseat. The cords only lowered the seat about four inches; they werepretty strong. Her ass fit perfectly. Sarah put her wrists on the armwrests as Leah strapped them in with Velcro. Then Sarah lifted oneleg at a time and fed them through the knee holders. Leah and Lisastrapped the thick, soft Velcro ankle straps on and slowly let theweights pull her legs wide open. Sarah was surprised that she couldlet the weights touch the ground without much strain on her groin.The three girls stood back and admired their vulnerable fuck toy.”Sarah, we know you will hate this, but you’ll appreciate how hornyyou get from it,” said Tia.”What are you talking about?” asked Sarah.And with that the girls spun the chair so that it was facing twentyfeet from the main entrance to this aerobics room. Tia unlocked thedoor and all three of them went into Tia’s office.Sarah was stuck there with her pussy facing the door, and a sort ofrage built up in her. She saw the door knob turn and heard a ladyexclaim, “Hey lady’s, it’s finally open.” Sarah was dumbstruck. Shetried to think of a quick excuse but nothing could explain thispredicament.Just then three women walked in the room. “My God!” “Heh” “Oops”. Thewomen just stared at this beautiful women spread wide open for somereason. Sarah tried to pull her ankles together, but couldn’t holdthem there for more than a few seconds.”I’m really sorry. This is just a little joke.” Sarah stammered outin total embarrassment. “Please, could you leave and lock the…””Oh my God… Sarah, is that you?” as two more women walked in. “Ithought I saw you in the shower. Are you alright?””Yes. I’m fine, this is just a joke. Could you please leave and lockthe door behind you?””Why do you have lipstick on your vagina?” a woman asked as shepointed to her cunt, drawing about twelve women’s eyes to her baldpussy.”Never mind. It’s a joke. Please leave me alone. And lock the doorafter you all leave.””So she wants to be like this?” one woman asked another… “I thinkshe was expecting her boyfriend” another whispered. They kept lookingand pointing, but not leaving. Sarah wished she could curl up andhide. “I wish I had that chair.” another whispered.”What the hell is going on here Sarah?” Tia exclaimed as she came outof her office. I’ve been getting calls from everyone. “Where did youget this chair? and who strapped you into it?”Sarah wanted to blurt out “you” but realized Tia means no harm withthese games and played along. “I was hoping someone would satisfy myintense lust. My cunt has been dripping all day, and it needs to beexplored by a talented tongue.””Oh god.” Most of the women were disgusted by that statement, or atleast pretended to be and left. Tia ushered the rest out saying, “Idon’t know what kind of prank this is, but I assure you that I camethis close to calling the Police on you. Don’t worry ladies, thiswill never happen again. Tia pushed the last woman out and locked thedoor.Leah and Lisa stepped out of the office. Lisa was wiping the wetnessoff her chin. They spun the chair around so that Sarah could seeherself in the huge mirror. Sarah was surprised to see a littlepuddle had formed on the platform underneath her. She must have beendripping while the women were watching her. How embarrassing.”You owe my cunt a proper apology for that.” Sarah said as shewatched it ooze in the mirror.”You are right. Let’s fuck Sarah until she accepts our apology.”Immediately Lisa and Leah walked over and grabbed onto Sarah’s feet.Lisa began licking the soft bottom of Sarah’s left foot. Sarahreacted to the ticklish lick with an involuntary jump, and a smallsquirt of cum shot out her pussy onto Tia’s high heels. Leah begansucking on the small toes of Sarah’s right foot. Lisa sucked the toeson her other foot. They would slide their tongues between each toe,which drove Sarah wild. Her cunt continued to ooze.Tia kneeled in front of Sarah’s shaking pussy. Tia took her thumb andslid it straight down the folds of the wet cunt. She made a circle ofwetness around Sarah’s puckered butthole and slowly pushed it throughthe threshold. Sarah made some unrecognizable noises. Sarah was in astate of passion that couldn’t be described or duplicated. For thefirst time in her life, Sarah felt a woman’s tongue touch her cunt.It drove her wild. Tia licked either side of her slit very sloppily.All the while Leah and Lisa kept bathing her toes with their mouths.Tia sucked in one of Sarah’s cunt lips and rolled it around with hertongue. Sarah was gripping the hand grips so tight she thought shewould break them. Tia applied her talented tongue to the other lip ofher cunt. Tia took her fingers and pulled the lips apart to exposethe clitoris. Sarah’s clit was pointing straight out and Tia lockedonto it, sucking it into her mouth. Tia swirled the super sensitiveclit in circles with her tongue. Sarah started shaking and washolding her breath with her mouth wide open. Tia knew Sarah was goingto flood her with juice soon, so she poked her thumb back into heranus and wildly flicked her clit to start the orgasm. “ooh” “Oh” “Oh”are the only noises Sarah could make as the orgasm swept through herwhole body. Tears were forming in her eyes from the extreme pleasure.Tia switched from her clit and dug her tongue deep within Sarah’scunt hole, waiting for the flood to come. Leah and Lisa could onlylick her toes, because they were coiled so tightly. The firstconvulsion hit Sarah like a hammer. Every muscle in her body flexedas she pounded her cunt against Tia’s thirsting mouth. A slipperystream of cum shot right down Tia’s throat. Tia choked on it alittle, turning away. Sarah immediately shot a bigger stream of cumright at Tia’s ear. It splattered all over her blond hair and got inher eye. It would have shot against the mirror if Tia hadn’t been inthe way. “My god” Tia muttered, trying to regain herself. Anotherjolt hit Sarah and she shot some cum on Tia’s beautiful suit. Sarahwas watching this happen as if she wasn’t there. She couldn’t believeher cunt had taken over her whole body. Tia tried to catch the nextsquirt, but wasn’t quick enough and it spread out all over her face.Tia finally latched on with her mouth and sucked the next few pulsesdown. She wiped the cum out of her eyes and looked up at Sarah. Sarahjust had a shocked look as she watched her pussy involuntarily driveitself into Tia’s slurping mouth. It finally subsided. Leah and Lisalooked at each other in disbelief. They had never seen any thing likethis. They slowly pushed Tia behind them and both began lapping atthe left over cum that was still dripping off of Sarah’s cunt. Tiajust sat back and looked at her soaked outfit. Tia apparently had amini orgasm with Sarah, because she saw how stained the back of herskirt was between her legs. Tia also felt a satisfaction that usuallyisn’t felt from just eating pussy. She felt the cum that had gotteninto her shoes and slipped them off.Leah and Lisa had a unusually good fill of cum from Sarah spentpussy. They began helping Sarah out of the chair. Tia was justsitting in front of Sarah with her knees up and spread apart. Stainswere streamed all over her stockings. Tia let down her hair, some ofit stuck to her ear and she ran her fingers through the wetness tostraighten it out.It was oddly quiet as the four of them looked at the chair and eachother. Leah and Lisa slowly put their leotards back on.Tia finally said, “Wow. I never experienced anything like that. Itwas… I can’t even describe it.”Sarah nodded in agreement. Her heart was still pounding and herbreasts were heaving as she was still catching her breath.Tia got up and got put her slippery shoes back on. The wet spot inher hair made her look totally drained. Lisa and Leah’s leotards hadbig stains in the crotch. They scrounged up a T-shirt and skimpyjogging shorts for Sarah to wear. Tia unlocked the door and the fourof them walked out of the room. They left the chair where it was, notgiving a shit who found it or what they did with it. There were fiveladies propped against the wall outside waiting for the room to open.”It’s about time, there is a class in here you know? We pay by thehalf-hour.” Some woman babbled at Tia. The four just ignored her andheld hands as they walked down another long hall. Everyone wasstaring and whispering as these totally stained and improperlydressed women walked through the lobby and hailed a cab, whichstopped so quickly, it almost caused an accident. The three bare footwomen got in first. Then Tia slipped off her high heels, climbed inand sat on Lisa’s lap.

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