Gay naked twister


Gay naked twisterWe are sitting in the living room. I’m on the couch; you’re in the recliner. We’re drinking, because drinking is what we need to do if we’re really going to do this tonight.Are we really going to do this tonight?After several drinks we decide to get out Twister. It’s a k**’s game, but we’re both drunk enough that we’re feeling pretty playful. We put the mat on the floor and start the game. A few turns in, you make the suggestion that we should play naked. I guess we are going to do this tonight.The clothes come off and we play a few more turns. Left hand, red. Right foot, green. Your ass rubs along my thigh. My face caresses your arm. The next door neighbor’s TV is on way too loud but when you spin that stupid little thing and it comes up yellow – your hand skimming right past my cock, over my balls yellow – I couldn’t give a fuck about Jeopardy or whatever stupid game show they’re watching next door. We’re both getting really warm and starting to sweat. Left knee blue sounds like a righteous fart, a big ripping sound when I pull free of the plastic and lunge for it, because we’re both sticking to the mat and we’re so goddamned drunk we collapse in a pile of sweaty, naked, drunk flesh giggling like a pair of girls. Getting up you leave the room and come back with a bottle of baby oil. With a naughty grin on your face you inform me that this will make things a lot easier. I happen to be leaning on the mat facing you when you dump the oil on me and there is a lot of it. The smell of the oil is strong at first but I don’t mind. It’s a good, clean smell, and if I hadn’t already been hard, the smell of the oil would’ve turned me to granite. I feel like Jennifer Beals from that 80s movie, Flashdance, only I’m dripping with baby oil, and when I tell you this, it brings the drunk giggles on again. bornova escort Kneeling beside me you begin rubbing the oil into my chest, working your way down my torso, and I’m so yours. All I can do is kneel there, panting, quivering, dripping, while your hands touch every part of me and coat me with the smooth, slick oil. I concentrate like mad on the Twister mat, on those bright primary colors as you massage my arms, my thighs, my cock and balls. Red, yellow, oh my god, green, blue, touch me more, red, blue, yes, there, make sure you oil me there, green, green, yes, yes now! But you’re just laughing at my squirming, and you give me one last drink while you stand over me and admire the shine of the oil accenting my body’s curves and contours. You tell me to spin, that it’s my turn, and I dutifully spin. I end up with my feet spread wide and my right hand behind me, my hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling like a missile. You are bent over me, and when you try to spin for your turn, it’s all over. One of us hit a pool of oil on the mat and like a pair of dancing hippos, we tumble to the mat, a sprawling pile of drunk, giggling flesh again. I notice, lying there, that your cock is trapped between my thighs. You seem to notice this at about the same time, and wrapping your arm around me, you start a slow, sinuous pumping. I know you hear it when I hiss out a Yes! but I don’t care; I’ve waited all fucking night for this. I played goddamned Twister for this. Your cock is getting harder and harder and the angle you’re at is rubbing up behind my balls as you move your hips. I can feel the head of your cock pushing against my balls over and over – ah it feels so good – and you, so generous, reach around to my cock and give it a few strokes. I’m drunk and dazed, but I bornova escort bayan know I want more than this; I know you want more than this, and as your cock slides out of the warm haven of my thighs and up between my cheeks, I know we’re both going to get exactly what we want tonight.The plastic Twister mat crinkles under us, and the breeze from the open window is warm blowing in on me, but not as warm as your whiskey-laden breath, which is hot on my neck, and so, so sweet as I feel the head of your cock press against my hole. I am so drunk, so horny and relaxed, I let out a little moan and with no effort at all, you’re in. I feel the ridge of your head slide past my ring, stretching me apart. I can feel every vein and contour of your cock widening me out and then wrapping around you. Oh.My.God.Grabbing my hip, you start to slide in and out of me over and over. Squeezing my oiled flesh almost painfully you slide your hand down my ass to the inside of my thigh and I lift my leg up for you. Taking a finger you press my taint and rub it for a few moments before you take over holding my leg. I am able to rest the back of my knee on your arm. With all the oil you pull my leg back toward you and take your arm away. Lying on my side while you are mounting me from behind my leg slides down behind you with my ankle resting against your ass. Now that my leg is here you reach over my hip and grab my cock and stroke it. When you feel it swell you stop to make sure I don’t come. Sliding your hand back to my hip you focus on pumping my ass, sliding in and out over and over again. I can feel your chest on my back and your thighs on the back of my leg making me sweat. I can taste the saltiness of the sweat running down my face. I’m in heaven. I will never doubt you again. Bareback escort bornova is best, and you are a god.As my moaning gets louder, you realize that I am going to cum. You freeze, not wanting me to cum just yet as my orgasm will no doubt drag you along with me, and you’re far from done pumping my ass just yet. You slow your pace down giving me time to relax and recover so I don’t cum too soon. Over and over you build me up and hold me back, and with every pump of my ass my heart races, the room spins a little more. It’s torture and I love it. I reach back and squeeze your ass pulling you toward me with every thrust and glide. I’m breathing like I just ran a marathon. My panting matches every thrust of your cock into my ass. When I’m nearly blind from ecstasy, my whole body shaking, and I can’t hear anything but the pounding roar of my own heartbeat, you’re finally ready to cum and you reach around to stroke me to orgasm. It doesn’t take much. My balls tighten up, my cock swells, and as I shoot my load my ass starts milking you. You feel it squeezing and you are surprised how tight it is but you’ve been hit with a case of whiskey dick: you don’t come. While my ass is trying to push you over the edge and milk the cum from you, the pushing of your cock against my ass wall is making me moan more and more. My ass has had enough, but you and I haven’t. And now it’s time for Twister for Adults. You bend me and turn me, move this leg and that knee, stretch this way and that. We fall, we get up, and through it all, you pound my ass. Over and over, again and again, the baby oil never lets us down and neither does your incredible dick, which is somewhere between the primary red and blue of the Twister mat when I cum the second time without touching my cock at all. My ass tightens again and this time it is enough for you. You spray your load in my ass filling and coating me with the soothing warmth, my ass squeezed so tight that not a single drop escapes. Your cock starts to go soft, but my ass doesn’t want to relinquish you. Warm, slick, still drunk, and all played out, you stay inside me and we fall asleep.

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