How I became bisexual


How I became bisexualHow I became a bisexual guy. My story. It started when I was young. Like most teens growing up, my hormones were in a rage. Often, when it got to the boiling point, I found a restroom and took care of my erection. I masturbated several times a week. It was during those moments of masturbating, sometimes I found that no matter how long I pumped away, I was no closer to cumming than when I first started. I had no problem fantasizing about girls or the things that I could not wait to try. Up to this point in my life, I had only been with 4 girls (and technically, one had only given me a hand-job while we made out in her swimming pool).It was Halloween and roughly 3:45 pm. I had just gotten out of school. My buddy Jerry called and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was considering going to the varsity football game later in the evening. Up to this point in my life, Jerry and I were best friends for 7-8 years. His parents knew my parents. This was the night that I would have my first encounter. Jerry asked me if I wanted to hang out later on and I said OK. After our conversation ended, Jerry’s parents called my parents and explained that they were planning on heading out to Louisiana to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We all lived in Texas, so his parents explained that it would be for the whole weekend until they arrived back home on Sunday. I was volunteered to help house sit with Jerry for the whole weekend. Even though he and I were really good friends, I still wanted to go out to a party with a girl from school on Saturday.I admit, I didn’t like the idea of being indoors for the whole weekend at Jerry’s with nothing to do. My friend Jerry was a cool guy but a little on the nerdy side. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit nerdy but there are only so many video games you can play before it gets old. I made my way over to his house around 6:00 pm. As soon as I arrived, his dad took us aside and gave us each a $20 dollar bill for house sitting. Looking over his shoulder to make sure he was being quiet enough, he said we were both entitled to two beers that he had in his refrigerator as long as Jerry’s mom did not know about it. We were even told to dispose of the beer cans by crushing them, placing them in a couple of plastic bags and then thrown them away in the outside trash can. I thought to myself, “well, not too shabby for just hanging out with my friend Jerry.” I got paid to help “watch” his house and got to have a few beers on top of that.Within minutes after I arrived, Jerry’s parents were on the road to Louisiana. We sat in his living room and watched TV. The sun was gone and it was getting a little dark outside. I heard the doorbell ring and Jerry got up and answered the door. It was trick or treat’ers. We didn’t have any candy to give but Jerry noticed his front and side porch lights were on. We decided to turn off all of the lights so we wouldn’t have to keep answering his door. Jerry asked if I wanted a beer and I said, “sure.” We finished our first round of beer and began changing channels on the TV, looking for something good to watch. Cinemax. Oh Cinemax, as a teenager, how I loved thee.. haha! I don’t recall the name of the movie but there were titties everywhere. We watched the movie and began saying which one of the girls we would fuck. Typical teen behavior! Round two for beer. It quickly came and went. Since Jerry’s dad had a case of beer, we decided to just have one last round. By this time, after watching an hours worth of half naked women on TV, we decided to go into his parents room and look for his dad’s secret nude magazine collection. We found it in his dad’s closet. Within his closet, there was a small cutout for attic access. We pushed the little drywall piece aside and found the mother load. His dad had 20+ magazines up there. After sifting through the magazines, Jerry asked if I wanted another beer. After saying, “hell yes,” I quickly realized that I was starting to feel pretty buzzed. Jerry and I found a small flashlight and began looking into his pitch black dark attic area. We found some porn movies near the magazine stash.. Jackpot!We quickly made our way back to his living room and popped one of the movies in. Wow, this was SOOOO not the way I thought the evening would turn out. I was having tons of fun and I was feeling pretty good and buzzed. We watched the entire porno. Neither one of us made a sound. I was laying on the couch and Jerry was sitting back in his dad’s recliner. Even though the only light in the room was from the TV, the living room was still pretty dark. Every so often, out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jerry rubbing his dick through his pants. He had a pillow on his legs that partially blocked my view. I began to notice something a bit odd. Every time the money shot happened on TV in each porn scene, he would discretely look over at me to see what I was doing. The first movie was over and we both did our best to hide our erections. Jerry asked me to throw another movie on and he was going to the kitchen. After I put the next movie on, Jerry returned to the living room with two cups half way filled with vodka. It was a lot of booze. I took one sip and could not drink it like that. There must have been at least 5 shots of vodka in each cup. He said his mom likes it with orange juice ankara escort and after he poured some OJ into our cups, it was tolerable. It was still very strong but tolerable.The first scene of the new porno movie was interesting. Two guys were doing one girl and at the end of the scene, the girl made the guys face each other as she jacked them off at the same time. It was like a chain reaction. One guy began to sort of shake and I could see he was holding back. As soon as he let it go, he squirted right on the other guys cock. Just a second or two passed as the other guy returned the favor by shooting his load all over the other guys dick. I had never seen anything like that before. I got up, went to the restroom and when I returned, Jerry had paused the movie. He began commenting how weird but cool that was, watching a girl jack off two guys like that. I just agreed and continued drinking. After watching several different scenes on this porno, I could see that each girl, in each scene, was taking charge and telling the guys what to do. About halfway though this porno, the girls got increasingly bossy. By this point, I was totally drunk. Still laying on the couch, I watched one girl pull the hair of one guy, order him to get down on his knees and told him to open his mouth. She told the other guy who was still standing up, to take a step forward and shove his dick in the other guys mouth. The guy paused a little and then did as he was told. The guy started swaying his hips, back and forth as the other guy sucked him off. I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being undone. It was Jerry. I did my best, being as drunk as I was, to sneak a peek at what Jerry was doing on the recliner. Yep, he was “secretly” jacking off. He was being quiet about it but I could tell he slowly pumping on himself. I kept trying to look over to see if his dick was really in his hand but his pillow was still obscuring my view. After drinking all of that vodka, I just passed out. I recall Jerry poking fun of me and calling me a light weight but I didn’t care. He even threw a pillow at me and I didn’t even flinch. I was that drunk.I’m not sure how much time had transpired but at some point, I felt a sensation of being tickled around my waist. I think I even chuckled a bit because I remember thinking to myself that I was laughing while I was sleeping. In my sleep, I thought I kept hearing voices but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I didn’t know it at the time but in reality, it was Jerry asking me to sit up a little / move over on the couch / etc. Again, I didn’t know it at the time, but the tickling sensation was Jerry removing my pants. I was naked from the waist down. I began feeling something that I can only describe as a balloon with warm water in it, being placed on my face. It wasn’t a balloon, it was Jerry’s balls. He was totally letting his balls droop in my face. I felt a finger go into my mouth slowly and then back out again. He repeated this action for several minutes. I was in such a drunken state, I didn’t do anything to stop him. I felt him grab my cock and I realized that I had an erection. I was doing my best to “wake up” but I was so drunk. I heard Jerry lean over and whisper in my ear that his dick was hard too and he asked if I wanted him to show it to me. I didn’t answer. He must have asked me 3 to 4 more times and each time, I did not respond. I was too drunk to really hold any type of intelligent conversation but too scared to answer his question(s). He then began sliding two fingers slowly in and out of my mouth and told me that if I didn’t “want it” I had better say something. The best I could muster was a groan. Jerry replied, “what?” I just let out another groan albeit a lighter groaning sound. He asked, “do you want it?” My reply was an even softer groan. It’s hard to make a decision when you’re drunk and I didn’t want to answer one way or the other.I guess Jerry decided that my groans meant “yes, I do want it.” I felt him remove his fingers from my mouth as I laid there on his couch, laying on my back. I felt what I believed to be his leg being wedged between my shoulder and the back rest portion of his couch. I remember a warm salty like fluid being gently smeared across my lips. It was Jerry’s precum. He kept rubbing the very tip of his cockhead against my lips and every time he did, he told me to lick my lips. This went on for several minutes. This whole time, I had kept my eyes closed and didn’t even attempt to open them. I was too scared. Jerry asked me if I was ready for “it” and cautioned me to be sure to not use my teeth. He warned me that his dick was twice the size of my dick. He grabbed my wrist and moved my hand down towards my midsection and told me to grab my own cock. Back then, I was about 5 inches. He kind of giggled and said, “you feel that? You have a small dick compared to mine.” Jerry replied, “now feel how a really big dick feels in your hand.” I was frozen. I didn’t immediately release from holding my own dick but he tugged on my wrist a little bit and with that, I released my grip and kept my hand slightly curved and open. He guided my hand up and slid his cock in between my fingers as it rested against my palm. I thought to myself, OMG, are you fucking k**ding me! Jerry still had a hold of my wrist and began moving my wrist ankara escort bayan back and forth. I was now officially giving my best friend a hand job. He asked, “have you ever wondered what it would feel like, stroking off a 10″ dick?” I was completely in shock. I kept thinking to myself that there was no way a dick could get this big. He started to slowly grind his hips and assisting my hand, moving back and forth as I masturbated him. I heard him start to moan under his breath as he began softly speaking to me. I heard him saying stuff like, “Do you like that baby? ..Don’t you want to taste it? ..You have me so turned on. I want to feel your lips wrapped around my hard cock. I can’t wait for you to see me cum.”I felt Jerry move a little bit and reposition himself. All of a sudden, he just stopped. My eyes were still closed but I could hear him breathing a little on the heavy side. He released his grip on my wrist and his big dick was just resting in my hand. At that point, I could have just let go of it. I think Jerry paused, just to see what I would do. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t get up or move but equally, I didn’t release my hand from around his cock. With my hand still wrapped around his dick, I now could feel him very slowly lowering himself down towards my mouth. Neither one of us said a word but I could still hear him breathing a bit. It seemed like an eternity. It probably took him a solid minute and a half to two minutes to lower himself about 6-8 inches. My mind raced and I quickly tried to gather my thoughts. This was really happening and it’s really about to go down unless I do something about it. Eventually, it was too late. I felt the weight of his dickhead covered in his precum, resting squarely between both of my lips. Although not tightly shut, my mouth was closed but I could still taste his precum leaking out of his cock into the corners of my mouth.We stayed like that for just a little bit as Jerry whispered, “I want you.” I thought to myself, “you want me?” I don’t know why those words appealed to me so much. I have no idea. For the first time, I wasn’t chasing girls around and trying to get laid. Here was someone that was sexually attracted to me and wanted ME. It was very flattering to hear that in the heat of the moment I guess. For the first time that evening, I submitted. I had to lick my lips because his precum was starting to leave a small trail down one corner of my lips and down my chin. I guess he could see what I was doing and as I began licking my lips, I opened my eyes for the first time. As soon as I did that, without warning, I felt Jerry place both of his hands on the back of my head as he pulled my head forward, towards him. It happened that fast. He had about a quarter of his dick stuffed in my mouth. It was massive. I mean extremely huge and fat. He told me to relax my mouth and let him do all the work. One of his hands slid off of the backside of my head as he grabbed the base of his swollen cock.Jerry started pumping his foreskin up against my lips while rocking back and forth, stuffing into my mouth as much of his cock as he could. After I had a few “gag reflex” moments, Jerry figured out about how much of his dick to thrust down my throat. I managed to slide my right hand back down to my own cock and I started jacking myself feverishly. It didn’t me long. I heard Jerry say that if I was about to cum, to try to hold back. But, it was too late. I was too far past that point and was very turned on. I came all over my stomach. He gave me a second to catch my breath and he was right back at it. This time, he started getting pretty verbal. He was saying things such as, “choke on as much cock as you want. Have you ever fantasized about sucking a big one? Suck me off just like that you little slut. Did you ever wonder what your best friends dick tastes like?” I must have given him head for 20 – 25 minutes. I was already hard again and at one point, I pulled away from sucking him and spoke for the first time.I told him that I was very turned on and asked him if he was close to cumming. He sort of grinned and said something to the effect of, “so, you finally want my cum.” I shook my head yes and he stood up and pulled me to the edge of the couch. He walked away for a brief moment and returned with a small towel and some baby oil. I was halfway laying down but my legs were on the ground. My head was propped up a bit from a sofa pillow. He took one of the cushions off of the couch and laid it on the ground, between my legs. He got on his knees, between my legs and pulled me closer towards him. Our cocks were at equal height from each other. I wiped off my cum from my stomach from moments earlier as he poured baby oil on both of our dicks.It felt really good having my dick in one hand and his dick in my other hand. The angle was a little difficult to jack him off but I managed as best as I could. Every fourth or fifth pump, he was sort of thrusting his dick against me, between my balls and thigh. That turned into every other pump which eventually, he was pretty much dry humping my “wedge” area between my balls and thigh. I could feel the entire length of it moving back and forth as I watched him dry hump me. I started jacking myself off again as Jerry began “testing the waters” by brushing his dick really close to my ass. escort ankara Every so often, he would pause and stop with the dry humping. He’d grab his cock and slap it against the underside of my ass. A bit more of pushing the boundaries led to him jacking himself off with his fat cockhead resting up against my hole.Jerry kept pushing the boundaries more and more. At one point, he said he was about to cum but stopped himself. He laid that monster cock of his on top of my dick and ball sack and I could feel it throbbing really hard. It pulsated a lot and I could see all of the big veins on his dick. I was so amazed that someone could have a freakishly large tool like that. Once he was satisfied that he was not going to cum, he started right back up where he left off. He started slapping his meat up against my butt and I started stroking myself off again. I closed my eyes, let out a deep breath and tried to relax. I knew what was coming. That’s when I felt his oiled up finger rubbing up against my hole. Within seconds, it was already halfway in, moving slowly in and out of me. I remember thinking to myself that it’s about to really hurt, but his finger never did. It just felt awkward, not painful, just weird.He moved upwards, still between my legs and his massive dick was pressing against the bottom part of my rib cage. He told me to keep stroking myself and just listen to him. He started calling me baby and said he was going to make me feel really good. He asked me if it was ok to just give me a small kiss. I said yes. He started kissing the top of my chest and worked his way up to my neck. He nibbled on my earlobe and slowly kissed the side of my cheek right up to the edge of my lips and felt a small brush from his tongue on the corner of my lips. What was supposed to be a small kiss turned out to be a full on make out session. It was very slow and not rushed. Eventually he was laying on top of me and I felt one leg being pushed upwards towards my stomach. Again, I felt his finger inside me as we continued to kiss. At some point, I was sooo relaxed and I know he would take advantage of it. I heard the baby oil squirt and I could hear him massaging it into his cock. His lubed up dick made a squishy sound every time he jacked it.We were very much in the middle of a heated French kiss when I felt the sheer massiveness of how truly big his dick was. I cannot even describe it. There was no damn way a fat “telephone pole” was going push its way inside me. Absolutely no way. And for 15 minutes, it was failure after failure and failure. It was THAT big. But, to Jerry’s credit, he never quit. He tried again each time. We found a happy medium and I think Jerry’s cockhead was halfway inside me. He just sort of lightly pushed back and forth as we continued to kiss heavily. I started jacking myself again and things were pleasurable. We kissed and he continued to talk dirty to me. He asked me if I liked being fucked by him. That statement really turned me on. I went into overdrive. I started kissing him back passionately and I really increased how fast I was jacking my dick off. He responded by going though the motions of appearing to fuck me harder. He wrapped one hand around my neck and told me, “take it bitch.” I lost it. I was in full gear and getting close to cumming. I was very focused on sex, not thinking about anything else.At some point, I didn’t realize it, but Jerry had managed to get his entire fat mushroom shaped dickhead all the way inside me. We were going at it in the heat of the moment, I never felt it going in deeper inside me. He told me that his dick was really inside me and he asked if he could fuck me until I came. I never missed a beat and kept on jacking off vigorously. Jerry started off slowly pumping but even that gave way to the heat of the moment. By the end of it, he was power fucking me like a jackhammer. The thought of a teenage guy with a 10″ cock fucking me down as hard as he could was too much to bear. I shouted, “OMG OMG OMG.. I’m soooooo fucking cumming right now!”Jerry managed to safely pull his cock out of me and leaned over and quickly grabbed the towel. As best and as fast as he could manage, he wiped off his dick, lightly coated it with some more baby oil and more or less sat on my chest. He pumped away on his fat stiff cock, right in my face. His low slung ball sack kept slapping me as he pumped his dick just an inch or so in front of my mouth. His knees had my shoulders pinned up against the couch and I could feel the sweat starting to drip off of his forehead. His balls started to tighten up and I felt that all too familiar feeling of his legs beginning to tremble. He said, “ohhhh baby.. baby, I’m about to cum.. I’m about to cum right now.” He asked me if I wanted his load on my lips and when I tried to reply by saying yes, my mouth was in the open position as he thrusted himself forward, impaling my mouth with about half of the length of his swollen dick as he completely flooded my tonsils with a mouthful of his cum. It was a lot. Way more cum than mine. I swallowed / gagged down what I could.I was in awe. How did all of this just happen? Seriously, what the fuck? We just laid there, sweaty and covered in cum. My friend Jerry was a dork but damn, he is good at sex. Even to this day, when I try to rub one out when I find some time to myself, if I ever have any issues, all I have to do is think back to when we spent the weekend together. It works every time. That’s how I know I am bisexual. I’m not too open about it, but I embrace it and have indulged several times since that day.

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