It was my daddy’s birthday, mother and me we decide to making him very happy, a few days before while my grand father and my uncle were busy pleasuring each other in the bedroom, my daddy walk in the house, we were enjoying so much, none of us noticed, after a while I notice the door was a bit open with my daddy watching us and playing with his cock, whispering on their ears I told them what daddy was doing, both started sucking my pussy and asshole much harder, fucking me in the ass and mouth, after a while he stop and started making noises to let us know he was in the house, while I was making tea, my grand father and uncle asked him( his father and brother ) , if he did enjoy watching us, not knowing what to say, he took his tea and went to the kitchen balcony, his birthday was going to be a few days later, so we send my sister to my uncle house for the weekend and my mother and me we cock every thing he like the most, we were 5 of us, mother, me and daddy’s father and brother, while we were enjoying dinner and drinking Raki. my uncle started telling us sexy yokes my mother started laughing and feeling very relax, uncle told us one about a woman with big breasts, daddy started touching my mother’s back and saying, she has very nice breasts, my mother slapping daddy on the shoulder saying husband behave your self while looking at my uncle, after a while of laughing and drinking more Raki, my mother started playing with her hair, I decide to go to the next level, I play belly dancing music, soon the men started telling us to belly dance, I had to pull mother on her feet and we started belly dancing, we were both wearing loose summer flower printed dresses, daddy got up and stated dancing with us while putting money between our tits, soon his father and brother were doing the same thing, I started teasing them by lifting my dress up and mother giggling started lifting her dress up, daddy’s hand was on his cock saying to lift our dresses higher, mother and daddy’s brother were looking and winking at each other, daddy’s father with his hand rubbing his front trousers sits me on his lap telling me to wait a bit and take my panties off, I started dancing in front of grand father while pulling my panties down and throwing my panties to daddy, mother started taking her panties in front of his brother in law, throwing them to her husband, grand father took his big hard cock out, when mother saw how big it was, she started gasping and moaning, she turned me around to my uncle , mother on her knees started undoing his front trousers, with his big cock her mouth and pushing his cock deep inside her throat, daddy was moaning while stroking his hard cock, uncle and me were watching, my daddy got up open her legs and he started sticking his tongue inside his wife’s asshole and fingering her pussy, mother holding his head was pressing her husband head on her asshole while moaning with pleasure, mother started shaking, she stands up grabs her father in law’s cock places his cock’s head in her pussy and drops her body on his cock screaming with pleasure and shouting to her husband to fuck her in the mouth, daddy holds her head while ramming his cock inside his wife’s mouth, uncle and me watching and pleasuring each other, as soon as she is done with grand father, she starts with uncle both of them taking their time while daddy keeps stroking his cock, grand father and me enjoying our selves, mother after screaming again while having a very intense orgasm with uncle they move to the bedroom, we end up the four of us spending the night in bed sex, while daddy enjoys him self watching and masturbating, mother will let daddy suck his brother and father juices off her pussy to keep him happy, the next day when I got up, they were talking very loud about last night in the kitchen all naked having breakfast saying we should do it more often, the following day I told Mr Altan all about it and we decide it was time for mother to know about me working in the club, the following weekend She found out while Mr Altan was having a threesome with us, she laughed a lot, I told her about the earrings on daddy’s trousers, she kiss me a lot and thanked me for being such a clever girl.

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