iFuck You


iFuck YouiCarly: iFuck YouIt was nearly time for the next show, and Carly was preparing something special. She deliberately hadn’t discussed it with Sam and Freddie, because she knew they’d never agree in advance, but she kinda reckoned that they’d be willing to play along once the show was under way.She was wearing her shortest skirt, without any tights, and had bought some cute panties to wear underneath, although if all went to plan she wouldn’t have them on for long. She had taken off her bra, and just had on a skinny-fit pink t-shirt that fitted really tight round her little breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material, erect and hard with excitement at what she was planning. She tweaked them gently, and felt a tingle of excitement through her body, down to her clit. Her pussy was already wet, and a little moist patch of sexual fluid stained the front of her panties.Carly tried to get her breathing under control; she needed to stay calm. She, Sam and Freddie had been doing their “iCarly” show for several years now; it was still fun, and remained one of the most popular and successful live web shows for young people, but they were all getting older and Carly felt they needed to move on. Their audience had grown up with them, and she sensed that if “iCarly” was to survive it was time to take things to a new level – to relate to their audience in a new way, and give them something more in tune with their 18-year old preoccupations.She heard Sam and Freddie arrive downstairs, and f*rced herself to relax before going down to meet them.* * *Sam looked quizzically at Carly, surprised to see her dressed so provocatively.”Looking good today, Carly,” she said. “Like the t-shirt; not too cold are you?”Carly giggled, not sure whether this was a comment on the length of her skirt or the fact that her nipples were still clearly erect, as hard as buttons.”Just felt like the summer look today,” she stammered.Freddie was clearly impressed. “Hope you’ve not got anything too energetic planned today,” he commented. “You don’t want to do too much action in that skirt”.Carly tried to look as if she hadn’t thought of that, and ineffectually pulled the hem down as far as she could. “Yep, I’ll try to sit tight with my legs together,” she said, and then tried not to blush, as even that sounded a bit suggestive.Freddie just raised an eyebrow and smiled. “I’ll try not to let the camera shake too much,” he joked.* * *When Carly, Sam and Freddie eventually reached the iCarly studio Freddie got the camera ready as Sam and Carly stretched themselves, ready for jumping about and, possibly, some random dancing.Sam was still a bit curious about what Carly had planned for the show. “Are we going to do that trick with the balloon and the whipped cream, like we discussed?” she asked.”Wait and see,” replied Carly. “Just don’t eat all the cream yet – we’re gonna need it all”.”Three, two… and we’re on,” said Freddie, and the camera was rolling.Carly took a deep breath.”Hi, and welcome to iCarly. We’ve got something a bit different planned for today. I don’t quite know how it’s going to work out, but I think you’re gonna enjoy it,” she said. “I thought it was time I showed you girls a few tips on how I wake myself up in the morning. And guys – don’t worry, I think you’ll find it kinda educational too!”She went to the sofa, reached behind the cushions, and pulled out something she had hidden there that morning; a very long, very thick, flexible red double-headed dildo.”Any of you girls know what this is for?” she asked, waving it around in front of the camera. “It’s not for unblocking the drains, that’s for sure. What about you, Sam? You got one of these at home under your pillow? And, hey, Freddie, stop looking like a fish, and try to keep that camera steady over there.”The picture had indeed gone a bit wobbly for a while; almost as wobbly as the dildo. Freddie’s mouth was hanging open, but, the ever professional that he was, he managed to keep the camera focussed on Carly.Even Sam was lost for words for a moment. Her head swam at the sight of her ever-so-sensible best friend brandishing a huge artificial cock. And not just in her bedroom, but in front of hundreds of thousands of “iCarly” viewers! Ok, Sam knew what it was for all right; she did of course have a vibrator at home, stolen from Ms Briggs’ handbag, and she often used it when she was alone to stimulate her clitoris and thinking about the newest hottie to invade her sexual fantasies. It did the job, but it was nothing like the one that Carly had somehow gotten her hands on. Surely she hadn’t just gone into a shop and bought it?As if on cue, Carly answered her unspoken question. “If you’re wondering how to get hold of one of these, and can’t find one in your Mom’s bedside cabinet, then try the internet!” she explained. “Just make sure your Mom doesn’t open the parcel when it arrives – or you’ll never get it back!” At which, she licked her tongue around the bulbous head of the dildo and smiled her cheekiest smile.”Jesus, Carly,” said Sam. “That’s big enough to stretch an elephant’s… whatever.””Don’t worry, Sam,” said Carly. “You wouldn’t believe how big a dick you can take if you’re wet enough! Just watch and learn, girls.”And Carly hitched up her short skirt to reveal her cute little panties. She rubbed the tip of the dildo against her crotch, and a further patch of juice moistened her panties. “Like the look of this, guys?” asked Carly. “Does your girlfriend have a pussy as nice a mine? Let’s have a closer look.”At which she slipped off the panties, sat down on the edge of the sofa, and opened her legs wide.”I’m ready for my close-up, Mr Benson,” she smiled.Freddie tried to keep his mind on the job, and zoomed the camera in on Carly’s pink, tight little teenage pussy. Surrounded by a soft fuzz of dark hair, her outer labia were already gleaming with pussy juice, and her aroused clit was hard and pink. Carly took the dildo, and gently rubbed the tip over her pussy. The crinkly lips opened gently as the dildo, lubricated with her sex juices, nuzzled at the entrance to her hole.Carly began to breathe more heavily as the dildo began to edge its way into her vagina. “Come on girls,” she said. “If you’ve got one of these at home, canlı bahis get it out and have a go. Or just get your panties off and use your fingers if you want to.”Sam was transfixed at the sight. She could feel her own pussy getting wet, and she put her hand between her legs, feeling herself through her tight cropped pants. She suddenly needed to touch herself all over. Quickly, she slipped off her t-shirt, and stood for a moment in her pale yellow bra, that accentuated her already sizable breasts. She had always been bigger in the boob department than Carly, and already enjoyed touching them, rolling the flesh between her fingers and feeling her nipples harden. Of course, she’d never let a boy touch them yet – anyone who even looked as if they might be thinking about her body was likely to get a sharp knee in the balls – but she was aware that she had a good figure. Quickly she reached behind her to release the clip on her bra, enjoying the feeling of the air on her bare breasts as she rubbed the firm little nubs of her nipples.Freddie had noticed what she was doing, and he tried to keep the camera focused on Carly’s twat while feasting his eyes on Sam’s full round tits. Jesus, they were good. His cock was already rock hard in his pants at the sight of Carly’s pussy, and he suddenly began to see Sam as something more than just a pain in the neck.Carly meanwhile had pushed the tip of the dildo past her outer labia, and was starting to feed it deeper into her vagina. The lips moulded themselves to its contours, and she could feel the thick tool stretching the insides of her tight passage. Using her left hand to manoeuvre the dildo, she tickled her clit with her right, feeling the thrilling surge of excitement through her pussy. She could feel herself starting to cum, and she responded by meeting the thrust of the dildo with her hips.”This is it, girls,” she gasped. “Can’t you just feel how good that is? Oh my god, I can’t stop!”For a moment she had forgotten that she wasn’t just playing with herself in the privacy of her own bedroom, but in front of a worldwide audience of hopefully enthralled viewers. The thought of all those people staring at her dildo-filled cunt, listening to the sound of the pink weapon slurping in and out of her pink hole, accompanied by her own ever more frantic gasps, was more thrilling than anything else she had ever experienced, and her whole body began to shake as she came harder than she had ever come before, her sexual juices squirting out of her hole all over the sofa. Slowly, she pulled out the dildo with an audible “plop”, glistening with her sticky fluids.* * *Through all this, Sam had been rubbing her bare tits and massaging her pussy through her pants. She hadn’t cum yet, but at the sight of Carly’s orgasm she had gotten pretty close. But Carly hadn’t forgotten she was there.”Hey, Sam,” Carly panted. “You’re still half dressed. You really must let our viewers see those amazing tits of yours. Go on Freddie, let them have it.”Freddie panned the camera round onto Sam. He had to admit, she had a great body, and some of the most kissable lips he had ever seen. Sam cupped her boobs in her hands and smiled at the camera.”That’s right, folks,” she said, “they’re all mine, but I don’t mind if you all have a look.” She leant over and took one of her erect nipples into her mouth, sucking on it until it was harder than it had ever been before.”Mmm, that’s good,” she said. “But hey, Carly, I think I need a go with your friend there. Your little show has got me wetter than a river in flood.””I can see that,” said Carly “You’re gonna have to wash those pants. But help yourself – never let it be said I don’t help out my friends in their hour of need.” And she tossed the dildo over to Sam, still sticky with her sexual fluids. “Hope you don’t mind if I haven’t had time to wash it first.””Leave that to me,” replied Sam, and began to lick her friend’s juices off the dildo. “You know, I’ve tasted some great stuff in my time, but that’s got to be one of the best flavours ever.””Better even than Galeni’s pie?” asked Carly.”You know, it just could be the hot new flavour,” smiled Sam, her lips coated in Carly’s sexual juices.* * *”Well, girls,” gasped Carly, “I’ve just shown you how to give yourselves one of the most intense and mind-blowing experiences that any girl can have, and all you need is one of those.” (Sam stopped licking and waved the dildo at the camera). “But there’s only so much you can do with your own fingers and an inanimate piece of rubber. You really need the real thing. And luckily I’ve got that right here,” and she gestured at the camera.For a moment Freddie, who was only just coming down to earth after seeing Carly frig herself to orgasm with an enormous red rubber dildo, didn’t know what she meant.”Come on, Freddie,” Carly insisted. “Just put the camera on its tripod and come over here. Make sure you keep it pointing at me, though – I don’t want our viewers to miss out.”Freddie couldn’t believe his luck. After all those years of unrequited lust for Carly’s body, it was being offered to him on a plate (or a sofa anyway). Ok, he would have an audience, but he reckoned his cock wasn’t going to be camera-shy, not with the sight of Carly’s body to encourage it. He quickly fixed the camera in place, and went over to the girl he had always wanted to fuck.”Take my top off, Freddie,” said Carly. “I want you to suck my tits.”Freddie didn’t need to be asked twice. He took hold of the bottom of Carly’s t-shirt, but before he pulled it off he leant over and kissed her; her hot lips met his, and he felt her shudder all over at the contact. She raised her arms, and he pulled her shirt over her head. Her little pink tits sprang free, the nipples hard and red, the aureoles standing up like goose-bumps. Ok, they were smaller than Sam’s, but very firm and round. Freddie leant over again, this time taking one of Carly’s nipples in his mouth. Carly gasped, “O Freddie, yes,” as she felt his lips caress her aureole, his tongue fluttering across her hard bud. She arched her back, pushing her breasts up against Freddie’s face. He brought his hand up and cupped the other breast, tweaking it between his thumb and forefinger.”Oh fuck, Carly,” gasped Freddie bahis siteleri between licks at her tit, “You can’t imagine how often I’ve dreamed of this.”Carly looked into his eyes. “Have you jerked off over my picture?” she asked bluntly.”A hundred times,” answered Freddie, “Your face, your boobs, your pussy – all over you.””Ok, girls,” said Carly, addressing the camera again. “You know Freddie’s had the hots for me since before “iCarly” began. I’ve never let him fuck me before, so this is a big moment for both of us. But I reckon that all our loyal fans out there deserve to share it with us. What do you say, Freddie?”Freddie could only mumble his agreement as he sucked on Carly’s bare breast.”And Sam,” said Carly, “You’re my best friend. Are you ok with this? I know you and Freddie don’t always get along, but I want you to share this too.”Sam smiled. “Carly, it’s fine with me. I’m gonna enjoy watching you two screw. I’ve got something to play with too, and I reckon I can make myself cum more than enough. I just gotta get myself comfy.”Sam tugged off her pants, her little white panties, and her sneakers and socks. She plumped herself down on a chair, one bare leg over the arm, her pussy wide open. Like Carly, her lips were covered in a light fuzz of hair, and she rubbed her clit between her fingers at the sight of her best friend and Freddie getting ready to fuck. She had the red dildo, and reckoned she was more than happy to watch the action for the time being.* * *Freddie pulled away from Carly for just long enough to remove his clothes. As he pulled down his boxers, his erect penis sprang out, a good 7 inches long. Carly slipped off her short skirt and her shoes and socks, leaving her totally nude as well. She was blushing slightly as she gazed at Freddie.”Freddie,” said Carly, “You know this is my first time. I’m only kinda a virgin, ‘cos I’ve been using a big dildo for ages now, but you’re the first guy to actually fuck me.””You’re my first too, Carly,” said Freddie. “You can imagine what my Mom would say if I tried to bring a girl home – but you’re the only one I’ve ever wanted anyway.”Carly smiled. “I want you too,” she said, “but first we need to put on a bit of a show.”She got up from the sofa and picked up the aerosol of whipped cream from the table. She squirted little peaks of cream over her nipples, flinching slightly at the tickling sensation round her aureoles. Her breasts were hot with excitement, and little ribbons of melted cream ran down the sides of her boobs.”Come and get it, Freddie,” she giggled, and started to back away from him as he advanced towards her, her little boobs jiggling, the cream barely managing to cling to the little mounds. Freddie lunged forward and half-dragged, half-pushed Carly onto the sofa. He buried his head in her chest and began to lick away at the cream. His tongue flicked around her nipples, ending up with cream all over his face. By the time he had finished, both of them were flushed and sticky, and Freddie’s cock was rock-hard.Carly leant over and took his erect penis in her mouth. Freddie gasped at the sensation as her warm mouth closed over his erection, her tongue flicking over his tender cockhead. For someone new to the game, she seemed to know instinctively what to do to bring him to his peak. As she sucked at him, Freddie rubbed his hands over her smooth back, down over her plump, round butt cheeks. He found her round puckered asshole, and slipped a finger inside. Carly gasped, and momentarily closed her teeth on his cock. Freddie cried out, but more in pleasure than in pain. He pulled out his finger, but Carly slipped his cock out of her mouth.”Please don’t stop,” she said. “That was the most wonderful feeling – it just took me by surprise.”She began sucking his cock again, and Freddie nudged his finger back up her asshole, moving it gently back and forth, not too far as she was extremely tight.* * *Sam, meanwhile, had pushed the big red dildo far up inside her pussy and was frigging herself vigorously on the chair. The sight of Freddie and Carly making out on the sofa was turning her on more than she’s imagined possible, but she suddenly felt that the audience, like all audiences, might like a change of scene. So she scrambled off the chair, the dildo still hanging out of her pussy, and went over to the camera.”Hi there, viewers,” she said directly into the lens. “I hope you’re all enjoying this hot action; I wish you were all here to take part in person, but if you’re getting off at home in front of the screen, then that’s fine by me,” and she thrust the dildo in and out of her vagina a few times to make the point. “Personally, I like the control you have frigging yourself, and if you have a really long, bendy tool like this one, why not try a two-way session?”At which she took hold of the end of the huge dildo that wasn’t already buried in her pussy, and slipped it into her asshole.”Whew!” she said. “Probably needs a bit of lubrication,” and she swapped ends, so the end that was already wet from her juices slipped into her ass.”That’s better,” Sam gasped. “Now, this needs a bit of co-ordination, but it’s worth practising until you get it right,” and she began to manipulate the dildo so she was frigging herself in her pussy and her asshole at the same time. “Ooo baby, that’s good,” Sam whispered, as she felt herself start to shudder as an enormous orgasm thundered through her young body.”Ok,” she gasped, “that’s the commercials over, now back to the main feature,” and she turned the camera back to Carly and Freddie on the sofa.* * *Carly meanwhile had been licking all round Freddie’s cock, pushing it as deep into the back of her throat as she could manage. She wanted to deep-throat him properly, but decided she needed a bit more practice to get over her gag reflex. “Like that sword-swallower we had on “iCarly” the other week,” she thought, “only a bit warmer, and more fun!”In any case, she didn’t want him to cum too soon. She kinda liked the idea of swallowing Freddie’s cum, and didn’t think he’d have any problems getting it up again to screw her properly, but her pussy was getting all tingly, and needed some proper attention.She slipped Freddie’s erection out of her mouth, a drop of saliva dripping off güvenilir bahis the tip. As if reading her mind, Freddie gently pushed her backwards onto the sofa.”I reckon it’s your turn now,” he said, as he gazed into her eyes. Willingly, she lay back, and opened her legs to allow him full access to her most private of places. Ok, not so private when hundreds of thousands of viewers were feasting their eyes on her juicy pinkness, but it felt good all the same.Freddie knelt down and breathed in the scent of Carly’s fresh little pussy. Her juices smelt as clean and fresh as a mountain stream as they glistened on her pink labia and trickled down over the top of her thighs. Jeez, she was wet and ready. He slowly tickled at her young flesh with his tongue, nuzzling at the crinkly little folds of her lips. Carly sighed deeply with pleasure as she felt his gentle touch; his tongue wrapping itself round her hard little clitoris, stimulating the little nubbin of flesh with his lips. He seemed to know instinctively just how to pleasure her. He sucked first one puffy little labia into his mouth, then the other, tasting their juicy flesh like that of a fresh ripe peach.Freddie’s tongue parted Carly’s soft pussy lips, and he gently insinuated it up inside her passage, licking at the juices that flooded over his mouth. Carly moaned softly, and held his head as he suckled at her naked puss. She wrapped her hot bare thighs around his back and clutched him tight. How good it felt.Freddie lifted his head and gazed at Carly’s naked body. She lowered her legs and let him run his hands gently over the sensitive flesh at the top of her inner thighs. How could he know just how good that felt? It was like the most tender of tickles, sending ribbons of erotic energy all over her bare flesh, up from her pussy to her heaving little breasts and hard nipples. She could hardly believe it felt so good to have someone touching her like this; so much better than touching herself. She spread her legs wide and gently parted her labia, exposing the moist entrance to her tender little pussy.”I’m ready, Freddie,” breathed Carly; then giggled because it sounded silly. Freddie smiled too, his erect penis hanging between his thighs just over Carly’s slit. “Please put it in me” she said. “I want you so much.”* * *Sam meanwhile was giving her pussy a good pounding with the enormous dildo, using both hands to pound it deep inside her, shoving it as far as the very end of her vaginal passage, then almost withdrawing it between each forward thrust. She had come several times already, watching Carly and Freddie making out on the sofa. As she saw that they were finally ready to fuck, she grabbed hold of the camera and focussed on their young naked bodies. It would be a shame if the audience missed out on this wonderful sight. Doing her best to handle the camera one-handed, while frigging her clit with the other, she zoomed in on Carly’s lightly-haired mound of pleasure.Freddie eased himself forward, the tip of his engorged cock nudging at Carly’s glistening slit. He hesitated for a second, then eased forward to allow his whole cock to slip into her. Her vagina, tight as it was, expanded to accommodate his hardness, and Carly gasped, clenching her vaginal muscles to suck him deep into her. Freddie began to move his cock slowly in and out, her wetness easing his progress. Small rivulets of juice trickled out of Carly’s pussy, and Sam’s own cunt was dripping as she tried to hold the camera steady, keen to capture the increasingly rapid slurping noise of their fucking as well as the sight of their hot young bodies in action. She focussed on Carly’s ecstatic face, her cheeks glowing as Freddie’s pumping cock sent ever-increasing currents of pleasure flowing through her body.Freddie pulling his cock momentarily out of Carly and rolled round so that he was sitting on the sofa, next to her. “Come on top, Carly,” he gasped, “I want you facing the camera so everyone can see.” Carly climbed over Freddie’s lap, and positioned herself over his erect cock. Quickly she mounted him, guiding his cock back inside her as she lowered herself down, her trim bum cheeks resting lightly on his groin. Freddie clasped her waist as she began to bounce up and down on his hard manhood. Balancing herself with one hand, she rubbed her clit with the other, feeling Freddie’s slippery cock still filling her. Her breathing became more rapid as she felt her orgasm approaching.”Oh Freddie, I’m cumming!” she screamed, as the extra action she was giving her hard little clitoris brought her orgasm crashing through her body. Her whole body shook with the intensity of her orgasm as she screamed with a pleasure she could not have believed possible. Her pussy muscles clamped hard around Freddie’s blood-gorged cock.”Oh god, Carly, I’m cumming too,” cried Freddie. He grasped Carly’s hot little breasts as he felt his hot white cum boiling up his erect cock and ejaculating into her pussy, spurt after spurt filling her to the very brim. As she felt his semen flooding her pussy, Carly came again and again in a further massive orgasm so intense that for one moment she actually lost consciousness. As his cock slowly came to rest, Carly slowly lifted her body off Freddie’s groin, his still-hard cock emitting one final gobbet of cum. Carly flopped on to the sofa, her legs still wide apart, and gulped in deep lungs full of fresh air, trying to get her breathing back under control. Her vaginal muscles were still pulsing with excitement, and she felt the sticky fluid, a potent mixture of Freddie’s semen and her pussy juices, dribble out of her hole and down the insides of her thighs onto the sofa.Sam zoomed the camera in on this erotic sight. “Jeez, Carly, you’ll have a helluva time clearing up that lot,” she said. “But perhaps I can help a little,” and she bent down and licked the sticky mess out of Carly’s pink-flushed hole. Freddie picked up the camera and filmed Sam licking at Carly’s pussy. “Time’s up – time to finish the show for this evening,” he said. Carly turned to the camera. She dipped her finger into the cum-mixture and licked it off. “That’s all for this evening’s show,” she said, “But tune in for “iCarly” next week – who knows what we’ll have for you then? In the meantime, why not send us some of your own sexy web movies? Pictures of you wanking, or even fucking while watching us – the hotter the better. There may even be a prize for the one that makes me and Carly cum the most.”

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