First time wanking with a mate

First time wanking with a mateI had never thought about wanking in front of a mate or even watching a mate wanking in front of me but the night i am about to describe was incredibly erotic.I had just moved to a new job and struck up a friendship with a guy who like me was recently divorced. We used to go out for a drink at the weekend and he would get very drunk. One night we had been out and when we got back to his place and he was much the worse for wear. He put on a porno vid and we sat back and watched. As the vid played I had a good hard on and I could see my mate rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was well gone and I thought I would see how far I could get him to go. I told him I was feeling really horny from the vid and fancied a wank. He said he would get me some tissue then leave me to it. I said ok but he could stay if he wanted. He got me some tissue then sat back down. I could tell he had a hard on wheven through his jeans. The vid was still playing and the sounds of sex filled the room I took down my jeans and güvenilir bahis siteleri got my 6 inch hard cock out of my boxers and started stroking it. I saw my mate flicking his eyes vetween the vid and me. The more I stroked the more he watched me. I told him I knew he had a hard on too and said he should wank with me. He fumbled around with his jeans and eventually got them undone. He then got his cock out. it was a little longer than mine and was quite thick. He started to wank it in slow long strokes. WWhileile the vid was still playing neither of us were watching it. We were watching each other wank. I started tatalkingirty, telling him to wank his cock faster. His speed increased and pretty soon his eyes were closed and he was wanking furiously, his head thrown back and his eyes shut tight as he lay in his chair. I increased my speed and could feel myself cumming. It was very erotic to see another man wanking whilst I was doing the same. I started to moan as my orgasm approached. As my moaning increased my mate kaçak bahis opened his eyes and watched me. My first spurt shot up to my chest, as did the second. the next two landed on my belly. I continued pumping my cock and moaning with pleasure until I had spent my load. My mates eyes were wide as he watched me cum and he pumped his cock furiously and moaned out loud as three spurts of thick cum shot into thecl air and landed on his belly. Hw unloaded more cum as hhe continued to wank. As his orgasm finished he slumped back into the chair. I wiped myself down with the tissue and went to the kitchen to throw it away. When I returned my mate had not moved. His cock was still out and his cum still over his body. His eyes were shut. I sat down and xarriwd on watching the vid, still feeling very horny When the vid finished my mate still hadnt moved. I went over to him and realised he was fast asleep. I started to rub my hand over his belly, feeling his still warm cum He moaned gently and I moved my hand away quickly, fearing he woukd illegal bahis wake but he did not. I put my hand back and moved it on to his cock. Again he moaned but did not wake. After a few moments it started to get stiff and I began to stroke it. it took some time but eventually, after a lot of moaning from my mate it was fully hard. I began wanking him in earnest keeping an eye on his face as well as his cock. His hips began to gently move in time with my wanking. His cock was incredibly hard and my hand sticky from his previous cum. I wanked him more, my own cock stiffening from what I was doing. I felt his cock start to swell and after a few more strokes several spurts of cum shot from it as I wanked him He moaned out loud as he came. I continued to wank him until he was spent and his cock started to soften. I was rock hard again by this time and started to wank myself as I stood over him. After several minutes I felt my own cum building and pumped my cock faster until I shot my load onto his cock and balls. I tidied myself up and sat back down and drifted off to sleep. sometime during the night I heard my mate wake and get up and go upstairs. I never knew if he realised where all that spunk had come from but he never put any porn on again after that night.

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