Giving away control part 1

Giving away control part 1
How many people have ever giving themselves completely to another? Until a few years ago I was one of the people that hadn’t.
For me it’s all about trust. I trusted Tamara explicitly and when she asked if she could bind me so she had full control, I had to say yes. I’d never done anything like it before and was exited, if not a little apprehensive about the whole experience. As someone that is in control of his life in every way it was way out of my comfort zone to allow her to do this, but as I trusted her and she was very special to me, I couldn’t deny her this pleasure. Tamara had been shopping and had bought soft rope, a blindfold and an amazing outfit for herself. It was a skin tight black wet look corset dress; she had also bought, thigh high, black boots with a six inch heel. Just seeing her dressed up like this was reward enough for me and I had resigned myself to allow her to do anything she wanted to me.
I was bound by each wrist and each ankle to the corners of the bed, spread eagle and flat on my back. I gave the ropes a tug and they were very secure. I was now in her hands and pretty helpless. I had one request, and that was for no pain, when she never gave me an answer either way I felt a surge of fear, followed by excitement flow through me as I knew I was not pretty helpless, I was totally helpless and this beautiful voluptuous black goddess was firmly in charge. Tamara stood over me, legs apart and hands on hips, it looked like she had done this before but I knew she hadn’t, I thought that she must have looked at some female domination porn to get some ideas. She crouched down, the dress was so tight that it rode up, exposing the bulge of her pussy, she was wearing a shear thong and I could see her beautiful clean shaven pussy lips. She reached forwards and placed the blindfold over my eyes. By now I was rock hard and my cock was eager to be free of the restricting boxers. I felt her straighten up, I didn’t know what she was doing and I wanted to look at her, it was a frustrating but exiting feeling. I suddenly felt my boxers being gently pulled down, my cock got caught and then as my boxers were pulled lower my cock released, slapping against my stomach, it was so hard I could feel it throbbing. Tamara began to rub the inside of my thighs, moving her hands slowly up and ever so slightly brushing against my balls, I felt them twinge and the feeling made my whole body twitch, not knowing when or where you’re going to be touched is an amazing feeling. I was waiting to feel her hand grasp my hard shaft and then maybe feel her soft lips around the head of my cock, but instead I felt her weight on me, she had sat down and was rhythmically moving her crouch back and forth on my hard cock, it took me a while to work out if she was facing me or facing away from me, she was facing away and I wish I could have seen her big round black arse rubbing my cock. I knew she was wet, I could feel it, I wasn’t sure if it was all her or if I had added my own pre cum to the situation. After a few minutes she lifted herself off and I was trying to guess what she was going to do next. I felt the bed move and it felt like she was moving up towards my head, I was right the next thing I felt was her arse cheeks on my face, she smelt so good and I just wanted to get my tongue in there and taste her. As she rubbed her butt on my mouth and nose she accidently moved the blindfold and I was gifted with the sight of her beautiful big arse. I never let her know as I wanted her to still feel completely in control and comfortable so she could do what she wanted. She moved her hands rounds and grab her butt cheeks, pulling them apart I got a view of her wet pussy and arse hole, she had slipped the thong off so I could properly taste her. My tongue went to work, licking and lapping at her pussy, her juices tasted so good and I wanted more. She was moving her hips so she could position herself correctly, her clit was now directly above my mouth and I was licking and sucking on it, with each flick of my tongue I felt her flinch and shake, her moaning was getting louder now and I was sure my face was soon going to be very wet . the prospect of having a mouthful of her cum made me work even harder and her moaning got louder.
Tamara suddenly jerked her hips forward and then back in what seemed like an uncontrollable action, it was quickly followed by a gush of clear thick liquid that ran into my mouth and down the side of my face, I didn’t want to waste any so I was sucking and licking to get every drop. Tamara was resting her hands on my chest, I could feel her whole weight pushing down on me and could hear her breathing extremely heavily.

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