Look what I found…

Look what I found…

As per usual my summer holidays were spent with my grandparents on the island. I had just turned 17 and was finding out about sex. I had made sweet love to a couple of girls in the past few years. And before that, I had even experimented with some of my mates. The sex with them was sneaky and mostly done outdoors. The first time I got properly butt-fucked was at the local swimming pool.

The lifeguard had been ogling me all afternoon. His muscular body, and the way too tight swim shorts, had also caught my attention. I guess that he must have been around 32 or so. He had a nice friendly look about him. But to my pleasure, I found out that looks can be deceiving.

In the locker-room, I had just dropped off my swimwear to get a quick shower. He walked in on me before I could put a towel around my waist. Quickly I put my hands in front to cover my exposed boy toy. Looking very ashamed to the ground. “Look, boy… I got one two!”, he barked at me. Whipping his massive man meat out his shorts. Exposing himself to me. He grabbed a hand full of hair lifting my head up. “I said, look at me!…”. Meanly hitting my face. With a dirty grin, he started to wank off. I was made to look at him. Stroking a finger over his piss slit to remove some cock juice from it. Then sticking the dirty wet finger in my mouth. “Taste me, boy!… This is what you made me do!… I have seen you looking at my bulge all afternoon… Now taste it!… Dirty little bitch… Lick my finger clean… Suck on it!”, said the lifeguard roughly.

He had grabbed the back of my head. Driving the finger into my mouth. I could do nothing else then suck on it. Meanwhile, he had pressed his stiff cock against my hands. Grinding himself up and down against my young body. This happened at least 4 years before. But every time I think of sex now this is the first image that pops into my mind. Him roughly pulling my scared hands away from my boy prick. Then spinning me around and pressing himself against my bottom. He reached around with both his overly muscular arms. One grabbing my prick and the other my throat. Whispering in my ear; “Your going to get fucked bitch!…”.

It wasn’t so much what he said, much more in the horny way that he said it. It made my boy cock start to stiffen in his hand. And he made sure I was fully erect before continuing his vicious onslaught. I wasn’t able at all to struggle or call for help. If I would have done, then he would surely have choked me. His cock had pressed a few times against my virgin boy cunt, trying to force inside. But I was way to tight for his man cock. Without warning, he took me to a bench in the middle of the changing-room. Bent my scared little ass over. Pressing my head to the bench and at the same time pulling my ass in the air. Viciously he kicked my legs apart. And automatically my hole opened up a little. He drooled some spit over it, and then …

He grunted meanly as is massive cock disappeared inside. Intense waves of pain hit me as his cockhead penetrated my outer ring. Grabbing both my hips he pounded all his rock hard 9-inches straight in. Slapping his balls against my ass cheeks. “Take it Bitch!…”, he grunted roughly. “Your pussy is mine!… You’re going to get fucked hard!… Argh… Oh… Yeah… Fuck, nice tight pussy, boy…”. I cried and screamed my lungs out. But he did not care. He slowly pulled his cock out a bit. Drooled some more spit over the shaft and forced it back inside. Slowly letting me get used to him. He repeated the long strokes at least a dozen times more. My ass actually did get used to it a bit. And my screams slowly turned into painful moans, then into heavy breathing. As soon as I did that he savagely started to fuck my young ass. And oddly enough the harder he did that, the more I started to enjoy it. Soon his body tightened. He let out an almighty roar and unloaded his nut over my back. Meanly laughing at me as he walked away.

I had been viciously and roughly used. And I had actually liked it. But this treatment was probably what led me to this second gay experience years later. I was roaming the countryside on my own. After I had taken care of my uncle’s horses. I wore my green army work pants and boots, and a black tank top. I looked a bit too cool for my own goodwill. On a bicycle path near the forest, I saw a group of dirty skinheads walking away. They wore camo-pants and bomber jackets. A couple even had knives clearly visible on their belts. Others carried baseball bats with them. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. But it was something about preparing the boys for it. One of the nasty fuckers even tried to punch me in the face as I drove past the group. But I ducked away quickly. Avoiding the capture.

Not giving them much notice, I looked up the woodland path they had appeared from. I knew the area had some old world war two bunkers hidden in the woods. My cousins and I had played soldiers there many times before in our youth. Over the years the stories the guys told me about the bunkers got dirtier and kinkier every summer. In the end, it got so nasty that I did not dare go there anymore. Certainly not on my own. My cousins had told me they got used there as sex slaves. And got ass fucked by a group of dirty gay man for over a week. I had brushed it aside. Thinking they were just bragging about it.

Over the past few years, we had jerked off a couple of times together. They had even made me suck them off in the barn. But ever since they got interested in girls that had abruptly stopped. The very mention of man-to-man sex was quickly dismissed as being dirty and absurd. But us having group sex with a couple of touristy sluts was quite ‘normal’. And licking each other’s balls or fingering our assholes wasn’t gay at all, according to them. Yeah, they had some weird double standard when it came to sex. To each, their own I thought to my self. I was into sex. It did not matter to me if it was with a girl or a guy.
At the entrance to the bunker complex, I saw signs of a struggle. Ripped clothes and lost trainers. Even some tie wrap’s lay on the ground. Indicating that something or someone was being tied up. A short way away from the woodland path I saw that something was tied to a large tree. I hid behind some bushes and worked my way around. Just so I could see what was on the other side of the tree. There was a half-naked guy bound to the tree with some cargo strapping. He wore his underwear over his head. And his face was duck-taped to the tree as well. The other tennis-shoe was dangling from his balls. It had been tied to them by the shoelaces. So tightly that his cock and balls had turned bright pink. He tried to wriggle free. And muttering in German that he did not like this. From that, I concluded that he must have been a tourist that had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that the skinheads had left him there.

I quickly but silently walked up to the tormented prick. A heavy shuddering and a muffled scream arose from the guy when I touched him. I stroked my hand over the hot cock and made the sneaker swing by tapping it. That caused the guy tremendous pain. His naked ass rubbed against the rough bark of the tree.
I released the shoelace and underneath it, I saw a leather cock strap with push buttons. I had never seen that before. But it looked very interesting. On my knees in front of the guy, I took his limp cock carefully into my mouth. Sucking just the tip of it. And letting my tongue play around its base. That did wonders for the bound victim. His cock got hard in my mouth. And he started to moan. When he opened his legs a little I saw that he had something pressed up in his asshole. It was a long black buttplug with a pull ring. I pulled on it and the tourist started to curse at me again. Demanding this, that, and the other. I bit down on his shaft as I rammed the plug roughly back inside. Making him scream and whimper wildly. I was intrigued by the look of the leather cock ring. Removing it from his cock and balls. I tried it on. The feeling was very nice. And the look was really kinky. The removal of the cock strap made him start to cum uncontrollably.
By now I had gotten really horny myself. With my stiff ringed cock hanging out of my army pants I walked toward the bunker. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy lying down motionless. His head buried in the ground. His body staked to it and his ass in the air. His smooth ass was dripping with cum. And it was gaping open wide. His buttocks were bright red from the caning he had gotten. It actually looked painful to see him lying there like that. Ready for further use. And nowhere to be able to go to. The only thing he wore was a pair of cowboy boots and black leather chaps. Clearly not his own. His clothes were burning in a pile next to him. The chaps had been unzipped and the boots were half off. I ripped the chaps away from under him. Putting them over my army pants. The boots followed. They actually were my size. Dang,… if I wasn’t looking cool before, then I certainly did now. I put a boot on either side of the asshole and squatted down. Driving my cock in the wet cum filled hole. I fucked him for a while without any remorse. Every so often looking around to see if no one was coming. His ass felt better than any pussy I had fucked before. I pulled out. Leaving him tied up and explored further. Taking my army boots with me.

The main bunker had a door now. It looked new to me. It appeared someone had been fixing up the place for their own use. It had a lock-bolt on the inside. I closed the door behind me so I could explore without being interrupted. Putting my boots next to the entrance. I sneakingly went deeper inside the dimly lit bunker. The dirty graffiti texts that my cousins and I had sprayed there were still there. But they were augmented with lewd porn images of guys fucking. In the first room, there were some lockers and torture devices. And on some hooks hang leather bondage gear and whips. From that main hall led some corridors to other rooms. In one of those rooms, I could hear some chains rattling. Wild with lust I stood in the doorway. Jerking off and watching the guy that was tied up in a sling. On his butt, someone had written the text, Cum Slut.

He had a leather hood on his face and the eyes were blindfolded. He had a harness on and his ass was filled with a huge dildo. Helt in place with some leather bondage underwear. Unlike the other two guys, this one spoke the same islander dialect as my cousins. And he seemed in no hurry to leave. He actually looked as if he was there of his own free will.
The cowboy boots I wore made it impossible to sneak up to him. So his cock reacted as soon as he heard me coming closer. My hand tenderly stroked his butt cheek. And the other wiggled the big dildo in his cunt. “Look what I found!…”, I said out loud. He moaned lustfully. “Want to get fucked?”, I asked him softly. He nodded his head yes. I unfastened the belt buckles of his kinky leather underwear. And rotated the huge dildo in his ass. Making him groan and grunt dirty. He really liked it. Standing beside him I fucked his ass with the dildo a while. My cock was throbbing for some attention of its own. So I unzipped the mouth of the leather mask this captive victim was wearing. Shoving my 8-inch meet deep inside the yearning mouth. Making him choke and gag on it.

After he had sucked me off nicely, and I had loosened up his ass with the dildo I asked if he really wanted me to fuck him. He nearly screamed it out. “Yes… Oh god yes… Please fuck me, Sir… You’re fucking huge… But I can take it… Fuck me please!”. I laughed and jerked him off. He wasn’t small either. A little shorter, but then also a little fatter. A beautifully shaped curved cock. I kissed him. And he moaned as we did. A little surprised because he did not expect this tender treatment. “Who are you?… You’re not one of the nasty masters… Are you?”, he asked curiously.

I said nothing. Stood between his legs and rimmed his butt hole. “Oh god… Yeahs… O fuck that’s so nice… O hell ya… Deeper…”, he sighed in pleasure. His hole tasted nice. I licked his balls and sucked on his stiff cock. “Are you ready?”, I asked. “Can I really fuck you?”. He sighed; “Yes please, up till now I had been only beaten and tortured… I really love you to take my hole. I am yours now, Sir!… Fuck me, please… Fuck me as hard as you like…”.

I spit on his star and shoved a thumb up it. He moaned wildly. Fingering him a while longer and jerking him off some more. I pressed my cockhead against his butt. With a sigh, he let me inside. With a slight plop, I felt his rectum accept my cockhead. He was nice and warm. Slowly I gyrated my hips. Pumping my cock ever deeper inside. Halfway up I had to adjust his ass in the sling. With that, he could not resist me any longer. With a mean and vicious thrust, I rammed my cock balls-deep inside him. With a loud scream, he took it. I had grabbed his cock and balls in one hand and used it as leverage. Pumping the man cunt viciously and savagely until he begged me to stop. I did it. Not because I cared so much for his well-being but I was about to unload already. And I just wanted to keep fucking him a while longer.
Slowly pumping him and playing with his nipples, we got to talking. “Nice ass man… How the fuck did you end up here?”, I asked inquiringly.

“The skinheads from the mainland had rounded me up. As per instructions of their masters. They wanted a sub to service them. But I did not expect there would be this little fucking involved. Just teasing, tormenting and torturing. A lot of domination for very little return. God… Hmmm… I am glad your here… You fuck so nice, I hate mainlanders…”, he told me.

I meanly slammed my dick all the way in. Even harder and rougher then I had done before. And laughed hard. “You said what?… Bitch?… Hahaha… That will teach you… You bloody islander trash… Take that…”, I grunted meanly. Removing the blindfold. When he saw me fucking him he was surprised that his master was just 17-years-old. He was at least 5 years older than me. He actually enjoyed the vicious torment of his asshole by this young fucker.

“Dang stud… Slowly… I want to enjoy you for a long time… Ouch… Oh god… You go so deep inside… Shit man,… from the size of your monster I would not have guessed you’re this young… Fuck you may ride me anytime!… Oh… Shit… this is nice!… Fuck me hard!”, he screamed lustfully.

I dropped my body onto his. We kissed tenderly. I asked him if he wanted to stay here once I was done with his hole. He said he better stay, but wanted me to remove the damned hood. He also wanted me to free a hand so he could give me a load of his cum. I quickly unfastened the leather mask and pulled it from his face. Running both hands through his hair and looking him deep into his eyes. We kissed dearly. Well,… it started out quite tender… but soon turned nice and rough. After tongue kissing him deeply I spit meanly in his mouth. Still savagely railing his ass. Making my balls slap against him hard. We sucked each other’s faces tasting each other’s saliva. I raised myself up and pounded him some more. Nice and hard. Just the way he loved it. Jerking him off fast. Making him shoot his cum over his chest after a few minutes. I wiped the thickest of the globs up and sucked it off my fingers. And feeding it back to him. My balls drew up as he ate his own cum right out of my mouth. With some heavy grunts and dirty screams, I unloaded 8 thick streams of cum deep in his ass. Lubing his gut. By that time I had released one of the leather wrist cuffs from the sling chains. He hugged me as I kept driving the cum in deeper. With a sigh, I stood back up and with a mean slap on his ass I carefully pulled my cock out. Looking at the stream of cum he pressed out. I caught some of it and dropped it into his mouth. And he swallowed all I gave him. With a sigh of relief, and a moan of contentment we stood there watching each other a while. Standing behind the sling I pulled his head backward. With the last command, I ordered him to deep throat my cock clean. The 8-inches disappeared down the hatch. He ate, swallowed and sucked like he had not been fed in days.

Releasing my cock from his mouth I kissed him one last time. “I got to go. Sure you want to stay?…”, I asked.

“Actually… I think I had my fill…”, he said with a dirty wink, and playing with his cum filled asshole. “Man you were amazing… I hope we can do this again some time…”, he told me. He was a little sad that it was over. “I am a lifeguard at the nude beach… I am there all weekend… Every weekend.”.

Surprised I unbuckled the straps that had kept him tied to the sling. “Well, I am here until the end of the holiday season. Working on my uncle’s horse-farm. I think I much rather ride you than them!”, I said a little too horny.

“Fuck it… It’s a date!”, he smiled. “Let’s get dressed and get the hell out of here before the masters arrive. My clothes are in the lockers.”
We got to the entry hall of the bunker complex and he got dressed. Before we headed outside I was stopped by him. He pulled me back to one of the lockers. Grabbed a nice leather biker jacket out of it and put it on me. He stood behind me and he kissed my neck. I looked around and we kissed. “Thank you… for freeing me… and… well, you know… for nailing me so hard…”, he said with an endearing smile.

“Do you want us to free the 2 other guys too?”. I asked.

“Nah… they had it coming to them. They tried to fight the mainlander skinheads. I guess the masters will have a use for them now that I have gone.”, he said meanly.

We both walked back up the woodland path. At the end of the path, he put an arm around me. “Thanks, buddy… See you later…”, he said softly. And with that, the horniest adventure of my life ended. We went our separate ways.
I had taken off the chaps and cowboy boots. But I kept the nice leather jacket on. By now it was nearly dusk and quite cold. The ride back home to my grandma’s place was filled with all kinds of hot afterglow and kinky feelings.

A few day’s later I was on a night out with my cousins and our friends. We walked through town to the local disco. Coming from the other side was the bunker-fucker and his mates. Without saying a word we both started to smile. When we were close he gave me a fist bump. I told him; “See you tomorrow!”. And he replied with a high five.
The next month and a half I road him more than I road the horses. And had the time of my life.

The family brought me back to the ferry the last day of my holiday with them. It was the first time I wore the leather biker jacket again. They wondered where I had gotten that from. And were even more surprised that the bunker-fucker was there to see me off as well. But not half as much as the heartfelt kiss I gave him just before I left for home.

Sometimes you just have to follow your feelings. And go looking for what you can find. Damn what everyone else thinks of it. You only live once.

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