Careful What You Beg For Pt. 01


Chapter 1

Rushing through the halls of Hector Hall, I finally arrived to the small office occupied by Ms. D., my Essay as Social Commentary professor. Well, she is still a PhD candidate and probably barely grazing 30 but she was not one to mess with. Behind her back she was called Ms. “Needs the D.” for her nit-picking when it came to grading. But there was a method to her madness as she came highly recommended by Gradeyourprof.com.

Due to the last tournament, I had to miss her last 2 classes, so I received a threateningly polite email requesting me to stop by to “chat.” The door to her office was slightly open and as I prepared to knock, I heard her laugh. It was a beautiful sound, throaty, loud, and honest. I could see her finely manicured, though short nails playing with the phone cord from where I was standing.

– “…hmmm, so I ended up not getting my pussy ate last night… Well she was cute but obviously straight, looking for a thrill you know… No time for straight women, you know that… yeah I know… “

Well that was interesting. So Ms. D. doesn’t even want the D. I can’t say I picked up on that. I mean, of course I noticed how attractive she is, who hadn’t? Those long legs, that even, temptingly soft dark skin, those giant eyes that exhumed brilliance but could also harden, with the peculiar effect of making you want to comply to any order from her. Her mid-length, high-waisted pencil skirts accentuated her curves, especially as she was fond of pumps and liked to strut around the class as she read or discussed passionately the topic du jour. And one definitely could not go without noticing her chest. Even the most chaste of her outfits could not hinder its magnificence. Had I known Ms. D. got down with us ladies like that…

– “… ugh, and I need it too, girl, it’s been so long… Yeah… I want something exciting, you know, but where am I going to meet someone, I’m always here… oh shit, speaking of, I have an appointment with a student… Haha, its it’s not like that, she’s an athlete so weird schedule… basketball… shut up… pretty cute, yeah… I mean I try not to look at my students like that… but there’s something… I wouldn’t mind…”

As she whispered those words and laughed throatily, she turned slightly, looked up and finally noticed me at the door. Our eyes met but she hastily looked away. So she thought I was cute? I wasn’t sure that’s how I wanted her to describe me, but I could work with that. She hurried off the phone, looking slightly contrite as she didn’t expect me to hear what she’d just said. She motioned for me to come forward.

– “Miss Hill, nice to see you. Were you standing here long?” she asked, having apparently regained her composure.

– “Long enough. You wanted to see me Ms. D.?” I replied, giving her my best smile.

– “Your last paper… Listen, I can understand that you have commitments to the University that demand a lot of your time but if you can’t handle the course load, you should probably talk to someone.”

– “Yeah, I rushed through that one…”

“Faith, you’re a good writer, and this class could be good for you but I would rather you withdraw than miss out on what it could offer you.”

“But Miss D…”

– “Or maybe you can get a tutor or something but I will not keep allowing you to submit multiple drafts when I’m not willing to do it for other students. I can clearly tell when a student is not making an effort.”

I looked at her, furious. I think I knew what I could and couldn’t handle. Sure I did bullshit through this paper but its 2% of my grade. She knew I wasn’t some slacker so this wasn’t really warranted. As I opened my mouth to give her a piece of my mind, she stood up, meeting me at eye level.

For a moment, she too seemed to have forgotten what she intended to say. Instead, we stood there, looking at each other, as if truly noticing the other for the first time. Breaking away, my gaze ventured south, taking in the sweat pearling at her temples, rolling down to her generous cleavage. Her hands rested on the table, causing her to bend slightly forward. Her perfume, gentle but captivating, reached my nostrils, inviting me to find its source. This woman awakened something in me. Usually I enjoyed the easy conquests agrı escort my status on the team afforded me. The less complicated, the better. But this… this was new, tempting, a powder keg waiting to erupt.

– “Ms. D.., do you want me to withdraw so I don’t miss out on the class, or so you can feel less guilty about wanting to fuck me?” I looked at her directly, daring her to deny her own words and the heat between us since I came through the door.

– “Um, that was a private conversation, and not the exact words I used. Plus my point stands…”

-“So you don’t want to fuck me?” I pressed, placing my hands next to hers on the desk, bringing my face even closer to hers.

I watched her eyelashes flutter, as if trying to blink herself back to reality. I smiled to myself, relishing the power I seemed to have on her. A second later, I watched a small smile lift the corners of her mouth. Before I realized her intent, a svelte, yet firm hand wrapped around my nuque, pulling me close. I closed my eyes, expecting a kiss I knew I’d feel in my toes. Yet, nothing came. When I opened them again, she was staring at me with a fire I’d never noticed before.

– “I’m sure you’re used to getting everything you want huh?”

– “Miss D..”

– “Right? Daddy’s a big time coach on the League, your numbers are WNBA level, boys and girls all want to be on your arm yet you thought you’d want a challenge, huh?” Her grip at the back of my neck tightened as she added, even lower, “Answer me.”

– “Mm..maybe.” My voice was almost a whisper. What the hell was she going to do to me? Report me? Fail me? Laugh at me? Unable to withstand the tension, I closed my eyes again.

“Open.” Her voice was sharp. As I complied, she got closer, and closer still, her lips reaching my ear.

– “You’re nowhere near ready to handle my games, little girl. If I were you, I’d turn around, take that pert little ass and those impossibly long sexy legs and hightail it out of here. If you don’t, whatever happens…” She punctuated her unfinished sentence with a small electrifying bite to my earlobe. Her tongue traced the length of my neck as her hand squeezed one last time and pulled me away from her. “Out,” was her last word as she sat down and directed her attention to her computer, my presence already a distant memory.

Chapter 2

No matter how much I tried to avoid it, here it was, another Tuesday. And with it came the class I taught to the girl ruling my wettest dreams and scariest nightmares. Sure, last time I was able to stop myself before we got too far, but I couldn’t very well explain my tongue on any student’s body parts to the Dean. No matter how sweet they smelled, or how delightfully frightened they looked.

After staying in bed much longer than I should have, for one last orgasm, I was definitely running late, so late that the thought of wearing underwear did not even cross my mind.

Jumping straight to explaining the group exercise for the day, I avoided even looking in the direction where Faith usually sat. After they separated into groups to workshop their latest essay, I sat behind the desk to finally catch my breath and look over the resubmissions.

Faith’s second attempt at the topic was much better handled, even bringing out a few chuckles out of me. Her writing style was direct, almost irreverent, yet her points were clear, pertinent, and humorous.

As I moved her paper to the complete file, a small blue envelope fell on the floor. Picking it up, I glanced at the students and caught Faith’s eye. I had to soon avert my gaze as her seductive smile was back, and she proceeded to slowly bite her lower lip while staring into me. Just like in my fantasy this morning. And just like that the flood between my thighs was back. What was I going to do with this little temptress.

Opening the envelope, I emitted an audible gasp. There she was, bent over a desk, her perfect globes confined in the tightest miniskirt that accentuated her long legs ending in a pair of red heels. On the picture, a simple question, “what happens if I don’t?”


I hadn’t wanted to think about what would happen if she didn’t stop. We were past the point of getting the brass involved. And I couldn’t escort ağrı very well contemplate giving her what she wanted…could I? My eyes darted back down to the picture. The images of what could happen, what I could make her do, the pleasure we could give each other, overwhelmed me. I really needed to get laid if I wanted to be able to adequately deal with this girl.

The rest of my classes was a blur. Finally, the room was empty and I emitted a sound of relief, glad the day was ending. I was off the following day and planned for a long night at the library, followed by more studying in my apartment. In my last stretch for my doctorate, I did not have much time to spend on spoiled little girls. Plus starting anything with one of my students was ill-advised.

I reached the library without noticing, completely lost in my thoughts. Quickly locating my favorite corner in the basement, I got ready to settle in before noticing I was missing a crucial element: caffeine. Groaning, I headed back upstairs. Making my way back to my seat from Java City, I stopped dead in my tracks.

– “Hey Ms. D.” Ah no, please tell me I was hearing things now. But no, she was right there, standing next to my chair.

– “Miss Hill, getting a head start on next week’s homework?”

– “Depends. How did you enjoy my last paper?”

As she spoke, she settled into the comfy chair across from mine. This was my favorite location on this floor because the chairs were placed in a little alcove that one would notice only if expressly searching for it. I had a feeling that this would not be to my advantage in this case. The aisles were deserted and we could have very well been the only souls on this floor of the giant library.

– “Miss Hill, if you need to discuss your grades, it would be more appropriate to meet during my office hours.”

– “See Ms. D, I wasn’t sure I’d be safe there… I felt threatened last time.”

The coy little nymph would be the death of me. Looking around us, making sure that we wouldn’t be overheard, I leaned towards her.

– “Faith, you have got to stop. You are my student. None of this is appropriate”

– “So you didn’t like the picture?” She replied in a little voice, looking almost pained at the prospect.

– “That is not the point.”

And that wasn’t an answer but I couldn’t convincingly lie, could I? The truth was I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her bent over my desk, finally answering for the torture she’d put me through the last few days.

Especially now looking at her dressed in a strappy summer dress that looked like it was only held up by my hopes and fears. My gaze eventually wandered to her legs and she chose this specific moment to ostensibly cross her legs, giving me a clear view of… holy shit, I almost spit out my coffee. No underwear!

– “So that’s a yes. What are you afraid of Ms. D? I won’t bite. Seems more like your thing…”

That time I didn’t stifle my groan. Fuck a desk, I could turn her over my knee right now, not let her down until I made sure she could not even sit on the bench, let alone play the next game.

– “Do you not have other things to occupy your time besides being a little slut in public?” I had hoped that the firmness in my voice would have cowered her away but a strange light appeared in her eyes. After a short chilling laugh, she continued.

– “Ah Ms. D, I haven’t even started…” she replied enigmatically.

She uncrossed her legs and settled more comfortably into the chair. I readied myself for a verbal attack but instead, never taking her eyes away, she lifted her left leg over the arm of the chair, giving me a full unobstructed view. My mouth watered and dried all at once. From where we were seating, only I would be privy of her little show but I had a good view of the hallway leading to the elevators.

– “Wh…what what are you doing?” I questioned, perplexed yet wanting to see how far she’d go.

– “What? Isn’t that what you want Ms. D? For me to be a good little slut for you?”

As she spoke, her fingers made their way to the spot that requested my full attention. Rubbing, dipping, in and out, her fingers danced all over, tantalizing me, daring me. I suddenly felt too ağrı escort bayan hot, too cold, my palms itched, and my throat dried. But this was the moment, if I let her see the full power her witty charm had on me, I’d never get the upper hand.

– “Spread your legs wider.” She hesitated slightly before complying.

– “Is this what you crave? Someone to take you in hand? Who knows, even when you don’t, what will make this pretty little cunt drip?”

As I spoke, her fingers doubled their intensity, dancing wildly as her hips lifted to meet them. She was doing her best to bite down the moans that escaped her from time to time. I continued to edge her, whispering in an even tone all the nasty things I knew she was silently begging me to do to her, filthy nothings that caused white heat waves to crash against her entire body.

– “Look at me. Tell me what you want.”

– “…hmmm” she hesitated, her fingers still working on her nub, a visible pool of moisture now forming on her seat.

I moved to the edge of my seat, bringing myself within her reach. Her eyes sprung open when my hand ran up the length of her leg over the armchair. Looking straight into her eyes, I continued my journey upward.

When my hand finally joined hers, she caught her breath, still unsure I would go through with it. Nudging her digits aside, I dipped one finger in her wetness, circling around her opening, feeling its erratic rhythm that mimicked her heartbeat.

– “You want me to take you?”

– “… yes…” She was barely audible.

– “Yeah? You want to be my good girl?”

– “..hmmm…” My circles got tighter and tighter, monopolizing her attention.

– “You understand if I take this, it will never be completely yours again?” I whispered, leaning even closer. “Do you?”

– “I understand.”

– “You understand, who?”

– “Ms. D?”

– “Mhm. Mistress when you’re good.”

– “Ms. D… please?”

– “Use your words.” I couldn’t hide my devious smile. I finally had her exactly where I’ve been wanting her, no matter how much I fought against it. She wanted to be tamed? My absolute pleasure.

– “Hmm…Fuck me.”

As she uttered the magical words, my fingers finally sank into her softness. I swallowed a moan, feeling her tighten around me, listening to the staccato rhythm of her breath against the silence of the library.

I quickly found the cadence that would bring her to her peak the fastest. In and out. One,then two, then three fingers snuggly fit inside her drenched snatch. One of her hands held onto the back of the chair for dear life as the other found and caught her taut nipple. She was completely lost to the pleasure I was giving her, teetering closer and closer to the edge.

Little cries escaped her now as she neared her climax. Watching the rise of her hips get deeper, I quickly withdrew my fingers from her. Her eyes startled open, questioning, her body still undulating, confused at the sudden lack of stimulus.

– “Please… oh God I’m so close…” she whined, completely forgetful of where she was, singularly focused on attaining her orgasm.

– “Put your leg down.” My no-nonsense voice was back.

– “What… but I didn’t…”

– “Put your leg down and fix yourself up.”

Pouting, she complied, still perplexed at the sudden change in my demeanor. I hid my glee at her obedience, maybe there was some hope for her after all. She wanted something different, she’d have it. But on my terms. It was time she understood that.

I asked for her phone and input my number, then texted myself. Looking up at her standing next to my chair, waiting patiently, I almost said fuck it and took her home to fuck her brains out. But discipline, I reminded myself.

– “Text me tomorrow after practice,” I ordered as I handed her phone back to her.

Standing up, I glanced around to ensure no one was within sight. Moving quickly, I pushed her further into the alcove created by the bookcases, and grabbed ahold of her neck. Before she had the time to say anything, I finally captured her lips in a kiss with an intensity that surprised even me.

I had meant for it to be brief, to seal the offer I’d just accepted. But as soon as our lips joined, I knew this girl was different, and our story would be unique. It was too late to catch myself. As she moaned softly into me and wrapped her hands around mine still gripping her neck, as she molded her body more tightly against mine, I knew I’d just have to hang on for the ride… and for the ultimate crash.

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