Fantasy Camp


Fantasy CampThe following story is a purely fiction tale with adult themes. The names and places have no relation to any specific or actual person or place in the world. This story may not be reposted, retransmitted, or used in any offline publication without the expressed, written consent of the author. This story is provided solely for the purpose of entertainment.Fantasy CampI was still in shock that the day had arrived. It didn’t seem that long ago that I saw the ad in the adult magazine advertising the Adult Fantasy Camp. The listing when on to explain that there was going to be this large campground just for readers of the magazine and the long weekend was going to be hedonistic. You could be nude all the time, if you so desired. There was going to be vendors, workshops, shows, entertainment and, of course, acres and acres of naked skin. After reading further details, I jumped at the chance to go. I decided to splurge and rent a small cabin as I didn’t have any camping equipment. I sent in my deposit with my details and got an STI test from my local clinic.For the next few weeks, whenever I thought about the camp, my heart started racing and I got an erection. The idea of seeing so many naked bodies and possibly watching people have sex right out in the open was a real turn on. Being somewhat inexperienced, I began to wonder if I might suffer sensory overload. The campground had its own beach area as well, so I could work on an all-over tan or just watch the sexy women go by. I started to wonder what kind of reaction I might get. I mean, I’m no Adonis but I think I’m kinda handsome. Playing a variety of sports has kept me thin over the years and, if comparing myself to the guys in porn flicks is any comparison, I have a good sized cock.The night before I was leaving for camp, I hardly slept. Even when I did, I was dreaming about what I might be doing for those three days. Could I actually be living out some of my fantasies? Might I get into a threesome with two women? An orgy? Could I get a hot woman to tell me to cum on her tits? It didn’t seem real. But when the sun rose and my alarm went off, I knew it might actually happen.The camp was in the next state over so driving wasn’t too bad. A lot of other people were leaving town for the long weekend but I thought a lot of them weren’t going to be doing what I was doing. I found the secondary road easily enough and then, after a lunch break, saw the campground sign. It had been covered over slightly with a sheet that announced, “Closed for private function”. I turned off the road and gave my name to the guy in the booth at the entrance. He found my reservation an handed me a key. “Cabin number five is about half way along the north access road. Numbers are on a little sign out front. Enjoy your weekend,” he said with a wry smile.The roadway continued along the thick forest, causing the sun to flicker through the branches. No worries about being seen from the main road, I thought. I had left the window down as the sun had made for a warm day and the fresh aromas of the forest were a lovely change from the city. Suddenly, the forest ended and opened onto a wide open area. Gently rolling hills led down towards a good-sized lake. But that quickly took a back seat to the other sight in front of me – hundreds of people in various states of undress. Women in summer dresses and guys in tank tops and shorts mingles with people wearing nothing. All sorts of hats, tattoos, hair, and body paint were evident as I slowly türbanlı escort proceeded around to the north access road. It was getting difficult to concentrate seeing all these naked bodies sauntering around under the sun. I thought I glimpsed one couple pleasuring each other while laying on the ground. I could hear bouts of laughter mixing with the recorded music being played from the commercial area, where small clusters of white-topped tents were set up. Wait, did that blonde just wave at me?I found my cabin easily enough and parked on the side. The cabins were far enough apart to provide some privacy from each other. The ones on this side had covered porches with mesh in front. It looked like they were a little larger than the cabins on the south side but even these seemed small compared to a few motor homes in the parking area. I popped the trunk, grabbed the door key, and retrieved my bags from the rear of the car. As I closed the lid, I heard, “Howdy, neighbour!” I looked next door to see a guy in a straw cowboy hat hoist a beer at me. I waved back as I noticed a cute girl was giving him a hand job out front of their cabin.Well, that got me aroused but I wasn’t sure what else I should feel. Even through some ‘wild times’ at college, I never saw another couple of group of people have sex right in front of me. Have I gotten in over my head here?I entered the porch and unlocked the door. The spacious cabin was everything they promised. Furniture and space, that’s all I needed for this weekend, I thought. I found the main bedroom and tossed my bags on the bed. As I had eaten not too long ago, I thought I would take a stroll just to get a basic feel for the layout. I figured others would still be arriving as well, so it might get a little busier later. I decided to go all out and started to undress. After slipping my runners back on, I glanced in the wall-mounted mirror and thought, “Well, there’s no turning back now.”I went to the kitchen and put the few food items I brought into the fridge. I had just about finished when there was a knock on the door. I looked over and saw what appeared to be an attractive brunette there. It was a little hard to make out details as the mesh on the door was playing tricks with my eyes. I took a good sized gulp and headed to the front of the cabin.As I opened the door, I could see I wasn’t far off. She was an attractive women – and she was nude! Just a pair of white deck shoes covered her feet as well as a clipboard she was carrying. She had her long, brown-black hair pulled back into a single tail and it suited her. Dark eyes, tanned skin, and long legs really caught my eye.”Hi!”, she said. “I’m Donna, one of the directors for the Fantasy Camp. You’re Andy?””Y-Yes!”, I stuttered, having a difficult time meeting her eyes. “Would you like to c-come in?”She smiled even more and said, “Sure, thanks.”A couple of graceful steps an she was in the main area of the cabin. Watching her strut by me, wiggling that perfect butt was almost too much for me. She turned and asked, “Is the cabin okay?””Yes,” I quickly responded, ” It is everything the magazine said and more!””Good to hear,” she replied, taking a pose that had one leg straight and the other pointed forward slightly. It really showed off her toned legs nicely. “I do have a couple things to go over with you, if I could?”, she said, propping the clipboard against one hip.”Of course,” I responded, moving my gaze from her gorgeous legs to türbanlı escort bayan her sumptuous breasts to her long neck.”Great! “, she bubbled. “First, here is your green bracelet which is in response to the STI test you sent us. The other colours are explained in this pamphlet. Now, some of the major rules here: No means no! Any deviation will not be tolerated if your potential partner has said no and you persist, you will be asked to leave to camp immediately. We have a security force here to . . . “She continued to talk but I didn’t hear her. She was a knockout! I thought, if she hasn’t appeared in the magazine I found the information about the camp in, she should be! Just her going on in front me was turning me on something fierce. Looking at the lightly covered pussy and those amazing tits was giving me a raging hard-on. On her flat stomach, her belly button was nothing more than a mere slit in her flawless skin. If there were more women like her here, I could easily . . “Are you staring at my tits?” Donna suddenly asked.”No!” I quickly shot back and glancing at her face, trying to hide my guilt.”Really?” she queried, “because this”, she added as she reached out as started to grasp my cock, “would seem to indicate otherwise!”How long had it been since I had a woman stroke my manhood? Too long. Her soft but knowledgeable grasp was heavenly. She tossed her clipboard on the couch and squatted in front of me in one motion. Her one hand continued to jack my pulsing dick while I saw her other hand move between her own legs.She glanced up at me and smiled. She then cooed, “Ooooh! So much pre-cum already! You must be excited!” Her hand quickly spread the slippery fluid all over my raging cock. I could only muster moans and guttural sounds as this angel ran her delicate hand up and down my bouncing meat, each down stroke a little harder than the up stroke.I had to reach out for a nearby chair to steady me. The sensation she was giving me was almost too much. I feared I might pass out from bliss. Donna then added, “Mmmmm! A gal could have a lot of fun with a cock like this!” I looked down at her, smiled and said, “Have all the fun you want.””Goody!”, she replied and started wrapping her lips around the head of my penis. As head bobbed the length of my shaft, I could feel her tongue playing on the underside of my rod. God, she was good! She occasionally moaned, sending little shivers through my cock. It was heavenly!I tilted my head and watched her other hand frig herself. I said, ” It is SUCH a turn on to watch you play with yourself while you’re sucking me off.” She popped my dick out of her mouth, looked up at me and said, “I love to suck a hard cock. The control I have is as much a turn on as knowing what it does to a guy. I’m so excited to be working here, knowing there will be all sorts of hard rods to fondle – as well as some cute boobs, too!” With that, she resumed pistoning my dick in her mouth. I reflexively started thrusting my hips a little. With my free hand, I took her tied up band of hair that was flopping around and gently gripped it. Donna continued to vary her speed and hand action on my cock, expertly bringing towards to edge of climax. I couldn’t tell how much time had passed as I was in another zone. Five minutes? Half an hour? My mind tried to make sense of the fact that woman I had just met for the first time was now coating my manhood with her saliva while rubbing her clit. But it was no use. I just escort türbanlı went with it and let this reality happen. She took a pause and brought her other hand up to my sac. While gently stroking my cock (and catching her breath), she fondled my balls in a way I had never felt before. So erotic it was that soon my sac started to tighten. “Felt like a big load in those balls,” said Donna. “You gonna give it to me?”, she purred, staring deeply at me.”I will very soon if you keep doing what you’re doing”, I pointed out. “I just hope you will cum, too”, I added.”You bet I will,” She replied. “Squatting like this has opened my pussy and I’ll be cumming as well”, she added before resuming sucking on my hard cock.”Good,” I added, “because I think I’m about to blow the biggest load of my life!”I glanced outside, seeing people walking around the sunny vale, trying to distract my mind from what was going on in the cabin. But Donna’s actions kept the inevitable coming, like a train into a station. Her other hand had resumed its previous actions and, judging by Donna’s increased moans, she was about to get off herself. This was a good thing as I could feel the stirring in my loins telling me I was about to shoot my jizz. “AAAHHHHH!”, uttered Donna, mouth agape. I could see that her body was convulsing as an orgasm rippled through her body. Having never seen one in the flesh, I was extremely turned on to know that this goddess was as aroused as I was. “Jesus, Donna!”, I practically screamed, “You’re making me cum!””Yes, yes!”, she muttered between clenched teeth. “I want to see you cum! Cum on me! On my face and tits! Give me your sperm!”Hearing such dirty talk was too much. While Donna’s hand continued to jerk my cock, I sprayed rope after rope of cum. The first glob smacked on her forehead and veered right, a good portion ending up on her cheek. The next load hit the underside of her nose and most of it fell into her open mouth. The third lump didn’t have as much steam to it and went onto her chin and fell onto her left boob. As Donna’s strokes slowed, the last of my jizz fell onto her gorgeous tits, followed by her placing her lips around the head again and sucking out the last of my load.I had to get a stronger grip on the chair as feared my legs would give out from underneath me. It was as though my life essence had been pulled out of my body. No experience before had left me this way. I looked down at Donna, who was now kneeling and lifting herself up and closer to me. While her hands rubbed my cum into her breasts, her tongue snaked out and tried to lick my warm splooge from her face. “MMMmmmm,” she murmured, “I love it when a guy does that. Such a big load for me to play with.”Did her lust know no bounds? Hearing those words from her caused my still hard shaft to twitch excitedly. Donna saw this, as she rose to her feet, and said, “Easy, boy, we’ve had our fun.”As she continued to wipe my man juices from her face and ingest them, I breathlessly said to her, “That was incredible! I’ve never had that done to me!.””Glad you enjoyed it,” she replied, sucking some cum off of a couple fingers. “As a camp director, I want to make sure everyone is – happy.”I was still catching my breath when Donna collected her clipboard and sauntered towards the door. “Maybe I’ll see down at the beach. Until then, I have to check on other guests to make sure they are – happy – with their arrangements.”With that, she skipped down the steps and off to another residence. If that was the first hour, the rest of this weekend was going to be awesome.This is my first attempt at erotic fiction. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Constructive criticism is welcome. Trolling criticism is not. If I get enough positive feedback, I’ll consider adding chapters to the story.

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