FantasyI decided to do a scene with Both my Trainer Ian and one of my best friends( and fuck buddy, when neither of us where in a relationship) Richard. They as Dominants and me as Submissive.All of my other friends decided I was completely out of my mind or had a sudden lapse in rationality, since they both were possessive and sadistic. And always competing against each other in anything and everything.I would be lying if I say I wasn’t nervous about it, but I wasn’t about to say no to a new experience. So here I was in front of Ian’s dungeon, with a rapid beating heart ….As if knowing I was there, the door suddenly opened and I could see both of them standing side by side near the middle of the room. They were identically dressed( leather pants, leather vests, armbands and wristbands and knee high boots), but that was were it ended. Ian was a bit taller, more muscular and blond and blue eyed. Rich was slimmer, dark haired and black eyes. Each held a cane in a hand, tapping it to their boots, şişli escort and a wicked grins for me.They both informed me that for our little session they decided to collaborate with each other. I felt a shiver of excitement the thought of both of their attention on me. It was a heady feeling.They looked at me and said “Strip!”. God that was intense.I undressed, and felt Ian at my back, saying that I need to relax, and took my eyeglasses of and put a blindfold in their place. It was relaxing.Felt their hands caressing me and moving me in the position they wanted to. They lifted my hands above my head and tied them there with leather cuffs.Heard Richard laugh, and then felt his hands starting to tie rope around my torso in an complex pattern. He was the one that enjoyed shibari most of all, liking the contrast between the colourof the ropes and skin. The ropes where snug, and gave a feeling of comfort. Heard them moving around, and felt leather caress my back and my breasts, seconds şişli escort bayan before I felt the first two blows of the floggers they choose. On my back and breasts. It stung, but not really painful yet. As they continued it started getting more painful, until it became like a warm, painful glow. They stoped as one and I felt their hands caress some of the hurt away.Ian told me to chose between 10 strokes of cane or 12 of a single tail whip, even though they both knew it wasn’t really a choice since I do not like canes …The choice was evident, the whip strokes. They decided to split the hits between them…They never gave me much time or warning, and I felt the first stroke of the whip on my back…Ian always said a hit with a whip was like a kiss, but they were more like little bites…The first four hurt like hell, but by the 6 and 7 I was already floating, the rest of the strokes only making my nice subspace higher. it was like floating, and felt like giggling. Before I knew mecidiyeköy escort bayan it my mouth was took in an aggressive kiss, leaving me breathless . Before I could get my bearings I got another kiss, that let me dizzy. I felt Ian’s lips trailing my neck, and Rich’s fingers stretching my ass, preparing me for his cock, Ian stoked my pussy, whispering in my ear that I would look so hot taking both of them, and feel even hotter around their cocks. They actually pushed inside me at the same time, I swear I saw sparks…it was so hot…they soon found a rhythm to fuck me and I was grateful for the restraints around my wrist since my legs didn’t reach the ground anymore…I do not know how long they both fucked me, but I had an almost continuous orgasm….I felt two mouths on either side of my neck and a sharp pain of teeth sinking into my skin, and then a huge wave of pleasure as they found their release inside me, their cum trickling down my thighs, and then I knew no more….I woke up in Ian’s huge bed, with them on either side of me, asking how I felt. I remember giggling and said never better, still feeling quite high…It was a great session and maybe is not bad having the attention of 2 intense Doms on you is not such a bad thing….

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