Daughter cheats with BBC introduces Mom

Daughter cheats with BBC introduces Mom
My middle daughter who is 20 called me in such a state. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had been unfaithful to her boyfriend. He graduated this past May and got a job in Pittsburgh so they were in a long distance relationship. It had been bothering Nikki and she was having a difficult time with many boys trying to get her to go out with them especially a black guy at school.

She told me that she had finally decided to go out with the black boy dancing. She said she had a great time and when he brought her back to her apartment one thing led to another and they had sex. She said it was so awesome but now she didn’t know what to do. She asked me what I did with her father being away so much. I said Nikki I have always been faithful but I understand where you are coming from. She said well I wouldn’t blame if you hadn’t had sex on the side. I said well thank you for understanding but I was okay. She didn’t know that I had been fucking blacks for almost 7 years. She asked me to come see her that weekend and I said I would.

I got to her apartment and we had a great talk. She said that JaMarcus and his friend Jamal were coming over to take them out to eat. I said fine. When they came I was awestruck both were well over 6′ both football players on the college team I almost wet my thong. I had to act like I didn’t want to do both of them. It was cold so we were both in tights and boots. I had on a tight low cut long sleeve top with a leather jacket. We got to the resturant 2 hot blonde women with black men we did get a few looks. I sat next to Jamal in a booth and began to talk. As the evening went on Jamal kept inching a little closer and eventually touched my leg. I didn’t respond I just let him keep it there. After a while I put my hand down on top of his and moved it closer to my cunt and he was soon rubbing it and I was getting wet.

We went dancing next and Jamal asked me why I let him touch me. I told him well I really don’t know acting like I had never been with a black before. He said I felt nice and I said it felt nice to me too. He said hubby been away a long time and I just nodded yes. Later we were sitting in a booth and Nikki was dancing with JaMarcus we started kissing. I soon was rubbing his lap and telling him he was very large. He asked if I had ever had black cock I nodded NO but with a look of I want to. Nikki came back and we went to the ladies room. She said Mom I saw you making out with Jamal. I said I am sorry honey I just got carried away and I was sorry. She don’t be Mom I understand and she said that Jamal told JaMarcus he wanted to fuck me. I said OH I don’t know I mean I had only been with her father. She said Mom I won’t say a word. I hugged her and said well we will see.

We got back to her apartment and she and JaMarcus went to her room. Jamal looked at me and said well what are we going to do. I said lets go to my room and I took him by the hand, led him to my room, and shut the door. We started kissing and touching each other soon we were completely naked laying in the bed. He said he had never been with a married white woman and I said I had never been with a black before lying of course. He had a long thick cock so erect with blood vessels sticking up all over. We kissed rubbed on each other with him sucking hard on my huge boobs. He rolled on top of me and I spread my legs. He said I need to get a condom I reached up with my hand pulled his face close to mine and said don’t worry about it and kissed him as I reached down, took his black snake and began to rub the head against my pussy. He said damn woman you are ready to fuck!!!! Then he said oh sorry a white lady like you don’t like that word. I said its okay cause you are right I am ready to be fucked!!!!

Soon he is in me and my pussy is tight around his black cock. I am moaning and screaming a bit as he thrusts in and out. I soon cum with a massive orgasm as he speeds up. I said slow down I don’t want you to cum too soon. I can tell he is enjoying this so much soon I am meeting his downward thrust with upward thrusts of my own. After my third orgasm I tell him to cum when he is ready. He asked if he should pull out and i nodded my head NO I want it all. He said damn woman you likiing this black cock I said yes I am and that I plan on enjoying it all night long. He soon cums in me with a massive amount of cum!!!

After he pulls out we are laying on each other and I am rubbing his cock and kissing him. We can hear Nikki and JaMarcus in the other room and its turning me on to hear another daughter giving herself up to a black man. Jamal tells me I am the best fuck he ever had and I said well so are you. I said are you ready for another round he said yes and then I go down and suck his black cock with my pussy jucies all over it. He said shit you are freaky and I told him you are making me that way. I suck him till he cums taking it all down my throat he is so impressed.

We pleasure each other all night long. Finally falling asleep our constrasting body colors all wrapped up together. We finally all wake up and eat breakfast laughing, talking, me kissing Jamal without worrying about what my girl thought because she was doing the same thing. Jamal and I showered together having sex then cleaning each other up. We spent the rest of the day all together having a wonderful time. Later we are at their apartment and they tell us that they want to switch. Nikki said Mom I don’t know I mean you just had your first black. I acted shy about it then JaMarcus came up and kissed me. I said oh what the hell Nikki its up to you. She walked over and kissed Jamal and soon we are making out in front of each other. Soon we are in the bedrooms with different partners. I am fucking my daughter’s new BF with great pleasure. He told me that he could see how my girl was so good at fucking after being with me. I said thank you and I can see why she wants you.

It was an awesome weekend of sex and it was even better now knowing that my daughter and I could share our love of black cock with each other. I went home fully pleasured by these 2 young black men and counting the days until she brought them home for a weekend in our house.

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