Hurt me daddy!


Hurt me daddy!Had been on Craigslist looking for a nice piece of ass. Had posted an ad, and was about to give up when I get messaged by Tammy. She tells me she is into older men, is very submissive and has always fantasised about being used and abused by older guys. Thinking this might be fake she sent me a face pic, she was stunning. we emailed for a few days and then I called her. She told me in her original email she was 19 but then confessed she was actually 16. I was shocked and told her that I wasn’t interested as she was just too young. A few days past and she emailed me back, saying how sorry she was she lied, she told me she really wanted to meet even just for chat nothing more. Against my better judgment I agreed. We met in a shopping centre at a coffee shop. After waiting almost 20min for her to arrive I was about to leave when she appears. Wearing the hottest tightest pair of black leggings ever, see through with tiny tank top. Her long blonde hair flowing down to her lower back. She said she was sorry she was late, she had to change her clothes, her parents wouldn’t let her out dressed as she was.I was speechless. Looking at her I had an instant erection. She asked me if I liked what I saw. I told her very much but I still wasn’t sure if I could do anything more şişli escort then chat with her….she sat next to me, and whispered into my ear.”Ive been a bad girl daddy, i need to be punished”with that she placed her hand on my crotch and felt my hard cock through my pants.Well I couldn’t take anymore. This little slut needed to be taught a lesson so I suggested we head back to my place.I’ve never driven so fast in my life, lucky for me my place was only 10min away. We quickly ran inside so as to avoid any noisy neighbors seeing me with a 16yr old girl entering my place. Even though she is legal, I just didnt want to face the neighbors the next day.Once inside she made her way to my bed and sat on the edge.”so, what would daddy like to do to me” she asked looking so coy and innocent….I stood before her and she looked up at me with those pretty eyes….”suck my cock you little slut” i answered”yes daddy” she repliedand with that she undid my pants and took me into her warm mouth. never breaking eye contact, looking at me while taking me deep.I moved my hands to the back of her head and forced my cock in her deeper and faster. I was face fucking this little whore and she loved every minute of it.She enjoyed being called names, loved the abuse. The thought of having şişli escort bayan my cock sucked by a 16yr old school girl was too much and it wasn’t long before i blew my nut down her throat. she gagged a little and pulled out but i forced my cock inside her again.”listen here you little bitch, don’t pull away again or else”a few more thrusts and i had emptied my sack into her mouthI pushed her back and told her she was a good little whore andi daddy was happy, but i want to fuck that tiny teen cunt of hers.”yes daddy, my pussy is yours, hurt me as much as you want”i didnt need another invitation, i roughly grabbed her and pulled her up, i ripped off her tank top exposing those perky breasts then i turned her around and ripped her leggings off hershe squealed as i did this, i then placed my hand around her throat and gently squeezed, as i whispered into her ear..”you little piece of trash, i am going to fuck you like the whore you are. I own you bitch, understand?””yessss daddy, i am yours, please hurt me”I slapped her ass hard a few times, then her face. i bent her over and proceeded to fuck her. She was very tight. she screamed a little as i entered her, i am quite thick and around 8 inches. she took it all in. i kept pounding away at her doggy style for about mecidiyeköy escort bayan 10min, then i told her to get on top. she slid down on my hard cock, what a sight she was, her perfect body bouncing up and down on me….she leant forward i had my hands around her neck telling her what a slut she was meeting a 40yr old guy on the net and fucking him here.i took one hand away and slapped her face hard.”yes daddy she whimpered, please hurt me some more”Being so tiny I lifted her up from the bed and walked over to the wall and fucked her standing up….back to the bed now I was ready to explode, i bent her over once again and took he hard doggystyle. I pulled her hair back hard now, spanking her tiny ass hard as well.she was cumming to now her cum dripping down her thighs and i exploded as well, shot my load deep inside her cunt.”yes daddy fill me up, i want your cum inside me”I was still so very hard, i pulled her off the bed and forced her onto her knees.”clean my cock you fucking slut, suck my cum you bitch””yes anything you say daddy”again i forced my cock into her mouth, she was gagging but took it all i managed another load into her mouth as well before collapsing onto the bed.She went off to the bathroom cleaned up and came back inside…she cuddled up next to me and we had an amazing time afterwards just kissing.Soon after her phone was ringing, it was her parents wanting to know where she was. we dressed quickly and I dropped her off close to her home.she kissed me goodbye and told me she would be in touch….

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