I went looking for mushrooms


I went looking for mushroomsI’ll try to describe as accurately as possible about what happened to me that summer. This does not work, but a real situation. I am 19 years old, I passed the exam on the first year at the school for the summer and came to the village.I have a girl of my age it is, we have regular sex with her, but this is not about her.One morning I went to the woods to pick mushrooms. After wandering through the woods about a half hour, I have collected a quarter baskets. I walked on and suddenly I saw that I was to meet an older woman, in her hands, too, was shopping! She looked 60 years, 65 years, blond hair to his shoulders. She was wearing rubber boots to the knee and a jacket.When she saw me, she smiled, I could not help, too, became her smile.When the distance between us was already two meters, she said:- So, gather up a lot?I showed the basket.- Yes, anadolu yakası escort not a lot!An elderly woman showed her the basket, it was up to the top in chanterelles, white mushrooms!- Wow! – I was surprised. – This is where so many?- It’s not far away, a mile!- Where are you from, young man? – Asked Grandma- I’m from Hmelevits!I was about to go on, but she clearly did not want to let me go.- Young man! – She cried. – I can be reduced to a place where I have collected so many mushrooms, but I need a little rest.I was surprised a little bit, but he said that would be great!She pulled out of a backpack and a bed cover to the ground and sat on him, and took off his jacket and Sapag. She stayed in the same T-shirts! I saw that she has such big breasts, though sagging. Looks like she saw me look at her breasts, but not ataşehir escort to show it! I turned slightly blushing. But then she took off her T-shirt and saying that it is very sultry, she had a bra on a bathing suit! Chest and asks for Rouge! My cock began to rise! The feeling that she seduces me.- And you’re not afraid of ticks?- No!She drank some water, and I did not take his eyes off her!Woman cooks gave me a spray for mosquitoes, and said:- Sprinkle on my back please!I stood up, my cock vyperal!Do not you have errektsii?. she asked, eyes wide. – I was?- Yes! – I’m a bit confused.Then she took off her bra and said:- So what are you waiting for?And she lay on the bedspread.I took off her pants, her socks were still knee-socks like this is called a flesh-colored tights. them I did not shoot, it was so sexy! But at the same time, I was ümraniye escort in shock, osoznovaya that right now will have sex with older women exists!I took off her white panties, my dick is just exhausted, I was excited.I lifted her legs on his shoulders and Sadil cock and away we go!Squelching sound of her labia echoed through the woods, she crumpling her breasts!And as she moaned, this sex I had nirazu.After 10 minutes, her legs on my shoulders twitched, I realized that she had finished, 20 expired I finished on her chest, her masturbate member between her breasts!Then we kissed and began to dress up! About mushrooms is not the question!Walking out of the woods, I learned that her 64 years, she lives alone in a nearby village.She almost pleadingly asked her to come again.Of course, I agreed, because it was not zabyvaemo and so exotic!When I went to her house, she said she really wants to suck as nirazu did not do it! It was nice, but sex with her better! Then I found out that she had told me about his soedke, which 67 years.She pohvastlas I had a young lover, I do have sex with him! I when I came for the third time to her at a party there was this neighbor, we had sex group sex.

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