Clare 6 The final story


Clare 6 The final storyThis is the last Clare story ­čÖü Clare has unfortunately stopped writing, to date we have still never met. Peter…………..I arranged to meet Clare at our regular spot, the Lamb Inn, Nomansland. The day was scorching hot and I was looking forward to showing her a special place I had found in the Forest. I pulled up in the car park and saw that your car was not there yet so I popped in and ordered a couple of drinks for us and luckily found an empty table outside, the sun was gorgeous as it warmed me sitting there. A few minutes later I saw your discovery pulling into the car park and smiled as I waited for you to join me. I was especially glad for the hot weather as you were wearing next to nothing and I just sat staring at your lovely body as you told me about your day, I could clearly see the dark outline of your perfect nipples through the thin white top that you were wearing and they were making it very hard for me to concentrate! I think you noticed my predicament and came around to sit next to me and we watched the grockles for a while as we finished our drinks.The sun was beginning to get hot now so I took you by the hand and we walked into the cool forest together, the special place I had in mind was about an hours walk away but we had all day so time wasn’t a problem. As we walked, it was lovely to walk hand in hand through the fresh smelling forest, stopping from time to time to enjoy and explore each others bodies and it seemed like no time until we were at my special spot, a very private very secluded crystal clear pond. I pulled your top over your head exposing your tits to the warm sun streaming through the trees, my shirt was next and as we kissed I could feel your nipples poking into my bare chest, I bent down and kissed your lovely boobs, teasing your nipples until they were aching.Fancy a swim? I said as I stripped off my trousers and pants and ran towards the water, although it took a little time to convince you that I had never seen another human here, eventually I had the pleasure of watching you remove your shorts and panties and run giggling towards me in the water, as you ran into my arms you were greeted by my bobbing cock stuck out in front of me, the water having done nothing to quench my hotness. Squealing you trapped my hardness between your thighs as we kissed, then pushed away splashing me as you went. Acting like a couple of school k**s I chassed you round the pond as we splashed each other. Finally I caught you and we were up to our chests in the water, I lifted you high out of the water and planted a cheeky kiss on each of your pert nipples, as I felt your legs wrap around me I let you slide down my body until I felt your sex kiss my cock, my large hands are holding your small bottom as my shaft lined up perfectly with your hole and we slide together slowly. Stood in the warm water, staring into each others eyes I see the love and the lust betrayed as you finally bottom out on my shaft, I feel your heels pushing into the small of my back as you grind yourself against my pubic bone, it is an extremely erotic moment, I feel the walls of your sex ripple up and down my shaft as you squeeze down on me and my cock throbs in reply. I can feel my cock expanding to the point it feels as hard as a bar of iron, then I feel your legs relax and I slowly lift you almost right off my shaft and you can feel the large flare just behind the head of my glands slip out of your entrance, as I feel you close over the head of my cock I slowly lower you down again and my thick cock once again stretches your hole and fills you full.This was going to be a very long slow fuck and we were both enjoying every second. I was now raising and lowering you at a very slow but very steady rhythm, the feeling of my fat cock packing your tight pussy along with mashing your clit into my pubic bone on every decent was driving you wild, now on every down stroke you were having little mini orgasms and I could sense that these were building, I wanted to cum with you when you finally exploded! I was having real trouble holding back now, I had stopped myself cuming several times already and the pressure was enormous. Then I felt you start to cum, it was enormous! Your whole body started to shake and your face was a picture of pure rapture and ecstasy. My release had to happen now and it was going to be every bit as powerful as yours had been. My cock throbbed almost painfully as my cum ripped through my shaft and fired deep into your welcoming womb, pulse after pulse of hot cum shot from my cock again I looked into your eyes and I guessed they were as lust glazed as mine would have been.We stayed locked together in the warm water for what seemed like ages, just petting and stroking each other as the sun shone down on us………………………Clare……I arrived at The Lamb and was excited at the prospect of meeting up with Peter again. I know I am doing wrong but can’t help myself, and when we walked hand in hand through the forest, it bought it home to me even more that it was love as well as the fantastic sex that Peter had given me over the past few weeks. We stopped to kiss and hug and were acting like a couple teenagers and not two married people who just wanted to have sex and satisfaction. It was all rather wonderful as well as a worry that our feelings for each other were so strong.We arrived at a beautiful secluded spot in the forest and which included a small pond. Peter soon had his clothes off and had jumped into it and I quickly followed and within no time at all he was in me and fucking me like only he could.His huge cock thrusting into me as I had my legs gripped round his waist and again he was giving me an experience that I hadn’t had previously.The water was so warm and we were so turned on that that my previous worries about our relationship was thrown out of the window and nothing was going to spoil this sexual activity. We had the most fantastic fuck as we both reached our climax and Peter ejaculated deep inside me.We lay in the sun to dry off and then after another quickie we walked slowly back to The Lamb and not only holding hands, but much of the way arms around each other, and there was certainly love in the air even more that day.We arrived at our cars and kissed and then drove home to our families…….Peter……Laying in the sun and drying off with Clare was wonderful, I was tying on my side and tracing lines lightly over her body with my finger nails. I could see goose bumps forming where my fingers had been and her nipples were pointing erectly up at the sky.I traced slow deliberate circles around your stiff nipples and then dragged my fingernails lightly down across your chest, slowly over your stomach and delicately around your smooth and very beautiful sex. Lying on my side propped up on one elbow I could watch your breasts rise and fall with your breathing, which at this point was becoming ragged and laboured, I felt your hand wrap around my hardening shaft, you just held me, feeling me swell in your palm. It was not long before your fingers could not encircle my girth and you started stroking my shaft slowly, I dipped my fingers into your sweet honey pot and felt your expectant wetness again. I could not help myself I just had to take you again! There and then in our sunlit clearing, the sex was quick but the moment would last a lifetime in my head.After a lot of fun and giggling we were sadly back at the car and again it was time to go our separate ways, I could tell that our feelings for each other were getting stronger and I really didn’t want you to go and although I knew it would be dangerous to see you again within such a short time we arranged to do just that! As you were spending the weekend with your family we arranged to meet on Monday afternoon.On Sunday I found myself near Salisbury and decided to pop into The Green Dragon for a quick drink, I walked to the bar ordering my drink I looked around the bar and nearly had a fit, there in the corner was you and your husband!!, I saw your jaw drop as you saw me but gave you a reassuring wink, I was not about to do anything stupid. I sat a few tables down where I could see you from the side, I could make out the lovely siluette of your legs through your white summer dress. Just then your husband excused himself for a trip to the gents and without looking at me you hitched your skirt up showing off your lovely legs, this was unbelievably erotic, I knew if hubby returned he would not be able to see what you were doing under the table, I however could see everything again without looking at me I saw your hand disappear inside your panties and then, pulling your hand free you looked directly at me as you sucked on the finger that I knew had just been in your sex!! My cock was pounding in my pants by now and to add to my frustration your husband had just returned and you were once again sat looking like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth!I gulped my pint down and tried to get out of the bar without anyone noticing the tent growing in the front of my trousers. After that little tease Monday could not come soon enough……. Clare……….. My husband suggested that we should take a stroll to our local and as it was a nice sunny day and I agreed.We settled on a table in the corner and while we were sipping our drinks I looked up to see Peter walk into the bar and ordered a drink.I couldn’t believe my eyes and just hoped that there wasn’t going to be a confrontation but when he winked and smiled over at me I felt more reassured.I automatically had the usual sexual urge when I saw him and when my husband went off to the loo I teased Peter a little by putting my hand in my panties and a couple of fingers inside of me and then sucked them looking at him straight in the eye.I could see that he was now getting very aroused and when my husband returned Peter decide to leave which in one way I was disappointed but knew also that it was for the best although it left me in a sexual frustrated state.When we arrived home I decided that I needed some sexual relief and had the option of inviting my husband to bed or go it alone.I decided on the latter as I didn’t think it fair on Peter as he had got me into that state and with him in mind I soon came to a wonderful climax.I just hoped that soon I would be enjoying Peter and what he has to offer very soon ……………Peter…………..Monday morning we decided to take a bit of a risk and meet round Clare’s after she had taken the k**s to school, hubby would be at work and we would isvecbahis yeni giri┼č have almost the whole day together. I had arranged with work that I would be in a meeting for most of the day and should not be disturbed, I arrived at Clare’s house just before 11am and knocking on the door could not believe the sight that greeted me! There stood in the doorway was Clare with a sweet little red negligee that stopped just short of her little tiny red thong! I was almost hard before I got in the door.It felt strange to be inside your marital house but that was soon replaced with lust as I watched you walk off towards the kitchen, your bottom just visible below the hemline of your negligee, it jiggled hypnotically as you walked away and I just had to follow it. Once in the kitchen you pored two coffees from the Cafetiere as I walked up behind you and holding your slim waist kissed your neck, I felt you push out your lovely bottom and grind it into my already stiff cock.I wanted you, I wanted you right there and then in the kitchen, by this time you had set the coffee mugs down and was bracing yourself against the worktop so you could push back into me even harder, that was it! I flipped my belt buckle and my trousers slid to the ground quickly followed by my pants, my cock sprang out before me rock hard and ready for action, I pushed you forwards over the counter top and flipped the tiny string of your thong out of the way, I knew you would be wet down there, I could tell by your breathing that you wanted this as much as I did and with that I slipped inside you, one long well lubricated thrust and I was completely buried within your warm wet pussy. I felt you push back hard, trying to get every last millimetre of my cock into your hungry pussy. I could feel my balls pressing hard against your pussy as we just held that position with me as deep as I could possibly go inside you. Then we began to fuck! and we fucked hard very hard, almost an a****listic lust! I held your hips firmly as I slammed my cock into your sex, harder and faster, there was a fast slap…slap….slap noise as my balls slammed against your pussy and your juice coated them. I listened to your moans becoming louder and your breathing becoming more and more ragged, I wanted to feel you cumming on my cock, I wanted to feel your cunt squeezing me involuntarily, I wanted to feel your pussy spurt its juice all over my cock and balls and it was coming, I felt you tense as you screamed out for me to fuck you hard and then went totally silent as your climax rocked through you.I thought your legs were going to collapse and I just buried my cock deep within you and held you tight, it was an enormous orgasm and it seemed to take ages for you to gain some sort of composure. I slid my still extremely hard cock slowly from your beautiful pussy, I was not finished yet but I didn’t want to fill your pussy up just yet……………Clare…………After the shock and also pleasure of seeing Peter in our local pub yesterday we exchanged emails and I decided to take the risk of inviting him to my house the next day at 11am.My husband was at work and the k**s were at school so it seemed worth taking the chance having now had the upmost faith in Peter as a friend and lover.I know it is wrong but my sexual desires had again taken over once again and I was so looking forward to the day and all what it was to bring.I did a few chores around the house and then showered and then decided to wear just my red negligee and matching thong.At around 10.45 the doorbell rang and thought that he must have been inpatient as he arrived earlier than planned. I opened the door to see the postman with a parcel who promptly dropped it and unable to speak as he stared at me. I was also very embarrassed as it looked as though I had put on a show which I had, but not for him. He picked up the parcel and handed it to me and told me that I had brightened up his day which was a nice thing to say. At 11am the doorbell rang again and this time it was Peter and we kissed and I then led him to the kitchen and made a coffee. I didn’t have time to have a sip before he wanted some sexual action and within 5 minutes of his arrival he was in me and taking me over the kitchen counter top.He was certainly up for the task in hand as he thrust his huge cock in me and my pussy was taking a real pounding which to be honest I was enjoying. I didn’t want to just make love I wanted to be fucked hard and Peter was doing that as I was screaming and moaning at every thrust.I had orgasm after orgasm and my legs were like jelly but Peter still hadn’t finished and he withdrew and looked at me and smiled.I took him by the hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom and we kissed and cuddled and I laid on the bed and was ready for more……….Peter……….Clare felt softer, smoother, fitter than I had ever noticed before and she smelt great! You were laying on your back when I gently rolled between your legs, taking my weight on my elbows I felt your hand snake between our bodies and clasp my swollen cock. I pulled back until my lips were just touching yours, my tongue lightly tracing the outline of your lips, our breath intermingling. We both moaned into each others mouth as you slowly drew my cock along the soft wet lips of your sex. I kissed across your cheek, nibbling and tonguing your neck. I could feel you rubbing my cock up and down your sweet pussy, teasing your clit with the swollen head of my shaft, the feeling was exquisite.I asked you to cross your legs behind my back and I lifted you up and placed a pillow beneath your pert bottom thus allowing me better access to your pussy. You were now holding me inline with the entrance to heaven and I didn’t need asking twice! I slid slowly up to the hilt into you feeling your hot velvet like walls clasping me tightly and the pillow was allowing me to penetrate you as deep as I could possibly go. I very slowly withdrew my now wet slippery cock almost to the point of slipping out of you then with one forceful stroke I was back in! Reaching back behind you I held your lovely arse tight as I slowly started long full powerful strokes within you, I knew you could feel the flare of my swollen glands rippling up and down the walls of your beautiful sex. I slipped my middle finger into your other hole and slowly matched the strokes of my cock with alternate strokes of my finger, sliding one out as the other entered you. Your sweet cunt was gripping my cock like a vice and I could feel your juice running down to lubricate the finger fucking your arse.We were now kissing with full passion and you were being fucked by my tongue, my finger and my cock! I could not get enough, I just wanted to fuck you every way I could, I wanted to hear you scream out in ecstasy as I redoubled my efforts. I could feel you cum again and again as I fucked you as hard as I could, suddenly I felt you cum and it didn’t stop, you were screaming now as a huge multiple orgasm racked your body, not being able to stand much more you kicked me out of you just as my cum was rising up my shaft!! Kneeling above you I grabbed my pulsating cock and sprayed you from head to foot in hot cum. I had not cum this hard since I was a teen, jet after jet after jet arcing through the air and hosing your body.We finally finished lying exhausted, covered in sweat and cum on your marital bed! Time for a shower I think………Clare……….I laid on the bed and Peter was soon back to its erect state and I wanted more sex as much as he did. His stamina is amazing, and I found it incredible that he could take me to the limit, satisfying me every time we met and leaving me exhausted after each encounter.He was again giving me what could only be described as a pounding as his cock penetrated me forcibly as his finger was probing my anus.I was now in a such a state of arousal that I was screaming out in pleasure as I had orgasm after orgasm until I couldn’t take any more and pushed him aside.He knelt up beside me and after a few strokes of his cock he sprayed my body, face and hair with more cum than I have ever seen a man generate including the porn stars on xhamster. We just looked at each other and smiled and he then took my hand and put it to my face and I could feel how much he had deposited it there. How we laughed and then I realised that we had “done it” in my marital bed and that this had been witnessed by my k**s and husband although only by their photographs on the bedside table. I was feeling guilty, but I loved and wanted Peter so much that I had to put it out of my mind.We went and showered together and it was the longest time I had spent showering ever. We didn’t stop kissing and hugging and soaped each other and I couldn’t believe it as he he managed to get another erection and slipped it inside me for another quickie fuck.We then dried off and it was lovely knowing that we had the rest of the day together.I just put on my bath robe and got a clean one of my husbands from the airing cupboard and then went back downstairs where I made coffee for the both of us. We relaxed and chatted and then the doorbell rang and I thought I had better answer it and when I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes as it was Suzanne. She told me she had been bored and returned earlier than she had planned.I invited her in and she laughed as she saw Peter and said ” You naughty but luck girl Clare”I made her a coffee and we all sat chatting about what we had been doing since we last saw each other.The doorbell rang again and I opened it to see the postman standing there with a big smile on his face holing a parcel that had obviously been damaged. “Can you check that everything is ok with the goods as I have to report back in case of a claim”At this stage I was suspicious that he may well have damaged it enough so as to see me again.He followed me into the house and his jaw dropped as he saw that I had visitors………………………Peter………………..When I saw Suzanne turn up I knew I was in trouble, there is only so much one man can do and I knew these two were insatiable! Just then there was another knock on the door, you came back and introduced Dave the postman! He was stuttering about some story with a damaged parcel but I could see by the way he was looking at you and Suzanne he had other things on his mind, the poor guy seemed a little out of his depth.As You opened the damaged package I started quizzing the postman and asked him about all the lonely housewives he must meet on his rounds and he isvecbahis giri┼č confessed that he was looking forward to it but has not met any yet as he hasn’t been doing the job long, he also confessed that he thought his luck had changed when Clare had opened the door this morning looking so sexy! All the time he was talking to me he was watching Clare. I think this maybe your lucky day I said as I saw the twinkle in your eye. Dave looked puzzled at my comment and then his jaw dropped open as you leaned over and kissed Suzanne sensuously! I recon you should stick around Dave and see what comes up! I…I…I might just d’…do that he stuttered, a bulge appearing in his shorts as Suzanne reached up to caress your pert breast’s.As you and I had made love several times already that day I was looking for an easy angle and I asked if you had a video camera? Great idea we can make a film for xHamster you said enthusiastically, my husband has one upstairs I will go find it, why don’t you guys go into the sitting room. By the time you returned Suzanne had Dave’s cock out and was stroking it slowly just in front of her face, hold that pose you said and handed me the camera, now I was a porn director!Dave was sat on the sofa, still not able to believe his luck! Suzanne was knelt between his legs and waiting to be told what to do. I guessed I better start directing! Ok Clare, remove Suzanne’s top and suck her tits as she sucks Dave’s cock, I watch through the view finder as you both do exactly that, wow this is going to be a lot of fun I thought! I zoomed the camera in and filmed you gently tonguing Suzanne’s nipple, slowly teasing it to a fully erect state! I film a real close up of your lips enclosing her stiff nipple and sucking deeply on the teat, every now and then watching your wet tongue swirl around her soft breast flicking and teasing her mercilessly, I capture your white teeth gently nipping and tugging at Suzanne’s dark stiff teat and it was making my mouth water.I panned back and then zoomed in on Suzanne as she slipped Dave’s long stiff cock in her mouth, she looked directly into the lens and just kept going taking Dave’s cock deeper and deeper until her nose touched his belly, the whole length of his cock was down her throat! I filmed Suzanne’s superb technique for a while and decided to give Dave even more of a treat! Clare join Suzanne at Dave’s cock and give him a double tongue bath I ordered as my camera zoomed in on both of your wet tongues sliding up and down Dave’s glistening shaft.Poor Dave looked close to loosing it and I saw that you both had a hand between each others legs, looking for release, time for the next act I thought. Suzanne get up and straddle Dave’s cock facing him as he scoots forward with his bum on the edge of the couch. Clare, stand over Dave with your pussy just in front of her face! I started the camera again and filmed Suzanne’s freshly shaved, smooth pussy parting as she slid slowly down Dave’s shaft, I loved filming her hands sliding slowly up the backs of your legs and stopping on your bottom as she pulled your pussy towards her hungry mouth, I saw your fingers curl into her hair as you pulled her face harder into your sex. Dave started to sit up a little and I saw you jump as his tongue swiped across your other hole. I knew this was the first time you had ever been rimmed and I wanted it on film, I could see your legs trembling already as both Suzanne and Dave worked their long slippery tongues into you. Dave was literally tongue fucking your ass as Suzanne concentrated on your clit……………..Clare…………Dave the Postman was younger than us and probably in his early 20’s. To be honest I thought he looked very hunky with broad shoulders and he obviously kept himself in trim.When he came in he was very surprised to see Suzanne and Peter and I soon introduced them to him and I saw Suzanne wink and smile at me.I went over and kissed her fully on the lips and then we were soon tonguing each other which we both enjoyed immensely since we fell in love in Malta. Dave just couldn’t take his eyes off us, and the effect that it had on him was very obvious and the bulge in his shorts confirmed this.Peter asked if I had a video camera and I told him we had one in our bedroom. We went upstairs and I found it in a dressing table draw and when we returned to the lounge we were greeted with the sight of Suzanne deep throating Dave who was having the time of his life as she took every inch of him. We could hear her slurping and sucking and Dave was now getting into a rhythm and was what I now to be the term “face fucking” her.Peter soon had the camera running and this beautiful sensual and erotic scene was being filmed with both of them giving it everything.Peter was now directing operations and told me to join them and give him a double tongue bath and I didn’t hesitate as we were both now giving him something that he couldn’t have dreamed off when he set out on his round this morning.Peter told Suzanne to fuck Dave and she soon had him on his back and sliding down on his cock taking all of him. I was told to offer my pussy to Suzanne and she was now giving me a wonderful tonguing which was so good. She was certainly an expert on that and it was just one of her many attributes she had to offer.Dave was now at my anus and his tongue was now giving me another sensual and wonderful first and I was squirming with pleasure as they both worked on me. I was getting wetter and wetter and Suzanne just sucked all my juices into her mouth as all I could do was moan and groan as two of my guests brought me to a final climax………………….Peter…………………It had been several days since I had seen Clare and we were missing each other badly, then out of the blue I got an email from her, she wanted to meet at the Lime Tree Hotel, just outside of Lyndhurst, I couldn’t wait! I knew it was just going to be the two of us but Clare had promised a surprise! I was wearing my best suit and tie, as this place was extremely posh, I was the first one to arrive so I ordered a drink and found a quiet corner to sit down and wait. 5 minutes later I saw Clare walk in, she looked stunning in a very nice almost business suit that fitted her slim body to perfection. She had not noticed me sat in the corner and walked up to the bar to order her drink. As the barman was poring her drink she saw me from the corner of her eye and cool as a cucumber turned her back and smoothed her hands over her very pert bottom! She knew the effect this would have on me and she was right!She didn’t come over as I expected her to, she just sat at the bar with her mobile phone, two seconds later my text alert sounded and there was a message from Clare, “upstairs room 135, 10 minutes” and that was all it said? she gulped the last of her drink gave me a wink and left the bar…..That was it, I was left there with a semi hard cock wondering what the hell was going on? 10 minutes later I went to the room and knocked on the door, as it opened I could not believe my eyes, Clare was stood there in a very micro and very, very sexy nurses uniform!!Ah Peter, please come in Clare said as she shut the door behind us, she then walked into the room leaving me at the door completely gobsmacked, she looked stunning and sooo sexy! I watched closely as she stood with her back to me, her 4″ heels accentuating her long shapely legs, I was aware that my cock was beginning to slide down my leg as I drank in the erotic sight before me.Clare bent over from the waist and pretended to smooth the blankets on the bed, her very short skirt rose up completely exposing her white panty clad and very pert bottom and my cock started jumping as the blood pounded through it! Clare looked over her shoulder, “my, my Peter, you look like you are getting a bit of a temperature! I think you better lie down for a minute” she said as she slowly shifted her weight causing her bottom to slowly wiggle in a most erotic way.I stumbled into the room and done as told, laying on the bed Clare looked down “Oh dear, it looks like you have a bad swelling that will require attention?” Uh hu! was all I could manage! Now bending from the waist again Clare slid her hand over my swollen cock as she made sure I could see straight down her cleavage as she did so, “I think we should relieve the pressure” she said slowly sliding my fly open and flipping my belt buckle open. Clare let out a little gasp when she saw how hard she had made me “Oh my, this looks more serious than I thought” she said, “this will call for something special! Lets get you out of those clothes”.Once I was completely undressed I stood there with my extremely hard shaft bobbing about in front of me, Clare stood there staring directly at my cock, long legs slightly apart, her finger to her bottom lip looking as if deep in thought, “Yes” she said suddenly! “Come with me, I think I have something that may help” she took gently hold of my cock and pulled me towards the bathroom! I want you to lay down in the bath Clare said, then as I laid back in the bath Clare stepped in and stood astride me with her feet either side of my hips. I saw Clare shudder and she said “god I feel so naughty” it was then I had an inkling into what was to come! I could not believe my eyes!! Clare was about to pee on my throbbing cock!! This felt sooo naughty, I had seen this on xHamster before but no one had ever done it to me before! Clare really was a bad girl now! She slowly squatted down until her tight panty clad pussy was just inches from my cock. She giggled and I saw a small wet patch appear on the front of her white panties. I still couldn’t quite believe she was about to pee on me! I looked up and Clare was smiling down at me, I think she was enjoying the feeling of being such a bad, bad girl! Next I feel a hot stream of pee hitting my cock! I really didn’t expect it to feel so erotic? I could feel her boiling pee splashing on my balls and across my stiff cock and looking down I could see the golden stream poring from her white panties and god it looked so naughty.Even though she was giggling like a schoolgirl, to Clare this must have been way outside her normal comfort zone, but just as I was thinking that she pulled her panties to one side and started rubbing her pussy causing the stream of pee to fly everywhere and it felt so hot, as the flow subsided Clare started to cum, this is one of the quickest climaxes I had ever seen her have! Her knees gave way and she collapsed on top of me and we kissed wildly. Clare sat isvecbahis g├╝venilirmi up and grabbed the shower head and started washing us down, she was jacking my hard shaft with her soapy hands and I knew I would not last long, I wanted her there and then, she was soaked, still in her nurses uniform, albeit minus her panties now! I lifted her leg to allow me access to her and lined my cock up to her willing entrance, I thrust forward until I felt our pubic bones grind together, I could already feel the cum rising in my balls and we clung tightly to each other as the water cascaded over us, Clare’s pussy started to pulse around my cock as another orgasm swept over her we had hardly moved and I just let myself go, without moving Clare’s pussy milked my cock deep within her. If I had died there and then I would have been a very happy man!………….Clare……………I thought it was time to have a bit of erotic fun with Peter and had arranged to meet him at The Lime Tree Hotel nr Lyndhurst.Peter had already arrived when I had checked in. I was handed room key 135 and I decided to text his mobile with a message to meet me in my room in 10 minutes.I quickly changed into a sexy nurse’s uniform which I had bought at a sex shop in Salisbury. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it I saw Peter and his face was a picture.I took him by the hand and led him in to the room and continued to tease him and saw that it had worked as his huge bulge was now visible.I told him that I would certainly try and relieve the pressure in his trousers and told him to undress.He was now at full erection and that is some awesome sight in itself as I had witnessed many times before.I already had a preconceived plan and told him to go and lie in the bath but not to run any water. He looked puzzled but he did as I asked. I then joined him and stood astride him and squatted over his erect throbbing cock. It then dawned on him that I was going to try out my first “watersports” on him. I started to pee through my white knickers and it was splashing all over his shaft and then pulled them aside and played with myself and in doing this the pee splashed everywhere even on his chest.I continued to “girly play” and soon had a wonderful orgasm which Peter was able to witness close up as my cum seeped through my lips.I then squatted down and took Peter’s cock in me and I was now riding him and loving every moment. He turned on the shower head and washed us down as we fucked in the bath and it was an experience I will never forget.I felt Peter explode inside me and we collapsed in each others arms.We both got out of the bath, dried off and then I was ready to give him another surprise I had thought that might please him.I pulled five silk scarves from my bag and handed them to Peter. I smiled at him and suggested that we might try some light bondage. Oh yes please he replied.I lay on the bed with my arms and legs spread…………………………….Peter………….This really is going to be a day to remember I thought as Clare handed me 5 long silk scarves and bounced on the bed. She was completely naked from the shower and at first was on all fours facing away from me, she then looked over her shoulder and lowered her arms, erotically displaying her lovely bottom and small neat pussy, she had a real playful look in her eyes as slowly and seductively wiggledher bottom at me, I could have jumped her there and then, the life surged back into my cock as I watched her provocative display.Then quick as a flash she flipped over and lay spread eagled on the bed!I slipped a scarf around each ankle and wrist and tied Clare, gently but quite securely to each post of the big old iron bed, I then stood back and admired her, she was helpless before my gaze and I am not sure if she was ready for the feeling of being so naked and so exposed! Her body looked so fit as it was pulled taught by the scarves, I watched her lithe body as she writhed slightly as if to feigned escape….god she looked gorgeous! I was going to really make the most of this. Taking the fifth remaining scarf I stood above Clare looking down on her I slowly and lightly traced the scarf up and down her long shapely legs not quite reaching her smoothly shaven sex, I could see goose bumps appear all over her body and she shivered with anticipation as the silk slid over her skin. I was slowly stroking my cock as I teased Clare and I could see her watching me, I would change that in a while when the fifth scarf would cover her eyes, but right now I wanted her to see the effect she was having on me as I teased her mercilessly. Now I laid the scarf in between Clare’s widely spread legs and slowly, ever so slowly drew it across her smooth pouting sex and up her body, Clare was now starting to writhe uncontrollably, her hips were making small involuntary fucking motions, completely beyond her control.From my vantage point above her I was looking directly at her open sex watching her small hunching motions as a glistening bead of sweet juice was squeezed from her tight pussy and rolled down across the rose bud of her ass.I traced the scarf lightly up the rest of Clare’s body, circling her small firm tits and across her very hard and erect nipples. I lowered myself down and straddling Clare’s chest lifted her head to tie the fifth scarf across her eyes, cheekily as I lifted her head to tie the knot she popped the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked her mouth back off it with a loud pop! She repeated this three or four times as I finally got the blindfold secured, by this time my cock was jumping and pulsing, as hard as a rock. Clare laid her head back on the pillow and was now still, not too sure what was to happen next! Clare’s mouth was still open and she was provocatively running her tongue lightly around her lips and I could not resist, once more feeding my cock into her hungry looking mouth, so kneeling above her head I slipped the head of my cock into her mouth and she sucked on it with relish, I was kneeling above her slowly face fucking her bound body as she expertly sucked me close to the point of no return!I pulled back sharply, not wanting to fill Clare’s pretty mouth too soon. I was quiet now so Clare did not know where I was or what I was doing, I stayed that way until she started moving her head around, searching with her only remaining sense, that of her hearing, but I was silent! Bending forward carefully avoiding touching the bed I breathed out on Clare’s cool nipple, she stiffened as she felt and heard my breath so I traced a light wet circle around her areola and she pushed her breast up towards me but I backed off, I wanted this to last a long time. Clare relaxed back onto the bed and I again lent forward, this time I tongued her nipple directly, nipping it with my lips and blowing gently, cooling it to the point of cold, then again taking the whole nipple back into my hot wet mouth. All this time I had not touched any other part of Clare’s body and her whole sensory system was now concentrated on that one nipple, judging by her breathing and body movement I would say she has never known pleasure like that from just having her nipple slowly teased and loved.Once again I stopped! I stood up and remained silent, my cock was ready to explode but I daren’t touch it! I stepped silently to the end of the bed and knelt down and sucked her toes, this came as a great surprise for two reasons, obviously she didn’t expect that but secondly she had never had her toes sucked before and as my tongue slid in and around each little pinkie she again began involuntarily squirming her hips, trying, now more desperately to find some release for her aching tingling pussy. As I concentrated my mouth on one foot my hand started lightly tracing little lines on her legs, short lines always going up, not up and down and alternating from one leg to the other, this started from the ankles and slowly got higher, Clare was almost screaming by the time I got within an inch of her sex! Again I stopped and stood still, this time Clare was desperately trying to close her legs and get some sort of release “oh fuck…..rub me……rub my pussy please!!! NOW!!!” I waited another thirty seconds, to Clare this seemed like an hour! I wet my middle finger and without her knowing what was coming slid my wet finger up the lips of her open sex and traced a line directly over her hard clit! WOW!!! It was like a bomb had gone off, her hips bounced up off the bed and she screamed for release again I denied it and she was really straining at the silken bonds that held her, her whole mind beginning to fill with one thought….Release!!! She was desperate to get to her hot pussy and put out the fire that had been ignited there by her brain and my teasing. Bending forward again I planted my mouth directly over her pulsating clit! Clare went wild! She was bucking her hips up to my lips and I could tell she was so close, juice boiled from her pussy and I know that if she could have got her hands free she would have tried to pull my whole head into her! But right now I was still in control, I licked her beautiful pussy for about a minute before once again pulling back. That was it for Clare, she yelled out not caring who heard her “FUCK ME!!!…..FUCK ME NOW!!!!…..PLEEEEEASE!!!!I did’t know how much longer I could let her go like this but I guessed she was fit to burst right then so I climbed between her legs and held my cock millimetres from her wet open pussy, I could not resist one last taunt so I lent forward and whispered in her ear, what? now? to which she replied “YES FOR FUCK SAKE FUCK ME NOW!!!!! I loved this base, a****listic side of Clare, never seen in her daily life but when she wants fucking and she wants it bad, watch out! With that I plunged my cock into her with one powerful thrust and didn’t stop, I fucked Clare as hard and as fast as I could, pounding her into the bed and she screamed out as an enormous orgasm racked her body but there was no rest for her I kept going flat out, full long hard strokes until a second cum was crashing through her and then I let go, feeling her tight pussy clasp rhythmically at my cock was enough to make me release my hot seed deep within her womb.There was no come down this time no petting no release from the bonds either, not just yet. I pulled my spent but still hard cock from Clare’s beautiful pussy and stood away silent again, I just let her come to terms with what she had just been through on her own. She laid there breathing hard for what seemed like ages before she finally said “Oh my fucking god!!!” That was what I was waiting to hear, I removed her blindfold and she just smiled up at me with a very sated sleepy look in her lovely eyes, I bent down and kissed her softly then undone her bonds as she pulled me back into the bed………………

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