Cold October rain


Cold October rainI’ll write this in several segments, “Cold October rain” is the beginning of how I met my last lover back in 2001.My husband and I lived in what was a semi rural town with lots of freedom after we were married. An older house with two lots on a not so busy street with fairly nice older neighbors who minded their own business unless stirred, but friendly enough folks. Well, as with all things, change was in the wind. The older neighbors began dying off, replaced with younger people who demanded change in the neighborhood and township. Our somewhat rural atmosphere began to be regulated quite heavily, many of the freedoms we once enjoyed were now gone, or going away, and the newer residents had no problem in reporting any infractions of the newer ordinances imposed. We decided it was time to move to a more rural and friendly place. I got a realtor in June of 2001 and began the search for a more suitable home for us and the dogs. Our credit was good, but we needed to buy before putting our place up for sale, way too much stuff to move somewhere temporarily then move again once we found what we were looking for. We decided we needed to save every cent we could, we would live on my husband’s wages, I worked part time for the local paper, good pay, but not enough hours to rapidly save a bunch so I took a second part time casual job with another publishing company and bank all my pay for our house in the country.. I would work for the paper from four in the afternoon to around nine or ten at night, then drive a short distance to my second job after calling in ahead to be sure there was work for me and sometimes work until eight or nine the next morning, but most times getting off around five or six, going home and walking our Golden Retreiver in a near-by park to wind down before a shower and sleep. This heavy schedule of course put a strain on our sex life, both of us working Monday through Friday, my husband days, and me all night, then top that off with an eager realtor wanting to show houses on Saturdays left very little time for play and fun. My husband to his credit did most of the cooking, the wash, (as best he could) and tidied up a bit after work. I was content with left-over whatever and we both did the shopping. Our weekends usually went from Saturday mornings looking at houses to sleep for me in the afternoons, a Sunday morning play time in bed, some rest, a dinner out in the evening, then start the work process all over. Being forty at the time, I got frequent urges for sex, and what I couldn’t surpress, I took care of either with fingers, or toys usually either on going to bed, or when I awoke. I had two favorite toys, a Rabbit for those times I just needed a quick release and orgasm, and a very realistic six inch dildo with balls for those times I needed a bit of fantasy. Usually waking horny, I would explore with a few fingers before rolling over to the nightstand drawer and greeting my dildo with a kiss, lick, and sometimes more oral play and fantasy then toss the covers off, position myself and work the toy in and out of my wet pussy until I achieved a good fantasy and orgasm. I kept talking myself out of the first live cock that could give me some mid-week relief and sexual pleasure I so yearned for, and there were a few guys at the paper who I knew would be willing to give me just that! Most were married and it would be just a dangerous quickie in the parking lot anyway, so I let them tease, smile, and went about my business.Walking my dog in the park, I began to notice some people who were there on a regular basis the same time as me, a mix of other women, older couples, and some single men walking for the excersize as they had measured courses around the park. Some brought k**s to allow them to dump their energy on the play sets while they sat on bench’s and watched, chatted with other people there with the same idea. One guy around my age who always seemed to be there unless it rained would walk a little, sip coffee bought from a nearby store, and just hang out in the mornings. We would sometimes greet each other and walk short distances together and within a few weeks we introduced ourselves and found ourselves walking and chatting regularly, Denny was a self employed computer consultant, divorced, and had a town house in a new development near by, neatly tucked away across the street from the shopping plaza which was right around a mile from our house. Our meetings became a regular thing, I would bring a paper and Denny would bring an extra coffee for me, we would walk and chat, sit at a bench and talk, all perfectly innocent. I did fantasize at times alone, having sex with him, but they were canlı bahis just fantasies and not very frequently about him, but the spark was there that could ignite a sexual affair.This went on for over a month, just meeting at the park some mornings through September, into October. One night when I called my casual job for hours, they said they didn’t have anything for me that night and wished me a restful sleep. It wasn’t to be, some girls I worked with invited me to go out for drinks that evening after work, I declined, they persisted saying I would be thrown off my sleep cycle and we could go to the bar close to my house, (right between where Denny and I lived). It was a nice evening with a cool breeze, so I finally accepted and about six of us stormed the bar around ten thirty. Most of us went in in our t-shirts since it was such a nice day and evening, but I had a jacket which I left in the car as most of us did that time of year. The place was busy and we all parked across the road in a stone lot the bar had for overflow parking. We got two tables and put them together, a few girls got mixed drinks, the rest of us shared pitchers of beer paying little mind to who came and went. A few guys would nod and smile as they passed, Jim, who worked at the paper stopped briefly and chatted, wished us a good safe night and left after one beer then came back in to warn us it was beginning to rain and we better have our windows up in our cars. We thanked him and bid him a good night. A short time later people who came in were wearing jackets and saying how it was pouring and turned much cooler. I hadn’t noticed until I felt a hand on my shoulder and a familiar voice, “Hi Carol!” I turned and there stood Denny who had been sitting at the bar nursing a beer. I returned his greeting and offered him a place at our table, he refused, but offered any of us a ride to our cars since his was just outside the door. Finishing our drinks, one of the girls said good night and got up to leave, she was soon back saying how hard it was raining, she in a t-shirt like most of us ask me if my friend might take her across the road to her car as he said he would, another girl offered to go with her. I said sure, and went to the bar to ask Denny to make good on his offer, He said he would and immediately left his stool, told the girls to wait by the door and went out in the downpour to start his car and open the door for them. We heard his horn and the girls rushed out. A short time later, he was back, soaking wet, looked to our table and said, “Next?” Several more left the table and took Denny’s offer for a shuttle to their cars, even the ones with jackets. I remained in the bar, planning on being last and thanking Denny for his generosity by buying him a beer. The girls gone, he came in one last time, “Carol? Want a ride across the road, the car’s nice and warm now.””I thought I would buy you a beer for shuttling us.” I offered.”Nope! I’m too cold and wet for that now, come on!” He replied.I left my share of the tip and rushed to the door with Denny. The overhang of the bar had no rain gutters and water poured down on me in the short distance to Denny’s big green Pontiac. I shivered getting in but the heat from the vents felt oh so nice! He did a quick U-turn and across the road to my car, I didn’t want to leave the warmth of the Pontiac and Denny must have sensed it, he offered to start my car to warm up while I enjoyed the heat of his car. I gave him my keys and into the rain he went, starting it and turning on the lights for me. The only thing he forgot was my jacket, but I wouldn’t ask him to go out again to get it, I could stand being wet as long as I had the heat from his car blowing on me. “Stay as long as you like and warm up.” He said. I thanked him and we began to talk a bit. Several times I caught him looking at my chest, later I noticed why. Even with a bra on, my nipples protruded a bit in the wet t-shirt. I ask him what he was looking at, just to make conversation and tease a little, he answered, “Your lovely tits!..You mind?” “No, go right ahead!” I laughed, and he leaned over taking me by surprise, a hand on my belly and his lips touching mine and began kissing me, probing my mouth with his tongue, his hand crept up under my shirt freeing my tits from the bra and fondling them. Breaking the kiss he leaned back a little, lifted the wet t-shirt, got a good look at what I said he could and began kissing me again. Our tongues intertwined, I groaned with pleasure until the kiss was broken again and he whispered in my ear, “I know you’re married, but how about a little hand-job before you go…”Scenes of cocks, sucking them, fondling them, bahis siteleri fucking them flashed through my mind, but not once giving a thought to my husband or marital status. His fingers lightly pinched my nipple and I replied, “How about a blow-job instead? I’ve been told I’m pretty good…””Oh yeah!” He said, “How about we get that wet shirt and bra off first though, huh? I’d love to see those ta-ta’s loose and swinging!” I sat still while Denny pealed my shirt and bra off and over my head. I actually felt warmer without them on anyway. Letting him get his look and feel I nudged him back in his seat and leaned over trying to undo the zipper on his jeans. He leaned the seat back and helped me not only with the zipper, but the belt and button as well. At that moment, nothing mattered except getting Denny’s hard cock in my mouth!It seemed like a struggle, but finally I had the object of my lust free and standing tall. I didn’t take any time to admire it, as soon as it was out I leaned forward kissing it, teasing it with my tongue, and caressing it’s head with my lips! I got my first taste of Denny’s cock and was weak with desire for it, nothing else mattered! I softly moaned as I sucked and licked it, I kissed his balls laying flat against his thighs and eagerly went back to sucking his hard, warm, pulsing cock. My tongue orbited the head, my lips rotated around the shaft, and my head began bobbing up and down on it. Denny groaned, “I never thought I’d get this lucky tonight!” as he wiggled his hand under me squeezing and fondling my tits, rolling my nipples between his fingers, “Sooo good! So fucking good!” He groaned, “It’s been way too long!”I moaned softly as I made love to his cock with my mouth, “Ummph-Hummph! Me too! I’ve been lonely myself! I need this!” “And more?” he ask.”Uh-Huh!” I replied, my lips against his slippery cock.”Let’s go to my place then, hot shower, warm bed…” he suggested.The reality of things sank into my mind at that moment, my mind awoke from it’s lustful sexual greed and I was fully awake, “Do you have any condoms?” I ask, knowing I was about to fall into the category of cheating slut.”No, but there’s a store just down the road.” he offered.”Now, or do you want me to finish here?” I ask.”Now, we’ll finish in my bed, get in your car and follow me home after I stop and get condoms at the mini mart.” “Okay!” I answered, picking up my wet cold t-shirt to put on, “Fuck this!” I said, “I’m slipping in my car and just putting my jacket on, at least it’s dry.” I let Denny finish his titty play said, “See you soon!” wrapped myself in the wet t-shirt and leapt from his car to mine tossing the cold wet shirt on the passenger seat and wrapping myself in my jacket. Denny motioned to me to follow him and slowly drove out of the parking lot to the store. As I waited in my car for him to purchase the condoms I began to think of what I was getting myself into, but the allure of having a hard cock to suck and fuck through the week surpressed any guilt or common sense that began to surface in my mind. I followed Denny through the light and turned into the complex behind him, parking beside him at his townhouse.”Grab your wet things, we’ll put them in the dryer!” He called out as I was exiting my car. In his hand, he held my bra smiling.I ran to the door while he unlocked it, purse and t-shirt in hand. The inside wasn’t quite what I would have expected, everything matched and was clean like a model home. Small pillows adorned all the living room furniture and pictures of Denny’s k**s on the tables. “C’mon, lets get a nice warm shower!” He said leading me up the stairs. We stripped and tossed our wet clothing in the dryer, it was then he noticed my shaved pussy, “WOW! It’s shaved bare! I like that!” as he guided me under the warm spray of water. He positioned me under the jets of warmth sucking and licking my tits, his hand slipped between my thighs.”No…I want to finish what we started in the car.” I whispered, “Turn around and let me in front of you.” We switched places and I slid to my knees taking his hard cock in my mouth again. My mouth bobbed up and down on his hard cock while my tongue teased the head, just like I was taught. Several minutes into giving some of the best head I’d ever given, he pulled out and began stroking his cock, I thought, “What the hell…Oh, okay. I’ve seen this in movies, I hold my mouth open waiting for him to cum.” Nope, when he groaned and started to squirt, he aimed it at my chest and tits. He sprayed cum all over them. I was stunned, over twenty guys have had blow-jobs from me and not one ever jerked off to finish themselves and cum on my tits, face…yes, but I usually güvenilir bahis expect to swallow!..sometimes even after getting fucked. “Oh yeah, there you go!” He said, rather prideful of himself and helped me up, “I’ll let you clean up while I get the bed ready.” He said and left the shower. “Towel’s on the sink, okay?” and I heard the door quietly close behind him. I washed the cum off my chest, gave my hair a rinse, and gave myself a quick soap and water douche before turning off the water. I dried myself and looked for a hair dryer, none to be found, put on a little eye make-up and left the bathroom for the main bedroom down the hall. I passed one room, turned into an office, the only room in the place that things were the least bit messy. The bedroom was neat as a pin, with more pillows all over the place, “You have a very tidy housekeeper.” I teased, “What’s with all the pillows though?””My mom, she makes them and comes over Mondays and Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays to cook and clean.” He said.”Okay…how do you want me?” I smiled.He took a large pillow and placed it in the center of the bed, patted it and said, “Put your ass right here!” As I crawled into position, he stacked pillows at the head of the bed, “Rest your head here so you can watch!” and he straddled my body kissing me and working his way down my neck to my tits, cradling one while sucking the other, then kissed his way down my belly to my waiting pussy. I watched as he kissed my slit and using both hands, I held things open for him using my thumbs. He began kissing and lapping, trying to fuck me with his tongue. I remained patient as he worked his way to my clit, giving it licks and sucks and kiss’s, it took him a while, but he finally did make me cum, not like my husband, but he was willing to give it a good try. He crawled between my legs and teased my slit with his cock. “No-no, lover! Condom first!” I reminded him. He took the package from the nightstand, opened it and ripped a foil envelope open. I helped roll it on thinking, “What a waste, but better safe than sorry.” Denny’s cock was maybe a bit bigger than my husbands, but no matter, I needed fucked! As soon as Denny slid his cock into me, I felt a rush of sexual frustration leave my aching loins, “Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard!” I pleaded as his cock slid in and out of me, getting harder and faster with each stroke! “Ah yes!” I thought, “If I can keep this little secret, I’ll be well fucked and happy until we finally move!” Denny said he loved the way my tits sloshed back and fourth as he fucked me, he didn’t know it yet, but I love dirty talk during sex and the more he talked, the closer I was to orgasm. I had several minor tremors, but didn’t reach a full orgasm before he did, he held his cock in deep and filled the tip of the condom with cum, cum I wished he could have shot in my mouth!..if I would have trusted him that far. He was in me for a few moments after he came, he kissed me, pulled out and rolled over removing the condom, pinched it between his fingers and went to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet, (didn’t want mom to find it in the trash!). I thought I had enough fantasy material to make myself cum for days to come, or until the next time. When he returned, we exchanged phone numbers and I agreed to stop by Thursday morning for more extra-marital cock. It was by this time almost three in the morning, I didn’t want to go home and see my husband right away after sucking and fucking Denny so he let me stay and take a nap in his bed until six. On waking to the alarm, I ask if he wanted another blow-job to hold him over until Thursday morning. Of course he did! After our trips to the bathroom we lay together in bed, I playing with his cock and balls, him slowly playing with my dampening pussy. I finally leaned over to take him in my mouth, “Wait.” he said, “Get on your knees in the middle of the bed.” He stood as I crawled to my knees and wrapped my lips around his cock, tongue swirling around the head, mouth bobbing up and down, sucking cock like a good married slut! I concentrated on giving the best blow-job I was capable of, and this time I would make him cum in my mouth! Weather he wanted to or not! I sucked him off a good twenty to thirty minutes and when he went to pull out, I grabbed his ass and shoved my mouth over his cock deeper and kept sucking, “Nope!” I finally said, “I want you to cum in my mouth!” and went back to sucking his hard cock with fury. He groaned and tensed, finally releasing rope after rope of hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all and gave it a big kiss. He explained that his ex-wife never let him cum in her mouth, only on her tits. My reply was, “I’m not your ex-wife, I’m your new no strings lover, and I swallow cum.” By seven-thirty I was on my way home. Denny said he had work to get ahead on since Thursday morning would be “taken” enjoying his new lover. “

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