flirting missus


flirting missusMy ex wife was 12 years younger than me. She always attracted attention and was a very attractive girl. She held down a good job with a bank and came from a middle class family. The only problem was when she had too much to drink she became very flirty and would get herself into situations she couldn’t always get out of. At first, if i was there, i would come to her aid, then on one occasion i decided enough was enough. If she wants to keep getting into the situations she can deal with them herself. The occasion in question was a works do for her bank, we arrived and i went to the bar to get us some drinks. She was looking good in a short off the shoulder dress that was quite flowy and heels, no bra. As the night went on she was getting pretty tipsy and i could see her flirting with the men, especially a group of youngish blokes in one corner of the bar. She was with one of asyabahis yeni giriş her female workmates so left it and carried on drinking and watching. She was giggling and flirting with this group of about 8 or 9 blokes when i noticed one of them had his hand on the back of her thigh just below the hem of her dress and was rubbing gently up and down while another bloke had his arm around the waist of her workmate who was single. They were all chatting together and laughing, when the blokes hand moved up higher under her dress making her jump slightly but that was the only reaction she gave. Then somehow she was ushered into the middle of the group and i could see her workmate laughing, so i thought i would get closer to see what was happening. She was being snogged by one of the blokes who clearly had his hand up her dress and was caressing her arse as the other blokes asyabahis giriş watched. He then lifted the back of her dress so that the others could see her bare arse where she had a thong on and one of the other blokes started to stroke her arse as well. When she felt the other blokes hand on her arse and realised her dress was up so all the blokes could see she started to struggle a bit to break free but didn’t want to attract attention so couldn’t struggle too hard. The bloke kissing her just kissed her harder as the other one started to pull down her thong till it fell to her ankles. She couldn’t make too much fuss in case other people in the bar noticed so seemed to resign herself to the fact that these blokes were now looking at her bare arse and now her shaved pussy as the bloke kissing her lifted her dress up above her waist. All the blokes were now stroking asyabahis güvenilirmi her arse and rubbing her pussy and her head went back as the affects of the groping took hold. I could see her holding on to the shoulders of the bloke who was kissing her as they took turns rubbing her and fingering her pussy, hiding her from the rest of the bar. One of the blokes then lowered the top of her dress so that her 32c tits were now on display to the group who proceeded to lick , suck and grope them. I could see that the touching and groping was turning her on as she started to kiss each bloke in turn as they fingered her. One of them then undid his trousers and took out his cock and put her hand round it and she started to wank him off while kissing him, they then bent her forward and she took him into her mouth while the others fingered her pussy from behind. She suddenly jumped as he must have cum in her mouth, he put his cock away and with a pat on her bare bum they opened up and she could go. She never said anything to me about it and i never said what i saw. I later found out that a few things happened at work and after work when she went out with the girls.

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