Guilty pleasure


Guilty pleasure
My day started out much like any other, hit the snooze, hit the snooze again, get dressed slam some coffee and start the half hour drive to work. Having driven this deserted stretch of highway so many mornings before I started to zone out. Bored and tired I grabbed my cell phone and started looking for something to liven my morning up. I pulled up Craig’s list and started scanning ads, most everything posted was pretty much fake or pro’s looking to make a buck. I quickly cycled through the ads , and nothing was catching my attention, and then I saw it … buy my panties. My pulse quickened, now this is interesting. As a teen I had sniffed my Mom’s panties. More as a curiosity then a fetish, but I remembered how nice they smelled, her musky womanly sent trapped in the cotton fibers. How my young penis swelled in my pants as I pressed them to my face and inhaled deeply. I remembered gingerly touching my tongue to the fabric, eager to taste what a pussy must taste like. As I typed a reply to the ad , I felt a stirring in my pants. Mabey today wasn’t going to be another mundane day after all!

It was so hard to concentrate at work, I kept checking my phone like it contained the cure for cancer. Nothing. All these dirty thoughts and memories apparently for nothing. Then about noon the email reply came back, panties , or a package deal panties and two custom videos. My first thought was this is probably not someone that I wanted a video of, so I asked for a sample. To my surprise she was a Very attractive petite brunette, nice b cup breasts with nice hard nipples. Her pussy was framed with closely cropped pubic hair, her long fingers rubbing her panties against her moist mound. This was too good to be true! We hashed out the details of compensation, and meeting for the exchange. After I was done talking with her, I started thinking about how dangerous this could be. I was to meet her downtown across from the library in a parking garage. I could get robbed or shot, damn this is stupid. I was committed though, I had to have those panties, she was so hot I wanted to smell her sweet sex, screw the consequences!
The afternoon was a blur, I walked around work semi-erect until it was time to leave, raced downtown to claim my prize. The closer I got to downtown the more excitement, and concern washed over me in equal parts. I found the parking garage after a few wrong turns and one way streets, got my ticket from the attendant and ascended to the third level. I parked next to a beat up black Ford Mustang, and I felt unease crash over me. Sitting next to this beautiful girl was a guy wearing a straw hat pulled low to his face and black sunglasses. To say he looked sketchy was an understatement! I had my money clasped firmly in my slightly damp palm, took a deep breath and opened my car door.
The girl, even prettier in person also stepped out of the car, I handed her the money, and she raised up her little summer dress and slowly sensually took off her cute little panties and placed them in my hand, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and got back in her car.

With a sigh of relief I got back in my car and drove out of the garage. My phone pinged and I was reminded that she just sent the vids to me as promised. Her panties still warm from her body heat and moist as well, I couldn’t wait to smell them. I navigated downtown and hit the highway home. Traffic was light so I linked my phone to the stereo and started one of the vids. She was on her back in a sports bra and the panties I held in my hand. Rubbing her tight little pussy furiously beneath her panties. Her bra lifted and her beautiful natural breasts spilled out she roughly massaged one breast while the fingers of her other hand rubbed in a circular pattern across her sex.
I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, one hand on my cock the other on her , now my panties steering with my knees her moans blaring through my speakers, I raised her panties to my nose. I can say without any exaggeration that those panties are the best thing I have ever smelled. Still damp, musky and sweet, my cock throbbing as I stroked it wildly, I came,all over my dress pants. I could not help it, her scent burned into my nostrils.

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