Episode 52: Jenny and her Dream Dog


Episode 52: Jenny and her Dream DogDream-timeJenny didn’t usually remember her dreams when she awoke next to her boring husband John – but this one was special. Jenny rolled over trying to suck some life into his limp prick – but the warm bed and with two fingers exploring her warm, wet cunt she fell back into a deep sleep:Jenny was jogging along the nude beach, her faithful Great Dane Toby trotting beside her – head raised to crotch height, breathing in her musky cuntal perfume. The pale blue bikini bottoms were soaking wet – not from the lake – they hadn’t been swimming yet – but from Toby’s tongue. Every time Jenny stopped to admire another naked couple fucking on the public beach, Toby would lash the bikini with his enormous tongue – trying to suck his way into her gooey depths. Sometimes Toby would jump up to pull down the back of the bikini to get his tongue between her cheeks for more licking.“Bad Dog – stop that – I want to suck you – to be your Bitch. Now lie down, roll over and stick that lovely cock right here”. Jenny could feel the enormous girth of Toby’s knot pressed into the roof of her mouth, saliva starting to dribble out. Jenny licked and sucked hard – she could feel the cock pulsing and twitching against her teeth. Toby reacted badly by trying to fuck her face and howling, like he had found a new Bitch.In the real world Jenny would never have gone jogging without her F-cup sports bra; but she hated the way it flattened her boobs – almost pushing them into her armpits.Generally in dreams Jenny’s tits were no more than the firm B-cups of her young teenage years; mostly bare and bouncy.Today the real F-cup beauties were encased in a gleaming silver metal device. Rosie the Lush Sex Shop lesbian had thrown a special underwear party where she demonstrated the new range of Uncle Mike’s Marvellous Masturbators. Each breast was surrounded by a tight metal loop, adjusted to the point of pain, then eased off a little.“Jump up and down, Bitch” screamed Rosie “Let’s see those tits bounce”. Jenny knew this was going to hurt; she cautiously lifted up onto tiptoe and dropped down onto her heels. Both breasts bounced alarmingly the first time, but gradually stabilised at the third attempt. Small motors whirred away inside the contraption to push each breast until the nipples were perfectly fixed, no matter how hard Jenny jumped around.Toby had just avoided cumming in Jenny’s mouth – now he wanted a fuck. He rolled back over onto four feet and raced around to Jenny’s backend – nicely spread wide for him. A quick lick, just to make sure his Bitch was wet enough, then push the cock in to that lovely tight cunt. Toby loved the feel of hot, wet flesh enveloping his manhood – he thrust in as far as it would go, then realised he was stuck. That knob was great for real dog bitches, but not so good inside humans – they needed a more gentle approach.Jenny was on forearms and knees, head down, eyes closed, arse up, in the perfect doggy position, with Toby crouched over her feeding his engorged cock deep into her body.A little girl’s voice nearby: “Daddy, what is that lady doing to her nice doggy?”Jenny opened her eyes – Toby is still pounding her arse – the Little Slut is naked, sitting open legged on the sand a foot away. She has the most kastamonu rus escort piercing green eyes – slightly too large for her cute face. Her skin is perfectly smooth, with that natural healthy sheen it’s so hard to fake. Looking down Jenny is delighted to see the start of buds forming behind the nipples – thrusting them forwards and upwards. Below a perfectly flat tummy and belly button, the Little Slut had the softest, tastiest-looking pussy – her petals appearing to open up under Jenny’s gaze.“Daddy, why is that nice doggy pushing his penis into that lady? Is she a slut too? Is she a doggy-whore? Will that nice doggy fuck me too? Look – my Consent sign is lit – I do want him.”k**die-SynthI should explain that this story is very loosely based upon the British-American TV series Humans, showing on AMC and Channel 4, but adopts the viewpoint of the Synths.Once all Synths had been shipped with the ‘Adult’ mode automatically enabled, the designers turned their attention to other customer demands.The first production run of Teen-Synths sold out overnight – high-breasted, long-legged, blonde-haired – the girls were irresistible, and the boys not far behind. Like all teenagers they mostly stood around on street corners terrorising passers-by, drinking and fucking.Still customers demand younger models, so the k**die-Synth range was born – they were aged around 6 and designed to befriend ch1ldren and adult humans alike. The advertising emphasised the benefits to ch1ldless couples and keeping infant schools filled as the human birth rate dropped. In reality they were all bought as interactive sex-toys, massively helping to lower the rates of human ch1ld sex-abuse.The design team encouraged all the employees at Synths Inc to take a k**die-Synth home for the weekend to see how they would fit into fam1ly life. Many like ‘Little Slut’ ended up at the nude beach trying to please their ‘Daddy’.Age of ConsentAll the original Synths were designed to be at least 21, so that when their human owner enabled the ‘Adult’ mode it gave them full rights to use the Synth sexually however they wished.Initially the Synth Inc lawyers insisted on the Teen-Synth models being above the Age of Consent for the territory they were sold into (16 for UK, 18-21 for US, 13 for Burkina Faso and surprisingly Korea). Of course this just encouraged the smuggling trade, so for the avoidance of doubt the words ‘I CONSENT’ were tattooed on the back of their necks, just below the hair line.The first prosecution for a Bishop having sex with a male k**die-Synth clarified that protection of minors under the law only applies to humans, but that it would be polite to ask.So whatever you ask Little Slut to perform she will smile and illuminate her I CONSENT sign in a fetching bright orange.Back on the BeachToby quite fancied Little Slut, but wondered how Jenny would react if he just pulled out and offered his cock to the ch1ld. Perhaps the best thing to do was cum inside his Bitch, then get Little Slut to clean him up. Daddy had crawled under Jenny’s chest and was inspecting her metal sports bra – slapping the tits hard and watching the array of sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes and motors attempt and then succeed in stabilising her kastamonu rus escort bayan hard nipples.“Amazing; I must try that design on the South American Synths, where anything less than a DD-cup was returned unsuitable, and the larger models’ breasts snapped off. Jenny quite liked having her tits smashed around by a handsome ‘Daddy’ and hardly noticed Toby ejaculating into her tired cunt. He slipped out, offering his sticky cock to Little Slut, who promptly licked it clean.“Go Girl” shouted Jenny “give that lovely dog some synthetic loving”. Little Slut bravely stuck her arse in the air; Toby sniffed around – something’s not right – there is no mistaking the scent of little girls – sweet and warm and innocent. Little Slut smelt like a grown-up – all hot and musky and definitely fuckable. Toby extended his tongue – her cunt was so warm and tasty – she squealed when it slipped inside. Never been sucked by a dog? Toby was going to enjoy this. Toby slathered his long tongue across both buttocks, then down the narrow gap between them all the way to her cunt and beyond. ‘Wait a minute’ thinks Toby ‘no bum-hole? I must have missed it’. So Toby very carefully inspects her entire crotch area with the tip of his tongue – completely smooth where there should be her tiny puckered hole. Toby pushes Little Slut forward, with his nose between her cheeks, then grabs hold of Jenny’s hand and rubs it against the place where the bum-hole should be.Jenny to Daddy: “She’s got no arse –how is my dog supposed to fuck her”? Little Slut was already squealing as Toby’s cock entered her virgin pussy – ‘Oh Shit she is tight’ thought Toby – I am going to enjoy this’.Daddy made a mental note to upgrade Little Slut: “How tight would you like her”? he asked Jenny.“No good asking me” she replied “I’m not going to be fucking her – ask Toby”.Toby answered by pulling his cock out of Little Slut’s cunt and pressed it where her bum-hole should be – there – that big! Toby went back to attempting to impregnate his Little Slut, gripping the sides of her slim body between his powerful front legs. When it was clear that Little Slut was never going to cum – her cunt muscles hadn’t been wired up to her climax centre yet, Toby pulled out and let Jenny lick him clean.Daddy thought it would be fun to put his k**die-Synth on Toby’s back – she weighed very little and leaning forward held on around his neck. Toby raced off down the beach with Little Slut bouncing up and down on his back, leaving a trail of exciting pussy odours for the other dogs to pick up. Soon Toby was joined by a German Shepherd and another Great Dane chasing along the beach for a sniff and a lick of the Synth. Obedient Toby brought both dogs back for Jenny to suck and then position herself for the perfect spit-roast: Toby fucking her face and the other two taking it in turns inside her overheated cunt. Little Slut watched, fascinated – she had never seen this in the training videos at the factory. She dropped her open cunt onto Daddy’s face and sucked whichever dog wasn’t fucking Jenny at the moment. Jenny held onto Toby’s slippery shaft with both hands, pulling his cock out of her mouth for a while, then letting him glide back in – but deeper this time. rus kastamonu escort Soon Jenny had three dog cocks inside her, Daddy in one hand and Little Slut in the other. She wasn’t entirely sure whether this counted as ch1ld sex-abuse, but certainly enjoyed the feel of a tight little synthetic bottom. Jenny had cum three times before Toby unleashed a torrent of sperm down her throat and both the other dogs had ravished her as their perfect bitch.Synth Recycling PlantThe nightly recycling crew found huge numbers of adult and Teen-Synths dumped by the roadside and in dark alleys. They were thrown into a covered truck and brought back to the labs for analysis. The vast majority – male and female – had suffered from broken backsides. Their tight little arses had been designed purely for looking at and fondling, not rampant insertion. Even the later k**dies were found with the giant anal plugs still stuck between their cute, soft buttocks, damaged beyond repair. Who would do such a disgusting thing to a young vulnerable ch1ld? – Humans of course. The design department f0rced themselves to sit through hours of ch1ld-abuse videos to research the depths to which humans would go. The Chief Designer threw down the challenge for anyone to design an anal opening that would never suffer damage in ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ use. The resulting expanding sphincter oddly was based upon the inflatable anal plug that had actually caused many of the failures. The prototype had a small rubber bulb attached to one thigh that the user could pump to inflate the hole to match the diameter of the inserted object. Once proven in the field, a small electric pump was hidden in the k**die’s buttocks with a push button in the spine to enlarge the orifice to accept any cock or toy snugly. Then someone had the bright idea to use the device in all 3 holes (2 for boys). The internal lining is very supple and warm, gripping anything inserted to milk it dry. The final design change was for the orifice to automatically open to accept whatever was inserted, then the button could be used to reduce the diameter to provide more tension if the user wanted. Some owners reported they could cum inside a k**die-Synth just by manipulating the anal pressure and release controls.AliaAlia was a real little girl that loved to dress up in stockings and high heels when she got home from school. Her Uncle Mack loved to photograph her showing off her pert bottom under the short school uniform skirt. One weekend Uncle Mack turned up with a boy k**die-Synth about her age to play with. He probably had the idea of watching her do all the dirty things he didn’t dare to do himself.Alia loved her new playmate – f0rcing him to dress as a girl and then lick every inch of her body. She particularly liked him licking her bottom – so did Uncle Mack. The boy k**die-Synth was best trained for accepting anal sex, rather than giving it – but he soon got the idea when Alia demanded he push his prick into her arse. Uncle Mack made sure she was well lubricated – checking with just one finger – oh she did feel tight. He longed for that synthetic cock to be his own , pushing down into her depths and then slowly withdrawing, making her tight buttocks quiver. Alia adored that rhythm, rocking back to touch her new lover and then easing forwards as he slowly built the pressure in her body. Alia experienced her first anal orgasm that afternoon – never to be forgotten – often recounted to her friends. Uncle Mack now had a whole photo collection he couldn’t possibly share with anyone, which was a shame because he liked to show off his little darling Alia.

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