Boss Finds Out My Secret 2


Boss Finds Out My Secret 2About 3 weeks after our new relationship had started Rick asked me come into his office after work for a meeting. He said this in front of the whole tech staff nothing out of the ordinary. I came into the office a little early and went into the bathroom where I pulled my get ready kit out of my bag and cleaned myself inside and out. It took about 15 minutes. I had put everything away when I heard Rick talking out in hall to one of the admins. Rick came into the bathroom and stood pissing at one of the urinals. He washed his hands and left. I came out and washed my hands and left. I went into the locker room and dropped off my gear. I walked to Rick’s office the door was open and I was waived in. One of the admin’s was in the office. Rick and Carol were talking about a new dock workder and some other office stuff. I stood waiting. Carol looked at me and asked about my day. I loved Carol’s huge tits and big ass. Some called her fat but she definitely looked great to me. Carol patted me on the shoulder as she left. She closed the door. Rick was sitting behind the desk and was typing something on the computer. He said how do you like my new desk. To tell you the truth I hadn’t even realized he had a new desk. I walked around it and told him it was nice he slid back and had no pants on and a raging hard on. He told me to open the door and then come back and get under the desk. I realized as I fitted myself under the desk that this desk was huge. Rick slid under as well and his cock was in my face. I started suckcing his cock. I heard Carol come back betsobet yeni giriş into the office. She and Rick were talking but his cock was getting harder. He asked Carol when her last date was. She laughed and said that no one was interested in her because of her weight. He laughed and said her assets were large and there were a lot of guys that would love to play on her play ground. She laughed. Rick’s cock twitched and he moaned very low. I heard him say that he knew I was interested in her. She smiled and asked if he was serious. I bet you a blow job you could have him at your place tonight kissing what ever you wanted him to kiss. Carol laughed loudly and said ok it’s a bet but you can’t tell him anything. Rick said I will not repeat our conversation to him. Rick said ok Carol can you close the door I need to be alone for the next few moments. She said will do boss. I heard the door close and Rick was fucking my mouth. Soon I was swallowing his cum. He moved out of the way. I looked at him and said how should I play it. Rick said just go tell her that you heard she was looking for you. Then let her entice you. He said I want pictures of her nude. I smiled and said I would try. He told me that Friday afternoon he and I had an appointment and that I should plan on being away from home most of the weekend. I walked out his back door into the shop. I was getting some stuff ready and thought about Carol. I walked into the office and over to her desk. She blushed and with a big smile said hi. I smiled and said I heard you were looking for me. betsobet güvenilirmi She was a little nervous and said that she needed some computer work done that night and asked if I would come over and help her. I told her that I would and we made a date. When I arrived at Carol’ she answered the door in halter dress that hit her mid thigh. I knew she couldn’t have on any panties or bra. Her massive tits were struggling with the material to escape. I looked at her tits and didn’t bother to look away when she saw me. I looked into her face and she said I want you to eat my pussy. I took her by the hand and we moved to the couch. She sat down and spread her legs. I moved between her as she pulled the skirt onto her belly. Her fat pussy lips were shaved and already a little wet. I licked her pussy and sucked her clit. I was going to town. She was moaning and pulling my head into her cunt. I dipped my tongue in her hole a few times. She said that she was in control and I would do what she said or that she would claim I made inappropriate advances to her at work. I licked even harder. She told me to stop and she had me strip. She saw my thick cock and smiled. She had me lay down on the couch. She sat on my face and told me to lick everything I could reach. Finally she repositioned herself until her asshole was over my mouth. She wanted her asshole tongued. She was fingering her clit. I suddenly felt her shudder as her first orgasm went through her body. My cock was stone hard. She then had my move up and suck her tits. As I dropped the halter dress betsobet giriş I picked up my phone and snapped off some pictures. She was excited I thought she was worth taking pics of. Finally I put the phone down and moved to her. She had me suck her fat tits as she fingered her pussy. She wanted her nipples pinched and pulled. Finally she told she wanted to cum hard. I got on my knees in front of the couch her ass was hanging off and her legs were pulled up and spread. She told me to lick and suck her clit while I fingered her pussy. She was wet but as I started my licking and fingering her pussy became super wet. All of the sudden I felt hot juices on my chin. SHe was moaning loudly then my chest was soaked. SHe pushed my face down and I felt the next shot on my face. I licked her wet pussy. After she was done she had me lay down on the floor with my head under her wet pussy. She told me to jack off. I saw her fingers start working on her wet pussy again. I am stroking. She says that when I get ready to cum that I should cum on her belly and tits. I say yes ma’am. I feel wet spots hitting my face. After about two or three minutes I get a face full of her cum. That was it for me I stood up and shot cum on her belly and tits. She told me then that she needed a tongue bath. I licked my cum from her belly and tits. I licked her cum from her pussy and thighs. After we were through Carol smiled and said Rick was right you are a good sub. You will need to suck his cock tomorrow to pay off my bet. She told me she wanted to watch me. The next afternoon I walked in and unloaded the pics onto Rick’s computer. Carol walked in and Rick unzipped his pants. Carol pulled a chair around so she could watch me suck Rick’s cock. Rick looked at the pics and then at Carol’s face and back at the pics. Soon he came in my mouth. Carol called me over and french kissed me.

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