Cuckold in Milwaukee visits his wife’s therap

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Cuckold in Milwaukee visits his wife’s therapJudy and Tammy were laying there after they had me lick out their cum filled pussies. They came a few more times and lay there talking after tying me back upTammy asked Judy if she had been getting much lately and Judy said she had been too busy and the only thing she had gotten was her ther****t when she was there complaining about my size. Tammy laughed and suggested they go out and see if they could arrange some fun. They got up naked and said they were going to go have more fun. I asked “what about me?” Judy told Tammy to dial her phone and Judy put her phone on speaker and laid it next to me and said you can listen until we get back and they left me tied to the headboard. For the next 60 minutes I heard the two of them going at and they must have cum multiple times each. It was fantastic hearing these two beg for more and cum over and over. Tammy finally said, it has been fantastic and we need to do it again soon but I need to get home to my hubby.” Judy said, “it has been fun and I do need to get ready to go see the ther****t.” Tammy said, “that should be fun, are you going to tell her what you did recently?” Judy said, “you never know.” I’m thinking what the heck did Tammy mean what are you going to tell her.Judy came into the bedroom and looked at me and asked if I had fun. I said it was a lot of fun. I then asked, “what did Tammy mean when she asked if you were going to tell your ther****t what you did recently?” Judy looked at me and said, “well I tell her how you make me have sex with all these people because it makes you horny and how small your dick is.” I laughed and said, “no really what do you tell her?” Judy had a straight look tuzla escort on her face and said, “that is exactly what I tell her.” I said, “no you don’t” Judy laughed and said, “well I guess you will have to see.”She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth and combed her hair, came out and got a skirt and button down top. She put them on without any bra or panties, I said, “did you forget something?” She laughed and said, “I never wear bra or panties, it makes it easier not to.” I said, “what do you mean?”She said, “don’t worry you will get to see.”She had me put on a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt without any underwear and said, “it’s time to go.” I said, “you aren’t really taking me are you?” She said, “oh yes I am.”As we drove over there Judy sat and played with her cum soaked pussy some more. When we got there Judy told the receptionist I brought my husband with me today.Judy was the last appointment f the day. She got called in and told me to come with. She went in and hugged her ther****t and said, “Kris this is my husband, the dickless wonder.” I couldn’t believe she said that to her ther****t. I said, “good morning, Doctor, Judy likes to joke around a lot.”The doctor said, “so Judy why did you bring your husband today?” Judy said well we just got done giving him his birthday present and I told a friend that I was going to fill you in on what I have done and he didn’t believe me so I wanted him to see what happens.”The doctor looked at me and said, “well this is Judy’s session, so unless she invites you to participate please sit on the couch and just listen.” I did as I was told.The doctor invited Judy to sit down and asked what she wanted to share this sancaktepe escort week. Judy looked at me and said don’t be mad. Judy turned to the doctor and said, “I know I have always complained to you about my dickless wonder, but I haven’t always been totally honest. I love the fact that his dick is so small, it gives me a chance to fuck someone whenever I want.” Judy said I was so filled with cum this morning and I still need to cum.” The doctor said, “you know you can always do what you want in here.” Judy just smiled and pulled off her skirt and top and sat down cross legged and started rubbing her bald mound.I couldn’t believe what I was hearing or seeing, the look on my face must have betrayed something because the doctor looked at Judy and said he can’t believe you are telling me this or doing this. Judy looked at me and said, “I am always horny when I am here filling her in about us and have to play with myself.” She started rubbing again and looked at me and said, “stand up and drop your shorts.”I just sat there and stared at Judy as she’s playing with herself and telling the doctor how small I am. The doctor goes, “it’s ok you can do as Judy asked.” Embarassed I stood up and dropped my shorts. The doctor looked and started laughing and then said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, but I have never seen an adult penis that small.” I couldn’t believe it but this just made Judy start to play faster. That made me excited and I started to get hard which the doctor noticed and said “even hard it is smaller than a little boy’s” Judy was grunting and groaning and the doctor said to her, “why don’t we see if we can make him harder.” She walked over to Judy üsküdar escort and bent down and buried her mouth on her soaking wet pussy. Judy was now grunting and groaning. They stopped and the doctor went into her drawer and pulled out a 10 inch strap on. She took off her dress and put it on and bent Judy over the couch right in front of me and started fucking her doggie style. Judy was playing with her boobs and begging her to bury it deeper. They kept this up for about thirty minutes when there was a knock on the door and the receptionist pokes her head in and looks at the doctor and says, “everyone else is gone, the phones are on. Have fun.” Judy and her doctor never stopped and kept going. For the next two hours they went at it in every position possible. When they were done there faces and hair were streaked with cum. The doctor looked at me and said, “what about him?” Judy said even though his cock is small you should see the amount of cum he has. The doctor said, “really? LEt’s see it. They had me get undressed the rest of the way and they had me lay on the floor and one of them was on each side of me. The doctor said you weren’t k**ding when you said he had real titties. They took turns rubbing the shaft of my cock and playing with my nipples. The doctor said we should make him work for a while before he cums.The doctor said to Judy, “you never told him you play with yourself here?” Judy laughed and said he only hears very select things. They continued to play for the next 70 minutes and kept telling me I couldn’t cum yet. The doctor said, “you know every time we talk about something humiliating he gets harder!” Judy laughed and said, “I know”. The doctor goes, “you know if you really want to humiliate you should take him and get him fitted for a bra.” That was the point of know return and I squirted cum over all of us.” The doctor goes, “wow I have never seen so much cum! I know just the right person to help us humiliate him some more………

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