Lizvette On The Beach


Lizvette On The Beach
Lizvette On The Beach

(This is part of a series of stories collectively titled “Loving Lizvette,” told by a man of 50 or so who has fallen in love with, impregnated, and married (though not quite legally) the beautiful and quite young Lizvette, who likes to call him Daddy. It takes place not long after Lizvette has given birth to her and Daddy’s baby during a summer getaway at the beach. It is told in a single scene.

. . . . .

Her bottom was covered with sand where the bikini had not protected her, and the grains pressed into my palms as I lifted her onto me. Still her suppleness filled my hands, and despite the coarse overlay of beach, like grains of sugar glazing her cocoa skin, her little round butt was as firm and supple as when I first held it. I had surprised her from behind after watching her from the beach house balcony as she executed? her yoga poses. I watched her perform the forward bend, legs straight, arms hugging her calves, and her ass, full and round, beckoned me to unzip my fly, stroke to a nice hard length, slather my cock with oil, and come to her.

Now, positioned behind her and my legs encircling her tiny frame, the fly of my shorts unzipped, and my cock arching upward for her, I lifted her onto me. “My baby.” I kissed her ear and nuzzled the silken braid of jet black hair that fell between us. I pulled her bikini to one side to expose the fleshy lips of her pussy, and lowered her onto my balls. My cock nestled snugly between her inner thighs, and I felt her wet pussy lips, like rain-soaked petals, kiss my shaft. She tilted her head backward to rest on my shoulder. With the sound of distant thunder, depite the blue sky and setting sun we faced, she whispered, “Daddy.”

My cock was ready for her, poking up from the zipper of my shorts, waiting for me to pull the back of her bikini aside and impale her pussy. “No. My back, Daddy.” She maintained the resting yoga pose I had found her in, with legs crossed, wrists on her knees, fingertips and thumbs touching. The tide rolled closer to us, as if to conceal our public lovemaking, and the setting sun seemed to wink it’s approval, lingering long enough to give me a view down her bikini top of her young mother’s breasts, barely contained in the straining fabric that held them up and apart.

“In my butt, Daddy. Please.” Months of anal sex during her pregnancy had forced upon her a habit she did not want to break, of taking my cock in her ass while our fingers competed for her pussy, with one of us tickling her button, while the other jealously forced its way inside her. Still, even my cock seemed to have instinctively learned to seek her little asshole, which by now was shaped to fit me beautifully, even if the experience was not yet entirely pain-free for her. The scent of coconut oil was always on us, my cock constantly slick with it, as it was now, freshly lubed from the bottle I kept all summer in my pocket, the key to my Lizvette’s secret door.

Anyone watching us would not be surprised to see me holding my pretty girl. The sight of us laughing and holding hands was a common one that summer, and if anyone thought my love for her was inappropriately expressed, they could not doubt it was real. Still, any neighbors who might happen to look out of their windows at us would see nothing more than my baby sitting in my lap as we watched another sunset. Who would know or care to think that my slickened hard dick was forcing it’s way again up my young lover’s ass? “Ohh yessss yesss Daddy….” Slowly my enlarged dick head opened her. I pushed forward and upward, just enough to get it past her puckered rim, then …. Ooomph! Plunged it deep up and into her. “Ah! Ohhh. Mmmm.” I was in. Lizvette settled her ass onto my balls, and I rocked her slowly. “My baby I love you so.”

“God Daddy I can feel you … Ahhh…. Splitting me in half! You’re never in me so much as when you do it like this to me. I … Agh!… I love it so much Daddy.”

I kissed her temple and saw her lashes shut tightly above the baby smooth flesh of her cheekbones. Tears of exquisite pain formed under them. “Owhhh. Oh God Daddy it hurtsss. Ohhhh.” She spoke while inhaling deep breaths, in quick and sudden intakes, which I knew eased the pain of the rude intrusion of my cock in a place it never belonged. I would have been alarmed but loving Lizvette had taught me by then that, for reasons I still did not fully understand, she savored every pulse and throb of the intensely? sexual pain she was feeling. (“It’s like you are opening something new in me, Daddy. I don’t know how to describe it to you,” she had once written to me in a love note.)

Her weight was now entirely? on my balls, my own painful burden to bear, but so perfectly sexual. We were now entirely enjoined together, one entity, focused solely on lovemaking, and all the pain and pleasure, labor and ease, that came with it. Sex with Lizvette would always be, must always be, a spiritual experience for us, I had decided. Nothing less. Her love was life-giving to me, life-sustaining, and joyous. Even brief sexual moments with her, like a playful squeeze of my cock through my slacks, or a little booby flash from across the room before she departed it, held deeper meanings for me, far deeper than mere titilation, in my approaching old age, and I believed for her too, in her own youthful way. We had never discussed it, but she knew as I did that our sexual years together were limited and therefore, precious.

The force of her ass, now clenched and hard on my nuts, only made my cock harder and made my need to cum even more immediate, but I didn’t want it to end. Her breath was becoming labored and she was trying not to scream – my brave little girl! We both needed some relief. I knew from having her sit on my lap like this before that by flexing my thigh muscles and lifting my knees upward just slightly, I was a able to lift her off my nuts and back down onto them, raising and lowering her slowly, like floating her on waves, which now crashed nearer to us, roaring over her soft moans and semi-anguished whimpers. I felt the ticklish drip of my cum beginning to trickle from the tip of my dick, now deep inside her. I wanted to stay hard for her, but holding my cum was getting more difficult. I had to close my eyes and deny myself the sight of her beauty, her bare neck, her breasts rising in her top, images of her youth I wanted to keep before me always, so fleeting and ethereal, so desperately and fatefully beautiful.

“Daddy. Uhhhh…. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Oh. Oh yes Daddy.”

She placed her hands in each of my thighs flatly and raised herself upward, high. At first I thought she was giving my balls room to breathe, but no. In one swift and limber motion, she recrossed her legs with her feet resting on top of, instead of beneath, her thighs. My baby was still doing her yoga routine. She was now in her lotus position. Then, bam! All of her weight right back down on my balls.

“Ah! Oh God baby.”

“Oh Daddy! I’m sorry. It won’t hurt for long! Ha!” How many times had I said the same to her when I was teaching her sex? She was now repeating my own words back to me. She raised her left hand to reach up and touch my cheek, a movement she knew I loved. I took the opportunity to sieze her clit, her button as I spoke of it to her, while she had left it unattended. Soon I would have my relief. I knew if I rubbed and teased her clit for just two minutes, her orgasm would be too much for her to hold back.

My finger was soaked from her pussy, and her button was swollen to the point of extreme sensitivity. Gentle pats and teases would finish her off. And so I began. Instantly her butt muscles clenched and the base of my cock, where her rim gripped it, was ensnared as if in a vice. Her ass sucked at it, squuezed it, tortured it, as if she were trying to tear it from my body. I was reminded then why I too had so come to love doing her in the ass. As beautiful as her pussy is to look at and as perfect as it is to fuck, and as much as I had missed it during her pregnancy, it was her ass that coaxed me into youthful erection and kept me hard. The feeling of shooting off ten, twelve, f******n spurts? of Daddy-milk up her ass was the most sexually charged feeling I had ever known. It was a kind of forbidden sex, and with my forbidden lover, and it had become the sweetest love we made together.

Thunder cracked and a wave crashed at our side. She turned her mouth to my ear. I felt her breath, hot and controlled, as she said, “Daddy, make me cum.”

I pressed inward on her clit with my left hand and grabbed a handful of her breast with my right, pushing it upward to coax her chocolate nipple, sweet and sixteen, out of the cup. I reached inside to pinch it and found her bikini cup wet on the inside, though she was dry on top. She was lactating. I gave her nipple a pinching tug between my thumb and forefinger. “Owp! Ha ha! Daddy it tickles!” She reflexively brought her elbows inward as she giggled, which pushed her breasts together. They swelled upward, exposing the untanned portion to me, like milky caramel, so beautiful. Her warm mother’s cream suddenly streamed over my fingertips, just as my own Daddy’s milk trickled into her.

She curled into herself, closer to me, becoming smaller. I heard her saying, almost to herself, lost in ecstacy, “It feels so good. Love. Ohhh love.” I placed my hand flatly over her pussy and pressed hard, as if lifting her upward by her crotch, to bring her to the peak. Her groin muscles started to flex and jerk in orgasmic rhythm, taking my cock with them. I began to say, “I love you, Vettie,” my signal to her that my own orgasm was beginning, but as I spoke the V of her name, a forceful, irresistible slam! struck us from the left. A wave of seawater slapped my head and tilted us sideways, lifting and carrying us in the surf.

I regained our balance as the water receded and thunder again cracked and rolled above us. Rain began to fall in thick, heavy drops, spaced far apart and striking us hard. I tucked her head beneath my chin to protect her, and steadied our bodies with my right arm on the sand, holding Vettie with my left, gripping her close to my body. In the tumult my cock had pulled halfway out of her ass. She arched her back and forced herself entirely down on it again, hard and firm, determined to take in my cum, no matter the storm.

“God, Daddy!” I thought she was talking about the Almighty, bringing waves and thunder, and I said to myself, “Yes, baby. That’s God,” but she continued, “You’re so big and so strong!” I knew by big she was talking about my cock. Mine was the only one she had ever had inside her, of course, and she believed it was enormous, despite my very average size. The comment always made me smile, as it did then, the perfect words for a man to hear? from his lover as he is shooting off into her.

We were now sitting waist-deep in seawater. The receding surf had pulled us toward the ocean several feet. My orgasm, I thought, had been interrupted. The ticklish feeling in my shaft had gone, but soon, I felt the pleasing, electrifying, pre-orgasmic rush in my balls, and I knew I was about to have a rare double-orgasm, my first since our wedding night. I lifted my hips upward to get the most possible pressure of her body on mine. “Squeeze, baby! Hard” I began to erupt inside her, when, swoosh! Another wave overcame us. Vettie gripped my thighs to hold herself steady on me. I held her with both arms around her waist, and, before the white foam of surf blinded me, I saw both of her nipples, thick, wide, dark and glistening, so erect and so womanly, bared by the water that had torn the cups away from them. I held my breath, as we tumbled in the throes of the furious waves, and my cocked gushed into her.

We were tossed sideways by the tide and slapped like ragdolls by the crashing waves, underwater one second and pushed upward the next. I felt Lizvette’s hands gripping my legs to hold on. I felt the bracelets she wore on each wrist against my skin, and I felt her nails digging into my thighs. I held her close to my chest, tucked into me, to keep from hitting her head with my chin. She held my cock tight in her ass, as if she were anchored to it. “Don’t let me go, Daddy!”

We rolled and tumbled with the waters, like the lovers of Dante’s Inferno, tossed in the winds of lust for eternity. At one point, our momentum forced her out of my grip and my cock popped out of her ass. She landed on her hands and knees, ass-high, half a second before I came down on her, in what could only been another piece of divine comedy, with my cock finding her open asshole at the perfect angle to impale her in one deep, forceful thrust, with all of my weight crashing into her tiny body and impaling her deep. “Aaahhhnng! Daddy!” I wrapped my arms around her stomach and felt every breath escape from her in one sudden exhale, with no intake of air following. Rain now fell in a warm, soaking fall, softly and densely.

After a few seconds, I felt my own breath escape me as my legs muscles gave way to the pain that began in my groin after my nuts slammed into her hard ass. I was imploding in agony and my legs stung where her nails had cut into my skin. The tide receded and I found it had deposited us beneath a rocky ledge, sheltering us from the wind driven rain. Lizvette lay still beneath me her fetal position, as if resuming her yoga exercise.

“Baby?” My breath had returned just enough to speak that word. I looked at her face, her tightly closec eyes, her open lips, and watched for any sign of pain. “Are you alright?”

I saw her take in a lung full of air. I felt her ass relax under my groin, as she loosened her grip on my cock. “Does it hurt, baby?”

Thunder cracked in the distance, and the rain fell in a weakening drizzle. “Oh, Daddy. Yes,” Lizvette said. She settled into a more classic fetal pose, knees together, making of her ass a vice around my cock, and resting her arms alongside her legs. “Yes, Daddy, it hurts.” I saw her lips form a smile. “So, so much.”

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