her son tasty treat


her son tasty treat
I knew something was up as soon the dinner was over, it was the 2nd time we had a bbq with my soccer teamate at his place, mom and Miss harvey had become good friend

all in the terasse outside drinking wine and chattin about life stuff
neither of our mom aware of my hand wrapped around my friend hard cock all dinner , under the table rybbing his nice cock over his short

last bbq we played ps4 our moms downstair
my mom went home without me, staying to sleep over at my friend place

for the first time her son walking me to the shower , i was shy but still got inside naked watching him get in

it was so obvious
his cock was up , dark and so big compare to my smaller white cock

he look at me holding his fat cock

”you like my big black cock? its nice , wanna help me wash it”

”wow its so big”

my hands on his cock
rubbing it up then down to his big black pouch , so big and all shaved , it was so nice touching it all

”dude its so big”

”thanks, i love how you touch it”

”your hands feel great on my cock while you rub my balls”

full of soap wasging my friend huge cock who got bigger and bigger in my hands

i felt crazzy his cock in my hands rubbing him slowly full of soap cleaning him

he took the shower fone and rinse himself
”so i think you didnt have a dessert tonight ”

smilling his cock all cleaned and hard my knees hotting the floor as he walk me on the corner of the shower

”here eat your dessert like a good boy”

giving the head of the fat cock to my mouth

looking up in my corner back agaisntthe wall on my knees my friend putting his cock in my mouth

and loving every second of it

tongue swirling around the nice big head of his cock
not even a second resisting sucking such a hot big cock

”thats it eat your dessert boy, you like it , suck my fucking cock ”

gulping on his cock , his hipse fucking his cock deeper on my open pussy mouth

trying to take him all in my mouth like a good cock sucker
looking up to him calling me sweat name has he made me suck his big black cock

”you look so happy sucking my cock,”

”im gonna feed you a fat load boy”

”suck my cock , you gonna make me cum”

looking up and sucking him fast wanting him to cum in my mouth so bad

”you want cum its so sexy damn , swallow this , aaahhhhhh”

busting loads afters loads of cum stream in my mouth

rubbing my face like i was a pet

”yes swallow sexy, swallow it all ahhhh yes”

face up mouth open gis hands rubbing my face as i swallow

it was so sexy and lovely

being rub like a pet on my face drinking his cum

calling me cute names my eyes glowing looking at him and how hot he was moving slowly in my mouth making me drink his cum

”oh little pet this was so good”

i was soon following him to his room
made into a willing cum drinker , my naked ass runed by him as we walk

i tried to argue but he lept repeating i was just a little cock sucker

sliding the nauthy pink panty on me and the pretty camisole

on top of me under the draps kissing me dry humping me slowly calling me his cute white girl

”please dont say that im not a girl”

”oh you will be after im done baby, that pussy need some cock”

reacing down teasing his finger on my pantied ass

”ohhhh fuck”

a finger in me kissing me his hand in my panty

”you are my sexy girl , that pussy so tight”

moaning as yje only reply, my lil ass fingered making me feel like a slut taking it easy i and out

panty on the side begging him to go slow his fat head going in

”yes of course princess”

his fat cock sliding in deep but slow

”holy fuck awwwwww awwwwww awwwwww”

his rythm making me swing on the bed holding my legs looking at him pumping in me

watching all of his cock in my tight ass, slidig easy and deep

”your pussy so good babby, you moan like a girl, see how i was right”

ashame closing me eyes gettig kissed as i moan my ass stretch open
moaning taking the cock in and out , fuck slowly in my hole he was turning into a pussy

”this is mine , this pussy is mine gurl”

”’ its my cute little pussy , thats it moan wore, you like my fat black cock in that pussy”

”sexy little white slut, i knew id turn you up that sexy ass into a cunt ”

powerfull cock slam in my little wrecked hole , as he talk to me into being his fuck slut

i started to feel he was right, my ass was becoming a pussy, he could go deep wuthout hurting me and instead made me feel so good his cock in me hitting my sissy spot over and over

he must have felt i was now broken because he lay on his back
and told me to come jump on his cock like a good girl

and i crawl on top , putting him in me like a eager cock slut, bouncing on the bed on him wanting it deep gitting my spot

”you so sexy, tell me how you like this girl”

”ohhh i love your cock in me, i love it deeep in me”

”yes but why tell me why”

looking down

”because im a white girl and i love big black cock”

”thats my girl yes, bounce on the cock and repeat your are a sexy girl”

”awww im a gurl”

”awwwww im a sexy white girlll”

”yes again , dont stop until i cum in you, say it slut, say it loud ”

”awwww im a girlll ”
”i love black cock awwwwww fuck im a slut , im a white girl slut awwwww i love cockkkk ”

bouncing up and down , in loop moaning like a slut saying im a girl and loving saying it bouncing on his fat black cock

his mom downstair not sleeping
drinking wine rubbing her clit slowly

to the melody of the white boy girly moan, saying he his a cute girl. moaning like a slut on his son cock, happy he finally found something to fuck

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