Chloe’s Fascination

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Chloe’s Fascination
It was Sunday afternoon, I was just having some very sexy foreplay with my wife Suzy up in the bedroom prior to my departure for a week working away when the doorbell rang out. We ignored it and carried on. Ding dong again and again. “Fuck it, I will see whats going on” I said to the Suzy. I pulled on my dressing gown and did my best to hide my hard on as I approached the door, fully expecting the face to be that of Sandy our neighbour.
On opening the door, my friends daughter Chloe was stood there along with her friend (name unknown). Both girls were very pretty early teens.
“Can we take your puppy for a walk” asked Chloe, we had just got a puppy dog after months of deliberating.
I was in a catch 22 here. I wanted to go back up and carry on having some serious pussy play where I left off asap but if I let them take the puppy I would be disturbed again in 15 or 20 mins when they returned with the dog.
Fuck it, let them take the dog, I will mess about and keep hard until they drop the dog off and then I can fill my boots, after all I had all day left to fuck the lovely Suzy.
I grabbed the lead for the dog, as the puppy was small I had to squat down on one knee and fasten on the collar and lead. It was almost unavoidable showing my still hard cock to Chloe as my dressing gown opened wide, her friend was oblivious, her attention was caught by some young guys in the street.
As I fumbled with the collar and lead I kept talking to Chloe about keeping the puppy away from other dogs etc. I kept glancing up at her from my one knee on the ground position, her gaze was transfixed on my open dressing gown and my still hard cock!
I tried not to show that I had noticed and continued to talk to her about the puppy walking rules, knowing she was getting a good look at my cock, I was getting a dry mouth and my heart was pounding and the excitement was unbelievable. Eventually I rose to my feet, passed the lead to Chloe. She turned and walked off with the dog and her friend.
My cock was dripping with pre-cum, there was pre-cum on the wooden floor at the doorway where I had been kneeling. I got kitchen roll and cleaned up.
I went back to the bedroom and ate Suzy’s pussy for 20 mins until ding dong again.
Once the door was opened, Chloe, who was alone now handed me the puppy on the lead and thanked me for letting her take it out. I again dropped down to unfasten the dogs lead allowing my dressing gown to open enough for her to view my rock hard cock. She did not flinch, just stayed there and made polite conversation. This lasted some minutes whilst I continued in my kneeling pose, stroking the puppy as an excuse to stay there whilst pretending to have no idea what was on show.
Chloe was more than happy to chat and keep looking!
Eventually I stood and again thanked her and closed the door. I quickly returned to the bedroom to fuck Suzy but there was only one thought in my head, and that was young Chloe and her fascination with my raging hard cock. I still wank whilst thinking about that day. Chloe grew into a beautiful girl all the guys chased after!!

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