Buying a girls panties


Buying a girls pantiesdylan_jonessounds like a fantacy come true……..thank u that’d be fantastic!2:33 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyi don’t have all those anymore… sorry…. but i have lots of tights, panties and nylons looking just like those. i will send you a real nice outfit:-smelly panties that i peed in-cum soaked pantyhose stuffed in my cunt-a pair of tights smelling of my ass, pussy and perfume all that for 50euro (free shipping and a set of pics included)i guess you will look amaizing dressed in my dirty lingerie :Pwhat u think?2:15 pm, February 8 dylan_jones1: Plaid Dirty Tights peed in please………..1 Penguin Dirty Bikini you’ve rubbed youself in& 1 Purple Dirty Pantyhose shoved in your sweet vagina.2:05 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesok…1 red please….. any style…..if u could pee on them….that’d be so sexy!1:57 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyno problem :)just tell me what color, style and what smells u want on them?1:36 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesi pinbahis yeni giriş still want to buy your panties…..1:22 pm, February 8 SniffyPantywhat can i do for you my little sofia? :P12:52 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyhi darling12:50 pm, February 8 dylan_joneshi honey!6:26 am, January 13 SniffyPantymmmmm ty :P5:04 pm, January 12 dylan_joneshi there, u sexy fox!dylan_joneshi, again, sexy lady! I’m ready to pay u for your work. Can u send me a pay form again, please….thank you4:03 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyhi hi hi…. i will do my best to make them very dirty and smelly3:59 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesok thks sweet-thing! I can’t wait to sniff your panties….i bet your gina swells divine!!!!!!!3:56 pm, February 8 SniffyPantythx darling. if you wanna comunicate with me and you can’t find me here you can do it emailing me on [email protected]:54 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesok thanks again… im watching u on your hamster profile….. pinbahis giriş such a pretty vagina!!!!!!!!!!!im soo hard!3:53 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyok when you wanna do the payment pls contact me here first and i will send you a reminder for the payment on your email. ok?3:50 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesyeah that’s fine……..can i pay in a within the next two weeks….. and ill message u here, when its paid?3:47 pm, February 8 SniffyPantysorry…. 56aus :P… but still cheap ;)3:47 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyif you pay now i will send you a surprise for free ;)…. hi hi hi… i have some nice stuff for you3:46 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyabout 52 aus….. not much hun3:45 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesi will how many aust. dollars is that??? i may have wait till pay day……if thats posible>3:43 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyhun, why didn’t you pay? something is wrong?…. tell me3:29 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyi will take care of you and pinbahis güvenilirmi your smelly soiled clothes :P3:29 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyyou are more than welcome my dear sissy3:28 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesThank you SOOOO much for this….. goyt it3:28 pm, February 8 SniffyPantysent!3:25 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyok in 1 min pls check your email and pay the request. after that we will finish the order :)3:24 pm, February 8 [email protected]:20 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyok give me an email and i will send the payment3:19 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesMr. Scanlan, 325 Chandler Rd, Keysborough Vic, Australia 31733:07 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyare yiou still there? did you read my last msgs?2:59 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyand pls give me the name and address for shipping the goodies ;)2:58 pm, February 8 SniffyPantyif you wanna pay now i will send you a paypal transaction request and you will not have to start an account. u will pay directly from your card. just give me a n email where i will send the transfer request2:57 pm, February 8 dylan_jonesum no…… ive a debit card……….should i start a paypal account?2:47 pm, February 8 SniffyPantywould be my pleasure to do this for you. do you have paypal?

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