Dear Diary: My Confession


Dear Diary: My Confession
We had known each other for almost two years, me and Jessica. At the start I felt little beyond a curiosity at getting to know someone new. She was already going out with my friend, a friend I knew from way back to c***dhood. I always considered myself loyal and committed to my friends, often putting their happiness before my own.

As time continued, however, things started to change in my mind. I began to pay attention to her long red hair, bright green eyes, perfect lips and shapely body. But of course I discarded these as fleeting thoughts that, like a foolish schoolyard crush, would quickly disappear.

Over the course of several months we would see more and more of one another, always in the company of her boyfriend. It somewhat annoyed me that she was with him as sexual thoughts still dwelt in my mind of Jess and her red hair but, of course, nothing would come of it. She was clearly not thinking about me in that way and I am loyal to my friends… I told myself.

All of us attended a birthday party. A good time with plenty of drinking. Towards the end of the night, I helped my friend (Jessica’s boyfriend) into a taxi as he was very drunk and the two of them offered me a spare bed for the night. I put my friend to bed in the upstairs room and turned to stumble into the spare bedroom. As I did so, jess turned and proceeded to hug me, a longer hug than what I was expecting as her hands began to slide down my back inching closer to my ass. She brought her right hand to my front and slipped it down to grab my cock. I got an immediate erection, hard and throbbing as she jerked it vigorously whilst sticking her tongue down my throat. By now all sense of time and place had been lost to me. I pulled her into the spare room and removed her clothes; I couldn’t wait. She then removed mine and we climbed into bed. Her skin was soft and warm and her nipples hard and erect. We kept on kissing as I moved myself down to her plump breasts and sucked on her nipples. Full of adrenaline, I slipped my cock into her tight pussy, it was so wet and felt so tight as I slipped in and out. I began pounding her harder and harder. She tried to resist the erge to moan but couldn’t resist for long and neither could I. Her breasts bounced up and down
to the rhythm of my thrusts, I was too excited, I couldn’t hold it any longer, I cummed so hard into her pussy that a small amount leaked into the bedsheets as she let out a loud sigh of pleasure.

Before I could even begin to think about what happened, Jessica had gathered her clothes in her arms and left the room. Laying there, satisfied and in a mixture of shock and awe, I contemplated what I had done but what use was this, I thought to myself, what was done is done. I carried on being good friends with both of them afterwards but that moment in the spare room still played on my mind, to a small degree. Was it a drunken dream? or did I actually have sex with her? Whatever the answer, the events of that night are still in my mind as a hazy reoccurring dream or a hazy reoccurring memory, I’m still not sure which.

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