Cheat Days Ch. 07



My high school nemesis Kathy Rice had returned to town and by some strange twist of fate moved into the house next door to mine. I had been enjoying my summer affair with my neighbour Eve but she was away on a trip. Kathy had seemingly matured, now the married and professional Katherine Hardy, but I had kept my identity from her. However she had figured out that we’d known each other. She knocked on my door to confront me which immediately put knots in my belly.

“Were you the Mallory who graduated from Central in 1999?” she asked.

Without waiting for an answer she strode confidently into my house. I sighed and closed the door to follow her. Katherine stood in the centre of the hall which was actually a bit unnerving as it blocked routes to the stairs, living room or kitchen. If I wanted to flee, which was a distinct possibility, it meant leaving the house. My house.

“Pardon?” I asked, seeing if I could bluff my way out.

“You are, aren’t you?” she said. But it wasn’t necessarily to me. She had a tone like she was confirming her own idea. Her eyes flicked over me and I felt like I was being appraised.

She walked towards me and then slowly around me in a circle. I felt a shiver up my spine. This was why girls at our school had called her Catty Kathy. She had this stalk, this slinky circling thing she did that was oddly predatory and unnerving. It got really scary sometimes in school when her group of girls did it too, like a lioness pride was hunting you. I’d seen girls cry from it without anyone laying a hand on them or saying a word.

“You always wore such dumpy clothes,” she said behind me, “so I don’t know about the body, but the height is right. You changed your hair, it used to be such a floppy mess… Almost cute now…”

I seethed. She was talking about me but not really to me, just observing, and cutting right into my youthful insecurities.

Katherine walked in front of me and put out her hand. I snapped my head back a bit but she gave me this look, this steely imperial gaze, and I instinctively stopped. Her fingertips slid along my jaw slowly, again in an appraising fashion, like someone at an auction examining an artifact more than something sensual. I bore it as long as I could and then ducked my head away. This time she let it go.

“Bone structure’s there though, even if other things have changed. It’s definitely you, I checked my old yearbooks before I came over.”

Damn it, I thought. She would still have those.

“So you’re married now,” Katherine said. “And kids. Good for you.”

It somehow didn’t seem like a compliment, more like just further observation. Like she knew how to be polite but only did it for the sake of formalities. Oh how I loathed her.

“So does he know you’re a muff-diving dyke?” she asked, putting a hand on her hip.

Oh shit.


Katherine’s words stabbed right into me and brought up a memory I didn’t even know I was trying to forget. She had always been a cruel girl, the leader of a clique, but I had managed to avoid her from grade ten onwards for the most part. But in grade nine I had been the target of some of her nastiest attention. We’d played on the same soccer team for a few weeks before I left it and moved on to other clubs. The reason why had been blocked out though, and now came crashing back into my skull.

She had already earned the nickname “Catty” in grade school where she had ruled her particular roost. In high school there were more people and different dynamics but she already had a core of followers. I hardly knew her then, having gone to a different school before, so I’d only heard rumours. At soccer she ended up captain and was a bit snippy with girls who missed a play but so far I hadn’t earned her ire.

We got changed in a big room with benches and all showered together after the game in an adjacent room that was open concept, with nozzles spaced out along the walls. I had grown breasts fairly early compared to some girls in grade school so I was always embarrassed and awkward about my body, hiding it under sweatshirts ankara escort and jeans. I had a floppy haircut that my mother said reminded her of a sheepdog in a Disney cartoon that had to keep blowing hair out of its face to see. My goal in life was to be unnoticed. In the shower I tried to accomplish this by keeping my arms tucked in to hide my breasts as much as possible.

On one of the first practices Kathy had been at the nozzle to my left. At some point I noticed her naked body, not intentionally or in a pervy way, but just made note of it unconsciously. Then, as now, she was almost dainty in her athleticism, slender and toned but not bulky. That first practice she had a dark bush. Well, a few weeks later, she happened to be beside me in the shower again, at random. I washed soap out of my hair and caught a glimpse of her.

“Hey, Catty, what happened to your pussy?” I asked without thinking. She was bare down there, which was a stark contrast to the previous time. Clearly she had shaved it, but I had never heard of such a thing. Pubic hair was enough of a novelty.

“What was that?” she asked, her voice laced with knives.

The rest of the room had been chit chatting or running water. The showers stopped. One of her followers spoke next:

“There’s no way she just called you that.”

“What?” I asked, realizing that everyone was noticing me now, my worst kind of nightmare.

“Nobody calls me that,” Kathy said, her voice cold.

I turned to look at her but she had already come up to me. She pushed me into the centre of the shower room. She and her girls circled me in that terrifying way.

“Calls you what?” I said, trying to follow her with my eyes but getting disoriented by the other girls circling. “Catty? I thought everyone did…”

This earned me another push, and then another. I got pushed from all sides until I fell to my knees, all wet and cold.

“My name is Kathy. Don’t forget it,” she snarled. “What are you doing checking out other girls in the shower? Are you a muff-diving dyke, Mallory? Are you a lesbo?”

They all started chanting it, “muff-diving Mallory,” probably because of the alliteration. I had never heard such language, I’d been pretty insulated as a kid. It made me cry, and eventually I managed to get up and run out of the circle, grab my stuff and leave the locker room. I pulled on my clothes in the hall and ran home to cry in my bed. I quit the team the next day and the coach had no idea why. I never spoke about it, stayed away from the Cat Pride as much as I could, and tried to forget. I left sports and helped out with props and sets for school plays and moved on with my life as best as I could.

Until now.


“Excuse me?” I asked her, trying not to let the tears that had sprung up into my eyes fall.

“Oh don’t play coy,” Katherine smiled smugly. “I heard you at the gym last week. In the shower. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, it wasn’t any of my business, but once I figured out it was you I remembered back in high school. I was right about you, wasn’t I?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, come on,” Katherine said. She circled me again. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. You were checking out girls in the shower. We called you ‘dyke,’ didn’t we? Nothing has changed.”

I fought not to blush. “That’s none of your business.”

“So you admit it?” she laughed.

“No!” I stammered. “That’s not what I meant, I mean…”

“That you lick pussy and like it, just like I always thought.”


“No? That’s not what you were doing?”

I felt dizzy, spun around by her accusations and her movement. “Stop it, just hold still!”

“Okay,” she said.

Katherine was right behind me. She pushed me sideways so I had to put my hands up and catch the hall wall. I planted my hands on it and breathed, trying to get my balance. She had a way of making everything spin. I felt like a bullied kid all over again despite two decades between then and now. I wanted to cry.

Her escort ankara hands were at my hips and then my dress was bunched up around my waist. Her hand cupped my mound.

“Just as I thought, wet like a little slut,” she said.

I whimpered and shuddered, not having expected the touch or the fact. I was wet. I had no idea that I was reacting that way. What the fuck? Why was I horny?

“I knew it, I just knew it. You were checking me out that day in the shower, weren’t you?”

“NO!” I protested hotly, my face warm. It was hard to do though, because her hand was stroking my labia and clit through my damp panties. “Why do you even remember that?”

“So you do remember it? Looking at my naked body?”

“Shit, stop twisting everything I say!” I tried to push back off the wall but she put her other hand in my hair and pressed my face against it. I had to turn my cheek to it so my nose didn’t get sore.

“You can’t deny it. You were eating that woman’s pussy at the gym. You’re soaking wet right now. You like girls.”

I tried to shake my head. Her fingers twisted in my short hair.

“Admit it.”

“I don’t… fuck… Stop… don’t…” I was panting and trying not to moan. Katherine was fiddling my clit in such a way that it was hard to think.

“Don’t stop? Okay…” she chuckled. Katherine strummed my clit in circles, making me spread my legs and whimper. “You really get off on this, huh?”

My head sagged and I nodded, humiliated. She immediately let go of me and stepped back.

“I love being right.”

I turned to look at her, my heart pounding, full of embarrassment.


“I knew it all along, and wondered. Thanks for confirming.”

“That’s all you came over here for? You bitch,” I said.

She shook her head. “Oh no, we’re just getting started.”

Oh shit.


I slumped back against the wall and sighed. This was torture. This was all my worst high school nightmares brought to life all over again. How was this happening?

“So you have a dirty little secret,” Katherine said. “And I know your secret. That seems like it should be worth something, don’t you think? So I don’t tell and ruin your life?”

I gritted my teeth and tried not to cry. Blackmail, seriously?

“What do you want?” I said stiffly.

Katherine put her hands on her hips and smiled smugly. I felt sick. That look said “I have you right where I want you.” It was the cat playing with the mouse.

“It’s not that simple, Mallory. You’re having an affair. A lesbian affair. An adulterous lesbian affair. You don’t think a woman like you could do something like that without consequences, did you?”

I closed my eyes and a tear spilled over my cheek. I had honestly had the same thoughts myself, all summer. I was cheating on my husband with Eve. Someone finding out had been the worst possible nightmare. Now it had managed to get more terrible, as the worst possible person knew. She was saying all the horrible things I hadn’t had the courage to voice out loud. This was the universe paying me back for cheating, is what I honestly thought.

“This isn’t the kind of thing where you just do one payment. I OWN your ass now,” Katherine said confidently. I shivered.

She walked right up to me, almost nose to nose, I could feel her heat against my skin. I opened my eyes to look at her.

“You’re going to do whatever I want, whenever I want, understand?” she said.

I nodded.

“To start with…” she seemed to think for a second. “Get on your knees.”

I knelt. I felt so weird. She was telling me to do something that I had done willingly for Eve dozens of times. Something I liked and made me wet. But I hated her and hated this. There were butterflies in my tummy but they seemed to be mixed with concrete and bile. I felt aroused and sick. Was that even a thing?

“I’m not gay,” I tried to tell her.

She tossed her head, making her long dark hair swish. Katherine put her hands on her hips again and laughed.

“Neither am I. Sex isn’t about ankara escort bayan orientation. It’s about power. I’m an alpha. You’re a bitch. That’s just who we are. I get off on being in charge. You like being bossed around. Accept it.”

She reached to her white skirt and undid the zipper. I was preternaturally aware of the sound, it seemed to tear through me. What she said had a weird logic to it. I wasn’t in love with her. I didn’t know if I was even attracted to other women. Eve and Katherine both were assertive, confident, powerful. Was I just responding to that? Did I just need someone to take charge?

Her skirt fell to the floor. She slid a thong down her lean legs. I looked up at her crotch. Just like in high school it was bare and smooth.

“You did shave it,” I said quietly. “I was right too.”

“Of course. I liked the way it felt when the other girls licked me. I made a lot of them mine over the years. You would have had a turn but you quit the team on me.”

I blushed. She sounded so sure.

“Now lick.”

I leaned in and did what I was told. I dragged my tongue over her slit, feeling the shape of her folds. They were different than Eve’s, smaller, more delicate. Her taste was different too, a bit darker somehow, muskier and tangier but still good. I worked my tongue into her, lapping at her pussy, and spread her legs to give me better access, widening her stance.

Katherine had her hands on her hips, still imperious, standing over me in her heels. She watched as I dug my tongue into her folds and licked in spirals. She was juicy and I was sucking it in. I blushed to see her watching me, knowing that this was wrong, she wasn’t even Eve, I hated her, but I couldn’t stop licking.

I pressed my mouth up against her labia to squirm my tongue in as deep as I could reach, wriggling inside her vaginal canal. I was rewarded with plenty of juice and flavour, making me moan into her mound. I prodded and thrusted with my tongue but Katherine was able to maintain her composure. There was only minute changes in her breathing and the tension in her muscles. The juice indicated she liked what I was doing but there was no indication she was anywhere close to cumming.

I put my hands on her ankles.

“I didn’t say you could touch me,” Katherine said.

I slid my hands off and blushed.

“Just keep licking,” she commanded.

I nodded and kept up my tongue movements, exploring her walls, twisting and turning. She kept her hands on her hips and watched. I blushed more as that went on. Eve would have grabbed my hair and rode my face to orgasm, or made me touch her, or something, anything. This could go on forever and my husband would be back eventually with the twins. I had to make this end.

Motivated, I upped the ante. I locked my lips around Katherine’s clit and suckled, interspersing flicks with my tongue. She seemed to tense at that and I increased the pace, licking her clit with hard lashes and then nibbling. Her hips started to rock a little and I kept at it, sucking on her clit like the tip of a little cock, moaning into her pussy. She grabbed my head and started to grind on my face, roughly tugging my hair. My scalp could feel the sharp pain of her pulls, but I kept up my tongue bath, licking and nibbling. She moaned out loud, and I knew it was getting to her.

Eventually I could sense her climax approaching. There was a new tension in her hips and legs, trembling in her arms. Her abdominal muscles flexed. She cried out and I licked all the harder, over stimulating her clitoris until she was writhing against me in orgasm. I smiled against her pussy as I brought her to completion, glad I had gotten it over with.

Katherine took a step back, breathing hard, and leaned against the wall. After a few moments she took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She tugged her underwear and skirt back into place.

“See you at the gym,” she said, and walked out.


I went upstairs and showered, trying to wash the dirty feeling off my body. Unfortunately it was mostly inside me, so I ended up sitting on the shower floor, sobbing to myself as the water pelted my skin. I was in over my head. It was bad enough that I had been having an affair with Eve, it was something that just sort of happened. But now I had licked Katherine’s pussy and we weren’t even friends. I felt filthy.

What was I going to do?

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