Lesley part 33


Lesley part 33Geordie Ridley let himself into his ‘daughter’ Lesley’s house, calling out her name as he entered. It was 730am and he was there to let her go food shopping before starting work at 11. He was tired, but tried his best not to show it, doing his utmost to support her with bringing up the boys with the lack of a father figure. He shouted again, but couldn’t be heard over the noise of a radio and the running water of a bath being run. She was always late. He put the kettle on, popped some bread in the toaster, and sat at the kitchen table, observing the room he sat in. In years gone by they had had many meals and chats at this table. He couldn’t remember any of them. All he could see now, at this table, was Lesley bent over it getting pounded by faceless men as she screamed orgasm after orgasm. She had changed, recently, and not for the better, he thought. She had taken her eye off the ball, family wise, and seemed more taken, with sex being her dominant factor. She was telling him things that weren’t right, and he didn’t like it. He should confront her and sort it out, but he wasn’t strong enough and could only decide to be there for her when it went tits up. And it would. He knew she wasn’t working night shift tomorrow night and was meeting some man for sex, but, why wouldn’t she tell him. There had to be a reason. He would be so happy if she was in a steady relationship, but he knew this, or any of the other things going on in her current life, were not capable of being lasting. They were just thrills, that weren’t possibly lasting. He knew the signs. All of them. She was getting sex regularly, of that he was positive, probably by more than one man, and this Friday night jaunt was just another one. He knew, Lesley, had gone a long time without a man friend and he didn’t begrudge her some fun, but she now seemed so secretive about everything and that scared him. He was also worried about his own thoughts and how he was constantly getting a hard on while thinking about her getting cock. He used her soiled underwear regularly while masturbating and could only get it up when his cock was wrapped in her knickers. He’d found her sex toys years ago, and checked on them regularly to see how often she used them. They were rarely in the same position two days running. Recently they’d hardly been moved. She was getting kicks elsewhere. Probably over the table he was sitting at. The toast popped up, bringing him back to the present, and he buttered it, and put some strawberry jam on. Lesley’s favourite. He brewed the tea, and put the toast and tea on a tray and proceeded to take them upstairs for his daughter to have after her bath. Still spooling her at nearly 50. That’s what dads do…even if he wasn’t her biological dad. “Lesley…..breakfast….I’ll put it in your bedroom!””Thanks dad….be out in a second….running late. Oh….hold on….just put it outside the bathroom door….I’ll have it in here””Ok….I’ll go back down…see you in a jiff”He laid the tray down and turned to go downstairs, but stopped at the last minute wondering why she’d stopped him going into her bedroom. He crept along and opened the door peeking in to see what the mystery was. On the unmade bed was her mobile, a vibrator, and a small dildo about 5″ long. He knew it was 5” because it was much the same size as his own erect cock and wasn’t any bigger. He slipped down stairs as quietly as possible and sat back down at the kitche table…waiting. OooooLesley rinsed the bath out, swilling the minute stubble just sc****d off her pubic mound. She would have preferred getting it waxed, but she didn’t have time, or the money for that matter, but the new blade had done a good job any way. She picked her tray up and entered her bedroom, pleased she had been able to stop dad from finding her sex toys, which were still on the bed after having a session before getting in the bath. She scolded herself for being so lax, and not putting her toys out of sight from dad and c***dren. She wasn’t aware her dad had a knowledge of her toys nearly as wide as she did. She tidied up while eating her toast, noticing she had a missed text canlı bahis message. On investigating she found she had actually 2 missed texts….one from Rob, and one from her new friend, Kevin. “Hi sexy girl….fancy some fun. Ring me… Rob””Hi Lesley. Hope you’ve not forgotten our dinner date Friday night..Staying at the Holiday inn. Looking forward to getting to know you” accompanied by a big smiley face. She smiled at that one, thinking he had a better chance of getting into her knickers than Rob at the moment, as she was still miffed at him. She replied to the 34 delivery driver first….”hope your not thinking I’m staying at your hotel” with a similar smiley attached. To Rob he send…..”bit busy Rob….will ring in a day or two”She picked up her two sex toys and put them in her cupboard, through the duvet straight and headed downstairs wearing only a dressing gown. Her breakfast tray forgotten about. “Thanks for breakfast dad very thoughtful. Your a star”Geordie was washing some dishes and he turned around, just as Lesley was bending over the table his thoughts had wandered at before. He watched her clean it it with a cloth and her gown was riding up. He turned away before his cock betrayed him. “You still working tomorrow night?””Yea dad, earn a few quid towards my holiday.” The lies just tripped off her tongue. “Ok, I’ll take them bowling I think. I’m getting quite good at it. Haha” he joked, hiding his disappointment. “Thanks dad…right I’ll go get dressed and get the shopping done””Ok pet’Lesley ran up the stairs humming a tune, happy with her present life and was….hopeful. She dressed quickly, and grabbed her phone off the bed, noticing a return message from her toy boy, to be…Kevin. “It’s your evening…your rules!” Feeling buoyant she typed in….’wine me dine me, 69 me” and sent it…her heart rate increasing as she did so. The reply was almost instant…’no fuckin problem darlin’ Well that’s that then, she smiled to herself inwardly. Geordie watched Lesley climb into her car and drive away. She looked happy. His thoughts returned to his problem with her new found sexual desire, but seeing her so apparently happy, now made him think that he was exaggerating it. If she’s happy…why shouldn’t he be. If she’s getting fucked five times a day…so what. She’s not sixteen any more…..he should try to support her more, and maybe she will confide in him….maybe, anyway. That’s all he could do. Five minutes later he was inspecting the two sex toys he had seen on the bed, and the odour of cunt juice was still strong on one of them…the other had oil on it. She’d been double fucking herself. His cock thickened at the thought. OooooSylvia was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to do. The ramblings of that old bastard Ernie’s Hedley still resonated in her mind. “She’s my fucking daughter”….played like a torture, over and over in her head. What should she do….Lesley was her friend….she really should tell her what he was insinuating. She’d go fucking apeshit….so would anybody….having that sprung on you. She had to tell her…she just had to. And soon…like…probably now…she decided…fuck it…she’d do it now. She picked up her phone and hit Lesley’s contact no…the phone rang. “Hi man stealer…what you up to? Missing the fat bastard yet?, I’m not. Haha””Hi Lesley. No I’m not missing him…just his cock!…. Listen I need to tell you something….maybe better in person. Where are you?” “Sounds a bit…er….ominous….what’s up?…. Can’t be that bad…surely.””I could tell you now, but I’d rather tell you in person. It’s probably crap anyway…””Come on then….spill. I’m in too good a mood to have anything bad happen…so tell me what I’ve done wrong”. “You’ve done nothing wrong. Well, not that I’m aware of, anyway…..its just I’ve had a run in with our favourite resident….Ernest fucking Hedley…and he’s told me in no uncertain terms that….oh fuck…I’m so sorry and hope it’s crap….but, he’s told me that he’s….hes…..hes your dad”. “Wwwwhat…dad. Haha. Haha. Your fucking joking me right….haha. My dad….that’s brilliant…it’s not April the first…eh. bahis siteleri Sylv come on…stop pulling my leg…what’s really wrong?” “Nnno. Lesley, sorry. That’s what he says. Said you were his daughter…..quite adamant he was….said he was having sex with your mother all the time she was married to your dad. Said she wasn’t having sex with Geordie…only him.””Oh my fucking God!” “Sorry…I’m so sorry. Just…thought you should know. You gonna be ok…I can meet you if you want to talk about it. I feel awful telling you on the phone, but our shifts miss, and I wouldn’t see you till Sunday, and by then you would have seen him and he would probably have said something to you.””It’s…ok. Promise…thanks for ringing me….I’ll speak to dad”. The phone went dead and Lesley’s mood, died with it. “Crap” she said out loud, in Asda, getting some funny looks….”double fucking crap” she said louder, leaving her trolley, and headed for the ladies. “Dad….hi…it’s just me. Listen…I’ve just had a very disturbing phone call. Is a man called Ernie Hedley my biological father. I know my mother wasn’t loyal…you’ve told me that…but he’s told Sylvia that he’s my dad….I don’t know what to do….” She whispered then started crying. “Lesley…come home and we can talk about it….it’s complicated. I’m your dad…..that’s all that’s important. Don’t forget that. Come home pet….now!” “Ok…dad…I’ll be there soon”Ooooo”Your mother was….different. She had no morals, whatsoever. Her idea of relationships bore no reasonable resemblance to anyone else’s. She was ‘a good time girl’. All the men wanted her…she was popular. But only for sex. No one courted her…just me of course, but I didn’t know what she was really like…till it was to late. You were born and I had know idea she was still playing about” he lied “so….yes, probably Ernie is the person who got her pregnant. But…you know….I brought you up, and that’s what counts. At the end of the day….that’s what’s important….so, if he says something, just say….Geordie Ridley is my dad….end of!” Lesley’s tears had dried up, but she was still obviously very upset. “Him….why fucking him….he’s so…..poisonous.” The tears flowed once more. “I know, pet….I wasn’t best pleased either.””So….what?…. You knew?” “Suspected””How did you know?”Geordie didn’t want to get into this but had to say something…”she told me once, during an argument, that she was seeing someone….taunting me. She wasn’t a nice person, Lesley. You know that. She said it was Ernie, but I didn’t know if it was true. She liked to wind me up. Not long after that she left. She wasn’t a good person…she was….wild””Fucking feral….that’s what she was….bitch!” “Now now…she’s still your mother. She loved you in her own way””Ernie fucking Hedley!” “You were in such a good mood this morning….now this! I’m sorry””Oh dad…it’s not your fault. It’s that….bitch!… And him…..oh well. Forewarned is…..oh some fucking thing….I’m just so…..angry””Put it out of your mind, pet. He’s not worth the pain…honestly. You know I’m right. It’ll seem all different in the morning. Promise. Phone in sick if you want, for a few days….I’ll bung you some money. Take some time for yourself.””No no…you’ve always taught me to confront my problems….I’ll deal with it. One word from him and I’ll put him in his place. I’ll sort him… the trouble making old git. I’ll sort him!” “Ok pet…You know best”Ooooo”Hi Sylvia…yes, I’m ok. I’ve spoken to dad, and yes, it looks like it’s right. My mother was fucking him all along. So, chances are, it’s him. Mind, he wasn’t the only one shagging her, but dad thought he was the one…””What are you going to do?” “Well….nothing really. I’m hardly going to go in and say ‘hi dad, how are you today?’…..no, I’ll just play it by ear….all I can do””Ok Lesley…if theirs anything I can do….bye girlfriend….keep in touch”Lesley took a deep breath and pulled her uniform on, checking her appearance was presentable. She looked….despondent. And worried. She had to be strong. She would be. OooooKevin’s phone flashed on his güvenilir bahis dashboard..’Had some bad news….relying on you to cheer me up…don’t disappoint me’….he rang her immediately. “Hey sexy…what’s up?” “Oh just some parent issues!… Could do with some company, that all.””Well, I could drive down tonight but I’ll be out of driving hours soon, could probably get there for 11ish if that’s any good…I’ve no hotel though..””Fuck the hotel…..stay at mine…the lads are at their grandads and I don’t finish till ten anyway….I’ll give you my postcode….””Ok babe….one thing. Do I need condoms?….bit cheeky, but…..””Are you clean?” “Well…yes…course I am””Well then….fuck the condoms….get yourself hear, and be prepared….you ain’t gonna get much sleep. Your warned!””Look forward to it….you sound….funny…you ok?” “Yes…I will be….by tonight I’ll be fine. By tonight I’ll be just….fine”Ooooo”Lesley…where the fuck have ya been, your an hour late” Dot asked Lesley when she clocked in at work. “And who the fuck put you in charge….your a fucking dish washer. Don’t start on me!” “Oh sorry….something wrong?…. Just we’re so short staffed….I’m having to give out meds…..a fucking dishwasher shouldn’t be giving out meds….neither should you, I know, but there’s no fucking qualified here to do it….Sylvia fucked off before Mary was due in and now, she’s broken down….she should be in soon but…..””I’ll do it…sorry for shouting you out. I’m….stressed, that all….where do I start…who’s not done.””All of level two….one on level one””And the one on level one is?” “Ernie Hedley””Just my fucking luck!” “Sorry””Don’t worry….if I’m not out of his room in ten minutes…..ring for the police. I’ll have murdered him!””Haha” she laughed, but quickly checked herself when she realised she wasn’t laughing with her. “Lesley…you sure your ok?” “Never better Dot…never better”Ooooo”Ok Ernie?” “Wwwat….oh it’s you. Where’s Sylvia?” “Gone…you’ve got me. Deal with it””What’s rattled your cage eh? Missing big cock are ya?” “Fuck off””Don’t speak to me like that ya ugly bitch….did Geordie not teach ya any manners?” “Yes Ernie….my DAD….taught me everything. My DAD was there…. everyday….bringing me up. So don’t ever bring my DADS name up, again….your not fit too…ok.””Oh…I take it you’ve had a talk with Sylvia””You fucking new you were my biological father…and still you fucking blackmailed me…..your daughter….you made me strip off for you….took my knickers….what sort of a fucking twisted sort of bastard are you. Your so fucking sick….I fucking hate you….I could quite happily strangle you… right now. Don’t ever, ever call me or my family ever again. If I here one fucking peep out of you, I’ll report you to the police. I’ll expose you for the pervert you bloody well are…one peep Ernie. One peep!” Ernie was trembling with shock. He didn’t give a fuck that Lesley was his daughter, but if it got out what he’d done, he’d be classed as….well he didn’t know what they’d call him, but he knew it wouldn’t be good. “Ok…I’ll try” was all he could muster. “Yes….you damned well better. And succeed! Now…where’s my pants….GIVE”He shuffled his hand under the cushion on his chair and pulled out a hand full of pairs of knickers, and handed them to her. “Whose are all these?” She demanded. “Ones yours…two Sylvia’s, and twos Dots””Dots? Why?” “Had them for years…she gave me them for old times sake..a thankyou for all the black cock I’d got her over the years””The worlds gone mad…. And I suppose Mcpeevies to blame for Sylvia’s?” “Yes…by fuck she’s a dirty cunt that one….she loves frigging her gash for me…..oh….sorry, forgot. Shouldn’t have said that….should I?” “Your learning….right, hears your meds….take them. And..remember!” “Yes….Lesley. I’ll try””Humph”Ooooo”Where are you?” “Twenty miles away, not long””Good….I’m ready….ready for your young, never softening cock….don’t you fucking dare disappoint me!” “Oh fuck….no pressure then…eh?” “Non whatsoever…..now, hurry the fuck up..ok””Yes, mistress….I’m good to go” he said…..wondering if he’d maybe, bitten off more than he could chew. A twitch in his pants told him that maybe….just maybe, this night was going to be one hell of a night. Lesley was thinking just the same thing.

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