Harder Daddy, Harder!


Harder Daddy, Harder!As always, I must explain that I will tell you if my stories are fantasy or if I’ve gone through the pleasure myself. Today’s story is pure reality, my loves. “Daddy, Master, and Sir” are all my boyfriend. I do not involve or condone sex with one’s family – although I do get ridiculously wet whenever I have a man dominate me into submission such as my lover does to me. Enjoy.Although the day had just started; the break of dawn barely cracking through the hotel curtains, I was wide awake– and starving for some cum. Although Daddy had fucked me senseless last night, like the little slut I am, I craved more. I needed more. I was feening for some cock. Crawling under the bedsheets quietly so I wouldn’t disturb him, I carefully slipped in between his legs. By this point a droplet of drool escaped the corner of my too eager mouth and trickled down my chin in anticipation. Licking the slightly salty substance away, I dipped my head down, searching through the darkness for my meal. Clumsy palms made their way, pulling down his boxers and freeing the thick seven inches of dick that I needed. I had woken Daddy up by blowjobs the next morning, but only when he permits it. He’ll usually tell me to wake him up like that the night before, but this time I wanted to take initiative. I wanted that dick down in my throat. I wanted him to facefuck me like the little slut I was. Greedy hands started to pump at my Daddy’s cock in a fast motion, wanting to lick off the pre-cum that oozed from the tip of his dick. At this point, I didn’t care if Daddy punished me, I wanted his cock and his cum. As soon as the first couple grandbetting giriş of beads started to surface, I dived down and shoved his cock past my lips– my tongue lapping up every little drop I could get. God, I was so excited for my daddy to wake up and punish his filthy little slut for disturbing his sleep. I never liked to make him mad, but whenever he was, he’d fuck me in ways that not even I could put down in tangible words for you all to read. My head was bobbing up and down, drool coating his dick, and juices drenching my panties in the mere thought of him fucking me. I couldn’t take it, I had to pleasure myself somehow. I needed some sort of stimulation, I was too uncomfortable without it. Fingers found their ways down my naked body, my legs already trembling from excitement as my index finger found that little erected clit. “Nn…” My finger slipped right past my clit and found its way into that slutty little pussy my daddy loved to fuck, causing me to choke lightly on my Daddy’s dick due to the moan. As time passed, my speed picked up, my fingers started moving in and out of me rapidly, and.. Uh oh. I made too much noise. I woke my Daddy up.Gulping lightly, I gazed up as I heard shuffling. My daddy removed part of the covers only to see his little pet greedily slurping down his cock. With a swift motion, he thrusted deeper into my mouth, the head of his cock shoving deep into my throat. This caused me to drench myself, sending me overboard into my first orgasm. As I squirmed around, my Master smirked down at me knowing I had already came. “Fucking slut couldn’t wait again, grandbetting yeni giriş huh? You act as if I deprive you of this cock. Get the fuck up and bend over. Stick that ass nice and high for your Sir.” Silence fell over the room as a tint of pink washed over my cheeks in embarrassment. A heavy gulp of excitement clumped down my throat as I nodded, turning around and exiting the covers on all fours. Quickly I crawled in front of my Master, dropping down to my elbows and forearms as I stuck my ass high into the air. I was ready for a spanking. Tensing my muscles, I waited and waited, and waited until the first sting ran across my left ass cheek. “You like this shit, don’t you bitch? You like when I slap that big round ass. Don’t you? Answer me!” My Daddy always knew that I liked it, he knew I loved it, and by the fresh dew that was escaping my lower lips, he could tell I fucking loved it. But it didn’t matter. He liked hearing me beg. He loved it when I’d moan and beg for more. “Yes, Sir! Your slut loves when her Sir spanks her!”And that was enough for another hard slap-this time on my right cheek. “That’s right slut. You fucking love it. You love it when I treat you like a dirty whore. Now back up and put this cock into your fucking cunt or you won’t get any dick today.” Finally! I’d get the punishing I deserved. Nice, rough fucking. Backing my hips, I gazed over my shoulder to see my daddy stroking his dick, holding it out for me. Leaning forward, he started to slowly penetrate his slut’s pussy, causing me to let out a pleasured whimper. Sighing, I pushed further at a slow pace so grandbetting güvenilirmi I could enjoy every last inch of his cock. But, unfortunately my Master got impatient with me and shoved it all the way in. Surprised, I let out a little yelp as my fingers acted like claws and dug into the sheets as he started fucking me. His strong hands gripped both sides of my waist as he started pounding into his slut’s little pussy, and my moans started to fill the room. “You want more, don’t you; you fucking slut!?””Yes Daddy! Please spank your whore! Fuck her harder! Harder, Daddy, Harder!”And I got the harder that I wanted. Daddy let go of my waist as I gripped onto the sheets, one hand gripping tight at my hair, and the other spanking me like the fucking slut I was. My noises elevated in sound, and my Daddy started to pump into me harder, rougher. His grunts started to sound more frequent as his hips slammed into my ass; almost knocking me over. Spreading my legs a little further, I allowed him to get deeper into my pussy, the stabbing feeling of his cock shoving deep into me hurt so good.. “Daddy, daddy! I need to cum. Please daddy! Let your slut cum all over your dick..! Please..!” I started to beg as I squirmed around, the feeling getting too much for me. “Cum, bitch! Coat your fucking Daddy’s cock! Do it!” And on command I came on my Daddy’s dick. Moans and screams of pleasure filled the air as my hips convulsed and shoved my Daddy deeper, my ass bouncing against him desperately as my fuckhole choked his cock. I could feel my Daddy swell due to me cumming and he fucked me faster, the slurping noises of my newly found juices becoming louder. It wasn’t long until my Daddy filled me with his cum, his grunt becoming loud, and elongating in noise. He pounded at my pussy for a couple of seconds before he shoved his cock deep into me and started unloading every single drop before pulling out and commanding that I clean his cock off.

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