I didn’t even know I HAD one!


I didn’t even know I HAD one!My 22-year-old daughter now stood before me, totally nude, having followed my instructions to disrobe. Her sobs of despair and humiliation increased. She had come to me seeking a Daddy and had found instead a predator. But she knew what was expected of her as a female, bending her left knee, arching the foot and pointing the toes, posing to please. “Good girl,” I remarked.And now a loud cry escaped her, coming from deep in her lungs. Strands of her long, red hair were now sticking to her large, firm, swollen breasts. For the first time, I noticed she was wearing a silver chain with a crucifix on the end. The symbol of Christianity—sweet irony—currently lay exactly between those luscious tits.”What are you, a Bible nut?” I asked. “N-No,” she gasped between sobs, “just a Catholic girl. I-I-I wear this around m-my asyabahis yeni giriş neck all the time t-to protect myself from evil.”This made my already-stiff cock even more turgid: I love nothing more than fucking Catholic females. Even in the throes of orgasm, they always look properly ashamed and fearful of God’s wrath.I rose from the couch and approached her. The look of raw terror in her eyes as I unzipped my jeans, exposing my throbbing dick, was intoxicating. “Well, Catholic girl,” I said, “I guess it ain’t working today.” With that, I put my hands firmly on her soft, alabaster shoulders and pushed her to her knees. I’ll give the little cunt this much: She took my cock in her right hand and started sucking it without even having to be told: Another good thing about Catholic women: Deep down, they know that their purpose asyabahis giriş in life is to take cum.Speaking of which, well, what can I say, gentlemen? I usually last a long time, but the feel of her soft lips taking my erection in, the tactile sensation of her tongue licking the underside of my shaft. Was in-fucking-credible! Even better was the sight of her, my daughter, on her knees before me, degraded, violated, her spirit crushed. I growled like the b**st that I am as I exploded in her mouth, the semen pumping into her like one of those supersquirter things I see the k**s playing with. She swallowed the first couple of spurts, but then started gagging. I gazed down with absolute control of her as the remainder of my jism gushed out of her mouth. I was especially pleased to see it dripping down, covering her boobs, coating asyabahis güvenilirmi the “protecting” crucifix in hot, sticky sin.Grabbing her hair, I yanked her head back. She looked up at me as if asking, “Why, Daddy, why?” I laughed and shoved her to the floor. She yelled in pain as her face hit the hard tile, then her lovely, abused body began spasming. She went into shock. I pulled up and re-zipped my pants, went to the fridge, got myself a nice, cold beer. When I returned to the living room, I saw that she had curled into the fetal position. Her naked body was motionless. For a moment, I worried the girl might be a corpse, but a press of my fingers against her throat confirmed that she was alive. At least physically.And that was the most satisfying thing of all, gentlemen: Her body was alive, but her eyes were open, unblinking. The fire behind them was gone. I had murdered her spirit. Later, when I spread her legs and fucked her cunt, she didn’t resist, didn’t even make any noise. Her only reaction manifested itself in the tears that continued to stream silently out of those defeated, soulless, dead blue eyes.

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