Body Corporate Chapter 10


Body Corporate Chapter 102098 words – 1.05Chapter 10The Fishing LodgeThe next day was a wonder to Cindi as she woke up in what felt and sounded like an airplane. She was sitting naked, tied and blindfolded with a seatbelt around her. She couldn’t figure out how she got there. She found out later that she had been put to sleep by d**gs. It was very apparent that this was a small aircraft with the amount of noise and bouncing around. She could hear her master and a stranger talking. It was just a casual conversation indicating nothing about their location or destination. In this short time as a slave Cindi had learned to expect anything. She was never told or consulted as to where she was or what her master intended to do next with her. It seemed to her that her new master only cared about her body. He had showed no tenderness towards her whatsoever in the short time she had been with him. The plane finally landed on a lake somewhere in the bush. This was the fishing/hunting camp owned by the Corporation in the wilds of northern Ontario in Canada. Cindi knew of this camp but not the location.The corporation had some type of agreement with the Canadian authorities that allowed them to fly direct to their camp after filing a flight plan with the proper agency. This permitted the master to fly to the lodge without explaining the naked blindfolded girl in the back seat of the aircraft. The Ontario Provincial Police and the Natural Resource’s Conservation Officers had checked the camp several times over the years but the girls were either gone or hidden away. To anyone from the outside it was a very decadent fishing/hunting lodge, owned by a wealthy American, which was not uncommon in this part of the province.Cindi’s was helped from the plane and stood on the floating dock. As her blindfold was removed she caught her first site of what looked like paradise. She had never been in the bush before. Looking around she saw five men standing, who also apparently just arrived, at the end of the dock, just looking at her. She looked past them unable to take her eyes off the beautiful surroundings. The hills surrounded a crystal clear lake, which she could easily see the bottom, even though it was well over her head. There were thousands of tall trees of every variety around the lake and enclosing the camp itself. It was although she was in a different land, which of course she was.Her gazing was short lived as her master pushed her towards the shore and off the dock. He advised her that she would be at the mercy of these men she saw in front of her, for the next five days. The men couldn’t take their eyes off her, as she was a beautiful creature. This creature was theirs for a week. She would be their human toy, any kind of toy they wanted ankara escort and it was obvious by their expressions they wanted. She could see by their pants they wanted her now and what they wanted her for. Cindi was standing their completely naked with her hands tied behind her back just waiting for the next order that she knew was coming. She was then forced to her knees and told she was going to welcome the men to the lodge properly. It would her job to make love to each of their cocks. One by one the men came forward, let down their zippers and stuck their cocks into Cindi’s mouth. It was a strange sight with the master directing traffic into Cindi’s opening.They were there alone as the company plane had left and the camp staff were only on site when there were no guest, which was apparent.Cindi didn’t mind this part of her slavery as she was very horny herself and was getting aroused as she went through the men. Their cocks were all different sizes, small, short, thick, thin and one very thick and long. This one caused her to choke several times as he forced it down her throat. They all had one thing in common they all blew a big load into her mouth.She tried to swallow all the cum but a lot of it ended up on her beautifully erect chest and flat stomach. The men were only so glad to gather it up for her and stick it in her mouth. Her face was covered in the stuff. She asked her master to relieve her at which time he pushed her down and fucked her rear leaving cum pouring out of her ass. That was not what she wanted there was no relief in that. It was no surprise as she expected nothing more her Master. She was just a toy to him as well.Before the supplies were brought up to the lodge from the dock Cindi was tied spread eagle above the entrance. There were stairs leading up to the porch and Cindi was hung above the steps in such a way that when you walked up the stairs your head would brush her cunt unless you ducked. Her hands were tied to the roof area and her legs to the handrails. It allowed anyone to lick, suck, bite or brush her cunt as they went by. Each man took the opportunity to bring Cindi to the edge of an orgasm. She was moaning with pleasure and begged for relief. It wouldn’t happen, the rule was only the master could perform that task or permit someone else to do it. No one had permission. It was one of the rules the men had to obey, as well as not permanently harming her. Cindi was also adorned with a sign that hug from her tits, which read, “Suck the Slut”. It was in the middle of the afternoon when the plane had arrived so the men had to spend the rest of the afternoon storing supplies in the lodge, for the stay. It was a job they all enjoyed, pleasuring themselves with Cindi’s cunt on as many occasions ankara escort bayan as they could without holding up traffic. Even though there was another entrance the front door was the door of choice. The men at the lodge were both American and Canadian business associates of the master. He brought different men up to the camp each year. None were aware of his relationship with Cindi. They suspected she was a prostitute from the States somewhere. They never questioned it only enjoyed the fun.Cindi was left to hang while the men enjoyed their first meal in the wilderness. After dinner with plenty of Canadian beer in them, which some of them were not used causing them to be a little more hammered then they expected but they were ready to play. Their toy was Cindi, in this case, their target. This was the beginning of five days of games. Games these men would never play again.She was taken down from in front of the lodge and hung spread eagle between two trees, off to the side of the main building. The men took their seats placed in front and off to the side of Cindi so they could all enjoy the game. The game was simple enough the closer to the bull’s eye on the target, Cindi, received the most points. Their weapons were disturbed. They included a bee bee gun, pellet gun, pin darts, paint ball gun and a whip. Each would take their turn with each weapon. Points would be counted and the winner over the week of games would be given Cindi to sleep, fuck, suck, whip or whatever over the course of the last day and night. The prize was, Slave Cindi for 24 hours, so to speak.. Cindi’s body was marked with different targets for each weapon. The pellet and bee bee gun’s targets were bells hanging from hers tits, the pin darts was Cindi’s belly button, the paint ball was the area between her tits and the whip was her cunt. The men started with the pellet gun from a long way back. Since most of these guys were hunters they were pretty accurate some striking the bells others hitting her tits. Cindi didn’t know what weapon they were going to use as they had covered her head to protect her face. She heard the gun and felt the pellet as it struck her nipple causing an instant sharp pain. Cindi cried out but the men only chuckled. They knew there would be no damage just pain. Each man took his turn causing bruising and redness all over her tits, which swung back and forth in pain. Only when they hit the bells, was the pain reduced.The next weapon was the paint ball gun. They had to shoot from a greater distance, as it also was very powerful. Again she didn’t see it coming as the first ball hit her stomach with a thud leaving a paint mark where it hit. It almost made her vomit. It was like they were throwing baseballs at her. She escort ankara yelled out for them to stop, which only resulted in another hitting her in the head. This dazed her for a moment until the next one struck her square in the cunt. She pulled back from the force of the ball causing the trees to bend crying out in agony. A couple of the men wanted to stop but the master ordered them to continue. They all fired with only one hitting her square in the chest knocking her out. The master through a pail of water on her and brought her back to reality. She just hung there with no life in her body at all. The bee bee gun was next up, with the bells again being the targets. She again suffered sharp pains as the bee bees hit her chest and nipples leaving marks behind. Her nipples became very red and extremely sensitive. The men couldn’t care less they went on to the next weapon. It was the pin darts, which she had suffered from before at the hands of the other slaves. The darts were something new to the men and they were only able to draw blood and not stick to Cindi’s body. Cindi was crying continually feeling the pain all over the front of her shapely body. Now blood was flowing from all over her stomach and tits down into her cunt. It felt warm as it ran between her cunt lips and on to the ground. She almost looked like a candy stripper with long lines of blood running down her slender body.The air was turning cool as it did in these parts at night and it was apparent Cindi’s naked body was feeling the temperature change Goose bumps were covering her entire naked body.The last competition was the whip with the winner leaving a mark closest to her cunt. None of these businessmen had ever handled a whip before so left marks all over Cindi’s skin. One of the men really got a high out of whipping a naked women. He didn’t want to stop even with Cindi crying for mercy. He just seemed to be driven by her pleas. The master finally had to step in and take the whip away. He would have killed her if he had been allowed to continue. At that point he seemed to come out of a daze that even surprised him self. He apologized for his behaviour, which did little to make Cindi feel any better. She was a site to be seen. She had swelling, red marks, welts, pinholes, blood, paint and whip marks everywhere. She couldn’t even hold her head up as she was completely sapped of energy.The games were over for the day it was dinnertime. The men were all very hungry after the days events and were looking forward to it. The master climbed up to Cindi and removed the headgear and wished her goodnight. The men questioned the master, about her dinner and sleeping arrangements. He just stated she could stay there for the night; we don’t have a bed for her anyway and she would survive without one dinner. He went on to say, the a****ls can’t get to her at that height, and walked away with his guests following. Cindi was in despair as she saw the men walk away leaving her to hang in the trees for the night.

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