First Time


First Time
My summer between middle school and freshman year was quite eventful. However, Let me back up to a couple of years before freshman year when I first discovered masturbation. It took me a couple of months of masturbating to actually climax. I accomplished my first orgasm after masturbating for 45 minutes one evening. I was probably so loud everyone in the house knew what I was doing. That was it. I was completely fascinated and addicted to masturbation. Growing up there were woods and fields behind my house. I would whack off in my woods completely nude all the time. I would sneak out of my house at night and run around my neighborhood and the fields butt naked with my hard on bouncing around. I loved running around naked and I loved being an exhibitionist.

Fast forward to my eventful summer. Some friends of mine and I decided to take our minibikes to the woods where there was a quarry. After riding around the trails for a while we parked are bikes at the quarry. Andy, one of the guys said “Let’s go swimming”. No one had any swim gear and one of the guys said to skinny dip. They started dropping their clothes. I thought “Uh oh”. I knew what was going to happen to me. By the time my clothes were off my cock was pointing straight out. Not completely erect though. I walked toward the water and one of my buddies pointed out my mostly hairless hard cock and the fellas seemed to get a laugh out of it as did I. I had a previous naked experience with a friend of mine where we rambled around his house naked for a couple of hours and he admired the size of my cock the whole time. So, I said “Screw it” to myself and started stroking my cock slowly for the guys and of course my erection went full blast instantly. I walked into the water and then we goofed off for a while. Every once in a while I would yell at them to “Look” and I would jump out of the water and expose my cock to them. After a while we headed home.

A couple of weeks later Andy came by the house and asked if I wanted to take the minibikes to the quarry. We headed to the quarry and cruised around the trails for a while. Then Andy said “Let’s go swimming” again. I pointed out we did not have trunks and he said “Who cares”. He stripped off his clothes and started walking towards the water. As I watched his tight ass he looked over his shoulder and said “C’mon”. Andy is a nice looking guy with shoulder length blonde hair parted in the middle and a little bit shorter than me. I took my clothes off and once again my cock started getting hard as I felt the warm sun on my skin. I walked in the water and Andy saw my cock and said “Dude, that’s cool”. I got in the water and we started goofing off. Pretty soon Andy started to jump on my back. As he straddled me I could feel his erection. My cock was already hard. I threw him off and dived toward him and inadvertently grabbed his cock and ass and we started wrestling around again with him grabbing my dick. At first I did not realize this was sexual. However, as we kept at it our grabbing turned into rubbing and then soft stroking. I pulled him toward me and we started rubbing our dicks together. As I looked at him I realized how attractive he was. I had experience with some girls and I loved making out. I leaned in and started making out with him as we ground our cocks together. I grabbed his ass and started grinding and humping into him. Suddenly he threw his head back and started bucking against me as he orgasmed. Even in the water I could feel his cum hitting my cock. After he calmed down, he looked at me
and said “Follow me”. We swam to the other side and I followed his beautiful ass on shore. He turned toward me and got on his knees and started blowing me right there. This side was supposed to be a little more private but we were still completely exposed. I looked down at him and could see his lips on my cock and his hard on sticking out between his legs. He looked up and told me to lay down. He got between my legs and started devouring my dick again. He stopped and I looked and he started eating my ass. I just went with it and then I could feel his finger entering my ass. He started fucking me with his finger and I was grinding on it as he stuck my cock back in his mouth. I started to cum and he lifted off my dick. My cum started flying everywhere as rope after rope landed on my chin and chest. Andy started licking the cum up my body. As his face approached mine. He stopped and said “Did you like that. I planned it”. Then he bent down and kissed me. That was the beginning of an eventful summer…………..

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