Challenging Ch. 02


Chapter 02


Molly peeled her eyes open and looked across to her alarm clock. Its familiar red glow was missing. She then felt the warmth and pressure of a hand on her left breast. An unfamiliar hand. A soft hand. A woman’s hand! She’d done it! She’d gone to Bob’s and spent the night in bed with her!

Molly tried to remember what had happened but between a rapidly diminishing tiredness and the remains of two bottles of wine she was struggling. She remembered getting there, she remembered the drinking — quite a lot of drinking… Bob’s boobs flashing at her… She remembered music. The tour… ending in Bob’s room — this room! Molly looked up at the headboard and saw the handcuffs. An image zipped through her mind; she was in those handcuffs — and Bob’s face was in her cleavage. She really had done this!

The rest of the night came back a piece at a time, and as it did, Molly became more and more aroused. She could feel her nipples start to tighten under Bob’s fingers, her pussy starting to moisten. There were two options as far as she could see — DIY or wake Bob. Molly knew herself well, but Bob seemed to know things that she liked before she even knew she liked them!

The decision was made — Molly rolled over to face Bob, keeping within the warm embrace of her arms. She lay there a moment, taking in the details of Bob’s face, the woman who had shown her so much, allowed her to experience, to change so much and, of course, enjoy so much. Last night’s sex was the best she’d ever had — not just when Bob had been fingering her pussy, but when she had been fucking her with the strap-on… Molly had only just remembered that part!

She’d been face first in the bed as Bob frantically pounded in and out of her pussy. If Molly thought she was turned on before, she was on fire now! She tentatively lifted her hand to Bob’s breast and started to caress it, rubbing her thumb in small circles around the nipple as her palm and fingers cupped and kneaded the firm, fleshy orb.

Bob’s eyelids fluttered, but no more than that — she was still out for the count. Molly kissed her forehead, then her lips before snaking her way down the bed so she could suck on Bob’s breasts. Last night when she had tried this, she was pushed away, so she hadn’t been given a real chance to see what she could do. Determined to succeed this time, Molly used the tip of her tongue to flick Bob’s nipple, pushing the nub in all directions, coating it in saliva.

Molly flattened her tongue now and swept it across Bob’s breast, bringing a gentle moan from her lover. She experimented with different directions, up, down, left and right, completely covering Bob’s breast, not wanting any inch of it to be neglected. After worshipping in this way for a few minutes, Molly placed her lips over Bob’s nipple and gently, very gently, sucked it into her mouth.

Her reward was a louder, longer groan than before and Bob’s arms wrapping around her head, holding her close, making her loved. Molly sucked a little harder, her tongue flickering across Bob’s nipple while she sucked. Bob moaned and Molly knew she had to do this again.

Bob was now starting to twitch her legs, rubbing her thighs together. Molly stopped and reluctantly released Bob’s nipple, so she could help her friend in other ways. She disentangled herself from Bob’s grip and rolled her onto her back. Bob’s legs were still dancing to their own silent music as Molly ran her hand down Bob’s stomach, over her pubis and finally to her pussy. There was no more dancing.

Molly rubbed her fingers across Bob’s clit, light touches, but enough to make Bob’s entire body twitch. She let her hand continue to drift south as her head moved to join it. The smell of arousal hit her full force and she was taken back but a few hours ago, and barely into her new life. The image of Bob sitting on her face, the memory of her own tongue making contact with another woman’s pussy… Molly was struggling to control her own urges, but wanted to relieve Bob’s first.

She curled two of her fingers into Bob’s pussy and brought her mouth over her clit. Another reaction; a big twitch and a loud groan. Molly’s tongue dug into Bob’s hot, wet folds and searched for, and found her clit. Wasting no time, she buried her face in Bob’s pussy and started to lick and suck, as her fingers became a blur, sliding in and out of her new obsession.

Suddenly there was a hand at the back of her head, encouraging and then commanding her to work harder, faster, to make the orgasm that was building erupt. With a new sense of determined urgency, Molly sucked Bob’s clit into her mouth and pummelled it with her tongue. Her amasya escort fingers — three of them now — pistoned in and out of Bob’s pussy and she could see that Bob was arching her back and curling her toes — this was going to be a big one!

A silent scream tore from Bob’s throat before finding voice. When Bob realised how loud she was she buried her face in the pillow until she could better control it. Long seconds later, Molly felt Bob’s body go limp, and felt the hand that, moments earlier had been pushing her face into Bob’s pussy, pulling her away from it.

“How long have you been awake?” Molly asked.

“Since that delightful little tongue started to flick across my tit.”

“Then why didn’t you let me know?”

Bob winked, ” I think you wanted to take advantage of me, and I wanted to see how you’d do it!”

Molly smiled and kissed her lover on the lips, Bob tasted her own juices and kissed back. She turned to look at the clock; 05:53. “I can see that you’re in no mood for sleep, what say we go have a hot shower together and then come back to bed?”

“I’d say that’s a plan — can we take this?” Molly was pointing at the strap-on that had given her so much pleasure the previous night.

“For who?”

“Both of us — I want to ‘be the man’ and see what it feels like, and you can enjoy it. I hope…”

“What happened to the ‘girls don’t turn me on?” You’re a raving lezbo!”

“I had a good teacher!” With that she grabbed the dildo, and headed for the bathroom.

When Molly entered the bathroom Bob was just stepping under the steamy water. Molly stood watching as the artificial rain bounced off the smooth skin, rivulets racing each other down Bob’s neck, into her cleavage, down her stomach and beyond. Bob noticed she had an audience and starting the rub her right hand between her thighs, her left squeezing a breast. She licked her lips slowly and asked Molly if she was going to join her, or just watch.

Molly stepped into the shower and Bob pulled her in close, twisting to push her up against the wall. Molly liked being dominated, but she wanted to be the man this time — Bob could do whatever she wanted to her later, but she was calling the shots now. She pushed forward until Bob’s back was against the glass wall of the cubicle and whispered, “You’re my bitch this time.” Bob acquiesced and as a sign of the feminine role she was taking, wrapped her leg around Molly’s thigh and let herself be kissed and fondled.

Molly took a handful of Bob’s short hair and used it to guide her face down towards her breasts. An instant later she was gasping for breath as all the pent up sexual energy that had building since she woke up was given an outlet. Bob’s mouth felt divine as it roughly nipped, licked and sucked Molly’s nipples, alternating from one to the other.

This was good; this was very good, but not enough to let Molly reach the heights she was chasing. Another handful of hair later and Bob was on her knees, Molly’s thigh resting on her shoulder. She continued the nips and nibbles up the inside of Molly’s thigh until she reached her pussy. This was to be the first time that Molly had received oral sex from a woman, and if it was anything like the rest of her new experiences, it was going to be mind blowing!

Bob was teasing now; taking her mouth within millimetres of Molly’s pussy, then away down her thigh, or breathing heavily, her lips brushing Molly’s neatly trimmed hair and them moving away again. Enough was enough! Molly waited until Bob’s lips brushed her again and with the combination of leg and hands, pulled her face into her pussy.

Electric! Molly struggled to keep her feet as she felt the warm pressure of Bob’s tongue touch her. She felt the insistent kissing on her lower lips and the tongue delving between them, gently probing inside her — and the best part, there was no stubble burn! From now on, it was women only down there!

Molly loosened her grip on Bob’s head to allow her a bit more room to work, and was rewarded by the same warm tenderness on her clitoris. She buried her face in her shoulder to muffle the moans as she orgasmed for the first time of the day. She wasn’t done with Bob on her knees, in fact she enjoyed the sight, so knew there would be plenty more where that came from.

Bob started to suck on Molly’s clit and smiled to herself as her friend twitched and shuddered almost non-stop. She left Molly’s clit and licked her lips until she was once again burying her tongue in her pussy, lapping up a mixture of the water from the shower and the juices from Molly’s cunt. The twitches returned and were growing in intensity escort amasya until Molly let go again, her head and shoulders against the tiled wall, and her groans forcing themselves from the pit of her being.

Molly let her leg slip from Bob’s shoulder and struggled for breath. This was intense, but in the best possible way. Bob remained on her knees, taking the submissive role very seriously. Only when Molly was able to breathe normally, and begin to recover herself did she realise that Bob had been waiting on her knees for instruction.

“Stand.” Molly panted, trying to regain her dominance, but struggling to find the strength. “Kiss me.” Bob wrapped her arms around Molly’s neck, running her hands through her hair, combing the knots loose, and massaging her scalp at the same time. Molly closed her eyes and took Bob into her arms as her teeth found Bob’s lip and nibbled gently. Molly’s hands ran down to Bob’s arse and gripped it firmly.

She moved her mouth to Bob’s ear and whispered, “That was excellent!”

“Thank you Mistress.” Bob smiled to herself. Though the previous night hadn’t gone as planned she was still very pleased with the events that had unfolded — and this morning’s follow up. “Would you like me to wash you now, Mistress?” Molly nodded.

Bob reached for the shower gel and methodically washed Molly from head to toe, sensually massaging her shoulders and her feet, but not lingering too long on her breasts or pussy — Molly needed some time to recover, after all. She then took the showerhead from its bracket and rinsed all the soapy bubbles from her skin.

Molly was starting to feel dizzy from the heat and the steam — not to mention the expenditure of energy and suggested they get out. Bob stepped out first and took a fluffy purple towel from the heated rack and Molly stepped into it. Bob hugged her in the towel, soaking up the excess moisture before wrapping her hair into another one. Once Molly’s hair was secure, Bob started to gently pat the remaining water from her, before handing her a dressing gown from the back of the door. Bob quickly dried herself and then led Molly to the living room and sat her down before disappearing to the bedroom.

Molly could hear Bob moving about, but was still recovering from her experiences in the shower. She could feel her eyelids drooping, but was able to register activity, now in the kitchen. “Mistress?” She opened her eyes to see a glass of fresh juice in front of her, and holding that glass was Bob, now wearing a very short French Maid’s outfit, complimented by black stockings and suspenders and stiletto heels.

Molly took the glass, and the role of dominant mistress in the same instant, “Thank you girl. I believe I left something in the bathroom — get it for me.” Bob curtsied and went to the bathroom, returning with the strap on in her hand. Molly stood, “help me out of this robe, and into that will you?” Bob took the shoulders of the dressing gown as Molly shrugged out of it then bent, her back to the mirror, to help Molly into the harness. Molly pulled the towel from her head and flicked her hair loose, the damp tresses curling slightly.

Molly looked in the mirror, transfixed by the seams that ran up the back of her ‘maid’s’ legs, the thick black band of the stocking top contrasted against Bob’s tanned thighs. Her eyes then followed the suspender straps as they disappeared under the gentle frill of the skirt and it’s petticoat. Meanwhile, Bob had fastened the harness between Molly’s thighs and around her hips, making sure everything was tightened to give a more realistic fuck for both parties.

Bob was about to stand up when she felt Molly’s hands on her shoulders. She lowered herself again and held the pose as Molly’s hands ran down her back and onto her arse. Her skirt was lifted and Molly’s eyes were glued to the reflection of her own hands running across a very firm and very well presented, but naked arse. She lifted one hand, and slapped it back down. Bob purred and thanked her, asking for another. Molly obliged and spanked the other cheek.

As her handprints were establishing themselves on Bob’s buttocks she noticed the reflection of her ‘penis’ for the first time. She grinned as she imagined those men she’d been with who’d wielded theirs like it was a symbol of might and fertility — some seeming to expect her to swoon at the very sight of it. Molly had no such delusions, besides hers was considerably bigger than most she had been presented with!

Molly took her cock in her left hand and pushed it in front of Bob who opened her mouth and started to suck on the tip of it, her hand running up and amasya escort bayan down its length. “I want to see you finger your pussy– I know you’re enjoying this, I can see how wet you are!” Bob didn’t need telling twice and began to rub her clit; slow circles with her fingers to begin with — she knew Molly was enjoying the reflected show, and wanted her to play both sides of the power dynamic, to find out which she preferred. Bob was a switch; she could be submissive or dominant. Even though she was usually in charge, from time to time she like so acquiesce to the whims of another. Now was one of those times.

Molly watched as Bob’s fingers disappeared and reappeared, glistening with arousal. Molly’s nipples were painfully erect under her fingers, the show in front of her and the situation she found herself in close to overwhelming. She looked down to see Bob’s tongue circling the head of the dildo, her hand stroking vigorously up and down its shaft. As much as she was enjoying watching Bob at work, she was eager to fuck her.

Using just her fingertips, Molly lifted Bob’s chin until she was standing upright. “Turn around, one hand either side of the mirror.” Bob turned, thrusting her arse back towards her mistress, making eye contact with her reflection. Molly broke eye contact only to guide her phallus into Bob’s pussy; once the head had penetrated she went back to staring into her lover’s eyes.

Molly pushed forwards until she could feel Bob’s buttocks against her thighs, and until she could hear the long low moan escaping Bob’s lips. She wrapped her arms around Bob’s waist and held her tightly, feeling aroused by what connected their bodies and the look on her lover’s face.

It was time to man up. Molly loosened her grip and put her hands on Bob’s hips before slowly drawing her own back. She watched as the dildo slowly emerged, glistening with juices, and stopped just before it completely left Bob’s pussy. With a grin on her face Molly once again looked into Bob’s reflected eyes and thrust her hips forward, burying her toy deep inside. Bob let out a gasp — she’d not expected Molly to move so fast, and had expected a few tentative, shallow strokes to begin with. It was clear from this, coupled with how soon she’d started eating pussy the previous night that Molly was going to develop quickly!

Molly continued to withdraw almost entirely before burying herself to the hilt in Bob’s pussy, gripping tighter on her maid’s hips, gritting her teeth with determination as she tried to go harder and faster, until finally her energy started to fade. She slumped onto Bob’s back panting from her exertions.

A short while later she pulled free of Bob, but hearing the disappointed groan knew that Bob wasn’t done yet. Even though she was in charge, Molly wanted to make her lover come again. She sat back on the couch and beckoned with one finger before pointing to the floor in front or her. Bob knelt and without further instruction took the dildo in her mouth, licking and sucking her juices from it. Molly ran her fingers through Bob’s hair, watching as her tongue flickered up and down the shaft. She couldn’t help but wonder how many guys she’d done that to and felt a pang of jealousy.

Molly’s fingers twisted in Bob’s hair and pulled her to her feet. “Climb on and fuck me!” Molly let go of Bob’s hair as she watched her straddle the protrusion in her lap. She slid slowly down until she was filled and looked Molly in the eyes, unreflected. A hand a the back of her neck pulled her head forwards and as her lips met Molly’s she started to rock her hips, grinding the artificial erection within her.

As their tongues tangled and entwined, Bob’s movements sped up until she could feel her orgasm building again — not even breakfast time, and she’d come twice! What a weekend! Once again she felt the shivers running through her body as the pleasure built to a critical point. She let out a guttural roar as she pulled Molly’s face into her cleavage, almost stopping her breath.

As Molly felt Bob relaxing she was able to gain her breath more easily, and gasped in lungfuls of cool air. “Wow.” Molly was chuffed to have elicited such a response from someone who had much more experience than her, and a smile spread across her face. “That was amazing!” Bob panted as she rolled off Molly’s lap and collapsed.

“You look amazing!” replied Molly, “You need to show me what else you have in your wardrobe!”

Bob winked, “Later. Now, I just need to get back to bed for a few hours so I can make the most of the rest of the day with you. You coming?”

“Not yet,” replied Molly “but I’m sure you have something in mind for later!”

Bob took Molly’s hand and led her to the bedroom. She helped Molly out of the harness, and then stripped off herself. By the time she climbed into bed, Molly’s chest was rising and falling slowly — fast asleep. Bob curled in behind her again and gave her a gentle squeeze before drifting off herself.

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