Angel Emily

DAUGHTER ONCE AGAINYou arrive home, and smile at the sight before you. Your 20 year old daughter waiting for your arrival. I am sitting, curled up in the corner of the couch, reading a book, wearing an outfit that both of us enjoy immensely. I am wearing a white button down blouse, a very short plaid skirt, and knee high socks. My hair is tied up into pigtails. The quintessential school girl. I pull the lollipop I had been sucking on out of my mouth with a pop.”Daddy! You’re home! Let me help you!” I welcome you home. I hop off the couch, stick the lollipop behind my cheek, and come to greet you. I take your laptop bag, and put it on your desk. As I am doing that, you toe off your shoes. I return to you and put your shoes away. Then I step behind you and pull your coat off you. I turn around and step on tiptoe to reach for a hanger. You grin as you watch my skirt slide up my ass as I reach. I fetch the hanger, place your coat on it, and have to reach again to hang your coat. Once these tasks are done, you wrap an arm around my waist. You pull me with you to the couch. You sit down on the couch, and pull me onto your lap.”Naughty little girl,” you say as you pull the lollipop out of my mouth. Then you claim my lips in a ravishing kiss.”Mmm…” I moan into your mouth. You break off the kiss, and you situate me so that my head rests on your shoulder. You stick hiltonbet yeni giriş the lollipop back into my mouth.We sit this way for quite some time, discussing the events of the day. You idly stroke my hair. We could have been any father and daughter catching each other up on one another’s day, except for the fact that your hand has been playing with my tit.After a while, I begin squirming on your lap. You smack my thigh, and I stop immediately.”What are you doing?” you inquire.”Squirming, sir.””Why are you squirming, little girl?””Because I am horny, sir.””You know better than to keep quiet about these sorts of things.””Yes, sir. I am sorry, sir.””And why did you not inform your Daddy that you are horny?” you inquire.”I think that you realized I was horny before I did, Daddy. One moment I was fine, and the next you pointed out to me that I am horny.””That is not a good reason.””It’s not. I agree, Daddy.””So my little girl is horny, huh?” you ask as you move your hand from my tit to my thigh, distracting me from the imminent punishment that is to come.”Yes, Daddy. I am so very horny.” My reply turns into a gasp at your touch.”Your Daddy makes you horny?””Yes Daddy. You make me horny.””Good. Go fetch the lube. And toss out that lollipop on the way. We wouldn’t want you to choke on it during the activities I have planned” You say hiltonbet giriş as you stand me up, and pat me on the bottom to get me going. You chuckle to yourself as you watch me practically run to obey as quickly as possible. My large tits bounce and strain against the tight blouse. My barely concealed ass jiggles. I return to stand in front of you, lube in hand, and await further instructions. You stand up and point to the arm of the couch. I grin and lay myself over it, my grin caused by the fond memory of the last time my Daddy fucked me here. You take the lube from my hand and move to stand behind me. Once there, you observe the sight of Your little girl ready and needing to be fucked. I cannot see what you are doing and I am confused when nothing happens. I begin to get nervous, unsure of the unknown. Suddenly, you lift up my skirt.”Naughty little girl not wearing any panties.” You slap my ass. “Do you deserve to be punished?” you smack my ass again.”Yes, Daddy.” This time twice in quick succession.”Why do you deserve to be punished?””Because I didn’t pay attention to my body, so that I could tell my Daddy when I was horny.” “Correct.” You begin to rail smack after smack on my ass. It takes my complete focus and control not to move. Each smack rings out a loud cracking noise. Finally, after my ass has a nice healthy pink glow from hiltonbet güvenilirmi your attentions, you begin to gently rub it, knowing this will intensify the sting.”I love fucking My little girl’s ass when it has a nice pink glow on it from a good spanking. You are such a naughty little girl.” With those words you take the lube and begin to work my ass. By the time my ass is ready for you to fuck, my pussy is soaked and my breath is coming in heavy pants. The head of your cock brushes against my anus, teasing me. I fight the urge to push back, knowing that is against the rules. Then you push in hard. Your cock sinks deep into my ass. “Oh Daddy!” I cry out in ecstasy.”Naughty little girl loves getting fucked by her Daddy.” You growl into my ear as you bend over me and begin ramming your cock in and out of my ass.”YES! Oh Daddy it feels so good.”I moan. You continue to fuck deep and hard, your balls slapping against me again and again. “May I Daddy?” I ask.”Yes. Little girl.” You reply. Thrilled that I have permission, I begin meeting your thrusts, pushing back against you. You reach underneath me and grab my swinging udders, grasping them tightly in your hands. My hips buck in response to the added stimulation. Our pace increases. Your cock pounds again and again into my ass. “Oh DADDY!” I yell as I come. My ass muscles contract around you causing you to come with me with a grunt. You hips keep pumping into me until your balls are empty. You collapse on top of me and I enjoy the pressure of you. We remain that way until we have recovered enough to make out way to the bathroom. After all, Daddy’s girl is now dirty and needs a bath.

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