Daughter Takes Over pt 5


Daughter Takes Over pt 5Once home, Bill went to change. While he was in the bedroom, motherand daughter sat together on the couch, kissing and murmuring to each otherlike honeymooners. When Bill finally entered the room, now wearing a tracksuit–so he could collapse in his recliner and watch football–he foundCarolyn sitting with Sharon’s head in her lap, stroking her pretty darkblonde hair. He walked over to the window and idly stared outside. “lookslike the Anderson’s got a new truck,” he mused.”I’m sorry, what did you say, Bill?” Carolyn was reverently fondlingher daughter’s breast. Bill turned around and repeated what he had said asCarolyn gracefully slid her hand to her daughters middle.”Anything to eat around here?’ inquired Bill suddenly, standing therein his track suit. He stood there with his mouth open, waiting for a reply.Yeah, pussy, thought Carolyn with wicked glee. But not for you!”I’ll fix something. Want to keep me company in the kitchen, Sweetie?”Carolyn crooned to her daughter. “You don’t have to help, poor thing, justcome keep Mommy company.” The females smiled at each other and went off tothe kitchen, while Bill beached himself in his recliner and turned on thefootball match.Safely out of sight, Sharon softly kissed her mother’s neck, andlightly caressed her breasts, feeling her Mom’s nipples stiffeninstantly. In a very innocent little-girl voice, Sharon breathed, “I thinkmy sweet mother is a sex maniac.” She smiled seductively and ran her smallhands over her mother’s womanly ass.”All because of you,” purred Carolyn. They brought their facesclose. They could feel each other’s breath on their faces, sense the warmthof each other’s bodies, and Sharon could smell herself on her Mom’sface. Their tongues met, and Sharon sucked gently on her mother’s tongue asthey embraced.Dinner took an extraordinarily long time to prepare. Bill might havebeen stunned to hear his wife, her voice frenzied with desire, sayfiercely, “Oh Sharon, you’re the best! I’m your woman now, Sweetie!” if hehad not been shouting at a lame-brained referee in his football game. Heturned up the volume and shouted c***dishly about a bad call.Carolyn staggered in and dropped Bill’s dinner rather uncermoniouslyonto the tray he had set up so he could eat without interrupting hisfootball match. “Oh…sorry, Bill,” she said distractedly.He glanced over briefly, then back to the players on the screen. “Yougetting sick, too?” he asked around a mouthful of food.”Oh, no, I…..listen, Bill. Would you mind terribly sleeping out heretonight? I know you just got home and all, but I’m concerned about Sharonand I’d like her to sleep with me tonight so I can keep an eye on her andget her anything she might need in the night. That way you wouldn’t bediturbed and you could get your rest.”And I could watch the second match, too, thought Bill gleefully. “Sure! You’re such a good mother.” If he had looked up he would have seen the delicious smile that passed across Carolyn’s face at that moment. But he didn’t, and she went straight back to her little girl.”Say goodnight to Daddy.” Carolyn stood in the doorway with Sharon,dressed in her PJ’s, in her arms.”Goodnight, pumpkin. Hope you feel better.” called Bill, between sipsfrom his mug.Oh, I will, thought Sharon excitedly. I will.Sharon’s Mom carried her little girl into the master bedroom just asshe had on the night they had become lovers. She lay her tenderly into thebed. The freshly changed sheets were already turned down and waiting forthem. Carolyn went back and closed the door, then turned around and undidthe sash to her robe and let it fall to the floor as she stood maked andproud and quivering before her daughter. Sharon took off her pyjamas andthrew them aside. Her mother came to the side of the bed and knelt. Shetook one of Sharon’s perfect feet in her hands as though it were a Mingvase, and kissed behind the girl’s ankle. She then licked her way up herdaughter’s calf, taking her sweet time. She kissed the inside of her girl’slower legs while softly stroking her inner thighs with her hands. When shecould smell and see her c***d’s wetness glistening between her legs, shelay gently on top of her, with her full soft breast between Sharon’slegs. She moved gently up and back, barely moving at all, really. Then shelifted up and parted Sharon’s lips with her fingers and put her arousednipple to her beautiful 13-year-old lover’s sex.Sharon gasped sharply and began repeating “I love you Mommy,” over andover through her rising pleasure. Carolyn fucked her adored daughter thisway for several minutes, then lowered her head to the girl’s well-formedyoung breasts and went back and forth between them, licking and kissing andsucking her daughter’s beautiful tits. All the while Sharon kept saying “Ilove you Mommy.””Yessss,” purred Carolyn, moving up on her daughter’s body to look intoher flushed face. “And Mommy loves you soooooo much.” Carolyn’s smooththigh was moving against her daughter’s sex as she held her pretty face andkissed her with aching softness. Mother kissed daughter over and over,sometimes just grazing her lips, other times darting her soft tongue intoher mouth. “Sharon,” panted Carolyn urgently.After almost an hour of this slow, langorous lovemaking, Carolyn sensedSharon, the undisputed Love Of Her Life, nearing an undeniable climax.Sharon…sweetie…” She cooed to the fully aroused young girl beneathher, “do you understand that I want to be your wife?”With that, something broke inside of Sharon and she threw her arms andlegs around her Mom, crying and cumming, and bucking beneath her almostendlessly. Their two spirits truly merged as they held each other as one.Finally, Sharon looked up at her mother with her eyes positively alivewith passion and love, and said, with all the spirit in her young womanlysoul, “Will you marry me, Mommy?”Carolyn smiled as if she had just entered the gates of Heaven itself.”Yes, My Love, my Sharon. My perfect daughter. But, do you know what?”She traced her daughter’s shining face with her fingers. “I am already yourwife in my heart.”They both cried, and smiled, and held each other close in a lover’sembrace.Meanwhile, in the living room, Bill was snoring loudly while apitchman on the television screamed about some new model ofautomobile. “Szznrk!” He stirred in his sleep and his hand knocked over hisempty mug. “…need those reports….by monday…reports…” he mumbleddeliriously in his sleep, while in the bedroom, Carolyn and Sharon plannedtheir future together.

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