Jeannie, I’m so wound up. I didn’t know who to write, but I had to tell someone. You and I go way back and have shared so much, I feel I can tell you. But, wait, let me catch my breath and start someplace coherent. OK I’m ready – you’re just not going to believe the weekend I just had…

It all started as a Halloween weekend lark. There are these three women that I keep in touch with on the internet. Just some fun with the girls. We flirt a bit, make each other feel better about ourselves, blow off a little erotic steam when things are a little slow in our real lives. Anyway, the four of us had been joking about how we should all get together sometime and laugh about how different we were in reality than the online personas we assume. Halloween seemed the perfect proposal for us. A time of costumes and mystery. We were just playfully baiting each other, enjoying the game. But it was Zashca that made it all concrete. I should have figured it out then. There was something about her intensity and style that should have told me she wanted something more. But we somehow were talked into making a firm date, a woman’s weekend getaway to San Francisco. We couldn’t believe that Zashca had talked us into it, but we were really going to do it.

It was funny, I don’t think I’d been this nervous or had as many butterflies in the stomach since waiting for my prom date. I mean, it was just a group of girls getting together for some fun, right? One by one the four of us filtered down to the hotel lobby for our first meeting. I was astonished at the diversity, the sophistication and the absolute radiant beauty of these three women. Princess was the first to join me. She had a subdued, sensual charm about her. You could tell that beneath her polite friendly manner was a quick wit and a simmering sexuality. You could get lost in her gentle beauty. Her soft curves and silky skin are the stuff that drive men crazy.

Susan came down next. She is the embodiment of elegant style. It shows in the way she dresses and how she interacts with people. She emanates a confidence that makes you feel right at ease. And did I forget to mention stunning to look at? She has a sleek fit body and a way of moving that makes you want to stare and then stare some more. Then it was Zashca’s turn – damn that woman knows how to make an entrance. Her waist length blonde hair seemed to dance over her exposed shoulders and arms. Everyone in the room seemed to fall into a hush as she moved towards our table. Her simple black sleeveless dress seemed to cling to her body like thin wet cotton. The dress did nothing to hide the fact she was without any underclothes. In fact it seemed to accentuate the movement of her full breasts and tight stomach. From the start she had the three of us looking to her for direction. There wasn’t a need for words, the air she projected was one of absolute clarity in what she wanted and the expectation of absolute obedience to her wishes. I just didn’t fully understand the implication this force would have upon our group…

It all started so innocently. Zashca had made reservations at a local spa. The four of us had the one main room to ourselves. Beautiful women pampered us. The smells lulled us into a relaxed complacency. It was a full body massage for Susan, a body wrap and pedicure for Princess and I splurged on a facial and manicure. But somehow Zashca talked us all into getting a full waxing. It was my first insight to the way she could take the dynamics of our group and focus them aydın escort to her unique desires. It was lots of laughs though.

Each of us had our turn in the spotlight so to speak. The three of us would form a cheering section to commiserate with each yank of wax by the evil bitch (the name Susan gave her after she ripped the first of her hair out) or to make indecent comments about each other’s honey box. And for some reason it was always Zashca that got to apply the soothing oils at the end of the treatment. I still remember the way her hand lingered a bit longer that it should have, the way she firmly pushed her fingers between my cheeks to get those hard to reach spots near my ass. Yeah, I still remember it very well.

It was shopping next. I’ve rarely been shopping with a group of people. But it was joyous. Each of us had such different tastes. We constantly pushed each other to try something new and different. Early on we came upon the theme of finding something for Halloween night, something daring and risqué. We had decided earlier to wear masks for the night and I think this decision made each of us choose something we would not be entirely comfortable with otherwise. But it was Zashca again that moved it from beyond just fun to the next level. Without quite knowing where she was leading us, we found ourselves in a lingerie and leather shop, the kind you can only find in San Francisco.

Each of us found something to our liking (in my case more than to my liking – I found a deep red leather corset that makes me hot just thinking about wearing it… but I digress). When we were checking out, the clerk gave us a wink and said that Zashca had something for each of us. He handed us each a small box. Inside was a black leather choker with a single silver loop at the front. From the loop dangled a delicate silver chain. She had bought us slave collars. No, not bought. She had special ordered slave collars.

The next day and a half was a blur of fun, food and drink. We did everything together. Bars, pools, we even feel asleep together on the big bed in my room watching TV late into the night. Halloween fell on Sunday this year. The excitement started to build around eight as we started to get ready for the evening. Zashca had already told us that we were to leave the plans to her.

Now, I’ll try and be honest with you here Jeannie, to say that I didn’t have a warm throbbing sensation run through my body when I put the choker on, I’d be lying. But considering the past two days, it just seemed like more of the sexy fun that had titillated and kept us a little edgy. We all met in the lobby at nine. It wasn’t just Zashca that caused a hush to fall on the room this time. I’d like to think it was the way my new corset made my low-cut, long velvet dress almost obscene, but I think that what Princess had transformed into was what stopped the crowds. Our quite demure Princess had morphed into a hard-edged sexpot. The mid-thigh leather skirt hugged and accentuated her gently curved hips and tight ass. The silky, billowy top never seemed to stop moving and constantly let go the secret that there was nothing on underneath. Her long blond hair and make-up whispered sultry words to all who’s listen. But what tied us all together was the simple black leather collars and the long silver chains.

I think all of us were riding on cloud nine by the time we reached the bar. I usually don’t like to be the center of attention, but the masks aydın escort bayan added the level of anonymity that made it feel right. The walk to the bar had been full of stopped dead in the street stares, double takes and even one car that came to a screeching halt just to look. But the bar was a different story altogether. It took me a minute to piece it all together, but when I did, it hit me like a hammer.

The bar was dark, moody and filled with couches, overstuffed chairs and stressed wooden furniture so that it felt more like a New York loft grown out of control rather than a bar. There was jazz playing on the sound system and people crowded into all corners of the room. Its just that all the people in the room were women. Many in costume, many dressed like they were just coming home from work, but all women. Zashca led us to the back corner of the room where the crown thinned out to a table she’d reserved. Tequila and beer was set and waiting for us. Like we needed another excuse to let go.

Now Jeannie, its right here that I’m having trouble continuing, but I feel like I need to tell this story, so please don’t judge me, just listen to what I have to say. It wasn’t more than a couple of tequila’s into the night that Zashca’s demeanor started to change. It was like she started to assume the role befitting her costume. She was wearing thigh high leather boots, A black leather mini and a formed leather corset that fit her full figure like a glove. Her brilliant golden blond hair highlighted the leather perfectly. I remember clearly what she said that caused everything else going on around us to fall away.

“Susan, I want you to move on top of our table and stand in front of me”.

Susan looked like she’d been shot, she froze, half smiling like she was pretending it was a joke, but she could only muster a half-smile. All of us heard the way Zashca said it. We knew it wasn’t a joke. Susan moved to the table, there was really no other choice. For some reason we all needed to follow what she said, we needed to find out where she would take us. Zashca pulled Princess and myself close to her on the couch, grabbing our silver chains and tugging them with gentle, playful tugs.

“You’d like to see Susan play with herself, wouldn’t you?”

I wasn’t sure if she was really asking me, but for some reason I whispered a timid yes. Susan continued to stand shyly on the table, waiting to be told something, waiting for anything.

“Susan, Mags says she wants to see you touch yourself. Pull up your skirt and pull aside your panties so that we can watch you play.”

It was amazing to see the transformation Susan went through. I thought at first she was going to lose her nerve. So tentative and uncomfortable, but then something happened. Her apprehension dissolved. The fingers that at first hesitantly touched her lace thong now pulled it brazenly aside and two fingers pushed inside. The pleasure was obvious in her eyes, those striking intense eyes.

“Get on your knees and crawl to me.”

She did. You could see the way Susan’s eyes had become fixed with Zashca’s, the erotic tension was intense. Susan’s hand continued to plunge in and out of her sopping lips while she crawled forward ever so slowly.

“Now Mags wants to taste you.”

I couldn’t believe what she had said, what’s more I couldn’t believe how true it was. Susan slowly pulled her two fingers from her tight waxed lips. I must have shivered escort aydın as I forced my lips to part, darting my tongue out to taste a woman for the first time. The sweet thick liquid set me on fire. I pulled the two fingers deeply into my mouth sucking and lapping at them, trying to hold on to every last bit of the sensation. I was a mess. I knew I needed more. At this point I was willing to do anything that I was told without a moment’s hesitation. But I would have to wait, it was Princesses turn.

She was ordered to crawl up on the table as well. Zashca told her to do a slow striptease. I told you there was an deep underlying sexuality in that woman. She showed none of the hesitation of Susan or I. She climbed on the table like it was the stage she’d always died to perform on. She moved with a smokey sensuality that caused my to slip a hand to my lap. As I reached to pull my panties aside I felt how thoroughly soaked I’d become. The electricity that shot though my body when I touched myself was astounding. My eyes moved back to Princess.

She was completely naked now. Susan had rolled onto her back and Princess was squatting down, lowering herself onto Susan’s waiting tongue. I was so close that I could see her tongue penetrate the sticky wet lips. Her tongue moved deep inside Princess sliding from her clitoris all the way down to near her ass. Suddenly I felt two strong hands pulling at my shoulders. Zashca positioned me on the table on all fours. I was lost in a fog, but I was able to look back and see that Zashca was fitting a large strap-on cock. My hand instinctively reached to my breasts and began to pull mercilessly at my nipples. It was as if I needed to prepare myself for an onslaught of sensations and this would help them from becoming overwhelming. A quick look left showed that Susan and Princess had moved into a very comfortable position where each was caressing and licking the other’s cunt. It was the brief look the other way that made me catch my breath again.

I’d forgotten we were in a public place, but where the world had fallen away before, it now came rushing back in full force. In a semi circle around our table stood at least ten women. They were in various states of undress and personal entanglements. I saw one woman on her knees, grinding her face into the black haired crotch of a tall Latina woman. I watched one woman dressed like a prissy librarian wildly masturbating by sliding fingers both into her pussy and ass. It was all too overwhelming.

Just when I was coming to terms with what was going on I felt the first push of Zashca’s cock against my wet cunt. It took only one swift and deep push to fully sink that long cock into me. I was so wet that I could feel streams of liquid pouring out of me and dripping down my thighs. Zashca somehow moved Susan underneath me so that her mouth could get at my lips. I could feel her licking my clit as the dildo pushed in and out, in and out, in and out. I’m not sure what happened after this. I remember starting to feel my orgasm approach. I felt it building deep inside of me and racing towards that moment of ecstasy. I remember the feeling that the women who were watching were coming closer and closer, the smells, the sounds the sensations – I came with a shout and wave after wave of the orgasm ran through my entire body and then it was black. I next remember our hotel bedroom feeling very groggy and very sore with the three women looking after me. Their gentle caresses and whispers assured me everything was all right.

But I’m not sure it is. Jeannie, I’m not sure it is. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about it, wondering if I could find that bar again, wondering if maybe I should call one of my new friends, wondering at this new world of exquisite pleasure that’s been opened for me.

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