fond CD memory


fond CD memory
When I was a high school senior I had a horn on for a friend of mine but when I expressed my desire to him he turned me down and told me he was not interested in m2m sex with me and leave him alone. Then through a strange set of circumstances we became roommates with a couple of other guys in a four bedroom house, I was 19.
One night our roommates went home for the weekend and we were alone, I had just crawled into bed when the door to my room opened and I saw the figure of a woman through the sheer dress material from the light in the hall. At first I thought some one was playing a joke on me but as I focused in on the girl I noticed familiar features of the figure, wide shoulders with a V-shaped chest to a narrow waist and hips with firm legs. As I turned my reading lamp on to the lowest setting it hit me, I was shocked and so excited to notice, yes it was my friend D dressed as a woman and I saw for the first time a cross dresser and it was him, my room mate and all I could think of was she/he was absolutely gorgeous and all my fantasies of my senior year was about to come true

D had long hair and it was styled in a very feminine way not like he normally wore it pulled back into a pony tail. It was parted slightly to the right and brushed forward nearly covering her left eye. D had mascara and eyeliner with a light blue eye shadow, again gorgeous. As I sat up wearing only my under wear I could see D was in a sheer dark blue dress and could see the outline and color of a black lace bra and high cut panties. I stood up and got closer and noticed the scent of perfume that almost totally masked the smell of camel cigarettes that he smoked quite frequently. I leaned into D and ran my hand from her shoulder’s to the front of her bra then around the side of her chest and down to her hips and around to her bottom. We were both shaking a little and our breath was shuttering, mine so hard I could barley take a breath in. I was quivering with anticipation and what I really wanted to do was get that dress off and get D naked because after all I have wanted him for 2 years and wanted to take him in my arms throw him on the bed and suck his cock and fuck him. But this was different she was gorgeous and now I just wanted to take D in my arms and make love to her.
By now I didn’t think I was ever going to take a breath again and I was getting lost in D’s perfect make-up and those deep brown eyes when D leaned forward and reached up and kissed me on the lips, we hugged each other so hard it felt like we were one and I could feel D’s erection against my own at the same time we started frenching and tonging each others mouths as deep as we could. Even when I thought about D before that night I never thought I would ever kiss a man let alone French kiss but this was fantastic. After what a few minutes D leaned back and asked ” Can you unzip my dress ?” This is it not long before my slightly modified fantasy is going to come true. D turned so I could unzip the dress and as it fell to the floor I had to take a moment to marvel at the view as my hands followed the dress to the floor but they stopped on those tight hips and I took her cheecks in my hands and D slowly turned around and I took in her full front view and notice what little material the high cut panties had let her balls out the sides and hardly covered D’s hard on and I wanted out of my shorts so bad. I seen D before with out a shirt and in shorts and besides his long head of hair he didn’t really have much body hair except for a little patch in the middle of his chest and a thin line of fuzz from his navel to what I assumed was his pubes but as I gazed at this beauty a little longer I noticed the chest hair was gone but the line of fuxx did go down to the pubes. As stated earlier I wanted out of my shorts and D out of those panties but now it was urgent as we grabbed each others butt and pulled our under wear down as we fell on my bed with our cocks touching each other we both held our breath as D called out ” O My God” as I yelled “Oh No Not Now!” As D laid on top of me I felt the jolts of orgasm as my own load shot on my belly, we stayed that way as we held our breath not moving but I could feel our hearts literally pounding in our chests.
Now what to do I wiped us off with my shorts and D asked if we could get under the covers, cuddle and spoon for a while.and wait for round 2.
Well that was a fun experience and I was still hot for him as a man but I have to say when we got together and started to explore each other and rubbing bodies and a lot of kissing we both exploded our loads onto each other and then just hugged each other and just held each other in our arms until we dozed off was very memorable and enjoyable. The next morning we both had the uh oh what the fuck did we do and was this right, we went our separate ways for the week cause we worked in different towns and finally talked about it and thought it may be something we might try again. He explained that he always wanted to dress like a girl and have sex with a girl but he thought that would never happen and he knew I wanted to be with him so he decided to take advantage of me being in the house after all he thought that once he was alone with me he knew I wouldn’t turn him down and .thought I would let him “Fuck my Butt” his words, and pretend it was a pussy. He also said that if he didn’t like it he could ask me to leave and he knew I would never tell and I didn’t until today. He also said that he didn’t think he would like it but he did almost cum in his shorts and we both enjoyed and our virginity was intact. I told him that would not be true after the next time!!
But shortly after that is when I got in a car wreck and while I was recuperating back home with my parents we lost the touch and he moved away and never saw or heard of him for years and found that we both had married real women. We saw each other at a local bar in a town that neither of us went to, when I was playing pool with his wife she leaned over the table and said in my ear ” You know, I know all about you and D says I’m the perfect wife……we’re the same size.”
The end

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