First Bi experience!!


First Bi experience!!Whats up yall, if you read my profile youll know im bi…well this is how it happened.The STory is long but its oh so worth it!!!! I went away to college and it happened around 2 years ago. My roommates went home for the weekend and i decided to stay because the girl i had a crush on was going to a party. Her name was Stacy she was an inch shorter than long legs C-cup blonde and an ass like a nectarine. She knew i had a crush on her and was such a tease about it. We went to the party together and to my surprise she was all over me, we were hooking up and was rubbing my cock over my jeans it was amazing. Finally i couldnt take it i told her we were gonna go back to my room to fuck and she was so into it. Somehow her best friend Nikki roped us into letting her and her boyfriend Sam to stay in the conjoining room of the dorm. SO the 4 of us went back to my dorm. We wernt in the room for a few seconds when Stacy attacked me and threw me on the couch, she straddled me as we hooked up. She took my cloths off and i did the same to her. I noticed on the chair next to us Sam and Nikki were doing the same, i thought it was pretty hot that the 4 of us were güvenilir bahis siteleri gonna get it on in the same room. This is the closest ill ever get to an orgy. Nikki was fully naked now and as much as i thought she was a bitch, man did she have a sexy body. She was petite, small boobs tight ass and probably the most gorgeous face ive ever seen on a girl. Needless to say i was more than turned on. Nikki got up and came over to us and she and Stacy started to hook up. I thought this was amazing. I started to jerk off and Sam was doing the same. We both looked at each other like dude this is awesome. He was standing up and i couldnt help but check out his body. Same was my height very ripped. He had a wrestling scholarship. Same also had a nice cock it was just over avg size and thickness, but his balls were godly. They were thick and hung so low. He also had a nice bead of pubic hair….When you get to know me youll find out i absolutly love pubic hair ;)….anyways he was really turning me on too, i thiught it was weird but i embraced it. Stacy than straddled me again and we started to hook up again. I felt a warm mouth go on my cock, it felt so good. canlı bahis siteleri Stacy had thick thighs just like i like it so i couldnt see who was blowing me. I figured it was Nikki. Stacy moved to the side so i could finger her and when she moved, to my surprise it was Sam giving me the best blowjob i have ever gotten. Every few stokes he would go down as far as possible and come back up with his tongue massaging the shaft of my cock. He sucked my balls like a champ. I was so turned on that i didnt care he was a guy. After a while Stacy went down and started to go to town on my cock, it was great but not as good as Sam did. Nikki Straddled me and we started hooking up. Ive masterbated quite a lot to images of Nikki so this was a dream cum true. I sucked on her small tits and rubbed here tight ass, she was so wet that my abdomen became slippery. It takes me a very long time to cum from a blowjob. Nikki got down and now her and Stacy were double teaming my cock it was amazing. I rested back and closed my eyes and enjoyed the hell out of this. Soon after i felt something plop on my stomach. It was a nice huge set of balls. To my surprise Sam straddled bahis firmaları me. He rubbed my chest and squeezed my nipples. He than began licking my nipples, it felt so good. I layed back again and closed my eyes and i felt lips on mine. Sam kissed me!! I didnt know how to react to this, I didnt know what do to so i just let it happen we hooked up for about 10 mins while the girls were on mu cock. I was so horny i rubbed his ass and played with his balls. I was close, very close. i said to Sam ” Get off and finish what you started.” Sam went back on my cock while the girls came up to me and started sucking on my nipples. I was so horny and so close to cumming. Me and Sam locked eyes, it was so hot!!! He than lubed up a finger and started to massage my prostate. He went all the way in. At this i busted the biggest nut i ever have. It filled his mouth. Our eyes still locked as it happened. He swallowed most of it. And what he had left spit out on my stomach and him and the girls licked it all up. My cock was still hard and throbbing. That was the best cum ive ever had. After everything was done they revealed to me that this was a plan of theres. Sam was Bi I had no idea but i knew now lol and Nikki and Stacy had wanted to see Sam and another guy get intimate. Fortuity i was the one they chose ;)… I hope you all enjoyed this story because i have many more that include the 4 of us, the next one will be uploaded soon!!!

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