When on 30 day leave from Southeast Asia to West Germany in 1965 was far too busy for sex with anyone so it Wasn,t till I was on ten day leave while transferring from Grand Forks, N. D. To McChord, Washington in early June, 1970 an opportunity arose to have sex with my Mom again. By then I,d been married to english wife Sarah nine months though she was preparing to rejoin me having spent four months back in England recovering from poor health. I was twenty five then and brother Austin fifteen. My late Mom was almost as keen a fisherman as me and one day it had dawned cloudy and cool she suggested we try the small stream that ran just below the house called Mill Creek. I let her use my old hip waders as the steam could be waded in places and wore rubber boots myself. The water was still fairly high as it can get low in late summer due to evaporation and careless irrigation which happened a lot back then when the water ran crystal clear, the fish retreated to deep pools and literally had to be stalked as they could see the fishermen much easier than us seeing them and off they,d swim! As the morning stretched toward afternoon the clouds began to clear and with it the temperature rose, the sun hot on our backs and the fish going off their feed as well. After a while we decided to quit and have our picnic lunch we,d brought along washed down by some wine I,d let cool in the ice sold water. We ate the sandwiches sat on an old blanket then Mom suggested we get a tan and took out a tube of sun lotion suggesting I rub it on her. I started with her face and forehead then her neck, shoulders and arms before she removed her halter top and let me rub lotion in those nice big tuts with their incredible nipples. Knowing how much I,d missed suckling at her nipples she allowed me to use my mouth for a while before letting me move to her belly, then her long athletic legs before removing her already soaking panties to reveal her midnight black coarse pubic hair covered cunt. She loved it when I worked lotion into her pussy and almost came just from my fingers, but held on as she now worked on my upper body leaving my stiff prick till last. Once my cock was standing proud like a tree she gasped “look at your brother,” on the opposite side of the stream just behind a few thick bushes where he thought he couldn,t be seen by us young Austin had lowered his jeans and boxers and was jerking his big uncircumcised cock as he spied on us. “We,d better give him a good show then.” I teased. “Go on then,” she encouraged me by opening her legs as wide as she could and helping guide me back into her sweltering depths. OMG it felt sensational and thoughts of what my younger brother was temporarily forgotten as I luxuriated in the feel of being in a female fanny again. I hadn,t fucked since my last session with Sarah months before so Didn,t last very long before I was shotting Mom full of my heavy sperm. As we both recovered we suddenly heard a gasp and glancing over at Young Austin could see the spurts of hot semen shooting from his knob as the liquid hit the ground by his feet. “Come join us Austin?” Mom called. “We know you,ve been spying on us for at least ten minutes.” “Sorry. Couldn,t help it. I came to see how you were doing and it turned me on!” He tried to hide his now spent cock, face like a red flag. “Just proves you,re human. Look Austin. I need someone to make me cum as your brother hasn,t quite done. Think you can do the job?” Mom smiled.” But you,re my Mom!” He protested. “And Joe,s your brother. You,re my lovely son with a beautiful cock I need in my pussy right now! If you can,t do it I,ll have to get Joe to finish the job! Can you fuck your Mom then Baby?” “Okay. But I ain,t done it before!” “No,problem, Honey. Mommy will show you What to do!” And she did, more than happy to receive his thick young seed as she swallowed my thick seed and gulped down every spurt. TBC

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