College life 15


College life 15!***********************With classes here on Monday in late October, the weather seemed to changeovernight after a nice rain shower all through the night. I was ready andwoke Kris to start our first classes. To get the week started right, myprofessor announced we’d have a nice little test come Friday. If thatwasn’t enough, in the next class, the bitchy old professor laid a test onus for Friday as well. Now, I wasn’t happy and didn’t hide my feelingswhen we ate lunch today with Jess and one of his friends from his classes.After lunch was my art class. I held my breath while the professor passedout our test. I didn’t score like I wanted to but it would do. At thatmoment I didn’t care with two other tests on the horizon.Reilly sat next to me there and did worse with Hayden’s score being soclose to mine. After class, the three of us talked. After Reilly asked, Iheaded to his dorm with him. I meet his two other suitemates. I reallyput on my best face with the upcoming test in the back of my mind.We didn’t do much at all. Right before I left, Reilly asked me to go tohis room. With his bed vaulted above, he sat me in his desk chair.”Matt, you know what I want,” Reilly said with a smile.”Reilly, I like you and all but I can’t do it every time you see,” I said.”Why not? Was I not good?””You were great at sucking my dick. You don’t have to do it every time,” Ireplied.”I want to, Matt. There’s nothing more I like than wrapping my lips arounda big dick like yours. Ask Jeff and Lane. They know.””Know you like sucking dick or like sucking theirs?” I questioned.”Both actually. Sucked Jeff’s nice cock last night. He wanted it so Idelivered,” Reilly said like it was really nothing.Reilly gave me the complete wrong answer and not what I really wanted tohear. “Reilly, I really do need to head back. I’ve got a ton of studyingto do. Thanks though.””Is there a problem, Matt?” he asked loudly.”I just came out of one relationship where the guy fucked behind my back,”I said. “I’m not going there again.””Who said anything about a relationship in the first place? I want us tobe friends, even more after blowing you,” Reilly stated. “Can we be fuckbuddies?””I don’t think so,” I said.”I wish I’d known that and the fact you were using my ass for a rebound,”Reilly said loudly with hands on his hips.”Sorry, I didn’t mention that to you but it was three weeks ago if notlonger now. It wasn’t a rebound.””Fine, dude! I’ll see you around. Lose my number and don’t call me whenyou want that big dick of yours sucked,” Reilly stated smartly.”Hey, let’s just be friends alright?” I asked to make some peace betweenus.”That’s really all I ever wanted in the first place. There’s no sense inhaving a steady boyfriend with all the hotties around here like you,”Reilly smiled at me. “Just keep my number and call anytime.””I will,” I said.”So we’re cool right?” he asked.”Yeah, we are,” I replied with a smile.”Now drop those jeans and let me have it,” he laughed.”Maybe some other time but right now I’m not in the mood,” I said.”Your loss,” he said.I headed for the door and escaped. It was somewhat disappointing but I wasglad it came out before I became too attached. I decided to enjoy all thefriends I had made and make the most of it.My room was quiet when I entered. I turned up the heat with a chill in theair in our room. I picked up Kris’s mess and a little of mine. I sat downand began organizing things for the two tests at the end of the week.The door flew open about thirty minutes later with Kris walking inside inhis shorts and cut up tee along with Colt and Jess.”There you are,” Kris said to me. “Where have you been? We waited foryou…””Yeah, we saw Corey working there too,” Jess said before I could reply.”I had things to do,” I stated. “Sorry, I missed out.””Kris is one strong dude,” Colt stated in his shorts and sleevelesstee. “They both showed me I have a ton of catching up to do.”Kris being Kris stripped down right without a second thought. “Damn dude,”Colt said.I laughed, “It’s nothing new.””Hey, Matt loves seeing me naked,” Kris stated.”I don’t,” Colt said with his head turned away from Kris. “Y’all do thisshit in front of each other?””Yeah, why not? We’re both guys,” Kris replied and grabbed his towel andshower stuff.”True but Matt is gay,” Colt said and turned around.Kris with his towel around him walked up to Colt. “My suggestion is eitheraccept him, Corey and any others or don’t hang around us.””Okay, I’m trying. If y’all can do it, I guess I can too,” Colt said.They walked out with Kris heading to the shower. Kris finished his showerand returned. “I don’t know about Colt, Matt. The dude seems like areally cool guy but he can’t get past the fact you’re gay.””I can see that. Kris, I didn’t expect everyone to be like they are. I’lljust have to show him I’m pretty much a regular guy like he is but likesguys.””I hope that works. If he wants to make it hard and uncomfortable, hewon’t be welcomed like the others. I think he will since he hates hisroommate Bryan now. They were like us and best friends before coming tocollege. The way Colt puts it they aren’t now with both of them on eachother’s last nerve. Colt said they fight all the time about the stupidestshit. I’m glad we’re not like that,” Kris stated. “So really between us,where did you go or do I have to ask?””I went over to Reilly’s for a few minutes,” I replied.Kris smiled while dressing, “So when does he get to meet all of us?””I’ll just say I doubt you’ll ever meet him,” I said.”Oh well, it happens. You think you’re attracted to someone then youreally get to know them and they aren’t that attractive anymore,” Krisstated.”Wow Kris, you took the words right out of my mouth,” I stated.”I’m starting to learn more each day how you think,” Kris stated. “Wouldany of it have to do with Corey?””Hell no,” I said shaking my head. “We’re ancient history in my book.””Speaking of history, I probably need to start that paper that is due forThursday,” Kris stated.”I finished over the weekend. Let me know if you need any help,” I stated.”How much would it cost me for you to write my paper?” Kris asked.”I’m not doing that, Kris. I’m surprised you’d even ask,” I replied.Kris laughed, “Oh well, I knew the answer before I asked it but it wasworth a shot. karşıyaka escort I better get started then.”I left him alone and headed down the hall to Scott’s room. He and Juanwere chilling and kicked back. I hung out with them for most of theafternoon with Hayden coming along and joining us as well. When I returnedback to my room, Kris was still there and working hard on his paper. Heasked if I’d proof it while he went to the bathroom. Quickly, I saw thiswasn’t an easy fix. Together we amended the paper where it read likesomething Kris would do.Finished, Kris joked, “I think this is the first time in my life I everdidn’t finish a paper the night before. Matt, you’re starting to rub offon me.”I smiled, “Great then I am worth a little bit to you.”Our growing assembly of guys from our dorm headed out to eat on campus. Idid get to witness a little of what Kris spoke about with Bryan comingalong. He and Colt bickered back and forth like k**s while we ate. Weheaded back after a weird dinner in the fact maybe we were getting on eachother’s nerve plus the tone Colt and Bryan set forth.Kris, Jess, Colt and I gathered in our room.”Damn Colt, I thought you and Bryan were going to throw down,” Jess statedback in my room.”Fuck him! You see what I have to deal with. Here I thought we were bestfriends like Kris and Matt,” Colt said in disgust.”That happens but not so far with Matt and I,” Kris said.”Yeah but have any of us really fought?” Jess pondered.”Not that I can think of,” I said. “We all really get along pretty wellconsidering none of us really knew each other.””The key was Kris and his outgoing ass,” Jess laughed. “He’s the one thatmakes all this happen.””I’m about to blush over here but I’m just being myself,” Kris stated.”Matt, you’re really a cool guy. Anybody that puts up with Kris here allthe time must be a decent guy,” Colt said.”So are you saying…?” Kris asked.”Yeah, I’m down with him, Corey and whoever else is gay. I needed to beshown gay guys can be cool as hell,” Colt said. “I had the totally wrongimpression when I heard you were gay. Sorry about that, Matt.””Thanks,” I said with a smile.”He’s just saying that to get on our good side now,” Jess laughed.”No, it is all true but I do love hanging with you guys. I’ve had more funthese last few days than I’ve had the first two months here. I wish I’ddone this sooner,” Colt stated. “At first, I thought Kris was such a fakebut he’s as real as they come.””What you see what you get,” Kris stated. There was a quiet knock. Wewere joined by Liz. This really made Kris’s night. She had to endure allof us talking and them catching some football later on.”Liz, do you any girls you could hook me up with?” Colt asked her towardsthe end of the night.”Ummm… I’ll see what I can do,” Liz replied.”Find him the biggest slut you can,” Jess laughed.”Hell yeah, I’d be down with that for sure,” Colt laughed.Liz laughed, “Then it shouldn’t be hard then. No, I have someone in mind Ithink would be perfect for you, Colt.””Awesome!” Colt said. “I tried dating this one girl I went to high schoolwith that didn’t work at all here just like none of my old high schoolfriends have. I don’t know what it is about coming here but they’re alltrying to damn hard and being someone they are not.””That happens,” Jess said while we continued to chat until slowly everyoneleft our room to do whatever.Before midnight, Kris threw off his clothes, underwear included and jumpedinto bed. I got down to my boxers.”So, are you trying something new tonight?” I asked.Kris smiled, “I did sleep nude a little in summer. It feels great. Ithought I try it again.””That makes it easier to…” I stopped.”Damn right it does,” Kris laughed. “It’s weird how I don’t care if youknow I jack off at night. I know you do too. However, don’t you ever getany weird ideas about helping me out. I’m perfectly happy doing it alone.””Kris, I’d never unless you asked,” I laughed.”Don’t hold your breath, Matt,” Kris said. “You know Liz really made mynight by showing up here.””I could tell the minute you saw her face.””Matt, so what happened between you and that guy?””Kris, he wasn’t the one for me. At first, I really could see us beingtogether. I’ll tell you,” I said and took a breath. “I thin 2000 k he’s thedesignated dorm cock sucker.””Oh shit!” Kris said. “Really?””Maybe not the entire dorm but he said he’d blown his roommates. I hadthis feeling something just wasn’t right about him in the beginning. Hewas being all nice…””Did you at least get your dick sucked?””Ummm… I did. Sad part is he was great but now I know why. Reilly hadbeen having lots of practice. I’m just now going with the flow here andnot worry one bit about romance.””You could get back with Corey.””I doubt that,” I said. “Been there and done that.””Why not, Matt? You were happier than ever when you were with him,” Krissaid. “Doesn’t that go for something?””Kris, he’s cheated before and will do it again,” I said.”You don’t know that for sure,” Kris stated. “Have you at least heardwhy?””Scott said a little something about it. Some fucking sorry excuse aboutI’d been with other guys and saw the difference. He wanted to see howother guys compared. If you ask me, that was a piss poor excuse.””Maybe it is. He may have seen that no one compared to you and won’t everdo it again. I mean come on there aren’t that many guys around here hunglike you.””You’ve been checking em out, I see,” I laughed.”Fuck you, Matt. You can’t help but see like when they step out of theshower. I’d be a fucking porn star if my dick was as big as yours.””I’m not that big, Kris,” I said.”Good night, mule,” Kris said. I slung my pillow and hit him for fun.Kris didn’t fight back and laughed. Just as I was about asleep I got hispillow upside my head. “We’re even now, bitch!” Kris said, laughing.I laughed and was thankful we could joke around without getting mad at eachother.The next day, it was nasty out with a strong wind blowing to make thingsthat much colder. It seemed fall never came and we went straight intowinter but it was nearing that time with Halloween this Saturday. Krisalmost fell asleep in our history class we shared. After class, we bothwent to our advisors to get everything set for the spring semester.Finished karşıyaka escort bayan with our advisors, a big group of us got on our computers and didour best to get classes together. I cussed out loud about having to signup for an 8 am Tuesday/Thursday class. That took most of the afternoon butwe finished that task with my course load being more than I wanted, 17hours compared to 15 the first semester. I started easy to adjust but knewthe second semester would be tougher. Again, Kris and I managed to grabHistory together along with Jess and Scott. Corey and I had one classtogether, Math whereas I was with Scott and Michael for a required scienceclass and lab.I was heading back to my room and felt a strong hand grab my arm. “Matt,I’m glad things worked out for us to have one class together,” Corey said.”That made my day right there.””We all worked it where we could have classes together. I don’t think Krishas a class without one of us in there,” I stated.”Do you think I could have a minute to where we could talk?” Corey asked.”I guess so,” I said.We headed to his room with Michael leaving. Corey sat on his bed while Igrabbed a desk chair.”Matt, things are really looking up for me now. I’m really close to beingback where I was before I lost my fucking mind that one weekend,” Coreystated.”Corey, we’ll make it,” I said.”I just wish I was back with you. Things really would be on the righttrack.””I’m sorry Corey. I really did like you but I’m doing my best to befriends.””You are and I do appreciate it. I wanted to experience someone different,sexually, Matt. You said you had so I thought I could sneak around andsee…””Stop it Corey. Scott told me,” I said in complete control. “You shouldhave thought of the consequences before you did it.””Matt, I’m going to tell me reason right here and now. I know it won’tmake a damn bit of difference but at least listen to me for once,” Coreysaid and raising his voice.”Alright, let me hear it,” I said.”It all started so innocently, really it did. I thought he was hot and hadone nice body, which he did. He was being all friendly and stuff to me atthe rec center but at the time I thought he was being nice. Then thatweekend with you gone, he called me and asked if he could come over. I sawreally no reason why not. Again he was very nice. Slowly he startedmaking his move. I knew it was wrong and saw my chance to see thedifference in men. All I figured maybe we’d kiss. We did that some butthen he started taking off my clothes. I said no but he said how hot hewas and great in bed. He just kept on and on until I finally caved in.Matt, after I did it, I felt awful but having you find out was the lastthing I ever expected,” Corey said.”Sorry excuse, Corey,” I said.”Matt, we did start out fast and furious…””You should have stopped me right then and told me to slow down…””I couldn’t Matt. I loved you and still do…” Corey said with tearswelling up in his eyes. “Matt, there’s no one out there like you. Youthought me how great love could be between two guys. He was nothing likeyou and in for one thing. As much as I knew he wasn’t right for me, I wentafter him. He was nothing but wrong for me.””Corey, maybe someday you’ll find someone just like me…””No Matt, I never will. I’ll just live with the fact one night fucked upmy life…””No it didn’t Corey…””Yes it did. I can’t get back the guy I love.””I’ve moved on and so should you. Corey, I think you’re a decent guy whohas battled through way more than I could. That shows me you will make it.Your home life isn’t good with alcohol all around you. You made it throughbeing m*****ed…””I have but I would be much happier but I hear you’ve got a new guy in yourlife. He’s so damn lucky.””Corey, he’s out of the picture. That’s all I’ll say about that.”Corey smiled, “Matt, when you’re ready, I’ll be here waiting.””Don’t waste your life away waiting. Experience dating others. You’ll seemaybe I’m not the best thing out there,” I stated.”As for now, I’ll be happy knowing I have some good friends who will makeit fun for all of us. I’m off Friday night so hopefully all of us canparty,” Corey said.”I hope I can and will sure need it. Got two big tests Friday,” I stated.”I have one tomorrow,” he said. “What’s with all of sudden these tests?”I laughed, “I don’t know. You’d think they could get together and spacethem out a little more.”We talked a little more and were civil. Michael walked into the room witha big smile on his face. “Guess who has a study date tonight with thiscute girl?” he asked.Corey laughed, “Good Michael. Go get you some and stop bitching andmoaning about never having a girlfriend.””I will trust me. By Friday, I better be getting my ass laid or else thatbitch will hit the street,” Michael said.”Michael, just be happy you have someone, alright?” Corey said.I laughed especially at Michael’s cockiness. I guess he was proud to haveat least score a study date with a girl. Boy, that’s my dream first datebut I was talking about Michael. He’s a good guy, I think, but rather dorkyand odd.I headed back to my room. Now I had heard Corey’s side but wasn’t theleast bit impressed with his reason. I knew without a single doubt if hedidn’t want to have sex he was physically capable of stopping it but henever did show his real strength now that I think about it. I really thinkhe wanted to see if there was any better out there than me. I hope he washappy with the results.My room was vacant. I snacked a little and didn’t see a reason for headingout with Kris gone. I knew I could scurry up a few but I stayed in my roomand chilled. About nine, the door come flew open. Kris came in and waslaughing his head off. The closer he got I could smell he’d been smoking.”I just knew you were over at Liz’s,” I stated.”Hell no, we all went out,” Kris giggled before jumping on his bed.”No, you all went and got high as shit,” I laughed.”Damn right we did. Scott hooked us tight,” Kris stated.”Next time, call your best friend while you’re at it,” I said.”Oh shit, we forgot all about it. Those dudes are a fucking trip,” Krissaid. “I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been this fucking high.””It does feel good,” I said.”Sure as hell does,” Kris said. “Now if I could have Liz over, escort karşıyaka I’d justtear up that pussy. Smoking weed makes my ass horny as fuck, too,” Krislaughed.”Call her and go get you some,” I said.”I think I’ll just do that,” Kris said. He grabbed his phone and was soongone.Before I turned out the lights to call it a night, Kris came back in theroom. I got to hear all about his night with Liz. It was exactly what Iwanted to hear, NOT! After finishing his story, he threw off his underwearand rolled over to sleep.Wednesday, it was weird and awkward with Reilly sitting next to me in myart appreciation class. He was so hot and I guess we could be friends likeHayden and I were. He reiterated his promise to blow me whenever I wantedonce we got alone. Now I wondered if he had the same arrangement withHayden.Back at the dorm, we all got dressed and head off to work out. Our groupwas as big as ever with Kris, Scott, Juan, Jess and Colt. When we arrived,Kris saw a guy he knew from one of his classes. Nothing doing that Krismade the guy, Alex, join us. I shook my head with Scott and I doing ourown thing and not trying to impress anyone. I did run into Corey and didsay hi first. He said hi back and continued doing whatever he was doing.Today for a change, we did bring a change of clothes since the weather wascool and didn’t want to risk heading out sweaty. With the open showers, weall had no problem stepping in. I did get a nice look at Colt. He hadbrown hair that was a little long, a nice tattoo on his right shoulder anda really cute body with nice pecs and shoulders. His cock is uncut anddidn’t look very big. He did have a little hair on his chest and reallyhairy pubes.After we finished, we headed to the hot tub to relax and kick back.”I see why Matt wanted to shower,” Colt laughed.”Yeah, he loves showing his big dick,” Jess stated. “I would too if I wasthat big.””Stop it. I’m not that much bigger than you,” I said. “I think it was Kristhat suggested we bring our stuff.””We’re all guys here and have the same shit,” Kris stated.”I’m just k**ding. I was in football for three years in high school. I’veseen plenty of guys naked,” Colt laughed.”Matt, see you should have played football,” Juan joked with me.”Like my skinny ass wouldn’t have got killed,” I laughed and was reallyenjoying soaking in the hot tub.”It would have. Can you just imagine seeing Matt get knocked on his ass?”Kris laughed.”I guess I should have tried being a kicker since I did play a littlesoccer in my day,” I stated.”Hell, I think we all did until we saw how fucking boring that shit was,”Scott said.”More boring that swimming,” Juan said.”To me it was,” Scott said.”Matt, you should have been a swimmer and got to wear those tight Speedos,”Jess said.”I was for a little while until I realized I sucked. I did like wearingthose Speedos though,” I said.”Hot as hell in a Speedo too,” Scott laughing. “I know all of you know I’mbi and I don’t care if you do.””We know. If that’s what melts your butter, then go for it, b*o,” Krissaid.We all got out and dressed. It was a nice change sitting and relaxing inthe hot tub as friends. We all said we needed to that more often.That night was about as normal as they come. Kris was out and going fromroom to room while I stayed put in my room. He did study a little but wasmore in the mood for hanging out with the guys.Thursday, I got an early jump on my studying. For some quiet, I headed tothe library so I wouldn’t be disturbed. Kris knew where I was and that Ihad said it’d be a long night. It was quiet in the library but it allow mesome really great study time without any distractions. After studying fora solid two hours, my legs needed stretched as well as my bladder neededdraining. I headed to the bathroom and saw this guy from one of theclasses I was studying for. I had sat by him a few times enough to knowhis name was Ben.”Hey Matt, are you studying?” Ben asked.I smiled, “Yeah for two test actually.””That sucks,” he said. “Taking a break, huh?””I am,” I said and continued walking. He was right with me. We enteredthe men’s bathroom and stood together at the urinals. I could see himgiving my cock the once over. He smiled while we zipped up and headed towash our hands.Ben was looking around, “You ever fuck around with guys?””Ummm… why?” I asked.”I’d go down on that big dick of yours in a heartbeat,” Ben replied.”Ummm… okay, but where?” I asked.”There’s this private bathroom on the second floor if you’re interested,”he said.”Show me the way,” I said. “I could use a nice break.”I was right behind him. Half way up, my mind started fucking with me butoh well, I thought. He went to the rear and locked the door after weentered the small bathroom. Ben wasn’t the best looking guy ever with abuzzed head and sort of big. He dropped to his knees while I pushed downmy jeans and boxers. eec He reached and grabbed my cock with his big hand.”Fucking nice straight boy dick,” Ben commented and pushed his hand up myshirt. “Nice body too Matt.””Thanks,” I said.”Have you ever had a guy suck this big fucker?””Yes,” I said with him stroking me.He licked his lips and stuck my cock in his mouth. He had one hand at thebase and the other feeling my abs. I leaned back against the wall. Iclosed my eyes.”Matt, do you like this?” Ben asked catching breathing.”Fuck yeah,” I replied.Ben continued to suck and lick my cock. I let out a few moans and reallyenjoyed this unexpected break from studying. My hands found his buzzedhair while he looked up at me.”OOO Ben, I’m about to cum,” I said.He continued to suck and took my load down his throat. My cock escaped hislips. He licked my deflating cock clean.”I loved that, Matt,” he said.”It was nice,” I said and pulled up my pants. “I better get back tostudying.””Okay. I’m going to squeeze off a load and get back,” Ben said. “I’ll seeya in class.””Good luck with the test,” I said and headed back down. I found my spotwhere I had been studying. It took me a few minutes to get back my trainof thought. I did snickering thinking back how Ben thought I was straightbut I wasn’t about to ruin his fun.The night wasn’t as long as I anticipated. Besides there was only so muchI could handle before my brain exploded. It was about ten when I returnedto my room with Jess, Colt, Scott, Hayden and Kris. They stayed untilaround midnight before Kris and I headed off to bed. Our talk was shortthat night. Before falling asleep, I went over all my things in my head.Now came the challenge if I could put it down on paper.******************TO BE CONTINUED…*******************Author’s notes:

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