Lesson: Cousins


Lesson: CousinsAnother lesson.Being bi-racial, I grew up in two cultures.I recently discovered that two cousins of mine (same ages now in 50s) have always liked me, especially one.She is a bit chubby, but with a nice face, a nice girl in other words.But her hubby was a player with younger women at his business and divorced her.She spent last summer with me and we went out and pretended to be man/wife, boy/girl friend etc, as a woman had dumped me and was at same places. After a few drinks one night we danced and she rubbed crotches and whispered “I’ve always wanted you”.That night I went grandbetting giriş to her room and she was passed out so I just checked out her body under the sheets. Firm breasts, hairy triangle, wet pussy juices, and round white belly. I could smell her scent wafting up as I leaned closer to examine her. The next day we had lunch on beach and I oiled her white skin up. I dripped the oil between her legs and rubbed up to her crotch and she just opened her legs wider. I pushed my fingers to her butt and inside the swimsuit and rubbed deep. I touched her anus briefly grandbetting yeni giriş and then rubbed her pussy thru the fabric.I then got up and walked out to the waist high water and she soon followed.She came up behind me and then front of me and climbed my waist. I rubber her against my cock and she just looked at me and kissed me deep and said take me home now.We got to the house and I pushed her onto the kitchen counter and rubbed her butt with my crotch. She said what are you doing and I said shhh.I led her to the walk in shower stall and pulled grandbetting güvenilirmi the seat down. I peeled her suit down and knelt and licked her all the way up.Yes, my cousin. And at our ages it don’t matter to us.I sat down and she swallowed me whole.Long story short. She became my woman that day and I discovered her man didn’t eat pussy, didn’t like hairy pussy, didn’t like squirters. I do as are all my women, and now my cousin who will move down here soon.We will live apart but have visitation as it were.So if you’re not affected by social mores which involve family (we were never close until recent years)then what’s the harm, especially in your 50s. Don’t judge me, you’ve probably thought about it or already done it, I had another cousin who played nurse when we were 10 or so, she was probably a nympho as she didn’t meet a cock any age she never turned down from age 13 to the present.

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