I talked her into it

I talked her into it
I went over to my best friend Danny’s house to see him but he wasn’t home. His wife Alicia was there and invited me in to wait on him so I did. Alicia is a hot little number, about five foot three and a hundred and ten pounds. She has short hair that is normally mousey brown but she keeps it platinum blonde. She also is heavily tattooed. That day she was wearing a pair of black spandex shorty shorts and a neon yellow tank top. I asked for a cold beer and as she went to get it I had to bite my lip, her body is just perfect and her artist has covered her with awesome art work.

I sat on the couch facing the front window so I’d be able to see Danny when he pulls in the driveway. Just as Alicia hands me a cold Bud light a small Chihuahua jumped up in my lap. I said well hello little lady what’s your name? Alicia said that’s Missy. Well Missy where did you come from I said. Alicia said I won her. How did you win this little dog I asked.

She said last fall Danny and I went fishing at his buddies farm pond. All the way there Danny was messing with me saying he was going to out fish me. I said you want to bet she told me. Danny said what ever we bet we have to one hundred percent hold true to it. Alicia said she agreed to it and told Danny if she won she wanted a miniature Chihuahua. I said well you must have won. She sat across from me in a chair and pulled her tanned legs up Indian fashion. This caused the black spandex shorts to just bearly cover her crotch. She said I did win.

What was Danny’s bet I asked her. She blushed and said I don’t know if I should say. Now honey you know we are close friends I assured her. She said well he told me if he won I’d have to have sex with someone else. I choked on my beer. I said what did you just say. She said Danny told me if he won that I had to pick a guy and have sex with him. Jokingly I said then why did you win? She giggled and said I actually tried to loose, I kept taking selfies and moving around but the big fish hit my plug over and over.

After I had a few big drinks of my beer I got up the courage to ask her if she would have actually gone through with it. Without hesitation she said sure. I looked into her beautiful green eyes and said I’m surprised you said that. As she jumped up to get me another beer she said why are you surprised? I said I just never thought of you like that. She came back with me and her both cold beers and as she sat down she said I have a past. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just nervously smiled at her. She said take a guess at how many people I’ve had sex with. I questioned her, people I asked. She took a swig of her beer and said yes male and female. You’ve been with a female I asked. Yeah three of them she said. I give up, how many I asked. She said twenty one guys and three girls. I got lost in her green eyes again. She had to speak to bring me back around, say something she said. Wow is all I could get out.

Does Danny know this I asked. She said well he knows about some of them but not about the females. I couldn’t believe my ears. Well I said are you going to do it. Do what she asked. I said fuck someone. She said I won and I got my dog. Yeah I said, but he gave you a free pass to hook up with some lucky guy. She said I don’t know if I could do it. Sure you can I assured her. Look at you I added, every guy I know would love to hook up with you. She said oh no it can’t be anyone Danny and I know , it has to be a stranger.
I said let me find a guy and let you decide if you are game. She giggled and said ok but don’t say anything to Danny.

I told her I had to go, tell Danny I came by and I’ll talk to him later. I quickly left. That night I was in one of the secret groups on Facebook. It’s a totally secret group that can’t be found by searching, you must be invited to join. It’s an everything goes group with no reporting any post made in it. There was a guy in the group named Jason, he was single and self employed. He had a slight pretty boy look, closely trimmed beard and a big build. And he lived in a town only fifteen miles from Alicia and Danny. I sent a link to Alicia and said I found someone for you to fuck. She didn’t respond back so I figured Danny must have been home.

The next morning I went by the store and bought her a pack of cigarettes and a cold Mountain Dew ( her favorite ) and headed over to see her. She came to the door wearing one of Danny’s t shirts. It came just below her ass cheeks and her ntits were braless and her nipples could be seen sticking out. I said here I brought you something to wake you up. She said I’ve been up an hour. I said I sent you a prospective hook up. She said yeah I saw him. What do you think I asked her. She said I sent him a text and commented on his dog pictured on his page. She said I’m nervous and don’t know if I can do it. I said go get dressed I want to take you shoe shopping. I knew that she would go, all women love shoes. She went back down the hall to get dressed. I shouted wear a dress or skirt. She said OK.

She came out wearing a dark green dress, it had three quarter length sleeves and came mid thigh. I noticed her legs were bare so I said what’s under it? She lifted the hem to show me she was wearing a white T back. Wow I said. I might need you to flash me while you are trying on shoes. She giggled and said I’ll see.

We went to Payless because she had a BOGO coupon. As she was trying on a pair of stripper high heels she handed me her phone and said take a picture of me. I glanced around and we were alone so I said spread your legs she did without hesitation. I got a good shot of her panty covered pussy. She stood up to walk in the five inch heels, as she passed me she pulled up the back of her dress exposing her inked up ass. The thin white material running between her tanned cheeks. I took a shot of her and said send this one to Jason to set the hook. She said OK.

As I was paying she had her phone, when we pulled out of the parking lot her phone sounded. She giggled and said I think I just set the hook. She said I sent Jason that picture of my ass and he said he would like to meet me. I carried her home and headed home myself. That next morning I was so excited to find out what happened so I headed over to see her again. When I got there she called out that the door was unlocked so I came in and waited in the den. She came down the hall wearing a little nighty. I couldn’t see anything through it but it was very short. Her ass cheeks were uncovered as she went to get coffee. I said I’m about to die what’s the word. She said he is going to text me at lunch time and we are going to figure out what we are going to do.

I said OK I’ll talk to you later and I left. That night I was wanting to text her so badly but I knew if Danny was home he would want to know what I wanted.

The next morning I stopped and picked up a pack of cigarettes and another Mountian Dew and headed to Alicia’s . I tried the door and it was unlocked so I just went it. I called out and Alicia said have a seat I’ll be right there. She came in the den wearing sweats and I protested . She laughed and said she had house work to do and she didn’t wear sexy stuff to clean house. I handed her the cigs and drink and said OK spill the beans. She said Jason and her had agreed they would hook up for sex only. No emotions just sex. They will only communicate on messenger and no phone numbers. He understands she is married and just looking for sex. I said so when are you going to meet him? She said Sunday, it’s her normal work out day and instead of going to the gym she was going to Jason’s house to see him. Are you nervous I asked. She said I’m excited, it’s been over ten years since she had a cock other than Danny’s. Have you seen his cock I asked. She said yes that she asked him to send her a dick pic. She said it appears to be a little larger than Danny’s. Did you send him a pic of your pussy I asked. No she said he begged for one but she wouldn’t send one. She told him he could see it for real Sunday.

Sunday morning Danny came over to my shop . I was nervous, but I asked him what’s up. He said Alicia went to work out and he had three hours before she would be home. I remember thinking three hours. It’s half and hour to Jason’s and half hour back that gives them two full hours to get acquainted. Danny and I worked on my Jeep untill just after noon. He said I had better go Alicia should be home. I thanked him for his help and he drove off. I immediately called Alicia to let her know Danny was headed home. I asked her how it went. She said I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Monday I got to their house just after nine AM. Alicia let me in , she was wearing a very short t shirt that didn’t cover her crotch. She had on a pair of bikini panties that we’re all in her crotch. She had a camel toe but I didn’t say anything I was enjoying looking at it. I sat down and OK tell me what happened. She said she found his house with no trouble. His neighborhood is an HOA neighborhood and all the houses were very nice. He met her at the door and let her in. She said his dog greeted her and he that was a good sign. If she likes you then I will too he told her.

She said they both felt nervous. I said what did you wear? She said he had asked her to wear a dress and a thong. She said he did his best to keep her panties but she told him next time he could. Oh so there will be another time I asked. She said oh most definitely. I asked if they fucked. She said yes. Tell me about it I said. She said he began messaging her shoulders and then kissing her neck and they ended up on his king size bed. She sucked his cock untill he made her stop. He was so excited he was about to cum she said. Did he bare back you I asked? She said no, they both agreed since neither one knew the others past that it would be safer.

Well she began going to see him every time Danny’s work took him out of town. One afternoon she called me to see if I was at the shop. I said I was and she said she would be by in a minute. When she got there she and I sat on the tailgate and she said she just came for Jason’s and they had fucked three times. I took a picture of her and told her I wanted to save a pic of her knowing she had just had sex three times. She even almost spent the night once, they had fucked untill after four AM , Jason begged her to just stay untill daylight but she said one of the original rules was never spend the night. And it’s a good thing , she said she had only been home an hour when Danny came home a full day early. I asked her if Danny wanted sex and she said yes. I said could he tell you had just fucked all night. She said if he did he didn’t say anything. I sware all this is true, I changed everyone’s names but other than that it happened exactly like I just told you.

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