The door closed behind me as I slid into the seat.  I watched in total apprehension as the Police Officer walked around and climbed behind the wheel.  He checked his mirrors and pulled away from the curb without speaking.  After he closed the windows he turned on the air-conditioning, it felt good.  “Thought I told you to wait for me at the car he said.”  ‘You did, I answered.’  ‘But you took off,’  ‘Yes. I got scared, I said’  He looked me over, for a second or two, I was wearing shorts and a basketball jersey.  I’d been playing ball when a fight broke out between me and another dude.  As luck would have it, I laid the guy out just as the officer walked into the basketball area.  The guys friends would have probably of beaten me to a pulp except for his arrival, but when he arrived the guy was prone on the ground and not moving a bit.  That’s when he told me to go wait by his vehicle, while he calmed, the others and checked o my “victim.”

     “He started it, I began,  and he laughed, ‘Funny, that’s what they said, you started it, and he looked over at me, so who do I believe, you or them?”  We drove through town, mostly the business district, no eyes, I thought, so maybe my “Moms” wouldn’t hear about this, since she’s still at work.  ‘You know when you ran you put me in a fix, he said, that’s a problem, how do I file this report, how do I complete an investigation?’  We drove in silence for a while, out of the business district, to down by the railroad tracks and the river.  I really wasn’t paying attention, my life was over when this got out, Mom would beat me without pity in the least,  If I wind up down at the precinct I could lose my scholarship.  Every thing I’d worked for for the last six years gone in a flash, all over a basketball game.  I looked over at the officer thru watering eyes.  ‘So Reggie, what am I to do with this report, and he pulled a paper out of his shirt pocket. ‘you hit that k** pretty hard, I have to know what I should do.  He turned the car off, and half turned towards me in the seat.  I didn’t see him do it, but his pants were open and his dick was standing at attention between his legs.  It stood tall and reddish pink, and it quivered with his heartbeat.  There was a knowing smile as he watched me. ‘We gotta make a decision here Reggie, he said in a low voice.  For me it was really a no brainer, lose my college scholarship, maybe spend time in jail. 

     He reached behind himself and hit the slide latch, the seat slid back making more room between the seat and the steering wheel.  I glanced around, we may as well of been on the dark side of the moon, he tapped the paper on the wheel, the inference was clear.  Slowly I moved across the seat and lowered myself between his legs.  He was long, but I’d had longer, he was big but I’d had bigger as well, I heard him suck in a deep breath as I took almost all of him into my mouth.  As I started bobbing he let out a light moan, ummm huh, he said and hunched a bit in the seat.  Moving to his glans I ran my tongue in circles and allowed my saliva to leak down the sides towards the base.  I released him and licked from base to head, then engulfed him, easing more and more of him till he hit the back of my throat.  He was face fucking me running his hand down my back to my ass, then back to try and control my movements, “shit” he uttered, shit, shit, shit.  I worked his head along the inside of my cheeks, then relaxed as best I could and he entered my throat.  His pubic hairs were pressed against my face, and I heard him utter, ‘oh fuck, gawddamn , up and down, I worked his shaft, he worked his belt of and flung it into the back seat.  When his hand went again down my back he reached under the back of my shorts and I felt his fingers in the crack of my ass, I deep throated him again and heard him let out a long low moan, then his finger entered my hole.  ‘No I thought, not giving that up, not tonight, not to him.  He pushed me off, I half sat up, ‘My balls, work tem balls, boy.’ They were fairly large, I had to work them separately, but I did them to.

     ‘Thirteen, this is control, what’s your twenty?  He held me still reached for the mike, ‘Control, back checking sector six, over he replied,”  I rotated my tongue slowly over his penis head and along the shaft, ‘ Control, to thirteen, make a turn thru sector three when you get a chance,’  Thirteen to Control, copy you want a check sector three, over?  Finish what you’re currently doing then make the check.  Thirteen to control, will comply, out.”  he re-hung the mike, looked down at me, ‘Damn boy, there’s grown women can’t do what you do nor as good as you do it.   Sealing my lips beneath the head I slowly worked down until he again entered my throat, then worked deeper until I was against his stomach, slowly upward, then plunging to his base, it didn’t take long from there, I felt him stiffen, listened to his breathing, when he came I sealed my lips to his base, he shot four or five good loads which went straight down my gullet.

    I licked him clean, and sat up, he looked at me nodding his contentment with what happened.  ‘I do declare boy, you could put a lotta ladies outta business if you go around doing that.  He opened the door and got out, He straightened  out his uniform, climbed back into the car.  Without another word we headed back into the business district.  Before I knew it I was home, as I got out of the car he said, ‘perhaps you should take this,’ and handed me the paper.  I watched until his taillights disappeared around the corner then went into the house.  I was pissed but relieved that I’d worked things out, the report in my hand and not waiting in some file to ruin my life either now or at some later date.  As I got a drink of water  I knocked the report onto the floor.  When I picked it up I stopped and looked at it prior to tearing it up and throwing it away, I couldn’t believe it, it was blank. 

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