Cum Funnell


Cum FunnellThis story is purely fictional.It was a long winter and I had been working overtime every week for the last few months when i decided i deserved a vacation. I purchased a ticket down to Miami where I knew the weather would be nice and looked forward to a change of scenery.When I got off the plane I rented a car and was driving out of the airport when I noticed an adult book store. Since I was affraid to travel with my toys and needed a bigger dildo anyway I stoped in to look around. The place was busy but not packed. I casually looked around at some magazines and waited till I was alone up in the front of the store when I grabed a new buttplug and an very large dildo, a bottle of lube and a strapon harness and headed to the checkout. After leaving the store I was now really excited about getting to my hotel to play. I checked in and went to my room. Frome the window I could see a strip club across the street. I put on a movie and started preparing for an evening of butt sex. I fucked myself for about two hours when I finall erupted in an earth shattering anal orgasm spraying cum all over my hand which I promptly ate. Worn out but still feeling horny, I put the buttplug up my ass and st****d it in with the harness. I put on my pants and checked in the mirror to make sure the bulge in the back of my pants would not be noticed. I headed out to go across the street to get a drink and watch some dancers. When I got to the club I took a seat in front of the stage and started handing dollars to different girls as they danced by. One dancer made a point of coming over to sit and talk with me while she was on break, and as we talked it turned out we had a lot in common. Over the next few hours she came by during every break and we talked. I had been drinking a lot, and lost track of time. When the bartender announced last call, I ordered one more drink and started thinking about my lonely hotel room, and the thought of going back to play with my new dildo some more. As I was finishing the last sip the dancer who had been talking with me all night come over and invited me to go back to her place. At this point I started getting a bit nervous and thought about the huge buttplug in my ass. I told her I needed to use the bathroom before we left, and thought that I would go in and dump my toy in the trash in the mens room, but she insisted that her house was only two blocks away and grabed my arm and led me out of the bar. At this point as we walked to her car I isveçbahis yeni giriş thought I would be able to stash the buttplug in her bathroom when I got to her place.As we walked into her house she turned and started kissing me moving her hands from my waste to my butt she suddenly grabbed my ass, and I knew I was busted. She stopped and said”What the hell is that?” I was stunned, and in shock. I didn’t know what to do when she commanded I turn around. As I did she grabbed my pants and yanked them to my knees and there I stood with my harness around my waste and down between my legs.She ordered me to stand still and she walked into her kitchen a fmoment later she came back in and behind me I heard the familiar sound of rubber gloves snapping around her wrist.She pushed me forward and unsnapped the harness and in one fast motion yanked the plug from my ass. I gasped as the huge buttplug was pulled out. I started to try to explain but she smacked my ass and told me to shut up.Forcing the buttplug back into my now wide open ass she snapped the harness back in place and almost dragged me into her bedroom. She told me to strip and as I did she started rumaging around in her closet.As I stood there now completely naked except for my harness she pushed me back onto her bed and told me to lie still. I once again started to try to explain but she smacked my face and grabbed my balls giving them a good squeeze and asked me if I was gay. I told her I wasn’t but she wouldn’t believe me and that she knew just what to do with a guy like me. Before I could even try to defend myself she started rubbing a sticky gel all over my chest and soon placed a pair of fake silicone breast forms over the area she was rubbing the gel on. Instantly I felt them stick to me and as I looked down I could see that I now had a very realistic pair of tits. Over the next hour she proceded to fit me with a tight corcett and a skimpy mini skirt fishnet stocking lipstice eyeline blush and a shoulder length blonde wig. Apon looking in the mirror I almost didn’t recognise myself.She then grabbed me by the arm and led me back out into her living room. Looking at the clock I noticed it was 4:00am. She then grabbed her purse in one hand and my arm in the other and began to lead me twords the door to her garage. I wanted to protest and tell her to just stop, but I was speechless as she opened the passenger side door of her car and pushed me into the seat.By now I was really getting isveçbahis giriş worried because I didn’t know this woman and she was really being forceful and commanding and not listening to a word I was trying to say.She got in the car opened the roll up door and began driving out into the street.We drove for about twenty minutes when we arrived at a different Adult bookstore. After parking in the back, she reached over grabbed me by my balls and explained that I was to do exactly as told, and to not say a word or I would regret it.She got out of the car, walked around to the passenger side and opened my door. She motioned for me to get oout, and reluctantly I did.We walked into the front door of the store and it felt like time just stopped. it seemed everyone was looking at this drop dead gorgous woman, and me this trashy looking crossdressed slut.She went up to the front counter and asked the clerk about the funnell room. He said it was locked but he would get her the key. He said it hadden’t been used all night and he was getting ready to go empty it and clean up.Again I was led by my arm down a long dark hallway to the back of the store and into a small video arcade booth. I was told to put money in the machine and as I did a video of a gangbang came up on the screen with an image of a woman covered in cum, and a bunch of guys standing around her all jerking off into a funnell that was taped to her mouth.As I watched, a suddenly noticed that this woman was putting a strap around my waist and tightening it up which was pulling me back twords the wall. As she secured the strap tighter I began to notice that I couldn’t move. She then pulled me forward and attached a strap around my neck that kept me in a slightly bent over position with my face staring at the screen.It was then that I noticed the hose coming out of the wall that she took and placed in my mouth taping it in place I started again to protest when she told me to do as I am told.She opened to door to the booth and walked out leaving me watching the movie of a woman guzzling cum from a similar type hose. Suddenly I felt something being poked at my ass, I already had the buttplug in, but this was being pushed in along side of the plug, and then I started to hear a bubbling sound as a river of cum flooded my mouth, I couldn’t open my lips to let it out and I tried to blow into the tube which made the cum start to fill my ass. The door to the booth opened and she came back in holding isveçbahis güvenilirmi the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen. I tried to motion to her that I didn’t want to do this but she just gave me an evil grin and started to rub the dildo on my fake tits.Since I wasn’t swallowing to cum in my mouth it was all going into my ass and within about fifteen minutes my stomach was starting to look like I was pregnant and started cramping from the force of the cum rushing up my ass.finally I decided the only way to make the cum stop flowing into my now bloaated stomach was to start to swallow.As I finally began swallowing to cum the preasure of the flow up my ass began to slow down and I had to continuously take big gulps in order to keep the flow to my mouth instead of it going up my ass.After more than two hours of being force fed cum I wanted to cry, MY stomach was stretched my ass felt like it was going to explode, and I was so full I felt like I couldn’t swallow anoter drop, but it didn’t stop. Eventually I started to hear sounds outside in the store. I had been locked in this booth all night drinking the cum from all the patrons of the previous day, and now it was morning.With a look of fear in my eyes I looked at the woman who had kept me locked in here all night. I didn’t know when she would let me go, and I was pleading with my eyes for her to release me.She saw me looking at her, got up and walked out leaving me alone to watch a movie which was now showing what looked like another video booth. Then I saw her walk into the booth with another man. She took out his cock and started sucking him till he was ready to cum she then aimed his dick at a sink in the wall of the booth and all his cum sprayed down the drain. It was then that I realized I was the bucket at the end of the drain. for the next several hours i Watched one cock after another spray their load into the sink. I found that if i sucked really hard I could actually get the cum out of my ass but it was still going down my throat and either way ending up in my stomach.Finally the door to my booth opened, and I was released from the gag in my mouth. the hose was removed from my ass but the buttplug was preventing any cum from leaking out.Tired bloated and sore I was lead through the store looking like I was pregnant.I was put in the pasenger seat of the car and driven back to the house.Once inside I was then bent over the buttplug was removed but then replaced with the new giant dildo she had bought at the store.She fucked me till I begged her to stop, and then she had me squat over a bowl and relieve myself of all the cum up my ass. She put it ina glass and allowd me to sit with her while she ate breakfast and I drank cum.Next time I go to a strip club, I’m not wearing my buttplug

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