Husband’s Fantasy – Pt 2


Husband’s Fantasy – Pt 2It was at this very moment; I had an episode of good ole reality, like getting hit by a bus. It finally hit me that I was looking at another man’s cock in my wife’s vagina, without a condom, and I had basically orchestrated the entire thing. My better judgment had gone bye-bye the second she put her hand on his cock though. Still, there was an entire mixture of emotions from slight jealousy, to extreme eroticism, to impatience wanting to see more. After thirty seconds or so of them kissing and him lying completely still with only the head of his cock inside her, he pulled her ass with much more force than before and thrust his hips simultaneously. As he did, my wife let out a quick and slightly stressed exhale of, “AAHHH…” He thrust several more times and after the third or fourth thrust, he was inside her as far as he could get at this angle, and once again he lay motionless only kissing her and rubbing his hand over her ass. Even with this bad angle and the fact that my wife wasn’t making this easy, he was inside her all but about an inch. The tube or shaft running along the underside of his cock was as large as my thumb and looked like it was about to burst open. Every vein on his cock was also standing out very prominently. My view couldn’t have been better from where I was sitting.Once again, after he felt like he could thrust a few more times without losing control, he grabbed my wife’s ass, and began thrusting hard. This time he was squeezing her ass so tightly his fingernails were white and I immediately knew this time was very different. He went past the usual careful three or four thrusts and was really thrusting violently and pulling her ass into his thrusts. After about the tenth or fifteenth unbelievably forceful thrust, his entire body went bone crushingly rigid and the veins on the side of his neck looked as if they would explode. His hand was squeezing and pulling my wife’s ass cheek so forcefully, it looked as if her pussy would split around his cock. About two to three seconds into what looked like him having a seizure, remaining completely tense and motionless… BOOM, I saw his cock convulse in strong erythematic pulses.Suddenly my wife softly uttered, “Oh shit.” His cock continued to rhythmically jolt and pulse. There was no doubt at this point she was being inseminated right in front of me. I knew she sensed that he was about to come when he went rigid, but it really didn’t fully set in until she felt his cock jolt and deliver the first powerful jet of semen into her pussy. The feeling of watching this, knowing that with every explosive pulse of his cock, a thick jet of his seed was shooting against my wife’s cervix. It was beyond imagination. It was truly, and in every way, the most incredible, erotic, nasty, taboo, sexual thing imaginable. No other experience I have ever had even came close. It was ten times more sexually breathtaking than the first time I had ever had sex.After a few seconds of holding his breath, he let out a very deep, “AAHHHH… YEAAAH… AAHHH FUCK YEAAHH…” as he jerked his body. He was kind of half thrusting, and by this time my wife was ever so slowly moving her hips into his thrusts. It was as if he was trying to deliver every drop of his sperm as deep as he possibly could. When he was perhaps half way through inseminating her, I began to notice a slight amount of semen forming around the base of his cock and around my wife’s pussy. He stayed in this tense rigid form for at least two minutes. The shaft on his cock, even after two minutes continued to slightly jolt sporadically every five to ten seconds. It was hard to say how much semen he had just deposited in my wife, especially after an entire night of sexual teasing from pinbahis yeni giriş his failed date.Approaching perhaps the third or fourth minute after he exploded inside her, my wife said, “Ok, Ok, OK… Surely you’re done; you just put a hundred and fifty million sperm inside me. I don’t think those few extra you’re trying to give me will make a difference.”He embarrassingly chuckled replying, “Sorry, sorry… Oh my God… I swear I can honestly say that the few other times I’ve had sex in my life don’t even count now.”She giggled slightly looking at me and jokingly said, “Oh… give him a hand job, don’t you feel sorry for him… Nice hand job here, Mike, wouldn’t you say?”I laughed and replied, “Well maybe now we won’t have to hear his poor little me stories, about how he never gets laid. I’m a witness now, Jack, I just watched you fuck my wife… and without a condom no less.”He just kept panting and blurting, “I can’t believe how hard it was shooting out of me; I have never came so hard and so much… ever. The feeling just lasted and lasted.”Kathy quickly chuckled replying, “Yes, I know… It felt like a hot water bottle burst inside me.”Pointing her finger right in his face she sternly told him again, “Not a word mister, not a word to anyone.” They lay there for about thirty more seconds with his cock still in her, as she again made sure he was crystal clear about not mentioning this to another soul, when she slowly rolled to her right and onto her back. As she rolled his cock slowly withdrew and the huge head of his cock popped out, as a thick ooze of semen instantly appeared and leaked down Kathy’s ass. She just lay there on her back with her legs slightly spread, putting her forearms over her eyes, and exhaled heavily, as if she was trying to come to grips with what had just happened. She then rather muffled said, “Can you please get me some toilet paper?”I only half heard what she said and asked her to repeat it. She rose up on her elbows and reached down with her right hand to stick her two middle fingers slightly into her pussy and, with a sarcastic look, held her hand out and spread her fingers apart to show me his semen sticking between her fingers, and said “Um… Some toilet paper please.”I walked into the bathroom and shortly after told her there wasn’t any and asked her to come into the bathroom to help me find it. When she got into the bathroom, I shut the door and she quickly went to sit on the toilet, but I grabbed her by the arm, and said “Wait, come here.”I slid my pajama bottoms down and moved her over to the sink and she immediately said, “No way, not now.” I didn’t say a word. I just began to kiss her and push her back towards the sink counter as she continued to say, “Mike, not now, maybe later.” When I had her back against the sink, I lifted her ass up onto the sink, as she struggled somewhat to get off the counter, and then in a split second, I positioned my cock against her pussy and forcefully thrust. In one motion I flew into her soaked pussy all the way up to my nuts. I was so turned on by how slick, warm, and full of semen she still was.Within ten to fifteen thrusts I looked down to see my cock covered with semen and it was sticking in streams from my pubic hair to her pussy. I didn’t last but maybe a minute, when I ejaculated harder and longer than I had in my entire life. After I was completely finished she grinned and whispered, “I think someone might have enjoyed me fucking Jack as much as he did.”I took a deep breath trying to catch my breath, and replied, “Actually, I didn’t realize at first how much I would, but yes, it was a mind-blowing experience, beyond words.” She just giggled, slid off the counter, grabbed a towel, and held it pinbahis giriş to her crotch.She said, “Go back out. I will be there in a few minutes.” I kissed her and walked out as she shut the door.Jack was lying on the bed still up on one elbow and said, “Oh my GOD Mike, you are the luckiest man on the face of this earth.”I just laughed and replied, “Oh, buddy, you have no idea.”Jack ended up staying the rest of the night, which by this time was almost 4:00 AM, and begged to sleep in the same bed with us. Eventually Kathy gave in, but insisted that he not try all night to get more, telling him he was lucky to have gotten what he had, and she needed to get some sleep. As you probably well know, one thing led to another, and once again my hormones got the best of me on two occasions. I turned the lights back on and watched him fuck her in an incredibly forceful missionary position, where he managed to last about a minute the first time, and maybe five minutes the second time before blowing his load inside her.I must say that watching him nail her in a natural position, thrusting the entire length of his cock inside her pussy and slamming against her body, was even more erotic than watching him struggle in an awkward position like the first time they fucked. Unless you have been in exactly the same scenario, you have no idea how erotic it is to see another mans nuts pressed against your wife’s ass as he tenses up and shoots jets of seed deep inside her vagina, watching her hands on his ass as you notice her wedding rings, seeing her completely spread eagle, allowing him to flood her pussy with millions of sperm.Before ending this recounting of the most sexually erotic moment of my life, I figured I should explain how it actually ended. Several times after that night I tried to get her to fuck him again, but she said no, telling me she thought I was enjoying watching him fuck her more than I enjoyed fucking her.The last little piece of this experience I was able to enjoy, before it all ended, was when I came home from work early one evening, about a week after this had taken place, and walked into the bedroom to find Kathy under the bedspread with her hair messed up looking out of breath. I kind of became slightly paranoid with my imagination instantly running away, thinking, “Damn maybe she just fucked him, and he ran out when he heard me pull into the driveway.” Either way, I figured I would let this little erotic fantasy spinning away in my mind go wild.I quickly began tearing off my pants and shirt and, as she noticed what I was doing, she quickly sprang up in the bed clutching the bedspread tightly to her, saying, “Mike I know what you want, but I can’t right now. I’m just getting up from a nap, and have to run some errands.”I finally got my pants and underwear off and grabbed the covers from her and said, “No problem let’s just have a quickie.”As I began kissing her, she had her legs tightly crossed, and when I tried to put my hand between her legs, she forcefully grabbed it and said, “Not now, Mike.”At this point my paranoia was killing me, so I overpowered her hand and slid mine between her crossed legs. Instantly my fingers slid into her pussy because her crotch and inner thighs were absolutely soaked and slick. As I continued kissing her, I rose up and forcefully spread her legs apart and then leaned down and slid the head of my cock between her slippery pussy lips. She laid on her back with both hands over her face as I pushed effortlessly all the way inside her. The smell of semen was overpowering coming from under the bedspread. As I began slamming inside her, I said, “It’s ok, I wanted you to fuck him.”She instantly replied with a very worried tone, “He just wouldn’t pinbahis güvenilirmi stop asking, over and over and over.”I looked at her and said, “I would be twice as turned on if only you had said you fucked him, I wouldn’t even care if you told me you’re fucking him without my knowing.” I continued to stare at her, and she began looking away and biting her lip.”I grinned as she glanced back with a worried look saying, “My God, Mike, I would have never dreamed in a million years you would have had a fantasy like this.”I just kept grinning and staring at her, and then mischievously asked, “Anything else you want to tell me?”She took a deep breath, squinted her eyes with a smile, and said, “We might have fucked more than once.”I chuckled and replied, “More than once?”She remained quiet, still grinning as if to gauge my reaction, and said almost in a whisper, “Ok more than once, and let’s please leave it at that.”My cock was about to explode as I began hammering her more forcefully than I ever had since I met her, As I continued to slam inside her, I kept asking, “How many times? Come on, how many times did he fuck you?”She was moaning loudly after multiple times of my asking and pounding against her body, she said in a strained and labored voice, “Every day.”I was erotically out of my mind with ecstasy when she said it, when out of the blue she quickly got a furious, almost possessed look on her face as she grabbed my ass and spread her legs twice as wide. Things began coming out of her mouth unlike anything I had ever heard. I didn’t even think she was capable of saying some of these things.As I pounded her inhumanly she began saying, “You like hearing that? You like knowing I enjoy his cock being inside me… You know he gave me his semen three times today… You like knowing I’m constantly carrying his sperm inside me… You like knowing he fucks me like a whore when you’re not here… You like knowing how much I love it when he inseminates me… You like knowing I stopped taking my birth control… You like knowing how much more he fills me…You like knowing that two of his friends came over with him a few days ago… and they all took turns coming in me. You like knowing one of them was black and he was so large it felt like he was coming in my stomach?”Everything she was saying sent me into a moment of pure sexual insanity. I grabbed her hair, pulled with one hand, and thrust so hard I picked her up off the bed with the other as I began shooting every drop of semen I had in my body into her womb. I continued coming and holding her ass off the bed as I pulled her hair. She screamed at first but then began moving her ass in my hand moaning slightly. We stayed like this for a minute or two until I just couldn’t give her anything else, and I collapsed on top of her.We must have lain there for five minutes saying nothing at all before she finally said, “Just know, Mike, I’m done with this… Did you have all of your fantasy you could handle? Is that fucking enough for you? You need to tell Jack, and I mean tonight, that this is the end of your little fantasy. No more fucking when you’re not here, no more fucking when you are here. It’s done.”She was reserved but quite furious at the moment. Thirty minutes or so later she confessed that everything she said as I fucked her wasn’t true, but did admit she had fucked Jack before I got home, insisting that it was only because I kept begging her to, and she felt she had to find a way to pay me back and/or make me get a grip. I was truly losing it and becoming addicted to watching her fuck. Let’s just say she’s pretty smart and I got the point.I called Jack later in the evening, and told him, “No more,” and he agreed. After he returned to school from fall break, we only saw him a couple of times in passing and only at a distance with maybe a short wave.The experience may have ended, but the fantasy is still very much alive in my mind. I have to say it improved mine and my wife’s sex lives more than anyone could ever imagine.

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