Dau was Made for Sex 2


Dau was Made for Sex 2

My thoughts, that morning, turned to Sharon. I had promised to call her early this week so we could get together and I could keep her company while she nursed her broken leg. I picked up my mobile phone and called her.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner but my brother David is here for a few days and I’ve been a little busy looking after him.”

“Is he the handsome one or the dead gorgeous one?” Sharon asked with a giggle.

“Whichever one you want him to be,” I replied laughing. “When can I come over and keep you company for an hour or so?”

“How about this afternoon,” she said. “Bring that hunk of a brother with you. It will be fun to see him again. I haven’t seen him for years.”

“I’ll mention it to him but I can’t guarantee anything as he might have made plans already,” I said. “I’ll see you about two.”

“That’s ideal, ” Sharon said. “Knock him u*********s and drag him with you if you have to!”

I laughed and just said “Bye, see you later,” as I pressed the end call button on my phone.

I mentioned it to David and to my surprise he seemed quite keen on meeting Sharon. He had met her before but all he could remember about her was that she had large tits. “I expect your eyes didn’t travel any higher than her tits,” I said with a smirk on my lips.

David’s face broke out into a smile at that comment. “That depended on whether she was wearing any panties,” he said winking at me.

“You’re incorrigible,” I replied throwing a tea-towel at his head.

We arrived at Sharon’s house a little after two o’clock. We walked around the back because I knew that the back door was always unlocked if there was someone in the house. I opened the door and called Sharon.

“I’m over here”, she shouted, “by the pool.”

I turned my head and spotted Sharon lounging on a sun bed close to the outdoor swimming pool. “I hope you’ve brought your bikini with you?” she asked.

I was smiling as David and I walked up the garden towards the swimming pool. Sharon was wearing her bikini but she looked a little funny with her bikini on and a white plaster cast on her leg. Her black bikini was so mini it only fitted where it touched. I could see David taking an immediate interest in Sharon as he went to stand quite close to her.

“Sharon, this is David,” I introduced. David held his hand out to Sharon who took it but didn’t shake it. She just held it for a while.

“Very nice to meet you, David,” she said.

“Likewise,” David retorted as Sharon let go of his hand. She leaned to her side and opened a cool box that was sitting by the side of the lounger. She took out two cans of Coca Cola and handed one to each to us.

“Sorry I haven’t got anything stronger,” she said. “Dad doesn’t like me drinking during the day, especially with a broken leg. He thinks I might get drunk, fall over and break the other one,” she said laughing and patting the plaster cast with her hand.

David pulled a small deck chair up while I made myself comfortable on the second lounger. David positioned the chair just behind but to the side of Sharon. He had a perfect view down Sharon’s cleavage. He didn’t miss a trick!

We chatted about nothing and everything for an hour or so. Sharon relating how she came to break her leg and how she fell in love with the male triage nurse who attended to her in A & E. How the male nurse that applied the plaster was even dishier than the triage nurse. Without question he was the man she was going to marry until the taxi driver came to pick her up to drive her home and he suddenly went to the top of the pile of ‘the most attractive man I have ever seen’ list. Sharon always thought that the last man she met was always the most attractive man in the entire world until the next man came along. Her constant glances over towards David confirmed my analysis of Sharon.

The sun was beating down and I was getting just a little too warm. Sharon started to notice my discomfort as I gripped the lapel of my blouse and started to fan it trying to get some cooler air circulating under my clothes.”Take a dip in the pool if you’re getting to hot, Becci,” she said.

“I’d love to but I didn’t bring my costume,” I replied.

“Who cares about a costume. You’re wearing bra and panties. They are almost a bikini in their own right. Strip down to them and jump in,” Sharon said.

“If I could I would,” I replied, “but I’m not actually wearing a bra.”

“In that case just dive in with panties on. There’s no-one here to see you except me and David. The neighbours don’t overlook the pool and I’m sure David won’t mind. In fact, David would probable relish the idea!”

I laughed and continued fanning myself with the lapel of my blouse.

“Go on Sis. I won’t mind. It’s not as if I haven’t seen your titties before,” David chuckled.

I threw David a disapproving glance which he noticed. Unfortunately though, Sharon saw my disapproving glance as well. “Oh! Is that true! What do you mean by that, David?” Sharon asked.

David started to stammer and found it difficult to string a sentence together or to get a reasonable answer to come out of his mouth.

“You two have been doing naughty things together, haven’t you?” Sharon said. “Do tell. I love a little naughty gossip. Tell me everything.” Sharon shifted on her lounger to make herself more comfortable, ready to listen to whatever she was going to be told.

I just stared at David wondering how we were going to get out of the hole that he had dug for us.

I stood up and announced, “I think I will have that swim after all.” I pulled my blouse off over my head and dropped my white shorts to the ground, kicked my sandals off my feet and dived into the pool.

The pool water was considerably cooler than I thought it was. My nipples suddenly hardened and I could feel goose-bumps forming on my breasts. When I surfaced, I spat some water out of my mouth and then swam to the opposite side of the pool from where Sharon and David were. I was hoping that my sudden rash action would deflect Sharon from the topic that was being discussed. I was wrong of course. Sharon looked at me and said, “Well. If he hasn’t seen your titties before he certainly has now.” She was laughing as she said it.

She turned to David and said something to him that I didn’t quite hear. David looked away from Sharon directly at me. He stood, stripped down to his underpants and dived into the pool surfacing just a couple of inches away from me. He reached out and grabbed the pool side and steadied himself next to me.

“I’ve lost my underpants,” he announced. “The force of the water ripped them off when I dived in.” Sharon and I both burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter at the same time.

“I promise I won’t peek when you come out, David,” Sharon said whilst showing us her crossed fingers on both hands.

“What the fuck am I going to do Sis?” he asked. “Will you get out and throw me a towel? I can’t just get out and let Sharon see my cock.”

“Why not dear bother,” I replied. “Has it shrunk in the cold water and you’re frightened she will laugh at your eensy-weensy cock?”

As I had said it David grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. “Does that feel like an eensy-weensy cock to you?” he asked. The cold water had obviously not affected on his cock. It certainly hadn’t made it smaller. If anything it was larger than I remembered it yesterday. I should have moved my hand away immediately but I couldn’t. I was enjoying the feel of his cock in my hand.

His face was close to mine and with no regard for Sharon he kissed me passionately on the lips. I tried to pull away from the kiss but his mouth followed mine. I could feel my resistance weakening. Suddenly I felt his hand inside my panties and his finger seeking out my pussy.

I broke the kiss and my hold on his cock. I yanked his hand out of my panties. “Behave,” I said, “Sharon’s watching.”

“Sharon certainly is watching and listening,” Sharon called over. “Don’t mind me. You two carry on as if I’m not here,” she added laughing.

I was now so embarrassed I just wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I swam over to where Sharon was and looked up at her from the pool. “Sorry about that, Sharon,” I said.

“Don’t mind me,” Sharon said. “I found it very stimulating. In fact, so stimulating, I’ve got a really wet patch on my bikini bottoms!” I looked down at her crotch and sure enough there was a damp patch there where her pussy had been leaking.

In her hand she was holding David’s wet underpants. She whispered, “I leaned over and fished them out of the pool when they floated to the surface.” She tossed them under her sun lounger to hide them from David. I looked into Sharon’s eyes as we both started to laugh again.

“What are you two laughing about?” David asked.

“Nothing,” Sharon yelled back.

I climbed out of the pool and laid down on the sun lounger. David swam over to our side of the pool and parked himself close to my lounger and stared at my tits. Occasionally he would dip his head under the water and then surface again.

“Are you getting out?” Sharon asked.

“I can’t,” David replied, “without you seeing everything I’ve got.”

“Well. That’s OK with me,” Sharon said. “It’s not every day I see a handsome man’s cock at close quarters. Becci won’t mind either because it’s pretty obvious that she has seen your equipment before. What I really want to know is has she felt your equipment inside her? Now that would be exciting to find out!”

I was embarrassed again. Sharon looked over at me with an inquisitive look in her eyes. My eyes, full of guilt, looked back at hers. Sharon saw the guilt in my eyes and she understood. She winked at me and blew me an imaginary kiss.

“Just get out, David, and show me your cock,” Sharon demanded.

David must have heard the threatening tone of Sharon’s voice. He did as he was told. His cock stood out like a steel rod. “Come over here so I can have a good look at it,” she demanded.

David complied and was now standing just inches away from Sharon’s face. She leaned over and took his cock between her thumb and forefinger. I saw it twitch and grow even bigger. She held it for a short while, then lifted it to look at his balls. She moved it to the left and then the right before lifting it up again. It was like she was examining it – examining it in minute detail.

I watched Sharon manipulating David’s cock. I could see the glistening head which meant he was leaking pre cum. I know that Sharon must have seen it as well.

What was she thinking? What was she planning to do, if anything at all? It wasn’t long before I found out.

She pulled David closer to her by pulling him by his cock. Her mouth opened and her tongue flicked out and licked the head of his cock. Then she placed her lips around his shaft and started to suck and lick him. David’s eyes were closed. His hands were now either side of Sharon’s head holding it in position. His cock was deep in her mouth. His hips were thrusting gently forward and backward. He was fucking Sharon’s mouth.

My hand automatically went inside my panties to my pussy. My love juices were already flowing freely and my finger found my clitoris with ease. I rubbed it in a circular motion and knew it would not take me long to reach a climax. I looked at David again. His eyes were now open and watching me fingering myself. This acted as an aphrodisiac on me and as I rubbed a little harder my orgasm mounted from deep inside my pussy. It exploded within me and ripped through my body sending electric shocks to the tips of my fingers and toes. My mouth let out a gasp of pleasure as my eyes closed and my hand ceased rubbing. My body felt limp and exhausted.

I looked at Sharon sucking on David’s cock. Her one hand was holding his cock and the other was helping her prop herself up on the sun-lounger. Her one leg was over the edge of the lounger while the one in plaster was securely placed on the lounger. Her hips were writhing with pleasure. I leaned over toward her and put my hand on her crouch. Her bikini bottoms were soaked with pussy juice. As she felt my touch she stopped sucking David’s cock and glanced in my direction. Her lips broke out into a smiled of approval. She then returned her attention back to David’s cock.

My finger traced the line around her bikini bottoms. It was an easy manoeuvre to push a finger between her skin and her bikini to feel her trimmed pubic hair, and her pussy lips. She wriggled a little with excitement as my finger touched her lips and doused itself in her sweet love lubricant. I stroked her pussy lips gently before finding the entrance to her secret treasures. My finger entered slowly and I pushed it upwards towards her pubic bone. She cried a cry of enjoyment and I knew I had hit the right spot. I gently massaged her until her body started to twitch quite violently and her hips started to jerk spasmodically. She was reaching her climax. There was a sudden and increased release of love juices as she let out a cry. She had achieved her orgasm.

David had sensed her approaching climax and at the same time that she achieved her height of ecstasy he released his cum into her mouth and throat. She sounded at first as if she would choke but she managed to swallow most of his cum. What little she couldn’t swallow leaked out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Sharon slumped back onto the lounger and at the same time used her finger to scoop the cum that remained on her face into her mouth. I removed my hand from inside her bikini bottoms and David flopped down onto his deck chair.

We were all exhausted. No-one spoke for at least 5 minutes.

Sharon was the first to break the silence when she said, “I didn’t expect that this afternoon. I was happy thinking we would just sit here and have a chat. If that was ‘just a chat’ I’ll have some more any day of the week.” She looked over at me and winked. I returned the wink with a smile.

David stood up and pulled his shorts on. “Just in case someone comes,” he explained when Sharon gave him an inquisitive look.

“My father is not due home from work until five o’clock.”

David checked his watch. “That is in exactly two minutes time,” he announced triumphantly, pulling his shirt on.

As if on cue we heard Sharon’s father’s footsteps nearing the pool. He approached cautiously not knowing who his daughter’s visitors were. When he got to the poolside he bent down and gave Sharon a kiss on the cheek. “How’s my angel been today?” he asked.

“Thanks to Becci and David here, I’ve been well entertained this afternoon,” she replied nodding over at me.

“So, this is Becci,” he said holding out his hand for me to shake. It was only then that I realised I was still sitting there in just my panties! He smiled when I tried an amateur attempt to hide my tits with my hands. He went over to David and shook his hand instead. I looked around for my top but couldn’t find it.

“What have you all been up to?” he asked Sharon.

“We’ve just sat around the poolside enjoying the sun. The highlight of the afternoon was when Becci and David jumped in the pool for a cooling dip,” Sharon declared.

Sharon’s father looked at all three of us, one at a time. He gave a little laugh, then came over and stood close to me. I was still looking for my top when I saw David holding it in his hand waving it at me. “Is this what you’re looking for, Becci?” he asked. I threw him a death glance and he smiled. This was obviously payback time for not getting him a towel when he lost his underpants in the pool!

“Shall I get it for you Becci?” asked Sharon’s father.

“If you would be so kind,” I replied. He walked over to David who reluctantly gave him my blouse.

As Sharon’s father approached me I saw him lift my blouse up to his nose. Was he smelling the scent on my blouse? He then held the blouse out for me to reach it. He was astute because he knew if I took the blouse from him I would use one of my hands which were hiding my tits.

A week ago I might have hesitated but today I didn’t care anymore. I lowered both my hands letting him have a good look at my 32B size tits and then reached up and took the blouse from his. “Thank you,” I said.

“My pleasure,” he responded still looking at my naked breasts. As I looked him straight in the eye I noticed he was quite a handsome man. Well built and fit. Obviously the results of visits to the gym. Bronzed skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. I could see where Sharon got her looks from.

He didn’t flinch. He just kept looking at my breasts. I got up from the lounger without putting my blouse on. Now he could see me in all my glory. I allowed him to ogle me for a while longer before I put one arm in my blouse sleeve, threw it around my back and struggled to get my other arm in. He came to the rescue and held my blouse while my arm searched for the arm opening. I noticed that he was still admiring my breasts. I thanked him again for his help and started buttoning up my blouse. I did it slowly , like a reverse striptease! It was only when I fastened the last button on my blouse did he avert his eyes. I found my shorts and stepped into them and finally stepped into my sandals.

“I’m going in for my shower, Sharon. I’ll see you later. Goodbye Becci. Goodbye David. It’s been nice meeting you both.”

We watched him entering the house and then close the door behind him.

“He certainly fancied you Becci,” David said. “He couldn’t take his eyes off you. Mind you, you did get dressed in a very seductive way. Were you making a move for him?”

“Don’t be so bloody silly,” I said.

“It turned me on, that’s for sure,” he said.

“Turned me on as well, ” Sharon added. Then she gave a little chuckle.

“I think it’s time we went now David. I’ve enjoyed myself Sharon. It’s been a fun afternoon.”

“It certainly has,” Sharon said. “We must all get together again, soon!”

I bent down and kissed Sharon on the cheek. “I’ll give you a call later in the week,” I said.

I sat in the car waiting for David to get in. Eventually he did and I started the car, honked the horn as a ‘goodbye’ message to Sharon and we drove away.

We drove for a few miles in silence. Eventually David broke the silence and asked if we were going to stop and have something to eat. “I don’t mind what I eat but I am rather hungry. My afternoon exercises have given me quite an appetite,” he said looking at me. I glanced at him and he had a smile on his lips.

“Will The Hungry Horse be OK?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me.”

I pulled into the car park of The Hungry Horse public house and brought the car to a stop. We entered the pub and I noticed that it was quite empty. We sat at a table and a waitress brought us a menu. I chose a chicken and bacon salad and David ordered a medium rare steak. He also ordered a pint of lager for himself and a diet coke for me. The waitress returned quite quickly with our drinks order.

David picked his glass up and said, “Cheers.” I repeated the toast with my glass of coke.

“That was quite an afternoon,” David said. “I didn’t think it was going to be like that. I was expecting to listen to two giggling schoolgirls reminiscing about what they got up to years ago while I sat there counting the bubbles in the wallpaper on the wall. Instead of that I had a fantastic blowjob, a good look at my sisters boobs and a bird’s eye view of my sister playing with another woman’s pussy. Quite a coup, I think.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed,” I said a little sarcastically. “I promised Daddy that I would look after you and I think I have lived up to my promise so far.”

“You certainly have,” he said as he placed his hand on my knee.

Surely he wasn’t after more sex! Hadn’t Sharon’s blowjob emptied his balls? Obviously not, I thought, as I felt his hand creeping up my legs towards my crotch. I should have stopped him I suppose, but I didn’t. I was enjoying the attention that he was paying me. His hand had reached my crotch and his fingers now started to fondle me through my shorts. Rubbing my sex gently with his fingers was starting to turn me on. I slightly changed my position in my seat to allow him easier access to my crotch.

I looked around the pub to see if anyone was watching us. We were safe. There wasn’t anyone this side of the pub.

I reached over and placed my hand on his cock. It was already erect and waiting attention. I gripped his cock and played with it, feeling its strength and size through his shorts. He let out a moan as I fondled it. His hand moved from my crotch back to my leg and I felt his fingers intruding under my shorts between my skin and the leg of my shorts. I let out a sigh as I felt his fingers probed deeper towards my waiting pussy.

I started to masturbate him through his trousers but before I could bring him to a climax I saw the waitress approaching our table with two plates of food. I immediately removed my hand from David’s cock and put it on the table. David, by now, had also spotted the waitress bearing down on us but instead of removing his hand from my crotch he pushed it further up my leg toward my pussy. I let out a moan just as the waitress arrived at the table. She looked at me with a smile on her face. I’m sure she heard my moan, but she said nothing. She asked which meal was mine and placed my plate in front of me and the other in front of David. “Is there anything else I can get you?” she asked looking at David with a smile.

“No thank you,” I replied.

“Are you sure?” she replied, looking at me with a knowing look on her face. “Any condiments or sauces?”

“We have enough sauce already,” David said with a slight chuckle in his voice.

The waitress glanced between us and before turning to returning to the kitchen said, “If there is anything else I can do for you just ask. Enjoy the meal and enjoy yourselves.”

The way the waitress looked at us and her last few comments convinced me that she knew exactly what we were doing under the table. I mentioned it to David but he just smiled – a ‘devil may care’ smile. He removed his hand from my shorts and was now shaking the salt cellar over his meal.

“Don’t let it get cold,” David said, looking at my plate of food.

“It’s a salad David. It’s supposed to be cold!” I replied.

“I wasn’t talking about your salad,” he responded lifting the first forkful of food to his mouth.

We finished our food in silence. David woofed his food down which indicated that he must have been hungry. I finished my salad some time after David had pushed his plate away.

“Right,” David said. “You go and get the car and I’ll go and pay for the meals.”

“I need the ladies room first,” I said, as I stood up from the table and pushed past him.

When I emerged from the toilet I could see David, in the distance, paying our waitress for the food. I left the pub, unlocked the car door, and sat in the driving seat. Fumbling with the ignition keys, I eventually managed to start the car and I drove it to the front entrance of the pub, where David was now waiting.

He climbed into the passenger seat, clicked his seat belt into the retainer and said, “Come on Sis. Let’s go to Sunset Point and watch the tide come in and the sun set over the water.”

For some reason I didn’t object. I think I knew why he wanted to go there and it wasn’t for watching either the tide or the sun! It was recognised locally as a courting couple’s parking area.

Twenty minutes later I pulled the handbrake on and we were overlooking the sea on the cliff known locally as Sunset Point. We both released our seat belts at the same time. The spot was aptly named as the sun was just dipping its toes into the sea when we arrived. In another 30 minutes or so it would be swallowed up by the sea. We both sat there enjoying the view in silence.

I was waiting for David to make a move on me. After all, wasn’t that why he wanted to come to this place? I glanced down at his lap and noticed that he did have an erection. Should I initiate the proceedings I thought to myself? Instead I turned my attention to the radio, turned it on and found some soft romantic music. I turned the volume down quite low, settled back in my seat and closed my eyes.

I heard the sound of a zip being undone. I opened my eyes and through the eerie light of dusk I saw David sitting with his cock in his hand. He was masturbating himself. He must have sensed I was watching him because he turned his head toward me and said, “Sorry Sis. I thought you were asleep. Now that you’re not would you mind helping me out with this little problem?” He looked down at his cock. It did look a lot bigger than normal. It certainly looked a lot thicker unless it was the semi-darkness of dusk playing tricks with me. David continued pulling his foreskin back and forth over his mushroom tip.

“We must stop doing this sort of thing, David,” I said. “It’s wrong!”

“You’re right Sis. It is wrong. Enjoyable, but wrong.” He opened the car door, got out and went to the front of the car. He peered in through the windscreen and simply said, “Come on.”

Why I did it I don’t know, but I joined him at the front of the car. Leaning my bottom against the bonnet of the car I stared out to sea. Suddenly and without warning, David turned towards me and pushed me back onto the bonnet. He kissed me passionately on the lips. His tongue seeking my tongue and his hands seeking my breasts. He was fumbling with the buttons on my blouse but eventually managed to undo them all. I felt the cool of the evening air on my nipples as he opened my blouse fully. His mouth moved down my neck, nibbling as it went. He found my nipple and started to suck and lick it.

My passion was rising. I could feel that magical tingle deep down inside me as his hands undid the clasp of my shorts and he pushed them off my hips toward the ground. He pulled my panties down, fully exposing my pussy to him. He kicked my panties and shorts away from my feet and then removed his own shorts. I felt the tip of his cock touch the top of my leg as he positioned himself. He placed his hands under my bottom and lifted me further up onto the bonnet of the car directly in line with his throbbing cock. He inched forward and I felt his glans penetrating my fuckhole. Another push and his cock was fully in and he started fucking me hard and deep. He was like an a****l.

His pace quickened and his thrusting became harder and harder with each movement. I had never been fucked this way – out in the open by a wild a****l desperate to plant his seed within me! I found David’s a****listic ways erotic. Tonight I needed his cock deep inside me and I wanted him to come and explode and fill me with his seed. As David worked up to a sexual frenzy I closed my eyes and felt the first signs of my orgasm starting deep in the pit of my stomach. I also felt his hands on my nipples. Pinching and squeezing them and rolling them between thumb and forefinger. David’s hard cock pounding my pussy and his hands playing with my nipples soon made me climax. As the first wave of my climax hit me I locked my legs around David’s waist holding him in a vice like grip.

David let out a groan of relief as his seed exploded and shot into my pussy. He kept fucking me until his balls were empty and my pussy full. My climax erupted a split second after I felt his cum squirt into my pussy. David’s thrusting eased and he leaned more heavily on me. We were both panting from the exertion, both exhausted. I could still feel David’s fingers playing with my nipples.

As his cock softened it flopped out of my pussy and I felt him step away. I was enjoying the moment of sexual gratification and just lay on the bonnet of the car with my eyes closed. His hands resumed their task of nipple playing and I moaned with the sensation I was feeling.

I felt David’s cock at the entrance to my pussy again – pushing its way in toward my cunt. How did he get another hard on so quickly, I thought to myself. I opened my eyes to see what David was doing and to my horror saw a stranger. As I went to push him away his hands grabbed my wrists and he pinned me down on the bonnet. I felt his cock entering my love channel. I wanted to struggle but my body refused. A feeling of butterflies in my stomach seemed to immobilise me. And then I felt it. Another orgasm ripped through my body sending little electric shocks to every part of my body. No sooner did it subside than another took its place. This time it was more intense. More electrifying! I moaned loudly with delight.

This stranger was giving me intense orgasms that I had never experienced before. His cock deep inside me he was pounding me into the bonnet of the car. Suddenly, and involuntarily, my legs clasped the stranger around his waist trapping his cock inside my pussy. As I did this his hands released their grip on my wrists and he started fondling my breasts again. We both knew that my body had submitted to his and now he could do anything he wanted to me!

His fucking increased to a frenzid speed. I felt another climax building. Was this the third or the fourth I asked myself? I felt the stranger stiffen and knew that he was about to offload his cum deep in my fuckhole. As his pounding increased so did the approach of my orgasm.

I felt his hot cum hitting my cervix. One squirt after another. It seemed to go on forever. How much cum did this stranger have? As his fucking slowed to a standstill my next orgasm hit me. This sent involuntary shock waves to all parts of my body as I writhed on the bonnet.

I sense something different about this climax. I soon found out what. I started squirting liquid out of my pussy. It was like urinating but with a different, nicer feeling. The hot liquid just pumped out of my pussy one gush after another.

It took several minutes for me to regain my composure. I virtually slid off the bonnet of the car and finished up sitting on the ground leaning against the bumper of the car. I was panting. I was wet. I was happy. I was satisfied! I looked around for the stranger but couldn’t see him. He had disappeared into the night.

David was sitting on the grass close by smiling at me. I had never had a day like this in my life before.

It was the very first time I had squirted during a fuck.

I’d been having vivid and wild sexy dreams all night. All of them were about me being forcefully fucked against my will by a stranger. When I say against my will, it was, but only up to a point. After that point was reached it was me who wanted the pleasure of being forcefully fucked and I didn’t care what stranger did it to me as long as he put his cock in my box and left his cum deep inside.

I was slowly but surely becoming a ‘cum slut’.

There was a tap on my bedroom door which hauled me up from my slumbers. I shouted a sleepy “Come in” and watched David, my brother, enter my bedroom. He was carrying a large mug of tea. He put it down on the bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed. I had to shift my position in my bed to give him room to sit down. ” I thought after last night you might need a little pampering today, Sis. Hence the mug of tea.”

My mind raced back to last night and as my mind cleared and the fog lifted I remembered most of what had happened in detail. “I was fucked by a total stranger,” I said, “and you watched him fuck me.”

“That was after I’d fucked you. He’d been playing with your tits for quite some time while I was fucking you. I know you had your eyes closed but I thought you knew it was a stranger playing with you and that’s why you had such a heavy orgasm. Seeing him playing with your tits while I was fucking your pussy made me cum mega! After I had shot my load into you he pushed me out of the way and took my place and fucked you. You were like a wild a****l as he fucked you. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it? ”

” I don’t know what to think,” I said. “I don’t know if it was his skill at fucking that made me cum so many times or the fact that I was being forcefully fucked by a stranger. Whichever it was, I must have climaxed five or six times. Each one different. Each one better than the last. Each one more satisfying.”

I lifted myself onto one elbow and reached for my mug of tea. The duvet slipped down and exposed my tits as I stretched. I didn’t care. After what I had done over the last few days showing my tits to my brother seemed a triviality. David eyed my size 32B tits with admiration. This would have been the fourth or fifth time he had seen them in the last few days. I saw his hand go down to his crotch where he pulled on his jeans, probably to make himself more comfortable and give his swelling cock more room to expand. I sipped my tea.

My reminiscence of last night had made my nipples swell and protrude and my areola had darkened slightly. It was a sexy scene for David to enjoy! His eyes were enjoying the treat my breast offered and that was obviously making his cock come to life.

“Have you got anything planned for today?” I asked David.

“Not really,” he replied. After yesterday afternoon and evening I think anything we do today will be a bit of a letdown.” He was, of course, referring to our afternoon with Sharon and then the evening at Sunset Point. “Have you got anything planned?” he asked.

“Not really, ” I replied. I think I will have a long soak in the bath and then take the rest of the day as it comes.” I finished my tea and handed David my empty mug. David rose from the bed and headed for the door. As he opened the door I added, “I might go dogging, of course.”

David stopped dead in his tracks. He turned and looked at me. His eyes wandered up and down my body before asking, “Really?”

“Who knows,” I said with a little teasing laugh.

“Well, if you do decide to go dogging don’t go alone. Take me with you as a chaperone and guardian angel,” David said. “And who knows, I might find a girl to fuck while I’m there.”

David left my bedroom and went downstairs carrying the empty mug. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I ran the bath and poured half a bottle of bubble bath into the water. This was going to be luxury! I tested the temperature of the water with my toes and when I found it was just right I emerged my entire body into the foam and water. I slid down the bath and let the warm water lap over my entire body. Only my head and neck was above water. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

My mind started to wander back to last night again and the fuck I’d had with the stranger. The more I thought of being fucked by a stranger the more I liked the idea and the more worked up I was becoming. After all, a stranger made me orgasm several times during a single fuck. I wondered what would happen if I was fucked by more than one stranger – one after another after another. How many orgasms would I have then?

The more I thought of it the harder my nipples became and the more excited I became. My right hand moved down my body to my pussy and my finger started to caress my lips. My other hand found my breast and started to play with my tits. My right hand explored my labia and vulva until it found my magic button which was already dilated and eager for some attention. My fingers rubbed my clitoris in small circular movements. Despite being in the warm water I could feel my pussy making and releasing love juices in anticipation of pleasures to come.

I continued to think of a stranger fucking me whilst I rubbed my clitoris and played with my nipples and areola. My passion was rising and in my mind I saw several strangers standing close by, watching me being fucked. They were all masturbating but some were reaching their climax more quickly that others, and they ejaculated their semen from deep within their balls into an open void. In my mind I saw the creamy thick liquid squirt from their cocks and go to wasted as it hit the floor. My tongue was licking my lips as every shower of cum hit the floor.

My climax started to rip through my body as my imaginary stranger dumped his cum inside me. In my sexual fantasy another stranger took his place, inserted his cock deep into my cunt and started fucking me.

I was thrashing about in the water as one climax was superseded by another. I was breathing hard and my heart was thumping in my chest. As my final climax started to subside I let out an involuntary moan from my throat. My body relaxed and I once again settled down into the bath water, contented and happy. I was savouring my post-orgasm glow with a wry smile on my face.

Eventually I managed to compose myself enough to get out of the bath and dry myself with the towel. I left the bathroom to head for my bedroom rubbing my hair with the towel. It was a beautiful day outside again – we were experiencing a prolonged period of dry, warm weather. As I approached my bedroom window to look at the world outside I was still drying my hair, rubbing it with the towel.

As I looked out a movement caught my eye and as I turned to have a better look I saw Mr Johnson, our next door neighbour, looking up at my window. Apart from the towel in my hand I was still completely naked. Mr Johnson had seen me topless before so I thought I would give him another thrill. I dropped the towel on the floor, picked up a hair brush, and started to brush my hair whilst looking directly at Mr Johnson. I was making sure he was having a good view of my breasts. Just to make sure he could see me I waved to him and blew a kiss back. Mr Johnson turned away, looked at his house for a few seconds before turning back to return the wave. So, I was right, he can easily see me! I carried on brushing my hair staring at Mr Johnson and watching him continually looking around at his house to ensure his wife wasn’t watching before turning back to look at me.

I decided to up the ante a little, so I put the hairbrush down and placed my hands, one on each breast. I started to massage them while my tongue started wetting my lips. I let my nipples show between my fingers as I massaged my tits for the benefit of Mr Johnson. My mouth partly open, my tongue darting along my lips. It was a free show for Mr Johnson. I hope he appreciated it!

Mr Johnson continued to watch me and his looking back at his house became less and less frequent. I think that was his downfall. He didn’t see Mrs Johnson coming down the garden with a drink of orange squash for him. By the time Mr Johnson was aware of her presence it was too late. She had seen me performing my little routine for her husband and Mr Johnson was in for a verbal battering – probably for years to come! My treat for Mr Johnson had come to an abrupt and sudden end.

I dressed in panties, white skimpy shorts and a bikini top. Sandals completed my outfit.

I went downstairs and found David in the kitchen reading the morning newspaper and sipping on a large mug of coffee. I pulled up a seat at the table and told him, in great detail, about Mr Johnson and how Mrs Johnson had admonishing him all the way back to the house.

David found it rather amusing that a ‘seventy something’ year old should be having a scolding for something a 21 year old had done to him and in which he had no control. “Did it give you any gratification or satisfaction?” he asked looking me in the eyes.

“It was fun, ” I replied, “but I do confess, I did feel sorry for him when his wife caught him.”

“Were you fingering yourself at the time?” David asked.

“No. I was actually drying my hair, but I did think, as Mr Johnson watching me was turning me on, that I might have a little play later.”

With that David rose from the table and came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulder. He bent down a little and whispered in my ear, “I bet you’re ready now though.” I felt his hot breath on my neck as his hands slowly moved from my shoulders and cupped my breasts, squeezing them gently. He kissed the bone of my clavicle, he kiss the hollow beneath the bone, the first swell of my chest. I moaned with pleasure.

David was right. I was beginning to feel like some sex right there and then. Despite already having masturbated earlier in the bath tub I was ready for another sex session.

As I thought about it, it came to mind that again it might have been because Mr Johnson was a relative stranger that made me feel so sexy. Was it the ‘stranger’ part that excited me, or was it that I was becoming a sex freak?

David’s hands continued to play with my breasts making my nipples grow and my pussy to dampen. He suddenly stopped caressing my breasts and with a very slow and teasing movement pulled both ties of my bikini top until the piece of thin material fell away releasing my breasts. His hands resumed their position on my breasts teasing and flirting with my stiffened nipples making my pussy even wetter and my throat to release another involuntary moan of pleasure. He continued kissing and gently nibbling my neck. “Stand up for me, Sis,” he whispered in my right ear. “I want you over the kitchen table.”

As if I was a robot I did as I was asked and stood for him. As I tried to turn to face him he held me tight around the waist preventing me from turning. His right hand went around my waist to the top button of my shorts which he unfastened one handed, with skill and dexterity. He then moved down to the next button and the next and finally the last one. He undid them all with the same confidence and speed that he had undone the first. He was obviously quite adept at unbuttoning female buttons!

He pushed my shorts down and his hand went under my panties and onto my lower tummy close to my vulva. He was still kissing my neck and running his tongue up to my ear. His hot breath and his tongue licking my earlobe was euphoric. The heat within me was rising and I reached behind me and felt his cock trying to push their way out of his shorts. I placed my hand over his cock and rubbed it gently up and down. At I did this he started to pushed his body into mine and I could clearly feel the outline of his cock pressing into my bum. I could easily tell that he was not wearing any underpants.

I was fumbling to undo his fly buttons so that I could get to his cock. Zip flies are so much easier and quicker! David came to my rescue. With just one hand he undid them and his shorts dropped to the floor where he kicked them away. His cock was now free of all constraints and I pushed my bottom back towards it, wanting to feel it’s hardness and heat against my bum. I went to remove my panties but when David realised what I was trying to do he put his hand on my hand and simply said, “No, Sis.” With that, he pushed my head and chest down onto the kitchen table, opened my legs a little wider by pushing them apart with his foot, took his cock and inserted it between my panty leg and my bum.

He started moving back and forth. He was fucking my panties and he was enjoying it. His moans and breathing were getting louder and his cock was leaving pre cum trails as it passed over the skin of my bottom.

It was a surreal feeling. Here I was offering my pussy to my brother to fuck and all he wanted to do was fuck my panties – while I was wearing them! His panting was becoming more strained with each thrust forward. His fucking motion was making my pussy wet. I tried, but failed, to get my hand inside the front of my panties to rub myself. It was then that I noticed a movement at the window.

Unable to move due to David’s weight on my body I tried to tell David that we were being watched. But that was useless – he was too occupied fucking my panties and his moans just drowned out my voice. I stared at the window waiting to see if I could see more movement and more importantly who it was watching us.

It was then that I felt David’s body stiffen. His thrusting got wilder and I knew he was about to shoot his load of cum into my panties. As he let out a loud moan from his throat I felt his cum splashing and squirting onto my panty covered bottom. Spurt after spurt of warm cum bathed my bottom and David’s cock was spreading the cum all over!

As David was enjoying his minute of pleasure, my eyes were transfixed on the window, and that was when I recognised the face that had been watching us. It was Mr Johnson, our 70 year old next door neighbour! He had been watching all the time!

I was still bent, face down, on the table as David’s cock began to lose its strength and size. Fucking my panties while I wore them must have been another one of his fetishes. My panties and bum were soaking with David’s cum as he withdrew his cock.

“We were being watched,” I said quietly to David.

“Yes I know,” he replied. “The old man from next door has been watching us from the outset. I found it very stimulating to have someone else look at your body while I was fucking you.”

“More like fucking my panties,” I retorted, as I stood up straight and looked directly at Mr Johnson through the window. Mr Johnson returned the stare as he ogled my body, especially my tits.

“Yea, OK,” David replied laughing as he looked around the floor for his shorts.

I decided to let Mr Johnson have a good look at my body while I took my wet and cum filled panties off. I ripped a few sheets of kitchen towel off the roll and wiped my bum of cum before throwing the tissue away in the waste bin.

David was now dressed in his shorts. I was completely naked. What David did next came as a shock for me and Mr Johnson. He opened the back door and shouted for Mr Johnson to come in for a cup of coffee. The invitation came like a bolt from the blue. It was the last thing I expected David to do!

I heard Mr Johnson give a little cough and I watched as he passed the window and approach the back door. “Come in,” invited David. “I’m sure my little sister will make you a cup of coffee. Would you like that Mr Johnson?” he asked as Mr Johnson’s foot crossed the threshold.

“Yes, thank you,” Mr Johnson replied, removing his flat cap as he entered the kitchen. As he saw me standing there, as naked as the day I was born, he touched his forelock like an old fashioned mark of respect, that could have been a scene from a Jane Austin book.

Mr Johnson was looking at my body. His eyes covered every square inch of it. He’d seen my tits before from my bedroom window but now he was having a close up look at my tits and his first look at my pussy. Strangely enough I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. I was enjoying the staring eyes of my old neighbour.

“Would you like some milk and sugar with your coffee?” I asked as I walked towards the coffee percolator.

“I … I … I … don’t want to be any trouble Miss Becci,” he stuttered, not removing his eyes from my body.

“It’s no trouble at all,” David said. “Is it Sis?”

“No, of course not Mr Johnson,” I replied.

“Just some milk then please, Miss Becci,” Mr Johnson replied.

I smiled at him calling me Miss Becci. It reminded me of a love story that Barbara Cartland would write, where the hero was always tall, dark and handsome and the heroine was always a poor girl who had suffered in life from birth until the hero of the story arrived on the scene. I wondered if Mr Johnson was regarding himself the hero! My knight in shining armour, rescuing me from the evil clutches of my brother!

“I have a few things to do, so I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Becci, ” David said as he went to leave the kitchen and go upstairs, “and believe me, Mr Johnson, she has very capable hands,” he added with a laugh. As he went through the door David glanced at me and gave me a wink.

I handed Mr Johnson his mug of coffee. He was still staring at my body, as if he had never seen a naked woman before. Who knows? Perhaps he hasn’t, I thought to myself.

“Do you like what you see, Mr Johnson?” I asked.

“Oh! goodness yes, Miss Becci!” he stuttered quietly, looking guilty. “I think you are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen.”

“How many women have you seen naked, that you could class as beautiful?” I asked.

“You are the only one, Miss Becci.”

“Just Becci will do,” I replied. “There’s no need to call me Miss Becci.”

“OK, Miss Becci,” he replied.

I smiled when he called me Miss Becci again, which in turn made Mr Johnson smile. His eyes were still transfixed on my naked body. I gazed at him and notice that for a ‘seventy something’ man he still had a good mop of hair and his eyes were crystal clear and not cloudy or dulled by age. He was a slender man and he stood upright.

“What about Mrs Johnson? Surely you’ve seen her naked?” I asked.

“Goodness gracious, no!” he replied. “She always turns the light off when she goes to bed.”

“What about when you make love? Surely you must see her naked then?”

“No miss! She wouldn’t allow it. We always made love in the dark and we only ever did it in the one position – that was me on top of her, missionary style.” He sighed a little and then added in a rather quieter voice, “And that only happened on high days and holidays.”

I wondered what Mr Johnson must have made of what he had just witnessed. Me, naked and bent double over the kitchen table and David fucking my panties!

I started to feel sorry for the old man standing in front of me. He had probably had fifty years of marriage and had never seen his wife naked. He had probably only fucked her three or four times a year for half a century! What a waste of a life, I thought to myself.

Mr Johnson had, by now, finished his coffee and he put his mug down on the table gently. “Thank you, Miss Becci. The coffee was very nice. Most appreciated. I shall now go back to my gardening. Thank you for everything.”

As he turned to go I called to him, “Mr Johnson. Would you like a feel of my tits before you go?”

“No thank you,” he replied without even turning around. “You see, Miss Becci, once I feel them then I will never have the pleasure again of dreaming about how they feel – I will know how they feel. I would prefer to have dream after dream about you and, of course, the occasional glimpse through your bedroom window.”

With that, Mr Johnson left the house leaving me feeling rather sad and despondent thinking about what he had told me. Mr Johnson had touched a part of my heart that I didn’t know existed. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, threw myself on my bed and had a little cry. This world can be so cruel sometimes.

After I had dried the tears away from my eyes I looked out of my bedroom window and watched as Mr Johnson weeded his vegetable garden. He looked happy enough as he bent down and plucked the weeds from around his crop of lettuce plants. His eyes were concentrating on the next offending weed until for some unknown reason he glanced in my direction. His eyes sparkled as he saw me standing at the window. He gave a quick glance towards his house before returning his gaze to me. He lifted his hand and gave me a quick wave. His face broke out into a sunshiny smile that brought a smile to my lips. I returned the wave which he welcomed with a grin before returning his concentration and his eyes to his gardening.

I decided to go to the beach for a walk and a sunbathe so hunted through my drawers for a bikini, a white crochet trim tassel hem dress that I bought last year but hadn’t had the weather to wear, and my sandals. I perched my designer sunglasses on my head. I threw, into a shoulder bag, a beach towel, a bottle of sun tan lotion and a bottle of mineral water. Within ten minutes of deciding to go to the beach I had said goodbye to David and was driving the short distance to the local stretch of sand.

I found a parking space easily. For such a nice day there were few cars in the car park so the beach and sand dunes would be relatively deserted. To reach the beach I had to walk across a wooden boardwalk which ran from the car park, through the sand dunes, and finished close to the sandy beach. As I reached the end of the boardwalk I looked left and right along the expanse of golden sand but couldn’t decide which way to go. My mind was made up when I heard some voices to the left of me and I saw a family playing beach cricket. I turned to the right and started walking – I was seeking peace and solitude.

After about half a mile I saw a gap in the sand dunes to my right. I wandered over and found a sun trap in the form of a sand basin – surrounded by high sand dunes and only one easy entrance. This is going to be my private sunbathing area for the next few hours I thought to myself. I spread out the beach towel, stripped down to my scanty bikini, opened the suntan lotion and smoothed it over most of my body. As I sat on the towel applying the suntan lotion I jiggled my bum to make a comfortable ‘seat’ in the sand. A quick drink of mineral water and I laid back to soak up the golden sun rays. It was heaven! My thoughts went over the happening since I came home from university. It didn’t take long though before the sun on my eyelids made me sleepy and I fell asleep listening to the song of the breeze as it caressed the tall sand dune grasses.

Something woke me. I could hear voices, quite close – in fact, very close! I felt something cold making its way up my leg toward my inner thighs. I sat up in a single motion and saw three young men looking down at me. One was holding a beach parasol and it was the metal tip of the parasol that I could feel on my inner thigh. I put my hand on my leg to stop it encroaching further.

“What a delight,” the parasol man said. “Such a lovely camel toe for my parasol to explore.” As he said this I felt him pushing the parasol tip against my hand trying to move it further up my thigh.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him indignantly, pushing his parasol away from me.

“What’ s a man supposed to do?” he asked. “I come for a nice walk along the beach with my friends and I find a beautiful washed up mermaid asleep on the beach. A mermaid so attractive and with such a figure that it necessitated extra exploration. Are you a mermaid that maybe needs some light relief?” As he asked this the point of his parasol was back on my thigh making gentle movements and his eyes were transfixed on my crotch and my camel toe.

All three men were dressed in swimming trunks. Each wore sunglasses. Apart from the parasol there was nothing else. My eyes explored all three. Each had a slight erection tenting their swimming trunks. All had a tanned muscular body. Every one of them was, in my eyes, fuckable!

“Do you think you could spare us some of that water?” the parasol man asked looking at the bottle laying by my side.

“Certainly,” I answered as I threw the bottle at him. He caught it one handed and passed it to one of his friends who opened the bottle and drank some before passing the bottle to the third man.

“Thank you, kind mermaid.”

“I’m not a mermaid,” I responded, “and you know it!”

“Very true. If you were I wouldn’t have been able to stroke your thigh with my tip,” he said smiling. “Anyway, do mermaids have camel toes as nice as yours? Do they even have camel toes?” he asked.

I blushed immediately and looked away from him.

The water bottle was passed back to parasol man who took a drink, replaced the cap, and handed the bottle back to me. “Thank you. Not only are you a beautiful lady you are also a kind lady and I have decided that such a beautiful lady needs protection. We shall remain with you as your guardians ensuring you are not m*****ed or hindered.”

“I can assure you I can look after myself perfectly well thank you,” I said, as I resumed my laying position on the beach towel. To award myself some privacy I put my sunglasses on – that way they wouldn’t see which one I was looking at.

“I’m sure you can, ” he acknowledged, “but we have nothing else to do this afternoon so we might as well remain here with you and admire your beauty as walk along the beach poking stranded jellyfish with my parasol.”

“Suit yourself,” I answered turning my head away from them.

It wasn’t long before I felt the cold tip of the parasol back on my inner thigh. I admit that the coldness was quite stimulating on my sun warmed flesh and it did send a tingle up my leg. He etched a pattern on my inner thigh as he gradually went higher and higher until he brushed my vulva with the parasol tip. I let out a low involuntary moan as it touched me and my legs, against my will, slightly parted. The parasol tip was now directly on my pussy lips, which, according to him, were clearly visible as camel toe through my bikini bottoms. A slow, gentle caressing movement by the tip made me start to get wet and wanting more. My legs opened further as I released another moan from my throat. The parasol tip was now caressing my pussy lips through my bikini bottoms and I could feel more and more pressure being applied by parasol man.

I felt movement either side of me and knew that the other two had taken a sitting position – one on each side of me. I opened my eyes and looked for parasol man. He was still standing in front of me, one hand holding the parasol the other holding his enlarged cock through his swimming trunks.

It was just then that I felt a hand on my breast. First it was on my left tit but it was quickly followed by a hand on my right tit. I was numb with pleasurable feelings. I couldn’t move. Couldn’t protest! I didn’t want to move and I certainly didn’t want to protest! I was enjoying myself. Enjoying the feel of the men on my bikini covered nipples and the metal tip on my pussy lips. I glanced at the two men sitting either side of me – each one had a hand on one of my tits, their finger tips massaging my nipple and my areola. My nipples responded by growing and my pussy responded by dampening and leaving a damp patch on my bikini bottoms. The parasol tip continued to rub my pussy lips through my bikini bottoms.

Offering no resistance to what was happening must have acted as a green flag to the men. I felt a hand going under my bikini top and grasping my tit. My bikini top was pushed upward off my right breast and was closely followed by the freedom of my left tit. Two hands massaged and played with my nipples, making them enlarged and eager for more touches.

The man with the parasol now knelt between my legs – the parasol thrown to one side. I felt his hand on both sides of my bikini bottom as he gently tried to pull them down. Without thinking about it I assisted his efforts by lifting my bum off the sand. I felt my bikini bottoms as they were pulled off past my feet. I was now on remote control. My sexual desires had overtaken any common sense and I would now allow these three men to do with me as they wanted. My pussy was on fire and now desperate for some attention.

The attention came by way of the parasol man’s tongue. As he lay flat on the sand between my legs I felt his fingers separate my lips. My legs opened further to allow him enough room for his head between my legs. A quick lick of his tongue along my lips sent a magical shiver through my body. My clitoris was already swollen and ready.

I was entering my sexual heaven. My Utopia!

I felt two tongues on my nipples. Each nipple was being licked and flicked by the men’s tongues. The tongues danced a merry pattern around my areola and over my nipples which stood erect as if demanding more attention. My areolas darkened with excitement. Little goose bumps formed on my breasts, not because of cold but caused by excitement. I started to moan with pleasure which spurred on all three men. My body started to writhe with pleasure and anticipation.

I held parasol man’s head between my legs as he sucked my clitoris into his mouth and ran his tongue over it, teasing it all the time. My pussy was wet from my juices and his saliva. I felt him moving and when I opened my eyes I saw that he was removing his trunks. I caught a glimpse of his cock – huge and swollen with a purple-red head. Veins ran down the length of it and his scrotum hung with two large balls inside. I ran my tongue over my own lips in anticipation of what was soon going to be inside my cunt making me happy. He resumed his position between my legs and started licking and sucking me again.

By now the other two men had removed their swimming trunks so I now had a choice of three cocks to enjoy and play with. As I lay there I moved my hands away from parasol man’s head and reached out to my sides searching for the two cocks, one on either side of me. I found them both easily. They were both large and swollen and they both twitched as I ran my thumb over the top of their glans and spread some of their pre cum around and over the heads.

Now that I had removed my hands from the head of parasol man he was free to move, which is exactly what he did. I felt him kneeling between my legs as he slowly inched his cock closer to my fuckhole. I could feel the head brushing my labia and the opening to my cunt but he was having difficulty in penetrating because of his position and the way he was kneeling. To help him I lifted my arse a little and as he cupped my buttocks, and inched closer still, I felt his cock sliding into my waiting cunt. I groaned as his dick went in stretching the walls of my fuckbox. It was much fatter and bigger than I thought and at one time I wondered if it would fit at all but eventually it did manage to nestle deep within me.

As I was being fucked by parasol man I was wanking the two guys either side of me. They were both fucking my hand and writhing as they played and sucked on my tits. One of the guys stopped playing with my tits and kneeled next to my head. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his cock standing to attention, almost demanding some kind of reaction from me. I lifted my hand and grabbed it and as I turned my head towards him I guided his cock into my waiting mouth. I licked and sucked his head like a c***d would suck a lollipop. I took it deep into my throat – so deep that at one time I thought I would gag. I managed to stifle it.

Parasol man was humping me like a wild a****l. His cock was banging away at my pussy and because it was so big and he was in so far I felt it touch my cervix several times. That was when I had my first climax. It wasn’t one of the mega ones but it was a fulfilling one none the less. The butterflies that danced in my vagina fluttered through the lower part of my body causing me to buck and thresh as the orgasm hit me. My nipples tingled as if a mild electric shock had been applied, my stomach muscles tightened and my pussy walls closed and tightened around his cock. This seemed to excite his even more and as he watched me sucking his mate’s cock his thrusting got wilder and wilder. Suddenly his body stiffened, his thrusting became more urgent and I felt his cum squirt deep into my pussy. Squirt after squirt after squirt. I felt each one as they washed my cervix and filled my pussy with cum.

My second orgasm came just after the guy whose cock I was sucking came in my mouth. His hot sticky goo filled my mouth and throat seconds after parasol guy filled my cunt with his juices. This orgasm was a lot more powerful than the first. Starting at my toes and, like a tidal wave, it washed up my body to my head making every part of my body shiver and squirm with a pleasantness only an orgasm can give.

As parasol man rolled off me, his cock gradually shrinking back to its normal size, the guy who had just cum in my mouth slumped onto the sand, panting. I turned my attention to the guy who had not yet cum. I turned my head and looked at him. “Your turn to fuck me now,” I said as my hand pulled gently on his cock enticing him to roll over onto my body.

He lifted his right leg over my right leg, followed by his left leg until he was nestled between my thighs. As his cock poked at my opening he kissed me passionately on the mouth. I responded with my tongue seeking his tongue. As our saliva mixed together I wondered if he could taste any of his friend’s cum. There must have been some still lurking somewhere in my mouth.

The thought of him tasting his friend’s cum gave me my third orgasm! More intense that the previous two, my body bucked and squirmed as the tingling sensation started in my fingers and toes and travelled throughout my body until they met each other deep inside the pit of my stomach.

As my orgasm subsided I gathered my senses I reached down and placed the stranger’s cock at the opening of my fuckbox. My legs clamped around his waist, my ankles crossed, and my heels pushed his bum which forced his cock into my wet and waiting cunt. His cock, like his tongue, was now mixing with another man’s cum.

He started fucking me hard and deep – just as I like it. His speed and the groans coming from his throat indicated that he was desperate to release his cum into me. The walls of my pussy tightened and held his cock in place as he continued to grind away at my pussy. Deep down inside me I could feel my next orgasm building and this was going to be the most intense of them all.

Each forward thrust of his cock acted like a piston in my vagina – each thrust building upon the last – each building to give me an orgasm of a magnitude I have only felt a few times in my life. He was sweating and groaning as he plunged deep into me and with each plunge I pushed my cunt back toward him.

The rumblings started within me and as I approached my orgasm I sank my teeth into his shoulder and ran my fingernails down his back. My bucking and moaning was now independent of volition and would remain like that until my orgasm had been reached. The man was delirious with his sexual wants and desires and plunged his cock back and forth in my pussy as hard as he could.

“Cum in me,” I snarled at the man. “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before!”

My verbal encouragement was the catalyst for his balls to tighten and, as he lifted his head towards the sky, his cream cum juice started exploding out of the end of his cock mixing with the cum juice of parasol man deep in my pussy. As his cum hit the deep walls of my pussy so my orgasm exploded within me! Explosion after explosion of mini thunderbolts deep inside me and then the squirt of water from my pussy. The squirt, which saturated me and the guy, came just as he was performing the last few involuntary thrusts of his cock and the last of his cum was being sucked up from his balls. My bucking and lurching started to subside but I was still panting like a wild a****l.

We remained locked together for a short while until his cock went flaccid. That was when I released my leg hold on him and allowed him to roll off me.

As he rolled away I caught a glimpse of the bloody scratch marks I had etched onto his back with my tiger like nails. His back was going to be sore tomorrow. His two friends gave him a hand each and pulled him to a standing position. I closed my eyes, completely happy that not only was my body sexually satisfied and drained but that I had satisfied three stranger I had met on the beach that very afternoon.

When I got home I found a note from David saying that he had returned to the city to prepare for his job interview. He had added a post script which simply said, “Love you, Sis.”

I smiled as I made my way upstairs to the shower. This holiday was going to be the best holiday ever! Life was good.

I woke early. It seemed that our spell of dry warm weather was at an end. There were no birds singing to greet the new day; only the sound of the rain hitting the window pane. There were no dancing rays of sunshine intruding into the room from the join in the closed curtains. I turned over in bed and snuggled down reluctant to brave the challenging weather that today was throwing at me.

My thoughts recollected the days since I had been on holiday from university. In just a few days I had sucked my father’s cock, fucked a guy at an orgy where everyone could see me (including my father and aunt), committed i****t with my aunt and brother, had rubbed a girl to orgasm and had been fucked by a complete stranger over the car bonnet before being fucked by three guys on the beach! My pussy had been fucked and filled with cum as had my mouth on numerous occasions! “Becci. You’re a cum slut,” I said to myself under my breath.

Eventually I threw back the duvet and got out of bed. I drew the curtains back and looked out onto a wet, miserable British day where the clouds were ten different shades of grey and the ground wet and glistening. The only sound, apart from the rain on the windows pane, was the gurgling of the water as it ran down the downpipe from the gutter to the drain.

I picked my mobile phone up and glanced at the flashing light that told me there was a message waiting for me. It was from my brother David and read:-

“Hi Sis. Sorry, I forgot to leave your panties in the laundry basket. Never mind. I’ll use them a few times. Will return them next time I see you. Take care. xxxx.”

I walked to the bathroom, ran myself a bath, and spend a good half hour just soaking in the warm soapy water, occasionally swishing the water around to make more bubbles. As I normally do whenever I have a bath, I started to fondle my nipples and areola, running the tips of my fingers over the nipples making them enlarged and sensitive and tracing little circles over the areola, making them darken in anticipation of what delights they might be treated to.

Within minutes my hand was down seeking out my labia, running a finger or two over my vulva, teasing and tantalisingly stroking my secret parts. My clitoris, already swollen and sensitive, was awaiting attention which it duly received. My finger pressing gently on it and by rubbing it in a circular motion made my pussy juice ooze and cover the walls of my vagina with a layer of love lubrication.

I inserted a finger into my fuckhole; my bum lifted off the bottom of the bath to meet my finger and my body started to wriggle and writhe. As my finger went deeper I pointed it slightly upward toward my sensitive spot and found it immediately. My body twisted with delight as I finger fucked myself. I could feel my orgasm as it started to build in the pit of my stomach. A tingling feeling radiated outwards towards my fingers and toes, spreading through all the nerves. My breathing became rapid and my writhing increased. My movements in the bath was making water waves which progressively got wilder and wilder until my orgasm exploded, my body twisted and shook with pure ecstasy and delight. My muscles in my legs relaxed and I slumped back under the protection of the warm water.

I laid there for a few minutes gently pinching my nipples between my fingers and thumbs enjoying the feeling of contentment and satisfaction as my orgasm gradually fading into the distance.

I dried myself on a clean white towel, wrapped it around my body and went back to my bedroom, where I opened the curtains and peered outside. The rain had eased somewhat and the sky had lightened. I sat on the edge of my bed, unwrapped the towel from my body, tilted my head slightly forward and rubbed the towel on my long blonde hair to help dry it. I plugged in my hair dryer and sat, passing my open fingers through my hair while the warm waves of air from the dryer banished all signs of any wetness. I stood, folded the towel and walked back to the bathroom to dispose of the towel in the laundry basket.

As I turned, to return to my bedroom, I jumped with surprise. My hand went to my mouth to stifle a scream that didn’t actually arrive as my eyes analysed the sight before them. There on the landing facing me with a broad grin on his face was my Daddy.

“Daddy!” I screamed in surprise. “You’re home early. I wasn’t expecting you till late tonight.”

“I’m sorry if I startled you, babe. It was meant to be a surprise,” he retorted. It was then that I noticed his eyes admiring my naked body. He was inspecting me from tip to toe. I thought of covering my boobs with my hands: but for what point? Daddy had seen me naked before and we had even had some sex before, albeit only me giving him a blowjob!

“That’s OK, Daddy. You just gave me a bit of a fright,” I said as I went up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. “It’s nice to see you,” I said.

“And it’s nice to see you , babe,” he said with a smile on his lips.

“Sorry you caught me like this, “I said, looking down at my body, “but I’ve just got out the bath.”

“You look perfect to me,” he said as he returned my hug. “The photo shoot finished earlier than I thought so I caught the first train home this morning and here I am!”

“Was it a successful shoot?” I asked.

“Yes, very successful,” he responded. “What did you and David get up to?” he enquired. “Did you take good care of him?”

“I did Daddy. I don’t think he will have any complaints about the way I looked after him.” After a pause I added, “You go down and put the kettle on for a cup of tea while I get dressed.”

I returned to my bedroom as Daddy descended the stairs to the kitchen. Within a few minutes I had thrown an old midriff tie shirt on and a pair of panties. I joined Daddy downstairs in the kitchen just as he was pouring the boiling water into the teapot. He looked up, inspected my attire and commented, “I prefer what you were wearing upstairs.” He grinned a he said it.

“I didn’t want to spill any hot tea on myself,” I said with a smile on my face as I poked my tongue out at him.

As we sat there drinking our tea and just chattering about ‘nothing and everything’ I noticed that Daddy kept massaging his temples. I stood and went to stand behind him. “You have a headache?” I asked as I placed my fingertips on his temple and started to massage them. Daddy pushed his head back a little and with closed eyes nodded his head in agreement. He also gave a sigh of pleasure. “Why don’t you go upstairs and lay on your bed for a while,” I suggested.

“I think I will if you don’t mind, precious,” he said.

“You go up Daddy. I’ll check in on you in a while to see if you’re feeling any better. There’s some ‘Tiger Balm’ in the bathroom cabinet if that will help, and some headache pills.”

Daddy rose from the table, kissed me on the cheek and made his way upstairs to bed. I looked at the ceiling as if I could see his footsteps walking the upstairs passageway. He went straight to his bedroom without visiting the bathroom for some headache relief.

I poured myself another cup of tea and then tidied the kitchen. I also did some tidying up downstairs before I sat down in the lounge, picked up a book and aimlessly started to read it.

It was midday before I put the book down and decided that perhaps I should check on Daddy. I crept up the stairs as quietly as I could. As I approached his bedroom I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. I approached on tiptoe and popped my head around the door. Daddy was laying on the bed in just his underpants. He looked as if he was sleeping. His breathing was even and calm.

I approached the bed just to make sure. I was right. His eyes were closed. His breathing even. He was asleep. I turned and crept towards the door but as I reached it Daddy said, “Please don’t go, Becci. Stay and keep me company.”

I turned to look at him. He was looking directly into my eyes. “I thought you were asleep Daddy. Is your headache better?”

“Yes thanks,” he replied. “Now come and sit with me for a while and tell me all about David’s visit,” he said patting the bed by his side. As I approached the bed Daddy moved over to give me room to lay on the bed with my head on the pillow. As I made myself comfortable Daddy asked, “So, what did you and David get up to?”

“Not very much,” I lied. “We spent a day with Sharon, we went for a couple meals and drinks and we visited Sunset Point headland to watch the sunset. But apart from that nothing much else.”

“Well,” Daddy replied, “as long as he had a good time.”

“I don’t think he will have anything to complain about,” I responded, tongue in cheek.

While I had been chatting with Daddy his fingers had been playing with the knot of my midriff tie shirt and it was beginning to work loose. I felt Daddy’s eyes peering down my low neckline looking at my boobs whilst his fingers played with the knot. Was he just occupying his fingers or was he trying to undress me without making it too obvious? Just as I was thinking it his fingers gave a little tug on the tie and my shirt fell open revealing my size 32B boobs – nipples slightly enlarged and the areolas somewhat reddened.

“You really are a very attractive young woman, Becci,” he declared as he leaned closer toward me and kissed my left breast. His lips and tongue sent a shiver radiating outward from my nipple to all parts of my body. Goose bumps suddenly appeared on my breasts and arms and my pussy responded with a slight tingle. I gave out an almost inaudible moan.

As his tongue worked its magic on my nipple his hand was caressing my stomach and I felt his fingers burrowing under the elastic waist band of my panties until they rested on my vulva. His fingers started to draw mystical symbols in my blonde pussy hair before restarting their journey downward toward my labia and clitoris. An involuntary movement on my part saw my legs opening a little allowing Daddy more room to reach my secret entry.

Daddy’s breathing was becoming more intense and I could feel his hot breath on my nipple as he opened his mouth to draw breaths between the sucks and licks. My body started to squirm and shiver under the sexual attention it was getting. My nipples were fully dilated and my pussy was becoming moist.

Daddy’s mouth moved from my nipple and travelled upward toward my neck. Little kisses and licks were showered on my neck as I adjusted my head to allow and encourage the cryptic messages that my body was receiving. My body was experiencing enchanting vibrations throughout and they were all radiating from Daddy’s mouth or fingers. My skin was flushed and my blood coursed through my veins to all parts of my body.

Daddy’s neck kisses were now on my cheek and as I turned my head towards him I felt his lips on my lips. Our mouths were slightly open and his tongue entered my mouth, flicking over my bottom lip, passing my teeth and gums, on a quest to seek my tongue. When our tongues finally touched there was an electric shock between us. Both our mouths opened wider and Daddy started kissing me with passion and eagerness. His fingers were now on my pussy lips: his once gentle strokes were now made with more fervour as he found my clitoris.

I turned my body toward Daddy as we French kissed. My hand rested on his hip before travelling downward in search of his erection. It didn’t take me long to find it. His underpants were tented – the material stretched taut over his enlarged cock. My thumb hooked under the elastic waistband and I started to tug his Y-fronts off. It wasn’t an easy task but eventually his cock sprung clear of all hindrance and I clasped my tiny hand around his enlarged and throbbing cock. Daddy was groaning and moaning with uncontrolled passion.

As my thumb travelled over his glans spreading his pre-cum around the head and rim of his cock his hand had left my clitoris and was trying to remove my panties. I lifted my bum off the sheet to help him and as my panties cleared my thighs I managed, with the help of my feet, to kick them off and away from me. Daddy’s left leg now climbed over my left leg and with a little help and cooperation his body found its new position – nestled between my thighs. I could feel his enormous penis resting on my pubic hair, just above my pussy lips.

A slight movement and repositioning from Daddy and, with me opening my legs a little wider, I felt the glans of his cock at the opening of my pussy. My bum lifted a little trying to encourage his cock to enter my secret passage but Daddy was in control and he would only enter when he was ready. The French kissing stopped and I took the opportunity of holding his head and pushing it down again to my nipple. His mouth clamped onto it like a limpet. Again I felt his cock at the entrance of my fuckbox. Again I let out a little moan of anticipated pleasure. My bum lifted a little off the bed tempting Daddy’s cock to enter my wet pussy. I felt the head of his cock starting to penetrate my juicy hole but only by an inch or two. Daddy moved a little and I felt his cock withdraw from my now hot and saturated fuckhole.

My moaning and writhing was now becoming virtually uncontrollable and I begged Daddy to fuck me. “Soon my little one,” he managed to mumble as his mouth left my nipple and was replaced by his finger and thumb – massaging my nipple gently yet somehow forcefully. His mouth returned to my lips and cheeks as he planted soft and gentle butterfly kisses all over my face and lips. My lips, when they could, kissed Daddy’s face and lips and with involuntary movement my tongue flicked out and licked him when an opportunity arose.

I could feel my orgasm building. Like a saucepan of water waiting to come to the boil, Daddy had applied the heat some time ago but he was withholding the last few degrees that would make me boil and release my orgasm. He was waiting until he was ready.

Suddenly and without warning Daddy let out an audible groan from his throat. I was frightened that he might have already shot his load so I pushed my bum up as hard and as far as I could. I felt his hot and throbbing cock slide into me with ease. My pussy was so moist that I think it would have received a cock of any size! Daddy’s cock was finally inside my pussy and it had penetrated deep. Daddy started to thrust back and forth and it took me a little time to match his thrusting but soon we were fucking in harmony. On each return stroke his cock nearly left my pussy but just before it did his cock would plunge forward again. His cock didn’t stop its forward penetrating movement until his balls and scrotum hit my bum. He was fucking every centimetre of my vagina – from my inner lips to the very end of my love passage.

Daddy was shagging his little girl with relish. This was the thought that triggered my first orgasm. Building from deep within me and shooting out to my extremities, making my stomach muscles contort and twist. Sending ripples of infinite delight up from the pit of my stomach to my tits and beyond. My vagina walls contracted as my orgasm peaked and Daddy felt it gripping his cock. This spurred Daddy on and he managed to grind his cock even deeper into my fuckhole.

My head was thrashing from side to side as my orgasm reached its crescendo sending my muscles into spasm throughout my body. My breathing had increased considerably, my arms held Daddy securely and fast above me and inside my pussy. I wasn’t going to let him go until his cum had filled my pussy and I had emptied his balls of all the creamy, salty goo they held.

Daddy was breathing hard and I knew his climax was not far away. With a sudden extra powerful thrust I felt his cock jerk and lurch inside my fuckbox followed by the familiar feeling of my cunt being filled with male cum. As my pussy walls contracted a little to hold his cock firmly in place my second orgasm hit me like a lightning bolt. It felt as if my pussy was going to explode. I hooked my legs over the calves of Daddy’s legs to hold him in position. My bucking kept pace with Daddy although his was now reducing in ferocity until he suddenly slumped on my chest panting and gasping. His cock and balls had delivered their entire precious load deep with my pussy.

He remained slumped over me for several minutes whilst I caressed his back with my fingers and nails and his breathing returned to normal. I would occasionally plant a sweet kiss on the side of his head and once or twice he raised his head and kissed me tenderly and gently on the lips.

It was some time before he eventually rolled off me and I gently moved and cajoled my naked body until I was laying on my side in a position where he could cuddled up to my bum – like two spoons in a drawer, locked together. As we lay there in silence I could feel droplets of his cum trickling from my pussy at the same time as remnants of the cum still in his cock dripped onto the cheek of my bum. His arm was around me and his hand was resting on my breast keeping my nipple hard, elongated and tingling. My heart rate had returned to normal and the feeling of wellbeing flooded through my body as my muscles relaxed. As my bum pushed back towards his cock and my legs curled at my knees my body reverted to the foetal position.

We lay there quietly, enjoying the closeness of each other, for some considerable time before Daddy rose from the bed and went to the bathroom. While he was gone I turned over on the sheet and felt the cold damp patched that our leaking cum had made on the sheets. My index finger explored the opening of my pussy and discovered a little reservoir of cum just inside the opening. With one movement my finger had scooped up a drop of cum and had transferred it to my mouth.

As I sucked my finger, enjoying the salty taste, Daddy returned and asked with a curious look on his face what I was tasting.

“Just a little of what I’ve wanted for so long Daddy.”

Daddy gave me a wry smile and started getting himself dressed. I watched with fascination as he pulled a fresh pair of underpants up his legs and over his cock and balls, hiding them from my wanton gaze. He followed by putting a polo shirt on, a pair of jeans, socks and finally a pair of Puma trainers. “I thought we might go out to a restaurant tonight for something to eat. What do you say kitten?”

“That would be lovely,” I replied almost in a ‘school-girly’ type trance.


I came downstairs at about seven o’clock, freshly showered and dressed with the distinct smell of ‘Calvin Klein eau de Parfum’ wafting around my body. I wasn’t really one for make-up but tonight I had spent some time in front of my vanity mirror using the contents of my make-up bag. Some foundation cream, red rouge, pink ‘wet look’ lipstick and some satin eye shadow made me look as pretty as a china doll – or so Daddy said!

I had decided to wear a low cut black pencil dress that fitted tightly around my bum. Natural coloured lace top hold-up stockings and a pair of black high heel shoes and a black handbag completed my outfit. No bra because the dress wouldn’t look right if I wore one and no panties because the outline of my panties would clearly show through the dress. Anyway, I was feeling devilish!

“You look absolutely stunning,” Daddy said with the broadest grin I had ever seen him wear. His eyes twinkled like the reflecting cats-eyes in the middle of the road. “I was thinking of the local KFC restaurant but with you dressed like that I think I had better change my mind and take you somewhere a little more up-market.”

He chose wisely. We drove to La Dolce Vita – a local Italian restaurant with a good reputation in the area for their Peppered Shrimp Alfredo and Salmon and Spinach Fettuccine.

As we entered the restaurant an Italian ‘cameriere’ greeted us and showed us to a table overlooking the harbour below us. He brought us a menu and introduced himself as Gino – our waiter for the evening. He said that he would return a little later for our order after we had studied the menu but in the mean time he would fetch us some drinks if we required any. Daddy ordered a large Vodka and tonic with ice for the ‘bella signora’ and a glass of soda water and lime for himself.

The meal was delicious. What is it about Italian food that always makes it taste so delectable? I ordered a ‘Pollo Milanese’. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the mushroom sauce was exquisite. I didn’t realise how hungry I was until the bouquet of the mushroom sauce hit my olfactory system. I ate my food with relish enjoying every mouthful.

Daddy ordered Sea Bass Al Forno, one of his favourite Italian dishes and as he ate his food he told me of his week in London and how the photo shoot had gone a lot better and easier than anyone could have imagined. It was a high cost project and Daddy was pleased it had gone so well. He would earn a considerable sum of money for the week’s work.

As we finished the last of our drinks Daddy called the waiter over, asked for the bill, and handed over his credit card for payment. Gino returned a few minutes later with his credit card and the receipt. After checking the receipt, Daddy took his wallet out, replaced the credit card in its proper place, extracted a £10 note and slipped it into Gino’s hand with a thank you. Gino escorted us to the door and as he opened it he took my hand, kissed it and said “Un piacere per servire una bella signora come nel ristorante.” Daddy smiled, looked at me and whispered the translation into my ear – “A pleasure to serve such a beautiful lady in the restaurant.” I thanked Gino and left the restaurant floating on cloud nine.

Leaving the restaurant, I took Daddy’s arm as we walked the few yards to where the car was parked. The rain had eased and the full moon played hide-and- seek with the few remaining rainclouds as they scuttled across the evening sky.

As we started to drive away Daddy suggested that we could visit Sunset Point and watch the moonlight on the sea – “A perfect ending to a perfect day”, he said. My mind reminisced about the time I had spent at Sunset Point, just a few days ago. I closed my eyes and confirmed my agreement by making a soft agreeable sigh.

Within half an hour Daddy was pulling on the handbrake and admiring the photographic merits of the moon’s reflection on the sea. As he pressed the buttons to wind down our door windows he declared, “I’d like to take some photographs of my beautiful daughter one day. I have thousands of photographs but only a few of my daughter.” His voice tailed off to a whisper but I just caught the words, “Just a few of the most beautiful daughter in the world.”

I leaned over and rested my head on his arm, my hands gripping his forearm. “Thank you Daddy,” I whispered. “I would love you to take some photos of me.” Daddy turned his head slightly and kissed the top of my head.”

It was then that I noticed a shape in the shadows. For some reason, that I didn’t understand, I knew it wasn’t anything sinister. The shape was moving towards a car parked about 20 metres away and showed no reason to hide or use stealth. The shape went to the driver’s window and put his hand and arm inside. It was only then that it dawned on me. The shape was a dogger and he was enjoying the company of another dogger in the car. I watched fascinated through the bright moonlight straining my eyes to see as much as I could. My thoughts went back a couple days to the last time I was here. The stranger who fucked me was a dogger.

The recollections were enough to start a tingle in my pussy. I shifted a little in the car seat to quell the feeling but it was to no avail. My pussy was getting damp and it was seeking attention. I turned my head to face Daddy and when he looked at me I kissed him passionately on the lips. Daddy’s hand went to my breast and as he cupped it gently his tongue wormed its way into my mouth, my nipples grew erect and my pussy became even damper.

Daddy’s kiss was increasing my sexual need from within me. I pushed his hand from my breast down to my knee to encourage him to seek out my female desires and needs. The signal worked. Daddy’s hand started to travel up my leg. His kissing got more passionate as the feel of his hand on my stockings began to arouse his male desires. His hand met the patterned lacy top of my hold-up stockings just as my hand reached over to find his cock. My legs parted a little to allow his hand freedom to roam further under my tight dress. His cock was tented in his trousers and as my hand gripped it I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I broke Daddy’s kiss and turned my head slightly and was confronted by a stranger whose right hand was firmly on my shoulder trying to push me back to a front sitting position. Daddy’s hand momentarily stopped caressing my stocking top. He had also seen the stranger standing outside the car with his hand on my shoulder. “Sit back and enjoy yourself,” the stranger whispered in a soft, calming voice as his hand travelled from my shoulder and entered my low cut dress to fondle my tit. “You can carry on touching her up there,” the stranger added obviously directed his comment at Daddy.

Daddy seemed a little hesitant to continue but when I let out a little moan of sexual gratification from my throat he must have realised that I was enjoying the attention the stranger was giving me. His hand passed my stocking top and caressed the bare skin of my thigh just an inch or so below my lovebox.

The stranger’s hand was alternating between my left tit and my right tit, seemingly undecided which one it liked the most. Both my tits were enjoying the attention, both nipples were erect and very, very sensitive to his touches. “You’re a hot pretty little thing,” the stranger said as he mauled my breasts. All I could do was look into his eyes as a low moan came from my throat. “You really are enjoying this,” he said in response to my moan. “Perhaps the lady would like to suck my cock later?” he asked in a voice that was now a little more excited than before. My eyes continued to stare deep into the stranger’s eyes but at the same time my thoughts were 10 paces ahead of where we were in the action.

Daddy’s hand continued to caress my thigh above my stocking top while he stared at what the stranger was doing to my breasts. I opened my legs a little wider for Daddy’s hand to have an easier passage to my pussy. The stranger saw my movement and must have thought it was an invitation for him. He withdrew his hand from my tit, opened the car door fully and then replaced his hand on my breast. His left hand he placed on my knee. As he started to caress my knee he said something about how much he loved fucking girls who wore nylons.

My mind was now delirious with erotic and carnal thoughts. The stranger was turning me on just as much as the other strangers with whom I had fucked over the last few days. My head started to swim and my eyes slightly glazed over. My left hand groped for the strangers cock hidden inside his trousers.

The stranger’s hand now started to move up my leg. He stopped and caressed my stocking tops for a little while before moving on. I could now feel Daddy’s fingers just a short distance away from my pussy as well as the stranger’s fingers. A shuffled of my bottom in my seat and a few tugs of my dress with my hands and my dress was now pulled up to my waist. As I slunk back into my seat I opened my legs as wide as I could. The stranger had his right hand in the top of my dress feeling my tits and his left hand a fraction from my pussy.

“No panties!” the stranger declared. “You came ready for dogging I see.” I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t say anything. My voice was frozen with sexual delight and the thought of two men feeling my pussy at the same time. “Has the ‘sugar-daddy’ fucked you?” the stranger asked. It was all I could do to nod my head but the slight movement was interpreted as affirmative by the stranger. As his finger found the entrance to my wet and slippery pussy he asked, “Did his cock enter this little hole and leave his spunk deep inside you?” Again all I could do was give the slightest of nods to his question.

My heart was racing, my breathing erratic. At the same time that Daddy’s finger found the entrance to my intimate passage the stranger’s finger found my clitoris which he started to rub with a gentle circular motion. The lower half of my body was beginning to squirm and this seemed to excite the stranger as he started rubbing my clit with new vigour.

I felt that familiar feeling started to well up deep inside me again – a tingling that would grow in intensity until it exploded like an erupting volcano and then leave me happy and contented, even if it was only for a short time. The man’s rubbing of my clitoris and his hand playing with my tit, together with Daddy’s finger prising its way into my cunt was too much. My body stiffened, my bum rose from the seat as I started to tremble uncontrollably and my head started to writhe from side to side. The feeling started as a small tremor in the pit of my stomach but as it coursed through my body the intensity increased to fever pitch until finally I climaxed which I announced to the world with a loud moan of enjoyment from deep within my throat.

As my body relaxed and my bum settled back on the seat the trembling eased and my breathing returned to normal.. “The lady has been satisfied,” I heard the stranger declare as he removed his fingers from my clitoris and his hand from my breast. His action seemed to be a signal to Daddy because he removed his hand as well. “Is the lady going to satisfy the men now?” the stranger asked.

The stranger took a step backwards before unzipped his trousers. After a short fumble inside he released his cock. His hand grasped it and he started to rub it back and forth slowly. I was fascinated. The moonlight and the interior car light allowed me a sight of the stranger’s cock. The circumcised cock had a deep purple head and swollen veins running down the length of it. As he pulled on it and squeezed it a few droplets of pre-cum oozed from his pee hole. In an involuntary movement I swung my legs out of the car and stool up to face the stranger. In a far distant part of my dreamlike world I heard Daddy getting out of the car at the same time and making his way around to my side.

The stranger took my hands, guiding me, making me change my position slightly as he positioned himself where I had been standing. He now stood between me and the open car door. His hands then unbuckled his trouser belt and he let his trousers fall to the ground. Just as this happened I felt Daddy’s hands on my waist, holding me, from behind, securely and in a comforting manner. The stranger hooked his thumbs in the elastic waistband of his underpants and pulled them down revealing his cock, standing proud and majestic and waiting for my attention.

My hand reached out and gently held his balls which rested in the palm of my hand. I leaned over towards the cock, and as I did I felt Daddy holding me firmly by the waist. I was now nearly bent over at 90 degrees, my mouth inches away from the tip of the man’s cock. I could feel Daddy’s cock pressing into my bum. As my mouth got closer to the man’s cock I opened my mouth and dribbled some saliva onto the head. My fingers set to work mixing my saliva with his pre-cum and spreading it all over his cock.

The man moaned with pleasure as I first rubbed his cock with my hand and then guided it into my warm and waiting mouth. His cock felt large and warm in my mouth and as my tongue traced around his glans I could taste the unmistakable flavour of cum. Daddy slackened his hold on my waist so I compensated by slightly opening my legs to get my balance. I felt Daddy moving behind me and then I felt my dress being pulled up to my waist. His hands resumed their position around my waist holding me steady. I felt Daddy’s cock push against my naked bum as it rubbed against my crease leaving a glistening trail of pre-cum.

The stranger was moaning as I sucked and licked on his cock. He was holding my head and straining to push his cock further into my mouth but my hold on his shaft ensured it was only going to go where I wanted it to and when I wanted it to. Daddy was guiding his cock towards my pussy from behind. As I felt his glans close to my labia I opened my legs a little further. Daddy pushed closer to me as I felt him at the opening of my fuckhole. I wiggled my bum slightly in encouragement and as I did his glans penetrated my opening and slid smoothly and effortlessly into my cunt.

Now was the time to allow the man’s dick to go deeper into my mouth. I relaxed my hold on his cock slightly and as the man pushed forward, the head of his cock entered the top my throat. I sucked and stroked his cock with savour, relishing the taste of his meat. I made slurping sounds as the saliva in my mouth increased. At the same time Daddy started the thrusting and pounding as he fucked me doggie fashion. I was a sex maniac! I was loving every minute of being sexually used by these two men and their cocks! I wanted them to use me as the cum slut I was becoming. I yearned for cum in my fuckhole and in my throat!

Daddy was banging away at the rear of me. His cock was deep inside my soaking wet and leaking cunt. His hands were holding my waist helping him make the fucking motion. My hand was on the stranger’s cock and I was wanking his dick into the back of my throat. Both Daddy and the stranger were moaning and grunting as their passion and their need for relief grew.

Daddy was first to climax. As he told me later. “The sight of you sucking that stranger’s cock with so much energy and wantonness just tipped me over the edge.” His fucking got wilder and harder with each forward thrust. I felt his warm sticky cum squirt deep into my cunt. Squirt after squirt after squirt. The swollen bulbous head of his cock helping to keep his precious cum deep and safe in my fuckhole. Daddy kept his cock in my hole for some time after his balls had finished pumping the cream coloured gold into me.

The stranger’s cock was next to explode. As I sucked and licked his dick I felt his body stiffen and his hands, which were holding my head, started to move back and forward. He was fucking my mouth. My hand, that had been wanking him into my mouth, fell away, allowing his cock to enter my throat just at the time he started to pump his cum. At first I started to gag on the quantity of cum he was releasing but as I swallowed some, and then some more, the gagging sensation vanished and I started lapping and swallowing the cum in my mouth. Running my tongue over his shaft and head I cleaned him of every drop of cum he had released. As his cock withdrew from my mouth I gave it one last suck to empty his pee-hole of any remaining cum.

Daddy was still behind me and I felt his finger enter my pussy. He was gathering some of his cum juice. As he withdrew his finger he traced it along from my vulva to my anus and I felt his moist sticky finger entering my arse. As I pushed back onto his finger I moaned as I felt it go deeper and deeper. Within a few seconds I could feel my orgasm building in the pit of my stomach. It took just a few strokes of Daddy’s finger for me to start trembling and shuddering as my orgasm reached a pinnacle of sheer delight. My legs went weak and my breasts shivered with delight. My throat became dry despite the strangers cum and my hands started to shake and tremble. My orgasm flowed through my body bringing new sensations of ecstasy and bliss to my limbs and organs.

As Daddy withdrew his finger I had to reach for the car door for support otherwise I know I would have slumped to the ground completely flaccid with tiredness and satisfaction.

Daddy pulled my dress back down and helped me get back into the passenger seat of the car before he dressed himself and sat in the driver’s seat. We were both staring out to sea but I’m not sure if either of us actually saw the scenery. Neither of us said anything. There was no sign of the stranger.

Daddy drove home and helped me from the car to my bed. He undressed me as I laid on the bed, threw the duvet over me and kissed me goodnight on my forehead.

I fell asleep within minutes with a smile on my face.

A few days had passed since Daddy and I had met the stranger at Sunset Point. Over those few days we never mentioned it. It was as if that episode had never happened although I knew it had because my bum was still a little sore from Daddy’s finger play. Daddy had kept himself busy with his photographic assignment and I had busied myself reading and generally lazing around the house.

My phone buzzed to tell me there was a message waiting. It was from Daddy, saying he had gone to work to try and finish the photo shoot job. I understood why. The sooner he presented his final presentation to the client the sooner he got paid.

There was a ring at the doorbell. I put my coffee down and ambled down the passageway in my dressing gown wrapped tightly around me and opened the door. Aunty Pam swept into the hallway like Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians and asked in an irritable voice, “I need to speak with your father.”

“Sorry, Aunty Pam. He’s not here. He’s gone into work to finish off an assignment.”

“Blast!” she exclaimed. “Why is he never here when I need him!”

“If it’s that important I can call him for you,” I said.

Without answering my question she launched herself into an explanation of why it was so important to speak to Daddy. “Your cousin Cassie, from Australia, is touring Europe and is coming to see us all. I can’t put her up as I have guests staying over for the party on Saturday. I need your father to look after her until it’s time for her to leave.”

“Cousin Cassie?” I said hesitantly.

“Yes, Cousin Cassie. You know. Uncle Robert’s daughter. My brother. Your mother’s brother. Emigrated to Australia 20 years ago.” Aunty Pam was spelling it out in small sentences as if I was a small c***d.

“Oh!” I said. “That Cassie!”

I was trying desperately to remember if I had ever met her in my life and had drawn a blank. I had almost forgotten that I had family in Australia.

I picked my mobile phone up and dialled Daddy’s number. When it started ringing I handed the phone to Aunty Pam. “It’s Daddy,” I said in a rather triumphant manner.

Aunty Pam started telling Daddy about Cassie and the problem she was going to cause by coming to visit this week – the same week as the party was planned for!

“She can’t stay at my place because I have guests coming on Thursday for the party. You’ll have to put her up here. It will only be for a few days.”

Eventually, she and Daddy came up with a plan and when it was finalised, Aunty Pam handed the phone back to me to end the call.

“I’ll have a cup of coffee now, Becci,” she demanded. “Your father has agreed she can lodge here during her stay and you, dear Becci, will have to look after her and make sure she doesn’t find out about our little Saturday soirée . We can’t afford to have Cassie in on our little secret can we?”

I wasn’t sure if that was a statement of fact or a question. To my ears it sounded like a statement.

I handed Aunty Pam her cup of coffee.

“Thank you, dear,” she said placing her hand on top of mine. “Cassie is about your age so you two should get along like a house on fire.”

“When is she due to arrive?” I asked.

“Well, according to your Uncle Robert she should arrive with me tomorrow. So, as soon as she does I’ll bring her over here and let you take her under your wing.” As she said the words ‘ under your wing’ she gave my hand a further squeeze.

She finished her coffee and, in true Walt Disney’s Crueila Deville mode, she left the house.

I finished my coffee, dressed and started preparing the spare bedroom for our unexpected guest.


The doorbell rang at four o’clock. Our Australian guest had arrived, complete with suitcase and Aunty Pam in tow. “Come in,” I ushered in my friendliest voice. I ushered them into the lounge where Aunty Pam introduced us.

Cassie seemed a bit shy but that was understandable I suppose. She was very pretty with deep blue eyes and long blonde hair and with a figure to die for. She would have no problems finding a boyfriend in her life. Her boobs were certainly bigger than mine – 34B at a guess. Her skin was tanned to a golden brown colour by the Australian sun. Her teeth sparkled as if they were in some toothpaste commercial and her smile was broad and friendly.

After the initial introduction I offered Cassie and Aunty Pam a drink. Aunty Pam refused because she had to be going. True to form, Cassie asked for a Foster’s Lager. I smiled to myself as I opened the fridge door and found a can of Castlemaine XXXX. Beggars can’t be choosers I thought to myself as I took a can off the shelf.

Aunty Pam made a quick exit and I was left with Cassie to entertain for the evening. Daddy had sent me a text earlier saying he had hit a problem in the studio and would be home later. Much later.

After showing Cassie her bedroom we returned to the lounge where she started to tell me about her home near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. How she enjoyed going to Purnululu National Park especially the ‘Bungle Bungle Range’ with the Echidna Chasm Gorge. The wildlife and the scenery was, according to her, the best in the world. I listened intently and made a vow, to myself, that one day I would visit Australia.

After an hour of her talking and me asking questions about Australia Cassie asked if she could go and have a shower.

“Of course,” I said standing. “Come on, I’ll show you the bathroom.”

Cassie followed me up the stairs and into the bathroom. “Fresh towels are in that cupboard,” I said pointing to the airing cupboard. “Soap and shower gel in the shower tidy,” I said as I slid open the door of the shower. “I’ll catch you later, Cassie. Enjoy the shower.”

“Oh shit! Please don’t leave,” Cassie said. “You can stay and we can carry on chatting while I scrub down.”

As she was talking she was unbuttoning the buttons of her blouse revealing a pretty pink bra. She placed the blouse on top of the laundry basket and started to unbutton her white slacks which she stepped out of with ease. Her panties matched her bra.

As she turned her back to me she asked, “Can you unfasten my bra please, Becci?” I did as I was asked and watched as she took the loosened bra and placed it on top of her other clothes on the laundry basket. I noticed how golden tanned her back and shoulders were with no evidence of tan lines. She was obviously used to sunbathing topless. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, stepping out of them with grace. Again no tan lines, obviously she sunbathed in the nude.

She turned to face me, extended her arms out on either side and said in a very harmonious voice, “Ta-Rah! I’m ready for my shower!”

I ogled her perfect body – perfect in every way. Her boobs were nicely formed with rounded puffy pink areola and slightly darker pink nipples. I glanced at the label on her bra as I unhooked it earlier and saw that she was indeed a 34B size. Her body tapered gently to her petite waist, her belly button was a shallow oval ‘innie’. Her mons pubis was covered by a light blonde down of pubic hair. Her legs were perfectly formed. She could have been a model. She was beautiful.

“You are a very beautiful girl, Cassie,” I managed to mumble, still staring at her body.

“Well thanks mate” she replied as she took two steps towards me, placed her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the lips. A soft and gentle kiss that sent a lightening flash through my veins, making me shiver with excitement. My pulse started raced. Her kiss felt like electricity in my body and I pressed my lips more firmly on hers in response to the adrenalin that was beginning to course through me. Her lips parted and her tongue darted out, forcing its way into my mouth. As our tongues met my legs turned to jelly and I was having difficulty standing.

Cassie noticed my weakness, broke the kiss, turned and entered the shower. I stood there watching her bottom wiggle away from me. I stared at the little gap at the top of her thighs until she closed the shower door and turned the water on. Within seconds the glass panel had steamed up hiding her body shape from me.

I left the bathroom in a bewildered state, closing the door behind me and leaning my back against the passageway wall until I could gather my thoughts. I had never had any particular desire for another female before but Cassie was different. She had drawn me into some kind of sexual hold and I knew then that the kiss on the lips was not the last kiss we would experience together. I went to my bedroom to consider the possible consequences of that portentous kiss.

The tap on my bedroom door was muted and indistinct but it penetrated the disorder of my thoughts and made me rise from a prone position on the bed. “Come in,” I said softly.

The door opened and in wandered Cassie with a white bath towel wrapped around her body and tucked in close to her breasts. She was tying another towel around her head, similar to a turban, to help dry her long blonde hair. “I was wondering if you had a hair dryer I could borrow?” she asked in her Australian brogue.

“Yea, sure,” I said getting off the bed and opening a drawer of my dressing table. I rummaged around and brought the hairdryer out, complete with tangled lead!

“Ah! Ripper,” she exclaimed as her face changed expression and her teeth flashed me a wide grin. “Perhaps you could dry it for me, Becci?” she asked in a silky smooth voice. As I looked at her I noticed a playful sparkle in her impish mischievous eyes .

Cassie made her way to the chair nestling by my dressing table, making herself comfortable and undoing the turban towel. She let the towel drop to the floor as she shook her head and ran her fingers through her damp hair. I plugged the hairdryer in and rummaged through my drawer for a brush and comb.

As the dryer dried Cassie’s hair, my hand combing through her locks, I watched her reflection in the dressing table mirror. Her eyes were shut and her lips wore a huge smile. Her head would sometimes move as I played my hands through her hair and as she leaned back it would touch my body and I would respond by gently pushing back against her.

She was humming a tune of contentedness quietly to herself as I shifted my position to stand in front of her. Her long blonde hair fell down in curls as I picked up the hairbrush and started to brush it in long but slow and gentle sweeps. Her smile radiated from her face warming my heart. Her eyes were closed but she saw and sensed everything. “This was how my mother would brush my hair when I was younger,” she whispered. “Every Sunday night she would wash my hair and spend hours brushing it before making pigtails for me, ready for the school week ahead.”

As she said this she lifted her hands and placed them on my waist. A slight tug and she had pulled me closer to her and her arms now encircled my waist. Her cheek now rested gently on my stomach. She was a c***d remembering the love and affection her own mother had given her all those years ago. I bent my head and kissed the top of hers smelling the sweet scent of the shampoo she had used. She responded to my kiss with a squeeze of my waist.

As I continued to brush her hair she dropped her hand from my waist and I felt it take position just behind my knee. In small and tender motions she started to caress my leg. Minute strokes of her fingers and fingernails on my skin caused a tickling sensation to run up and down my entire leg. It felt like heaven but the seemingly innocent strokes made my sexual arousal reach new pinnacles within me. My legs weakened as did my resolve as I found myself being drawn into a paradise of sexual appreciation.

Cassie must have sensed my weakness as her hand now travelled further up my leg towards my thighs. She shifted her head from my stomach, opened her eyes and looked directly in my eyes. Her blue eyes glistened and smiled at me but I could also detect a plea within the depths of her eyes. I bent my head down and kissed her tenderly and softly on her lips. Her lips were soft, warm and moist, and felt as velvety as a delicate summer rose petal. Our touching of lips lasted about a minute before I broke the kiss.

She continued to look me directly in the eyes as if pleading for something that she knew I had and she wanted. Her hand started caressing the back of my leg again but this time the touch was higher – much higher. I could feel my pussy starting to release some love juice from within its hidden depths.

I dropped the hairbrush onto the dressing table as my hand sought the place where the bath towel was tucked in close to her breast. I gave the towel a little tug to release it from its tether and, using both hands, opened it to reveal her bronzed body. Her hand continued to stroke my leg from my knee to my panties.

As my hand cupped her left breast she uttered a slight sigh – a sigh of contentment and approval. I could feel her nipple was already swollen and hard. My right hand sought her left breast which I cupped in a similar manner. She closed her eyes as I started to gently squeeze her breasts and run the backs of my fingers over her nipples and areolas causing them to harden and protrude more.

She was now caressing both my legs. Her nails and fingertips would travel from the back of my knee to my panties. Both hands in unison. Both sending tantalising and teasing messages to my brain and my pussy. How I wished I hadn’t worn underwear this day!

She leaned into my midriff and kissed my stomach through my blouse. A simple enough gesture but one that weakened my legs as well as my resolve. I stopped caressing her breasts and placed my hands under her arms in a motion of lifting her. She stopped her leg caresses and stood. The towel completely fell away from her body. She was naked. She was beautiful.

I took her hand and led her to the bed. She followed me, silently and willingly. She sat on the edge of the bed, I stood facing her. I started to unfasten the buttons of my blouse. Slowly and deliberately I undid each button until all were unfastened. I took my blouse off and let it drop to the floor. As usual nowadays, I was not wearing a bra and Cassie had full view of my breasts. Nipples hard and erect; areolas reddened and puffy.

I found the zip to my skirt, pulling it down and then unfastened the small catch at the top. My mini pencil skirt slipped down to my ankles. As I stepped out of it I used my foot to hook it and kick it away from the area surrounding my feet.

Cassie reached her arms out to me and hooked both her thumbs into the elasticated waistband of my panties and unhurriedly pulled them down. I stepped out of them and kicked my panties away. Cassie started to plant gentle butterfly kisses on my stomach and midriff. I held her head in my hands encouraging her to continue. I was enjoying the attention and the sexual desire that she was causing to flow through my body.

She stopped the butterfly kisses as her hands took my hands and she pulled me gently down onto the bed next to her. “Lay down, on your side,” she asked in a commanding and sexy way. I did as I was asked. “Strewth, you have great tits, Becci,” she said as she surveyed them, wetting her lips with her tongue, and began tracing her fingertips across my nipples and in small circles around my areola.

She took my hand and placed it over her tit, pushing it into me as I fondled and played with it. She moved slightly allowing her erect nipples to touch my nipples. We both started to move into each other as we became more passionate. The tingling waves radiated to all parts of my body. I could feel my pussy making juice and felt some trickle onto my leg.

Cassie pushed me onto my back and straddled my tummy. I could feel the wetness and the heat from her pussy as her pubic hair tickled and played with the goose-bumps on my tummy. She reached behind her and I knew that I would soon feel her fingers on my slit. My pussy generated more love juice in expectation of what was to come.

When I felt her finger I almost fainted. It moved along my slit, collecting my love juice, playing gently with my labia. My mind became foggy with desire. My body began the tremble with anticipation.

I watched, in a trance, as she placed her finger in her mouth and sucked and tasted my love juice. “God, Becci,” she said, “you taste so sweet and sexy. Would you like to taste it?” The same finger went back to my swollen labia. I moaned and twitched a little in excitement and anticipation. Again she drew the finger up my hot slit gathering more love juices. As she lowered her juice covered finger to my lips I opened my mouth and closed my lips around her finger. My eyes closed as I sucked every drop off it with relish.

As she climbed off my tummy and made herself comfortable lying next to me I could feel the coolness on my tummy where her love juice had leaked. I could feel her hot breath on my neck as her finger traced a line down my cheek.

“I need to taste more of that pussy juice of yours,” she whispered as she leaned in and kissed me on the side of my face. In an instant she was kneeling between my legs with her head inches away from my secret opening. Her hands pushed my legs further apart as she made herself comfortable. I could feel her warm breath blowing gently on my pussy lips as her fingers opened them slightly. As her tongue flicked out and touched my wet waiting lips I orgasmed.

My hands held her head between my legs; my knees held my hands in place. My bottom lifted off the bed pushing my pussy against her tongue and lips. Bright light flashes hit my retina and a feeling of contentment started deep within my soul and travelled through my body finishing in my fingertips and toes. I moaned loudly as her tongue and lips brought me to the height of passion and my pussy pumped excess juices out to her waiting lips. She lapped up the juices with savour making sure she drank as much as she could before my body relaxed in the aftermath of my orgasm.

“Your turn now,” she directed as she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. I didn’t need a second invitation. My head went between her legs and I could smell her sweet scent as I looked at her pink and swollen pussy lips. I spread her lips open with my fingers spreading some of her love sap over her puffy pink lips as I toyed with her enlarged clitoris. My tongue licked it and I felt a quiver run through her body. My lips opened slightly and I sucked her clitoris onto my mouth where I sucked it gently, occasionally flicking my tongue out to feel the hard rounded swelling.

“Fuck me with your fingers,” Cassie whispered. “I want to feel your fingers deep inside me, fucking me.” I did as I was asked. I slid my fingers deep into her pussy feeling the heat and the wetness of her love tunnel. “Oh! God!,” she whimpered. “That is so fucking nice.” Her nectar covered my fingers and as it oozed out of her pussy my mouth was waiting to lap it up. She tasted exquisite as she brought me to my second orgasm of the session. It was not as intense as the first but was a gentler more calm orgasm but fulfilling never the less.

“I’m going to cum, Becci!” she shouted as her bum lifted off the sheets forcing my fingers deeper into her pussy. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” she demanded as he whole body started to twist and writhe. Her breathing became hard and furious and she emitted a loud moan from deep within her throat. Suddenly her whole body stiffened as I felt the walls of her pussy tightening around my fingers. She stopped breathing for what seemed like an age before a final convulsion of her body completed her orgasm. Her breathing resumed and her body relaxed back onto the bed.

We were both hot and perspiring. Both of us were happy and contented. Both wrapped in each other’s arms. We both fell asleep as a single contented entity.

In my dreams I heard a knock at my bedroom door. Distant and quiet at first but it got nearer and louder as I tried desperately to climb out of my dream. I opened my eyes and saw my bedroom door opening and the figure of Daddy peering around the door. His eyes were met by a naked daughter and a naked niece lying on the bed.

“Is everything OK?” he asked, quietly as if he didn’t want to wake Cassie up.

“Yes. Everything’s fine,” I said, putting my finger to my lips as an indication that we should speak quietly.

He pointed his finger at Cassie and asked in a whisper I could barely hear, “Is that Cassie?”

“Yes,” I whispered back. “This is Cassie.”

“Pretty little thing,” he replied.

“Thank you Uncle John,” Cassie said as she shifted her position on the bed to lay on her back. “I’m pleased you like what you see.”

Daddy and I were both awestruck. We both assumed that Cassie was fast asleep. I thought Cassie might have been embarrassed as she was completely naked but there was no sign of it. Her eyes were open and sparkling and she was looking directly at Daddy

Daddy entered the bedroom closing the door behind him. “Umm…err… It’s nice to meet you Cassie,” Daddy said hesitantly. “Are you enjoying your stay in our country?”

“I am now,” Cassie responded with a little giggle. “Becci has been looking after all my needs,” she stated again with a little giggle in her voice.

I could feel myself blushing and it was obvious that Daddy saw it to. “Don’t blush Becci, I understand perfectly,” was his answer. “It’s nice that two women can enjoy each other’s body. It’s even nicer if the two are related like you two are. Cousins.” As he said this he winked at Cassie and then smiled at me.

“I enjoy men as well,” Cassie interjected, “preferably older men. I like both men and women. I’m bi!”

Daddy looked a little embarrassed now. He was an older man – which Cassie liked. Cassie had a body which I knew Daddy liked because he kept looking her up and down and I could see that he was starting to get an erection.

“Just as long as you live your life the way you want to live it and not the way other people tell you to live it you will do real fine.” As daddy was saying this he sat on the edge of the bed and Cassie shuffled over to make room. I also had to shuffled over to allow Cassie room! My bed was a double bed and if it were not for the slimness of both Cassie and me it would have been a tight fit for the three of us. Daddy sat on the edge of the bed midway between Cassie’s breasts and her tummy.

“That’s exactly how I intend living my life, Uncle John. The way I want to, with whom I want and doing just what I want.”

“Then you won’t go far wrong in this world, Cassie,” Daddy said as he put a hand on her knee and gave it a little squeeze. Cassie gave an almost inaudible whine of pleasure as he touched her. Her legs opened slightly at his touch as an indication of approval and willingness for further touches.

Daddy wasn’t slow to pick up on the body language and his hand started caressing her leg from her knee up to her inner thigh. “Such lovely smooth and soft skin,” Daddy said to no-one in particular.

I decided to caress Cassie’s other leg from her knee up to her inner thigh, just like Daddy was doing. He was right. Her skin was smooth and soft. As I ran my fingertips and nails up and down her legs Cassie opened her legs further allowing both Daddy and I access to her pussy. Our hands worked in partnership. When mine was on her knee Daddy’s was on her upper thigh and vice versa. Cassie began to writhe a little on the bed and she would sometimes take in little gasps of air.

Daddy shifted position on the edge of the bed and he bent down and kissed one of Cassie’s breasts. I watched as I saw Daddy’s lips suck her nipple into his mouth and in my mind I imagined his tongue – playing with her areola and nipple. Cassie was getting worked up and as my fingers touched her pussy lips I felt how wet she was becoming.

Cassie moved her arm from her side and she rested her hand on Daddy’s lap. I watched in wonderment as I saw her gripping his cock through his trousers and slowly start to masturbate him. I wondered if Cassie had ever practised i****t with a male member of the family before or was this the first time. Daddy was, by now, getting a little uncomfortable. His cock was straining to break through his trousers and his tongue was working overtime on her tit.

Daddy broke his kiss on Cassie’s nipple, stood, kicked off his shoes and unzipped his trousers. He stepped out of his trousers and pulled his underpants down. He pulled his shirt off over his head without having to unbutton it. Taking his cock in hand he started to stretch the foreskin over the head to reveal a large purple bulbous glans. He stood by the bed completely naked, pre-cum glistening on his glans.

Cassie reached out and grabbed Daddy’s cock and pulled him closer to the bed. She changed position onto her side facing Daddy. Her head was now level with Daddy’s protruding steel rod.

As she turned over I moved my hand from her thigh and placed it on her bum. I caressed it slowly and gently. My fingers strayed under her bum towards her vulva and soon I could feel the wetness of her sweet love tunnel. My fingers entered her sweet cunt with ease.

As I started to finger fuck her from behind she opened her mouth and took Daddy’s cock fully in. I could hear her slurping as her saliva mixed with Daddy’s pre cum – filling her mouth with sticky cum and bubbled water. Daddy was standing there, eyes closed, hands on hips, leaning his abdomen forward for Cassie to suck on his cock, which she was doing with relish. Daddy was in heaven. Within a few minutes of meeting his niece she was giving him a blow job!

Daddy’s body started to move backwards and forwards as he started to fuck Cassie’s mouth and I could hear Cassie starting to gag as Daddy’s cock obviously entered her throat.

I think Daddy would have been quite happy to shoot his load deep into Cassie’s mouth and throat but Cassie had other ideas! In a single movement she managed to stop sucking Daddy’s cock, stopped me finger fucking her, and had climbed off the bed and turned her back to Daddy. She reached behind her, found his cock, bent over towards me and placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt.

As Daddy pushed his cock into her wet vagina her mouth found my mouth and she started to French kiss me. As our tongues met I felt the tingle running through my body to my pussy, which released more love juice into my already wet and lubricated corridor of love. Cassie’s left hand found my pussy and found an easy entrance for three of her fingers. Our tongues continued to dance together, sending tiny electric shocks to my extremities. Her fingers were working their magic on my pussy, building on the orgasm I could already feel rumbling deep inside me.

Daddy’s hands moved from Cassie’s hips and found her tits jiggling back and forth, his fingers and thumbs rolled her nipples between them making them harder and more erect that they already were. Daddy’s cock made a slurping and gurgling noise as he rammed it in and out of her pussy.

Cassie’s fingers worked with vigour on my pussy and I instinctively knew she was reaching her climax. As her finger movement became faster and she broke the French kiss to take in deep breaths of air. Suddenly I heard Daddy give out some a****l grunts and I knew he was pumping his semen deep into Cassie’s cunt. Within a few seconds Cassie moaned with pleasure as her climax raced through her body. She momentarily stopped finger fucking me while her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave, making her body jerk involuntarily.

Cassie reaching her orgasm was enough for my orgasm to begin. Deep down inside it welled up and I could feel the waves of pleasure starting to wash over every part of my body. My skin tingled and my blood surged through my veins. My hand went to my nipple and as I tweaked it my climax peaked sending frenzied and blissful shudders of pure sexual fulfilment throughout my body. My body arched and shuddered, my head flayed from side to side as my body was overcome by sexual fulfilment and contentment.

We were all silent. Only the sound of our breathing and our heartbeats could be heard.

Cassie, by now, was making herself comfortable on the bed next to me. Daddy was sitting on the edge of the bed but Cassie was making room for Daddy to lay down next to her. She patted the bed to indicate to Daddy that the space was for him. Daddy took his position.

So, there we were. Three in a double bed. Me, Cassie and Daddy. I was cuddling into Cassie’s bum and Cassie was cuddling into Daddy’s bum. My arm was laying over Cassie’s body and my hand was caressing her breast. Cassie’s arm was laying over Daddy and her hand was playing with his cock and balls. And that’s how we fell asleep: or more accurately that’s how I fell asleep.

When I woke it was just getting light. My sleeping partners were missing. I climbed off the bed, wondering what had happened to them. It didn’t take me long to find out. I could hear the moans and groans coming from Daddy’s bedroom across the passageway. I tip toed over to Daddy’s open bedroom door and peeked around.

The light from the bedside table lamp showed the silhouette of Cassie, sitting astride Daddy, lowering her love box down onto Daddy’s cock. As his cock entered her cunt I heard Daddy give a slight sigh of pleasure. Cassie’s fuckhole was obviously saturated with love juice as I could hear the squelching sound of Daddy’s cock in her cunt as she started to ride him. Daddy’s hands were playing with her tits, fingers and thumbs rolling and pinching the elongated, ripe nipples. As Cassie’s climax mounted she leaned back a little and placed one hand on Daddy’s knee to support herself. Her bum rose and dropped in regular and continual movements. Daddy’s bum was lifting up off the bed as he thrust his cock upwards and inwards, lifting Cassie several inches each time.

As I watched I played with myself. My fingers rubbed my vulva and scooping small amounts of love lubricant which I sucked off my finger with my lips, tasting and swallowing it with relish. My nipples were stiff, firm and rigid, sensitive to my slightest touch. My love box was discharging copious quantities of passion sap, which soaked my sex lips and the tops of my legs. As I inserted two fingers into my cunt I released an audible moan from my throat which both Daddy and Cassie heard.

Both Daddy and Cassie turned their heads towards me but neither stopped the in and out, up and down, motion of fucking. Daddy shot me a smile that was a mile wide. They continued fucking as if nothing had interrupted them.

Cassie lifted her hand and waved me closer to her. Daddy’s eyes flashed a willing ‘come closer’ message to me. I sauntered towards them and stopped close enough to allow Cassie to put her arm around my shoulder. Still fucking Daddy she turned her head towards me and pulled my head towards hers. Her lips found my lips and as her tongue wriggled into my mouth she moaned a sigh of pleasure from deep within her throat.

Daddy’s fucking was gaining momentum, as was Cassie’s. As daddy pushed his cock upwards Cassie’s lips detached themselves from my lips. They managed to reconnect on the downward stroke.

Suddenly Cassie broke our kiss, looked at Daddy and then looked up to the ceiling. Her arm, still around my shoulder tightened and I knew that she was about to reach the zenith of her orgasm. Her body started to shiver and shake and from her mouth she let out a long and emphatic “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

Daddy suddenly stiffened and his bum lifted off the mattress as his semen pumped up from his balls, through his cock and entered the dark and damp hollow of Cassie’s cunt. His thrusting lessened as each squirt of semen left his body. As his thrusting lessened so did his breathing and his body settled back on the mattress.

Cassie was exhausted, her arm holding on tightly around my neck and shoulders for support. Her hair was dishevelled and small beads of sweat were running down her face. She was breathing heavy and her mouth was open as she gasped for air. Her body was relaxed and limp. She was a spent woman.

“Help me get to my bed please, Becci, ” she pleaded.

I helped her as she climbed off Daddy and the bed. I supported her limp body and helped her saunter back to her bedroom. She collapsed onto the bed and immediately curled up into the foetal position. I covered her naked body with the duvet, leaned over, wiped the hair away from her forehead and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She emitted a little whimper of contentment.

I left her bedroom and returned to mine for a period of self play with fingers and my dildo.


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